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The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders with a minimal risk of propagating transcription errors. IBAN bank code and the sort code are consistent. Danske Bank is a primarily Danish bank, with its head office in Copenhagen. When 8-digits code is given, it refers to the primary office. Some banks outside Europe may not recognize IBAN, though as time passes this is expected to diminish.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Vanuatu Vila ANZ Bank Vanuatu LTD ANZ Bank Vanuatu LTD ANZBVUVXXXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Asia Merchant Bank Limited Asia Merchant Bank Limited AMBVVUVUXXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Bred Vanuatu LTD Bred Vanuatu LTD BREDVUVUXXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Financial Partners Bank Limited Financial Partners Bank Limited FPBLVUV1XXX
Vanuatu Vila Investors 039 Trust Limited Investors 039 Trust Limited ITLIVUV1XXX
Vanuatu Port Vila National Bank of Vanuatu National Bank of Vanuatu NBOVVUVUXXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Pacific International Trust CO LTD Pacific International Trust CO LTD PITCVUV1XXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Reserve Bank of Vanuatu RBVAVUVUXXX
Vanuatu Port Vila Vanuatu International Trust Company Limited Vanuatu International Trust Company Limited VITRVUV1XXX
Vanuatu Vila Westpac Banking Corporation Westpac Banking Corporation WPACVUVXXXX
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