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This check is guaranteed to detect any instances where a single character has been omitted, duplicated, mistyped or where two characters have been transposed. BIC as opposed to a BIC used on the live network. In particular, the computer program that accepts an IBAN will be able to validate: Is the country code valid?

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Suriname Paramaribo Centrale Bank VAN Suriname Centrale Bank VAN Suriname CBVSSRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo DSB Bank Also Known AS DE Surinaamsche Bank N V ... DSB Bank Also Known AS DE Surinaamsche Bank N V ... SURBSRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo Finabank N V Finabank N V FBNASRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo Hakrinbank N V Hakrinbank N V HAKRSRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo Landbouwbank N V Landbouwbank N V LBNKSRP1XXX
Suriname Paramaribo Rbtt Bank Suriname N V Rbtt Bank Suriname N V RBTTSRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo Surichange Bank N V Surichange Bank N V SURCSRPAXXX
Suriname Paramaribo Surinaamse Postspaarbank Surinaamse Postspaarbank SDPOSRP1XXX
Suriname Paramaribo Surinaamse Volkscredietbank Surinaamse Volkscredietbank VCBSSRP1XXX
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