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Being able to verify a Swift Code will provide you with an invaluable tool in any kind of payment you need to send or receive. The IBAN was originally developed to facilitate payments within the European Union but the format is flexible enough to be applied globally and has now been adopted by many Middle Eastern countries as well as most European countries. Routing errors were therefore frequent causing payments to be delayed and incurred extra costs to the sending and receiving banks and often to intermediate routing banks also.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Samoa Apia ANZ Bank Samoa LTD ANZ Bank Samoa LTD ANZBWSWWXXX
Samoa Apia Central Bank of Samoa Central Bank of Samoa CBSAWSWSXXX
Samoa Apia Independent Investment Bank LTD Independent Investment Bank LTD ININWSW1XXX
Samoa Apia International Business Bank Corporation LTD International Business Bank Corporation LTD IBBIWSW1XXX
Samoa Apia National Bank of Samoa Limited National Bank of Samoa Limited NBSLWSWSXXX
Samoa Apia Samoa Commercial Bank Limited Samoa Commercial Bank Limited SCOBWSWSXXX
Samoa Apia Westpac Bank Samoa LTD Westpac Bank Samoa LTD PCOBWSWSXXX
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