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How SWIFT brings benefits for business community? The European Union made the scheme mandatory through the Payment Services Directive published in 2007. The ECBS provides a method for generating the check digits in the range 02 to 98. If it is a constant for the country concerned, this will be stated in the Comments column. SEPA payments require both BIC and IBAN.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Russian Federation Yaroslavl Yarsotsbank JSC Yarsotsbank JSC YAYORU2YXXX
Russian Federation Yoshkar OLA Yoshkar OLA Bank Yoshkar OLA Bank YOSHRU21XXX
Russian Federation Rostov ON DON Yuzhny Region CB Yuzhny Region CB YURERU21XXX
Russian Federation Murmansk ZAO 039 Barentsbank 039 ZAO 039 Barentsbank 039 BROORU21XXX
Russian Federation Petrozavodsk ZAO 039 Barentsbank 039 ZAO 039 Barentsbank 039 BROORU21PTR
Russian Federation Belgorod ZAO 039 Beldorbank 039 ZAO 039 Beldorbank 039 BEZARU21XXX
Russian Federation Tyumen ZAO 039 Mega Bank 039 ZAO 039 Mega Bank 039 MGGARU41XXX
Russian Federation Moscow ZAO 039 Russian Construction Bank 039 ZAO 039 Russian Construction Bank 039 RESVRUM1XXX
Russian Federation Ekaterinburg ZAO 039 Sberinvestbank 039 ZAO 039 Sberinvestbank 039 OREORU41XXX
Russian Federation Moscow ZAO Citibank Moscow ZAO Citibank Moscow CITIRUMXXXX
Russian Federation ST Petersburg ZAO Danske Bank ZAO Danske Bank DABARU2PXXX
Russian Federation Yuzhno Sakhalinsk ZAO Kholmskcombank ZAO Kholmskcombank KHZARU21SAR
Russian Federation Kholmsk ZAO Kholmskcombank ZAO Kholmskcombank KHZARU21XXX
Russian Federation Omsk ZAO Miraf Bank ZAO Miraf Bank MIZARUS1XXX
Russian Federation Moscow ZAO Mizuho Corporate Bank Moscow ZAO Mizuho Corporate Bank Moscow MHCCRUMMXXX
Russian Federation Moscow ZAO Mosstroyekonombank ZAO Mosstroyekonombank MOSKRUMMXXX
Russian Federation Nizhnevartovsk ZAO Ngab Ermak ZAO Ngab Ermak ERMARU51XXX
Russian Federation Moscow ZAO Standard Bank ZAO Standard Bank SBLLRUMMXXX
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