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SEPA is a self-regulatory initiative by the banking sector of Europe as represented in the European Payments Council (EPC). XXX' for primary office) Where an 8-digit code is given, it may be assumed that it refers to the primary office. There is no formal governmental or private sector regulatory requirement in Canada for the major banks to use IBAN.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Philippines Manila Tong Yang Savings Bank INC Tong Yang Savings Bank INC TYBKPHMMXXX
Philippines Manila Tower Securities INC Tower Securities INC TOWRPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Traders Royal Bank Traders Royal Bank TRBFPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Trans Asia Securities INC Trans Asia Securities INC TRAAPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Trendline Securities Corp Trendline Securities Corp TRENPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila TRI State Securities INC TRI State Securities INC TRITPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila UBP Securities INC UBP Securities INC UBPPPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila UBS Securities Philippines INC UBS Securities Philippines INC SWDEPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Ucpb Securities INC Ucpb Securities INC CPBBPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Unicapital Securities INC Unicapital Securities INC UCSEPHM1XXX
Philippines Pasig City Union Bank of The Philippines Union Bank of The Philippines UBPHPHMMXXX
Philippines Manila United Coconut Planters Bank United Coconut Planters Bank UCPBPHMMXXX
Philippines Manila United Overseas Bank Philippines United Overseas Bank Philippines UOVBPHMMXXX
Philippines Manila Urban Bank Urban Bank URBNPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Urbancorp Investments INC Urbancorp Investments INC URBAPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila UY Tioco and CO INC UY Tioco and CO INC TIOCPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Venture Securities INC Venture Securities INC VENTPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Vicsal Securities and Stockbrokerage INC Vicsal Securities and Stockbrokerage INC VICAPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Wealth Securities INC Wealth Securities INC WEASPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Westin Securities Corp Westin Securities Corp WESNPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Wolff and CO INC Wolff and CO INC WOLFPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Wong Securities Corp Wong Securities Corp WONGPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Worldsec International Securities Philippines INC Worldsec International Securities Philippines INC WISPPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila YAO and Zialcita INC YAO and Zialcita INC YAOZPHM1XXX
Philippines Manila Yaptinchay SEC INC Yaptinchay SEC INC YAPTPHM1XXX
Philippines Pasay City YU Heng Securities INC YU Heng Securities INC HENEPHM1XXX
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