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Wether you are trying to send or receive money via bank wire or you are processing payments online, our free service will guarantee your success. List of valid IBANs by country This table summarises the IBAN formats of various countries. The official IBAN registrar under ISO 13616-2:2007 is SWIFT. It uses the 11-digit extended code, and SHA identifies the Shanghai branch.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Norway Bjorkelangen Holand Sparebank Holand Sparebank HOLLNO21XXX
Norway Ulefoss Holla OG Lunde Sparebank Holla OG Lunde Sparebank HOSANO21XXX
Norway Bergen Icap Energy AS Icap Energy AS ICAENOB1XXX
Norway Ardalstangen Idre Sogn Sparebank Idre Sogn Sparebank IDRENO21XXX
Norway Oslo Industrifinans Aktiv Forvaltning Industrifinans Aktiv Forvaltning INAFNOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Interkraft Capital Management AS Interkraft Capital Management AS ITCMNOK1XXX
Norway Oslo International Maritime Exchange ASA International Maritime Exchange ASA IMEANOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Jernbanepersonalets Sparebank Jernbanepersonalets Sparebank JERNNO21XXX
Norway Oslo JPMorgan Europe Limited Olso Branch JPMorgan Europe Limited Olso Branch CHASNOKKXXX
Norway Oslo Karl Johan Fonds AS Karl Johan Fonds AS KJFNNOK1XXX
Norway Klaebu Klaebu Sparebank Klaebu Sparebank KLBUNO21XXX
Norway Kleppe Klepp Sparebank Klepp Sparebank KLEPNO21XXX
Norway Trondheim KLP Banken AS KLP Banken AS KLPKNO21XXX
Norway Oslo KLP Forsikring KLP Forsikring KLPFNOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Kommunal Landspensjonskasse KOMLNOK1XXX
Norway Kragero Kragero Sparebank Kragero Sparebank KREGNO21XXX
Norway Kvinesdal Kvinesdal Sparebank Kvinesdal Sparebank KVIDNO21XXX
Norway Rosendal Kvinnherad Sparebank Kvinnherad Sparebank KVINNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Landkreditt Bank AS Landkreditt Bank AS LANDNOK1XXX
Norway Larvik Larvikbanken Brunlanes Sparebank Larvikbanken Brunlanes Sparebank LABRNOB1XXX
Norway Lillesand Lillesands Sparebank Lillesands Sparebank LILLNO21XXX
Norway Lillestroem Lillestrom Sparebank Lillestrom Sparebank LISTNO21XXX
Norway Boestad Lofoten Sparebank Lofoten Sparebank BOGENO21XXX
Norway LOM LOM OG Skjak Sparebank LOM OG Skjak Sparebank LOSKNO21XXX
Norway Gaupne Luster Sparebank Luster Sparebank LUSKNO21XXX
Norway Arendal Markedskraft ASA Markedskraft ASA MRASNO21XXX
Norway Orje Marker Sparebank Marker Sparebank MASPNO21XXX
Norway Meldal Meldal Sparebank Meldal Sparebank MESPNO21XXX
Norway Melhus Melhus Sparebank Melhus Sparebank MELHNO21XXX
Norway Vikersund Modum Sparebank Modum Sparebank MODUNO21XXX
Norway Oslo MOE Securities ASA MOE Securities ASA MOEENOK1XXX
Norway Nesbyen NES Prestegjelds Sparebank NES Prestegjelds Sparebank NEPRNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Netfonds Bank ASA Netfonds Bank ASA NEFNNOKKXXX
Norway Oslo Nordea Bank Norge ASA Nordea Bank Norge ASA NDEANOKKNCL
Norway Oslo Nordea Bank Norge ASA Nordea Bank Norge ASA NDEANOKKXXX
Norway Oslo Nordea Bank Norge ASA Nordea Bank Norge ASA NDEANOKKVPU
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKMOA
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKSKK
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKTIA
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKTVA
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKXXX
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKASA
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKKOL
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKSIL
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKBRA
Norway Oslo Norges Bank Norges Bank NBHKNOKKTIK
Norway Sagstua Odal Sparebank Odal Sparebank ODASNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Odin Forvaltning AS Odin Forvaltning AS ODFONOKKXXX
Norway Bogen I Ofoten Ofoten Sparebank Ofoten Sparebank OFSPNO21XXX
Norway Oppdal Oppdalsbanken Oppdalsbanken OPPDNO21XXX
Norway Kristiansand S Orion Analyse AS Orion Analyse AS ORIONO21XXX
Norway Oslo Orion Securities AS Orion Securities AS ORSANOK1XXX
Norway Orkanger Orkdal Sparebank Orkdal Sparebank OKDLNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Orkla Finans Kapitalforvaltning AS Orkla Finans Kapitalforvaltning AS ORFFNOK1XXX
Norway Brekstad Orland Sparebank Orland Sparebank ORLANO21XXX
Norway Orskog Orskog Sparebank Orskog Sparebank ORKONO21XXX
Norway Oslo Oslo Bors ASA Oslo Bors ASA XOSLNOK1XXX
Norway Heggenes Oystre Slidre Sparebank Oystre Slidre Sparebank OYSLNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Pareto Bank ASA Pareto Bank ASA PTAANOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Pareto Fonds A S Pareto Fonds A S PAFNNOK1XXX
Norway Bryne Pareto PPN AS Pareto PPN AS PAPNNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Privatbanken ASA Privatbanken ASA PBASNOK1XXX
Norway Rindal Rindal Sparebank Rindal Sparebank RINDNO21XXX
Norway Hoenefoss Ringerikes Sparebank Ringerikes Sparebank RIRINO21XXX
Norway Molde Romsdals Fellesbank ASA Romsdals Fellesbank ASA ROFENO21XXX
Norway Roros Rorosbanken Roros Sparebank Rorosbanken Roros Sparebank RORBNO21XXX
Norway Oslo RS Platou Markets AS RS Platou Markets AS NOSUNOK1XXX
Norway Hoevik RS Platou Securities RS Platou Securities PLSENO21XXX
Norway Moss Rygge Vaaler Sparebank Rygge Vaaler Sparebank RYGSNO22XXX
Norway Oslo SEB Privatbanken ASA SEB Privatbanken ASA ESSENO22XXX
Norway Oslo Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken ESSENOKXXXX
Norway Oslo Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken ESSENOKXCLS
Norway GOL Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Sparebank 1 Hallingdal HAALNO21GOL
Norway Hemsedal Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Sparebank 1 Hallingdal HAALNO21HEM
Norway Floroe Sparebanken Flora Bremanger Sparebanken Flora Bremanger FLOENO21XXX
Norway Tvedestrand Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21028
Norway Arendal Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO22XXX
Norway Farsund Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21023
Norway Mandal Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21026
Norway Risoer Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21027
Norway Krageroe Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21024
Norway Lyngdal Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO21025
Norway Kristiansand S Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO2102K
Norway Grimstad Sparebanken Soer Sparebanken Soer AASPNO22GMD
Norway Oslo Teller AS Teller AS TELRNOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Terra Fonds ASA Terra Fonds ASA TRFANOK1XXX
Norway Bryne Time Sparebank Time Sparebank TMSPNO21XXX
Norway Tingvoll Tingvoll Sparebank Tingvoll Sparebank TGVLNO21XXX
Norway Rjukan Tinn Sparebank Tinn Sparebank TINNNO21XXX
Norway Ramsund Tjeldsund Sparebank Tjeldsund Sparebank TJELNO21XXX
Norway Tolga Tolga OS Sparebank Tolga OS Sparebank TOSPNO21XXX
Norway Lena Totens Sparebank Totens Sparebank TOTENO21XXX
Norway Trogstad Trogstad Sparebank Trogstad Sparebank TRSPNO21XXX
Norway Uggdal Tysnes Sparebank Tysnes Sparebank TYSSNO21XXX
Norway Vaaler Vaaler Sparebank Vaaler Sparebank RYGSNO41XXX
Norway Valle Valle Sparebank Valle Sparebank VSPANO21XXX
Norway Vang I Valdres Vang Sparebank Vang Sparebank VASPNO21XXX
Norway Vegarshei Vegarshei Sparebank Vegarshei Sparebank VESPNO21XXX
Norway Oslo Verdibanken ASA Verdibanken ASA VERDNOK1XXX
Norway Oslo Verdipapirsentralen VPS Verdipapirsentralen VPS VPSNNOKKXXX
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