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This often led to necessary routing information being missing from payments. BIC as opposed to a BIC used on the live network. IBAN bank code and the sort code are consistent. The SWIFT code for its primary office is NEDSZAJJ: NEDS identifies Nedbank ZA is the country code for South Africa JJ is the code for Johannesburg Nedbank has not implemented the extended code of 11 digits and all SWIFT transfers to its accounts are directed to the primary office for processing.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Anod Bank of Mongolia Anod Bank of Mongolia ANODMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Bank of Mongolia The Bank of Mongolia The BOMUMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Capital Bank of Mongolia Capital Bank of Mongolia INOVMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Capitron Bank Capitron Bank CPITMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Chinggis Khaan Bank Chinggis Khaan Bank CHKHMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Credit Bank of Mongolia Credit Bank of Mongolia CRMNMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Erelbank of Mongolia Erelbank LTD Erelbank of Mongolia Erelbank LTD ERELMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Golomt Bank of Mongolia Golomt Bank of Mongolia GLMTMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Khan Bank of Mongolia Khan Bank of Mongolia AGMOMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mongol Post Bank Mongol Post Bank MGPBMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar National Investment Bank of Mongolia National Investment Bank of Mongolia NAIMMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Savings Bank Mongolia Savings Bank Mongolia SVBMMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia TDBMMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Transport Development Bank of Mongolia Transport Development Bank of Mongolia TRDMMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar City Bank Ulaanbaatar City Bank CIBMMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Xacbank Xacbank CAXBMNUBXXX
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Zoos Bank Zoos Bank ZOOSMNUBXXX
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