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These errors will be trapped by the computer program as they will result in an incorrect format. The format of the various fields can be deduced from the BBAN field. IBAN validation features One of the design aims of the IBAN was to enable as much validation as possible to be done at the point of data entry. Banks in the United States do not provide IBAN format account numbers. Bank swift code which is also referred to as the BIC code is a unique code that is used to recognize financial and non-financial institutions.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Maldives Male Bank of Ceylon Bank of Ceylon BCEYMVMVXXX
Maldives Male Bank of Maldives PLC Bank of Maldives PLC MALBMVMVXXX
Maldives Male Habib Bank Limited Habib Bank Limited HABBMVMVXXX
Maldives Male Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The HSBCMVMVXXX
Maldives Male Maldives Monetary Authority Maldives Monetary Authority MMAUMVMVXXX
Maldives Male State Bank of India State Bank of India SBINMVMVXXX
Maldives Male The Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited The Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited MCBLMVMVXXX
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