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Security and privacy Since an IBAN is nothing more than an enhanced bank account number, account holders should handle them with the same security considerations as they handle conventional bank account numbers. To get the most correct Bic Code results make sure you type the bank name correctly, or try using only one word of the bank name. BIC as opposed to a BIC used on the live network.

CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Iceland Reykjavik Arion Arion ARIOISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik BYR Securities BYR Securities BYSEISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik BYR Sparisjodur BYR Sparisjodur BYRSISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik Central Bank of Iceland Central Bank of Iceland SISLISRENLB
Iceland Reykjavik Central Bank of Iceland Central Bank of Iceland SISLISRENKB
Iceland Reykjavik Central Bank of Iceland Central Bank of Iceland SISLISRENGL
Iceland Reykjavik Central Bank of Iceland Central Bank of Iceland SISLISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik HF Verdbref HF Verdbref VERRISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Icebank HF Icebank HF LSICISREXXX
Iceland Akureyri Icelandic Securities LTD Icelandic Securities LTD ICSCISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Islandsbanki HF Islandsbanki HF GLITISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik Islandsbanki Securities Islandsbanki Securities VISLISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Islandspostur HF Islandspostur HF ICGIISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Islenskir Fjarfestar HF Islenskir Fjarfestar HF ISFJISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Joklar Verdbref HF Joklar Verdbref HF JOKLISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Kaupthing Bank Kaupthing Bank KAUPISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik Landsbanki Islands Landsbanki Islands LAISISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik MP Bank HF MP Bank HF MPBAISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik NYI Kaupthing Banki HF NYI Kaupthing Banki HF ESJAISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik Reykjavik Capital HF Reykjavik Capital HF NOVEISR1XXX
Iceland Akureyri Saga Capital Fjarfestingarbanki HF Saga Capital Fjarfestingarbanki HF SACVISR1XXX
Iceland Borgarnes Sparisjoour Myrasyslu Sparisjoour Myrasyslu SPMYISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjanesbae Sparisjoourinn I Keflavik Sparisjoourinn I Keflavik SPKFISR1XXX
Iceland Hafnarfjordur SPH SPH SPPHISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Spron Verdbref HF Spron Verdbref HF SPVRISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Straumur Burdaras Fjarfestingarbanki HF Straumur Burdaras Fjarfestingarbanki HF STRBISREXXX
Iceland Reykjavik The Icelandic Securities Depository LTD The Icelandic Securities Depository LTD ICSDISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik VBS Investment Bank VBS Investment Bank VBINISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik Virding HF Virding HF VIRDISR1XXX
Iceland Reykjavik VSP VSP VSPVISR1XXX
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