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Deutsche Bank is an international bank, with its head office in Frankfurt, Germany. Move the four initial characters to the end of the string. Calculate Mod-97 of the new number. Last 3 characters - branch code, optional ('XXX' for primary office) (letters and digits) ISO 9362 (also known as SWIFT-BIC, BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code) is a standard format of Business Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The check digits enable the sending bank (or its customer) to perform a sanity check of the routing destination and account number from a single string of data at the time of data entry.


CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Germany Laatzen SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51251
Germany BAD Schwartau SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51231
Germany Cottbus SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51161
Germany Neuss SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51303
Germany Langenfeld SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51302
Germany Ratingen SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51304
Germany Wolfsburg SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51272
Germany Wismar SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51132
Germany Krefeld SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51301
Germany Frankfurt Shinhan Bank Europe Gmbh Shinhan Bank Europe Gmbh SHBKDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Shinsei International Limited Shinsei International Limited SHNTDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen Siemens AG Siemens AG SIEMDEM1XXX
Germany Muenchen Siemens Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH Siemens Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH SIKADEMMXXX
Germany Hamburg Signal Iduna Bauspar AG Signal Iduna Bauspar AG SIBSDEH1XXX
Germany Berlin Skandia Lebensversicherung AG Skandia Lebensversicherung AG SKLEDEB1XXX
Germany Heitersheim SKB BAD Krozingen EG SKB BAD Krozingen EG GENODE61HHM
Germany Karlsruhe SKB Daxlanden EG SKB Daxlanden EG GENODE61KA4
Germany Saarbruecken SKG Bank Gmbh SKG Bank Gmbh SALADE51SKG
Germany Braunschweig Skoda Bank Skoda Bank SKODDE21XXX
Germany Frankfurt Societe Financiere ET Fonciere Societe Financiere ET Fonciere SOFFDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Societe Generale S A Societe Generale S A SOGEDEFFACC
Germany Frankfurt Societe Generale S A Societe Generale S A SOGEDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Societe Generale S A Societe Generale S A SOGEDEFFCBF
Germany Frankfurt Societe Generale S A Societe Generale S A SOGEDEFFTRA
Germany Arnsberg Oeventrop Spadaka Arnsberg Oeventrop EG Spadaka Arnsberg Oeventrop EG GENODEM1ANO
Germany Luebben Spreewaldbank EG Spreewaldbank EG GENODEF1LN1
Germany Muenchen ST Galler Kantonalbank Deutschland AG ST Galler Kantonalbank Deutschland AG GAKDDEM1XXX
Germany Erlangen Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Erlangen Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Erlangen BYLADEM1ERH
Germany Lindau Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Lindau Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Lindau BYLADEM1LID
Germany Moosburg Isar Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Moosburg Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Moosburg BYLADEM1MSB
Germany Rothenburg Tauber Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Rothenburg Tauber Stadt UND Kreissparkasse Rothenburg Tauber BYLADEM1ROT
Germany Aichach Stadtsparkasse Aichach Stadtsparkasse Aichach BYLADEM1AIC
Germany Augsburg Stadtsparkasse Augsburg Stadtsparkasse Augsburg AUGSDE77XXX
Germany Cuxhaven Stadtsparkasse Cuxhaven Stadtsparkasse Cuxhaven BRLADE21CUX
Germany Monheim Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf DUSSDED1MON
Germany Duesseldorf Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf DUSSDEDDXXX
Germany Emden Stadtsparkasse Emden Stadtsparkasse Emden BRLADE21EMD
Germany Neuburg Stadtsparkasse Neuburg Rain Stadtsparkasse Neuburg Rain BYLADEM1NEB
Germany Schrobenhausen Stadtsparkasse Schrobenhausen Stadtsparkasse Schrobenhausen BYLADEM1SSH
Germany Bremerhaven Staedtische Sparkasse Bremerhaven Staedtische Sparkasse Bremerhaven BRLADE21BRS
Germany Schweinfurt Staedtische Sparkasse Schweinfurt Staedtische Sparkasse Schweinfurt BYLADEM1SSW
Germany Bingen Sued West Kreditbank Finanzierung Gmbh Sued West Kreditbank Finanzierung Gmbh SUFGDE51XXX
Germany Stuttgart Sueddeutsche Aktienbank AG Sueddeutsche Aktienbank AG DEAKDES1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Suedka Suedkapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH Suedka Suedkapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH SUDKDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen Suedtiroler Sparkasse Suedtiroler Sparkasse SUSKDEM1XXX
Germany Stuttgart Suedwestbank AG Suedwestbank AG SWBSDESSXXX
Germany Duesseldorf Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation SMBCDEDDXXX
Germany Frankfurt Svenska Handelsbanken AB Publ Niederlassung Frankfurt Svenska Handelsbanken AB Publ Niederlassung Frankfurt HANDDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Swiss Euro Clearing Bank Gmbh Swiss Euro Clearing Bank Gmbh SECGDEFFEUR
Germany Frankfurt Swiss Euro Clearing Bank Gmbh Swiss Euro Clearing Bank Gmbh SECGDEFFXXX
Germany Unterfoehring Swiss RE Life and Health Germany Swiss RE Life and Health Germany SWREDEM1XXX
Germany Flensburg Sydbank A S Sydbank A S SYBKDE22XXX
Germany Kiel Sydbank A S Sydbank A S SYBKDE21KIE
Germany Hamburg Sydbank A S Sydbank A S SYBKDE22HAM
Germany Westerland Sylt Sylter Bank EG Sylter Bank EG GENODEF1SYL
Germany Bonn T Mobile International AG and CO KG T Mobile International AG and CO KG TMOIDE33XXX
Germany Frankfurt Taunus Sparkasse Taunus Sparkasse HELADEF1TSK
Germany Nuernberg Teambank AG Teambank AG TEAMDE71XXX
Germany Nuernberg Teambank AG Teambank AG TEAMDE71TAT
Germany Landau Isar Teba Kreditbank Gmbh and CO KG Teba Kreditbank Gmbh and CO KG TEKRDE71XXX
Germany Frankfurt The Bank of New York Mellon Frankfurt Branch The Bank of New York Mellon Frankfurt Branch IRVTDEFXXXX
Germany Hamburg The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ LTD The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ LTD BOTKDEH1XXX
Germany Erfurt Thueringer Aufbaubank Anstalt DES Oeffentlichen Rechts Thueringer Aufbaubank Anstalt DES Oeffentlichen Rechts TABEDE81XXX
Germany Muenchen TMW Pramerica Property Investment Gmbh TMW Pramerica Property Investment Gmbh TMWPDEM1XXX
Germany Koeln Toyota Kreditbank Gmbh Toyota Kreditbank Gmbh TFSEDE31XXX
Germany Berlin Tradegate AG Tradegate AG TRDADEB1XXX
Germany Heilbronn Transolver Finance Gmbh Transolver Finance Gmbh TRANDE61XXX
Germany Frankfurt Triodos Bank NV Deutschland Triodos Bank NV Deutschland TRODDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen Tuev Sued AG Tuev Sued AG TUEVDEM1XXX
Germany Hamburg TXB Transaktionsbank Gmbh TXB Transaktionsbank Gmbh PBTBDEH1XXX
Germany Muenchen UBI Banca International S A UBI Banca International S A BEPODEMMXXX
Germany Muenchen UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFMUN
Germany Offenbach Main UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFOFF
Germany Berlin UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFBER
Germany Stuttgart UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFSTG
Germany Hamburg UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFHAM
Germany Frankfurt UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFXXX
Germany Bielefeld UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFBIE
Germany Duesseldorf UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFDUS
Germany Koeln UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG UBS Deutschland AG Formerly UBS Wealth Management AG SMHBDEFFKOE
Germany Duesseldorf UFJ Bank Limited Dusseldorf Branch UFJ Bank Limited Dusseldorf Branch SANWDED1XXX
Germany Stuttgart Uhlbacher Bank EG Uhlbacher Bank EG GENODES1UHL
Germany Muenchen Unicredit Family Financing Bank S P A Niederlassung Deutschland Unicredit Family Financing Bank S P A Niederlassung Deutschland CLABDEMMXXX
Germany Hamburg Union Investment Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft Union Investment Real Estate Aktiengesellschaft DIFODEH1XXX
Germany Stuttgart Untertuerkheimer Volksbank EG Untertuerkheimer Volksbank EG GENODES1UTV
Germany Frankfurt Vakifbank International AG Vakifbank International AG TVBADEFFXXX
Germany Essen Valovis Bank Valovis Bank VABKDE3EXXX
Germany Essen Valovis Bank AG Valovis Bank AG KAHYDE31XXX
Germany Koeln VAN DER Moolen Effecten Specialist B V Cologne Branch VAN DER Moolen Effecten Specialist B V Cologne Branch MOEFDE31XXX
Germany Reiskirchen VB Busecker TAL EG VB Busecker TAL EG GENODE51RES
Germany Ellhofen VB Ellhofen EG VB Ellhofen EG GENODES1ELH
Germany Pleidelsheim VB Freiberg Pleidelsheim EG VB Freiberg Pleidelsheim EG GENODES1PLE
Germany Glatten VB Glatten Wittendorf VB Glatten Wittendorf GENODES1VBG
Germany Lauffen VB Lauffen Nordheim EG VB Lauffen Nordheim EG GENODES1VLN
Germany Mainz VB Mainz Finthen EG VB Mainz Finthen EG GENODE51MZ4
Germany Obersulm VB Obersulm Affaltrach EG VB Obersulm Affaltrach EG GENODES1VOA
Germany Murrhardt VB RB Murr Lauter EG VB RB Murr Lauter EG GENODES1VML
Germany Mannheim Seckenheim VB Rhein Neckar Mitte EG VB Rhein Neckar Mitte EG GENODE61MA1
Germany Rottenburg Neckar VB Rottenburg EG VB Rottenburg EG GENODES1RBG
Germany Schmelz VB Schmelz Huettersdorf EG VB Schmelz Huettersdorf EG GENODE51SMZ
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
SPARKASSE DUEREN                                                                                                                             SDUEDE33XXX
SPARKASSE DUISBURG                                                                                                                           DUISDE33XXX
SPARKASSE EICHSTAETT                                                                                                                         BYLADEM1EIS
SPARKASSE EINBECK                                                                                                             NOLADE21EIN
SPARKASSE ELBE-ELSTER                                                                                                                        WELADED1EES
SPARKASSE ELMSHORN                                                                                                                           HSHNDEH1ELH
SPARKASSE EMSLAND                                                                                                                            NOLADE21EMS
SPARKASSE ENGEN - GOTTMADINGEN                                                                                                               SOLADES1ENG
SPARKASSE ENNEPETAL-BRECKERFELD                                                                                                              WELADED1ENE
SPARKASSE ERWITTE-ANROECHTE                                                                                                                  WELADED1ERW
SPARKASSE ESSEN                                                                                                                              SPESDE3EXXX
SPARKASSE FINNENTROP                                                                                                                         WELADED1FTR
SPARKASSE FORCHHEIM                                                                                                                          BYLADEM1FOR
SPARKASSE FREIBURG                                                                                                                           FRSPDE66XXX
SPARKASSE FREISING                                                                                                                           BYLADEM1FSI
SPARKASSE FREYUNG-GRAFENAU                                                                                                                   BYLADEM1FRG
SPARKASSE FROENDENBERG                                                                                                                       WELADED1FRN
SPARKASSE FUERSTENFELDBRUCK                                                                                                                  BYLADEM1FFB
SPARKASSE FUERTH                                                                                                                             BYLADEM1SFU
SPARKASSE FULDA                                                                                                                              HELADEF1FDS
SPARKASSE GENGENBACH                                                                                                                         SOLADES1GEB
SPARKASSE GERA-GREIZ                                                                                                                         HELADEF1GER
SPARKASSE GERMERSHEIM-KANDEL, KANDEL                                                                                                         MALADE51KAD
SPARKASSE GESEKE                                                                                                                             WELADED1GES
SPARKASSE GIESSEN                                                                                                                            HELADEF1GIE
SPARKASSE GIFHORN-WOLFSBURG                                                                                                                  NOLADE21GFW
SPARKASSE GOSLAR/HARZ                                                                                                                        NOLADE21GSL
SPARKASSE GÖTTINGEN                                                                                                                          NOLADE21GOE
SPARKASSE GRONAU                                                                                                                             WELADED1GRO
SPARKASSE GRUENBERG                                                                                                                          HELADEF1GRU
SPARKASSE GUENZBURG-KRUMBACH                                                                                                                 BYLADEM1GZK
SPARKASSE GUETERSLOH                                                                                                                         WELADED1GTL
SPARKASSE GUMMERSBACH-BERGNEUSTADT                                                                                                           WELADED1GMB
SPARKASSE HAGEN                                                                                                                              WELADE3HXXX
SPARKASSE HAMM                                                                                                                               WELADED1HAM
SPARKASSE HANAU                                                                                                                              HELADEF1HAN
SPARKASSE HANAUERLAND KEHL AM RHEIN                                                                                                          SOLADES1KEL
SPARKASSE HANNOVER                                                                                                                           SPKHDE2HXXX
SPARKASSE HARBURG-BUXTEHUDE                                                                                                                  NOLADE21HAM
SPARKASSE HASLACH-ZELL IN HASLACH                                                                                                            SOLADES1HAL
SPARKASSE HATTINGEN                                                                                                                          WELADED1HTG
SPARKASSE HEIDELBERG                                                                                                                         SOLADES1HDB
SPARKASSE HENNSTEDT-WESSELBUREN                                                                                                              HSHNDEH1WEB
SPARKASSE HILDEN RATINGEN VELBERT                                                                                                            WELADED1VEL
SPARKASSE HILDESHEIM                                                                                                                         NOLADE21HIK
Sparkasse Hochfranken BYLADEM1FIG
SPARKASSE HOCHRHEIN WALDSHUT-TIENGEN                                                                                                         SOLADES1WHT
SPARKASSE HOCHSAUERLAND BRILON                                                                                                               WELADED1HSL
SPARKASSE HOCHSCHWARZWALD KIRCHZARTEN                                                                                                        SOLADES1HSW
SPARKASSE HOHENLOHEKREIS KUENZELSAU                                                                                                          SOLADES1KUN
SPARKASSE HOHENWESTEDT                                                                                                                       HSHNDEH1HWS
SPARKASSE HOLSTEIN                                                                                                                           HSHNDEH1HOL
SPARKASSE IM KREIS HERFORD                                                                                                                   WLAHDE44XXX
SPARKASSE IM LANDKREIS CHAM                                                                                                                  BYLADEM1CHM
SPARKASSE IM LANDKREIS NEUSTADT A.D.AISCH-BAD WINDSHEIM                                                                                      BYLADEM1NEA
SPARKASSE IM LANDKREIS SCHWANDORF                                                                                                            BYLADEM1SAD
SPARKASSE INGOLSTADT                                                                                                                         BYLADEM1ING
SPARKASSE JENA-SAALE-HOLZLAND                                                                                                                HELADEF1JEN
SPARKASSE KARLSRUHE ETTLINGEN                                                                                                              KARSDE66XXX
SPARKASSE KIERSPE-MEINERZHAGEN                                                                                                               WELADED1KMZ
SPARKASSE KLEVE                                                                                                                              WELADED1KLE
SPARKASSE KOBLENZ                                                                                                                            MALADE51KOB
SPARKASSE KOELNBONN                                                                                                                          COLSDE33XXX
SPARKASSE KRAICHGAU BRUCHSAL-BRETTEN-SINSHEIM                                                                                                BRUSDE66XXX
SPARKASSE KULMBACH-KRONACH                                                                                                                   BYLADEM1KUB
SPARKASSE LANDSBERG-DIESSEN                                                                                                                  BYLADEM1LLD
SPARKASSE LANDSHUT                                                                                                                           BYLADEM1LAH
SPARKASSE LANGEN-SELIGENSTADT                                                                                                                HELADEF1SLS
SPARKASSE LAUBACH-HUNGEN                                                                                                                     HELADEF1LAU
SPARKASSE LEERWITTMUND                                                                                                                       BRLADE21LER
SPARKASSE LEMGO                                                                                                                              WELADED1LEM
SPARKASSE LEVERKUSEN                                                                                                                         WELADEDLLEV
SPARKASSE LOERRACH-RHEINFELDEN                                                                                                               SOLADES1LOE
SPARKASSE LUEDENSCHEID (ZWECKVERBANDSSPARKASSE IM MAERKISCHEN KREIS)                                                                         WELADED1LSD
SPARKASSE LUENEBURG                                                                                                                          NOLADE21LBG
SPARKASSE LUENEN                                                                                                                             WELADED1LUN
SPARKASSE MAINFRANKEN WUERZBURG                                                                                                              BYLADEM1SWU
SPARKASSE MAINZ                                                                                                                              MALADE51MNZ
Sparkasse Mansfeld-Südharz NOLADE21EIL
SPARKASSE MARBURG-BIEDENKOPF                                                                                                                 HELADEF1MAR
SPARKASSE MARKGRAEFLERLAND SITZ WEIL AM RHEIN UND MUELLHEIM/BADEN                                                                            SOLADES1MGL
Sparkasse Märkisches Sauerland, Hemer - Menden WELADED1HEM
SPARKASSE MECKLENBURG-NORDWEST, WISMAR                                                                                                       NOLADE21WIS
SPARKASSE MECKLENBURG-SCHWERIN                                                                                                               NOLADE21LWL
SPARKASSE MECKLENBURG-STRELITZ                                                                                                               NOLADE21MST
SPARKASSE MEISSEN                                                                                                                       SOLADES1MEI
SPARKASSE MEMMINGEN-LINDAU-MINDELHEIM                                                                                                        BYLADEM1MLM
SPARKASSE MESCHEDE                                                                                                                           WELADED1MES
SPARKASSE MILTENBERG-OBERNBURG                                                                                                               BYLADEM1MIL
SPARKASSE MINDEN-LUEBBECKE                                                                                                                   WELADED1MIN
SPARKASSE MITTELFRANKEN-SUED                                                                                                                 BYLADEM1SRS
SPARKASSE MITTELHOLSTEIN AG                                                                                                                  HSHNDEH1RDB
SPARKASSE MITTELMOSEL- EIFEL MOSEL HUNSRUECK                                                                                                 MALADE51BKS
Sparkasse Mittelsachsen WELADED1FGX
SPARKASSE MITTELTHUERINGEN                                                                                                                   HELADEF1WEM
SPARKASSE MUELHEIM AN DER RUHR                                                                                                               SPMHDE3EXXX
SPARKASSE MUENSTERLAND OST                                                                                                                   WELADED1MST
SPARKASSE MULDENTAL                                                                                                                          SOLADES1GRM
SPARKASSE NECKARTAL-ODENWALD                                                                                                                 SOLADES1MOS
SPARKASSE NEU - ULM - ILLERTISSEN                                                                                                            BYLADEM1NUL
SPARKASSE NEUBRANDENBURG-DEMMIN                                                                                                              NOLADE21NBS
SPARKASSE NEUBURG-RAIN                                                                                                                       BYLADEM1NEB
SPARKASSE NEUMARKT I.D.OPF.- PARSBERG                                                                                                        BYLADEM1NMA
SPARKASSE NEUNKIRCHEN-SAAR                                                                                                                   SALADE51NKS
SPARKASSE NEUWIED                                                                                                                            MALADE51NWD
SPARKASSE NIEDERBAYERN-MITTE                                                                                                                 BYLADEM1SRG
SPARKASSE NIEDERLAUSITZ MIT SITZ IN SENFTENBERG                                                                                              WELADED1OSL
SPARKASSE NIENBURG                                                                                                                           NOLADE21NIB
SPARKASSE NOERDLINGEN                                                                                                                        BYLADEM1NLG
SPARKASSE NUERNBERG                                                                                                                          SSKNDE77XXX
SPARKASSE OBERHESSEN                                                                                                                         HELADEF1FRI
SPARKASSE OBERLAUSITZ-NIEDERSCHLESIEN                                                                                                        WELADED1GRL
SPARKASSE OBERPFALZ NORD                                                                                                                     BYLADEM1WEN
SPARKASSE ODENWALDKREIS IN ERBACH/ODENWALD                                                                                                   HELADEF1ERB
SPARKASSE ODER-SPREE                                                                                                                         WELADED1LOS
SPARKASSE OFFENBURG/ORTENAU                                                                                                                  SOLADES1OFG
SPARKASSE OLPE-DROLSHAGEN-WENDEN                                                                                                             WELADED1OPE
SPARKASSE OSNABRUECK                                                                                                                         NOLADE22XXX
SPARKASSE OSTERODE AM HARZ                                                                                                                   NOLADE21HZB
SPARKASSE OSTPRIGNITZ-RUPPIN                                                                                                                 WELADED1OPR
SPARKASSE OSTUNTERFRANKEN HASSFURT                                                                                                           BYLADEM1HAS
Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold (Lippische Spar- und Leihekasse) WELADE3LXXX
SPARKASSE PARCHIM                                                                                                                            NOLADE21PCH
SPARKASSE PASSAU                                                                                                                             BYLADEM1PAS
Sparkasse Pfaffenhofen BYLADEM1PAF
SPARKASSE PFORZHEIM CALW                                                                                                                     PZHSDE66XXX
SPARKASSE PFULLENDORF-MESSKIRCH                                                                                                              SOLADES1PFD
SPARKASSE PRIGNITZ                                                                                                                           WELADED1PRP
SPARKASSE RADEVORMWALD-HUECKESWAGEN                                                                                                          WELADED1RVW
SPARKASSE RASTATT-GERNSBACH                                                                                                                  SOLADES1RAS
SPARKASSE REGENSBURG                                                                                                                         BYLADEM1RBG
SPARKASSE REGEN-VIECHTACH                                                                                                                    BYLADEM1REG
SPARKASSE RHEIN NECKAR NORD                                                                                                                  MANSDE66XXX
SPARKASSE RHEIN-HAARDT                                                                                                                       MALADE51DKH
SPARKASSE RHEIN-NAHE                                                                                                                         MALADE51KRE
SPARKASSE RIETBERG                                                                                                                           WELADED1RTG
SPARKASSE ROSENHEIM-BAD AIBLING                                                                                                              BYLADEM1ROS
SPARKASSE ROTENBURG-BREMERVOERDE                                                                                                             BRLADE21ROB
SPARKASSE ROTTAL-INN                                                                                                                         BYLADEM1EGF
Sparkasse Rügen NOLADE21RUE
SPARKASSE SAARBRUECKEN                                                                                                                       SAKSDE55XXX
SPARKASSE SALEM-HEILIGENBERG                                                                                                                 SOLADES1SAL
SPARKASSE SCHAUMBURG                                                                                                                         NOLADE21SHG
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