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Banks in the Dutch West Indies also do not use the IBAN format. Financial institutions under the SWIFT network enhance their operational efficiency, streamline operations and pave way for a better customer experience. Theoretically, it is equally possible to generate check digits in the ranges 00 to 96, 01 to 97, and 03 to 99, but the standard is silent as to whether or not these ranges may be used. Does the BBAN format follow the format specified for this country? This website contains the most complete and accurate Bank Identifier Codes database in the world and can be freely used to find any Bank Swift Code aka BIC Code.


CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Germany Leer Ostfriesland Ostfriesische Volksbank EG Ostfriesische Volksbank EG GENODEF1LER
Germany Wernigerode Ostharzer Volksbank EG Ostharzer Volksbank EG GENODEF1WER
Germany Quedlinburg Ostharzer Volksbank EG Ostharzer Volksbank EG GENODEF1QLB
Germany Rostock Ostseesparkasse Rostock Ostseesparkasse Rostock NOLADE21ROS
Germany Schoeningen Otto Rautenschlein Gmbh Otto Rautenschlein Gmbh GENODEF1RTS
Germany Koeln PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PAX
Germany Trier PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA3
Germany Essen PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA2
Germany Aachen PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA1
Germany Berlin PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA6
Germany Erfurt PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA5
Germany Mainz PAX Bank EG PAX Bank EG GENODED1PA4
Germany Unterfoehring Pioneer Investments Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH Pioneer Investments Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH ACTSDEMMXXX
Germany Stralsund Pommersche Voba EG Pommersche Voba EG GENODEF1HST
Germany Berlin PSD Bank Berlin Brandenburg EG PSD Bank Berlin Brandenburg EG GENODEF1P01
Germany Braunschweig PSD Bank Braunschweig EG PSD Bank Braunschweig EG GENODEF1P02
Germany Bremen PSD Bank Bremen PSD Bank Bremen GENODEF1P03
Germany Frankfurt PSD Bank Frankfurt PSD Bank Frankfurt GENODEF1P06
Germany Duesseldorf PSD Rhein Ruhr EG PSD Rhein Ruhr EG GENODEF1P05
Germany Dortmund PSD Rhein Ruhr EG PSD Rhein Ruhr EG GENODEF1P04
Germany Fuerth Quelle Bauspar Aktiengesellschaft Quelle Bauspar Aktiengesellschaft QUBADE71XXX
Germany Berlin Quirin Bank AG Quirin Bank AG BEFFDEB1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Quoniam Asset Management Gmbh Quoniam Asset Management Gmbh QANTDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Rabobank International Rabobank International RABODEFFXXX
Germany Hamburg Rabobank International Rabobank International RABODEFF230
Germany Obernbreit Raffeisenbank Obernbreit UND Umgebung EG Raffeisenbank Obernbreit UND Umgebung EG GENODEF1ROU
Germany Boesingen RB Boesingen EG RB Boesingen EG GENODES1BOS
Germany Muehlacker RB Enzberg EG RB Enzberg EG GENODES1ENZ
Germany Fronreute RB Fronhofen EG RB Fronhofen EG GENODES1FRO
Germany Heddesheim RB Heddesheim EG RB Heddesheim EG GENODE61HED
Germany Heidesheim RB Heidesheim EG RB Heidesheim EG GENODE51HDS
Germany Heilbronn RB Heilbronn Neckargartach EG RB Heilbronn Neckargartach EG GENODES1HNG
Germany Igersheim RB Igersheim EG RB Igersheim EG GENODES1IGE
Germany Pilsting RB Landau Pilsting EG RB Landau Pilsting EG GENODEF1PIL
Germany Ranstadt Ober Mockstadt RB Mockstadt EG RB Mockstadt EG GENODE51RMT
Germany Eltville RB Rheingau Taunus EG RB Rheingau Taunus EG GENODE51ELT
Germany Rockenhausen RB Rockenhausen EG RB Rockenhausen EG GENODE61ROC
Germany Schefflenz RB Schefflenz Seckach EG RB Schefflenz Seckach EG GENODE61SOB
Germany ST Maergen RB Suedl Schwarzwald EG RB Suedl Schwarzwald EG GENODE61MGN
Germany Frankfurt RBS Deutschland AG RBS Deutschland AG ABNADE55FRA
Germany Frankfurt RBS Deutschland AG RBS Deutschland AG ABNADE55XXX
Germany Berlin Readybank AG Readybank AG REDYDEB1XXX
Germany Berlin Readybank AG Readybank AG GENODEF1ABC
Germany Frankfurt Reisebank Aktiengesellschaft Reisebank Aktiengesellschaft RBAGDEF1CMI
Germany Frankfurt Reisebank Aktiengesellschaft Reisebank Aktiengesellschaft RBAGDEF1XXX
Germany Koeln Renault Bank Niederlassung DER Renault Credit International S A Banque Renault Bank Niederlassung DER Renault Credit International S A Banque RCIDDE31XXX
Germany Neuss Renault Bank Niederlassung DER Renault Credit International S A Banque Renault Bank Niederlassung DER Renault Credit International S A Banque RCIDDE31DUS
Germany Oppenau Renchtalbank EG Oppenau VB Renchtalbank EG Oppenau VB GENODE61OPP
Germany HOF Saale Resba Gmbh Resba Gmbh RESBDE71XXX
Germany Muenchen Reuschel UND CO KG Reuschel UND CO KG REUCDEMMXXX
Germany Geisenheim Rheingauer Volksbank EG Rheingauer Volksbank EG GENODE51RGG
Germany Duesseldorf Rheinische Westfaelische Boerse ZU Duesseldorf Rheinische Westfaelische Boerse ZU Duesseldorf XDUSDED1XXX
Germany Mainz Rheinland Pfalz Bank Trading AS Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg Rheinland Pfalz Bank Trading AS Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg SOLADEST550
Germany Holzwickede Rhenus Assets UND Services Gmbh UND CO KG Rhenus Assets UND Services Gmbh UND CO KG RHENDE3HXXX
Germany Meiningen Rhoen Rennsteig Sparkasse Rhoen Rennsteig Sparkasse HELADEF1RRS
Germany Hoerstel Riesenbeck Riesenbecker Volksbank EG Riesenbecker Volksbank EG GENODEM1HRI
Germany Stade Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut GENODED1RKI
Germany Frankfurt Rolf Brauburger Kursmakler Gmbh Rolf Brauburger Kursmakler Gmbh RBKGDEF1XXX
Germany Windeck Rosbacher Raiffeisenbank EG Rosbacher Raiffeisenbank EG GENODED1WND
Germany Rostock Rostocker Volks UND Raiffeisenbank EG Rostocker Volks UND Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1HR1
Germany Pocking Rottaler Raiffeisenbank EG Rottaler Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1POC
Germany Eggenfelden Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1EGR
Germany Gangkofen Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG Sitz Eggenfelden Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG Sitz Eggenfelden GENODEF1GOT
Germany Frankfurt Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Frankfurt Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Frankfurt RBOSDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Frankfurt Royal Bank of Scotland PLC Frankfurt RBOSDEFFCAR
Germany Eschborn Rreef Investment Gmbh Rreef Investment Gmbh DBREDEF1XXX
Germany Eschborn Rreef Spezial Invest Gmbh Rreef Spezial Invest Gmbh DRBEDEF1XXX
Germany Kornwestheim RSB Retail and Service Bank Gmbh Prev Sabu Schuh and ... RSB Retail and Service Bank Gmbh Prev Sabu Schuh and ... SABUDE6SXXX
Germany Frankfurt RTR Reuters Realtime Daten RTR Reuters Realtime Daten XRTRDEF1XXX
Germany Ruesselsheim Ruesselsheimer Volksbank EG Ruesselsheimer Volksbank EG GENODE51RUS
Germany Alzenau RV Bank EG RV Bank EG GENODEF1ALZ
Germany Lambsheim RV Bank Rhein HAARDT6 EG RV Bank Rhein HAARDT6 EG GENODE61LBS
Germany Essen RWE Trading Services Gmbh RWE Trading Services Gmbh RTSGDE31XXX
Germany Halle Saalesparkasse Saalesparkasse NOLADE21HAL
Germany Merseburg Saalesparkasse Saalesparkasse NOLADE21MQU
Germany Saarbruecken Saarlandische Investitionskreditbank Aktiengesellschaft Saarlandische Investitionskreditbank Aktiengesellschaft SIKBDE51XXX
Germany Dresden Sachsische Aufbaubank Foerderbank Sachsische Aufbaubank Foerderbank SABDDE81XXX
Germany Muenchen Salzburg Muenchen Bank Aktiengesellschaft Salzburg Muenchen Bank Aktiengesellschaft RVSADEMXXXX
Germany Stassfurt Salzlandsparkasse Salzlandsparkasse NOLADE21ASL
Germany Bernburg Salzlandsparkasse Salzlandsparkasse NOLADE21SES
Germany Eschborn Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh SECTDE51450
Germany Schwalbach Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh SECTDE51440
Germany Schwalbach Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh SECTDE51XXX
Germany Schwalbach Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh SECTDE51460
Germany Moenchengladbach Santander Consumer Bank Santander Consumer Bank CCBADE31XXX
Germany Moenchengladbach Santander Consumer Bank Aktiengesellschaft Santander Consumer Bank Aktiengesellschaft AKBCDE31XXX
Germany Frankfurt Santander Direkt Bank AG Santander Direkt Bank AG SDBKDEF1XXX
Germany Berlin SC Parex Bank Berlin Branch SC Parex Bank Berlin Branch PARXDEBBXXX
Germany Ostfildern Scharnhauser Bank EG Scharnhauser Bank EG GENODES1SCA
Germany Hamburg Schiffshypothekenbank ZU Luebeck Aktiengesellschaft Schiffshypothekenbank ZU Luebeck Aktiengesellschaft DEUTDEH1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Schnigge Wertpapierhandelsbank AG Schnigge Wertpapierhandelsbank AG SCWEDED1XXX
Germany Wiesbaden Schroder Property Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH Schroder Property Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH AARIDE61XXX
Germany Stuttgart Schwaebische Bank Aktiengesellschaft Schwaebische Bank Aktiengesellschaft SCHWDESSXXX
Germany Norderstedt SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51201
Germany Schwerin SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51131
Germany Salzgitter SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51271
Germany Remscheid SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51331
Germany Emden SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51281
Germany Wilhelmshaven SEB AG SEB AG ESSEDE51282
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK EBERN EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1EBR
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                      GENODE51SWB
RAIFFEISENVOLKSBANK EG GEWERBEBANK, ANSBACH                                                                                                  GENODEF1ANS
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK FRESENA EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1MAR
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK FUERTH EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1FUE
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK HASSBERGE EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1HAS
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK HERMSDORFER KREUZ EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1HMF
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK KRONACH-LUDWIGSSTADT EG                                                                                                 GENODEF1KC1
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK LICHTENFELS-ITZGRUND EG                                                                                                 GENODEF1LIF
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK MILTENBERG EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1MIL
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK NEUBURG/DONAU EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1ND2
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK NEUSTADT EG                                                                                                             GENODEF1NST
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK ODER-SPREE EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1BKW
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK RIES EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1NOE
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK SAALE-ORLA EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1PN1
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK TUESSLING-UNTERNEUKIRCHEN EG                                                                                            GENODEF1TUS
RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK VAREL-NORDENHAM EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1VAR
RBANK RAIFFEISENBANK GROSS-ROHRHEIM EG                                                                                                       GENODE51GRM
RBS (Deutschland) Aktiengesellschaft ABNADE55FRA
RCI BANQUE S.A. NIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                                    RCIDDE31DUS
Rheingauer Volksbank eG GENODE51RGG
RITTERSCHAFTLICHES KREDITINSTITUT STADE                                                                                                      GENODED1RKI
ROSBACHER RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                                  GENODED1WND
ROSTOCKER VOLKS- UND RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1HR1
ROTTALER RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1POC
ROTTALER VOLKSBANK - RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1EGR
RSB RETAIL + SERVICE BANK GMBH                                                                                                               SABUDE6SXXX
RUESSELSHEIMER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                  GENODE51RUS
RV BANK RHEIN-HAARDT EG                                                                                                                      GENODE61LBS
S BROKER AG & CO KG                                                                                                                          PULSDEDDXXX
SAALESPARKASSE                                                                                                                               NOLADE21HAL
SAARLAENDISCHE INVESTITIONSKREDITBANK AG                                                                                                     SIKBDE51XXX
SAECHSISCHE AUFBAUBANK -FOERDERBANK-                                                                                                         SABDDE81XXX
SAL. OPPENHEIM JR. & CIE. AG & CO. KGAA                                                                                               SOPPDE3KXXX
SALZBURG MUENCHEN BANK AG                                                                                                    RVSADEMXXXX
Salzlandsparkasse NOLADE21SES
SANTANDER CONSUMER BANK AG                                                                                                                   CCBADE31XXX
SCHARNHAUSER BANK EG                                                                                                                         GENODES1SCA
Schleswiger Volksbank eG GENODEF1SLW
Schrobenhausener Bank eG GENODEF1SBN
SCHRODER & CO LTD, FRANKFURT BRANCH                                                                                                          N
SCHWAEBISCHE BANK AG                                                                                                                         SCHWDES1XXX
SEB AG                                                                                                                       ESSEDE5F
SECB SWISS EURO CLEARING BANK GMBH                                                                                                           SECGDEFFXXX
SHINHAN BANK EUROPE GMBH                                                                                                                     CHOHDEFFXXX
Siemens Bank GmbH SIBADEM1
SIGNAL IDUNA BAUSPAR AG                                                                                                                      SIBSDEH1XXX
SKANDINAVISKA ENSKILDA BANKEN AB (PUBL) FRANKFURT BRANCH                                                                                     ESSEDEFF
SKG BANK AG                                                                                                                            SALADE51SKG
SOCIETE GENERALE S.A.                                                                                                                        SOGEDEFFXXX
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE AEGIDIENBERG EG                                                                                                      GENODED1AEG
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE BOCKUM-HOEVEL EG                                                                            GENODEM1HBH
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE BOERDE LAMSTEDT-HECHTHAUSEN EG                                                                                       GENODEF1LAS
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE BRACHELEN EG HUECKELHOVEN-BRACHELEN                                                                                  GENODED1HCK
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE EG, FRIESOYTHE                                                                                                       GENODEF1FOY
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE HOENGEN EG                                                                                                           GENODED1AHO
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE OEVENTROP EG                                                                                                         GENODEM1ANO
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE REKEN EG                                                                                                             GENODEM1RKN
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE SCHLOSS HOLTE-STUKENBROCK EG                                                                                         GENODEM1SHS
SPAR- UND DARLEHNSKASSE STOCKHAUSEN EG                                                                                                       GENODE51HSH
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK BUEHLERTAL EG                                                                                                           GENODE61BHT
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK DAUCHINGEN EG                                                                                                           GENODE61DAC
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK DES BUNDES FREIER EVANGELISCHER GEMEINDEN EG WITTEN/RUHR                                                                GENODEM1BFG
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK EG                                                                                                                      GENODE61KA3
SPAR- UND KREDIT-BANK EG GEMUENDEN WOHRA                                                                                                     GENODEF1GMD
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK EG HAMMAH                                                                                                               GENODEF1HAA
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK EVANGELISCH-FREIKIRCHLICHER GEMEINDEN EG                                                                                GENODE51BH2
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK HARDT EG                                                                                                                GENODE61EGG
SPAR- UND KREDITBANK RHEINSTETTEN EG                                                                                                         GENODE61RH2
SPARDA-BANK AUGSBURG EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1S03
SPARDA-BANK BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG EG                                                                                   GENODEF1S02
SPARDA-BANK BERLIN EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1S10
SPARDA-BANK HAMBURG EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1S11
SPARDA-BANK HANNOVER EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1S09
SPARDA-BANK HESSEN EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1S12
SPARDA-BANK MUENCHEN EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1S04
SPARDA-BANK MUENSTER EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1S08
SPARDA-BANK NUERNBERG EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1S06
SPARDA-BANK OSTBAYERN EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1S05
SPARDA-BANK SUEDWEST E.G.                                                                                                                    GENODEF1S01
SPARDA-BANK WEST EG                                                                                                                          N
SPARKASSE AACHEN                                                                                                                             AACSDE33XXX
SPARKASSE ALLGAEU                                                                                                              BYLADEM1ALG
SPARKASSE ALTENBURGER LAND                                                                                                                   HELADEF1ALT
SPARKASSE ALTMARK WEST                                                                                                                       NOLADE21SAW
Sparkasse Altötting-Mühldorf BYLADEM1MDF
SPARKASSE AM NIEDERRHEIN                                                                                                                     WELADED1MOR
SPARKASSE AMBERG-SULZBACH                                                                                                                    BYLADEM1ABG
SPARKASSE ARNSBERG-SUNDERN                                                                                                                   WELADED1ARN
SPARKASSE ARNSTADT-ILMENAU                                                                                                                   HELADEF1ILK
SPARKASSE ASCHAFFENBURG-ALZENAU                                                                                                              BYLADEM1ASA
SPARKASSE ATTENDORN-LENNESTADT-KIRCHHUNDEM                                             WELADED1ALK
SPARKASSE AURICH-NORDEN                                                                      BRLADE21ANO
SPARKASSE BAD HERSFELD-ROTENBURG                                                                                                             HELADEF1HER
SPARKASSE BAD KISSINGEN                                                                                                                      BYLADEM1KIS
SPARKASSE BAD NEUSTADT A.D.SAALE                                                                                                             BYLADEM1NES
SPARKASSE BAD TOELZ-WOLFRATSHAUSEN                                                                                                           BYLADEM1WOR
Sparkasse Baden-Baden Gaggenau                                                                                                          SOLADES1BAD
SPARKASSE BAMBERG                                                                                                                            BYLADEM1SKB
SPARKASSE BARNIM                                                                                                                             WELADED1GZE
SPARKASSE BATTENBERG                                                                                                                         HELADEF1BAT
SPARKASSE BAYREUTH                                                                                                                           BYLADEM1SBT
SPARKASSE BECKUM - WADERSLOH                                                                                                                 WELADED1BEK
SPARKASSE BENSHEIM                                                                                                                           HELADEF1BEN
SPARKASSE BERCHTESGADENER LAND                                                                                                               BYLADEM1BGL
SPARKASSE BIELEFELD                                                                                                                          SPBIDE3BXXX
SPARKASSE BOCHUM                                                                                                                             WELADED1BOC
SPARKASSE BODENSEE                                                                                                                           SOLADES1KNZ
SPARKASSE BONNDORF-STUEHLINGEN                                                                                                               SOLADES1BND
SPARKASSE BREMERHAVEN                                                                                                                        BRLADE21BRS
SPARKASSE BUEHL                                                                                                                              SOLADES1BHL
SPARKASSE BURBACH-NEUNKIRCHEN                                                                                                                WELADED1BUB
SPARKASSE BURGENLANDKREIS                                                                                                                    NOLADE21BLK
SPARKASSE CELLE                                                                                                                              NOLADE21CEL
SPARKASSE CHEMNITZ                                                                                                                           CHEKDE81XXX
SPARKASSE COBURG - LICHTENFELS                                                                                                               BYLADEM1COB
SPARKASSE DACHAU                                                                                                                             BYLADEM1DAH
SPARKASSE DEGGENDORF                                                                                                                         BYLADEM1DEG
SPARKASSE DER HOMBURGISCHEN GEMEINDEN WIEHL                                                                                             WELADED1WIE
SPARKASSE DER STADT ISERLOHN                                                                                                                 WELADED1ISL
SPARKASSE DER STADT STRAELEN                                                                                                                 WELADED1STR
SPARKASSE DER STADT WILHELMSHAVEN                                                                                                            BRLADE21WHV
SPARKASSE DIEBURG ZWECKVERBANDSSPARKASSE GROSS-UMSTADT                                                                                       HELADEF1DIE
SPARKASSE DILLENBURG                                                                                                                         HELADEF1DIL
SPARKASSE DINSLAKEN-VOERDE-HUENXE                                                                                                            WELADED1DIN
SPARKASSE DONAUWOERTH                                                                                                                        BYLADEM1DON
SPARKASSE DONNERSBERG                                                                                                                        MALADE51ROK
SPARKASSE DORTMUND                                                                                                                           DORTDE33XXX
VOLKSBANK GUETERSLOH EG                                                                                                                      GENODEM1GTL
VOLKSBANK HAAREN EG                                                                                                                          GENODED1HAW
VOLKSBANK HALLE (SAALE) EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1HAL
VOLKSBANK HALLE/WESTF. EG                                                                                                                     GENODEM1HLW
VOLKSBANK HALTERN EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1HLT
VOLKSBANK HAMELN-STADTHAGEN EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1HMP
VOLKSBANK HAMM EG                                                                                                                            GENODEM1HMM
VOLKSBANK HAMM/SIEG EG                                                                                                                       GENODE51HAM
VOLKSBANK HANKENSBUETTEL-WAHRENHOLZ EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1HKB
VOLKSBANK HASELUENNE EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1HLN
VOLKSBANK HEIDEN EG                                                                                                                          GENODEM1HEI
VOLKSBANK HEILBRONN EG                                                                                                                       GENODES1VHN
VOLKSBANK HEILIGENSTADT                                                                                                                      GENODEF1HIG
VOLKSBANK HEIMBACH EG                                                                                                                        GENODED1HMB
VOLKSBANK HELLWEG EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1SOE
VOLKSBANK HELMSTEDT EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1HMS
VOLKSBANK HERBORN EG                                                                                                                         GENODE51HER
VOLKSBANK HERRENBERG-ROTTENBURG EG                                                                                                           GENODES1VBH
VOLKSBANK HEUBERG EG                                                                                                                         GENODES1HBM
VOLKSBANK HEUCHELHEIM EG                                                                                                                     GENODE51HHE
VOLKSBANK HILDESHEIM EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1HIH
VOLKSBANK HILDESHEIMER BOERDE EG SOEHLDE-HOHENEGGELSEN                                                                                       GENODEF1SLD
VOLKSBANK HOCHRHEIN EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61WT1
Volksbank Hochwald-Saarburg eG GENODED1HWM
VOLKSBANK HOECHST A.M. EG                                                                                                                    GENODE51FHC
VOLKSBANK HOERSTE EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1HOE
VOLKSBANK HOHENLIMBURG EG HAGEN                                                                                                              GENODEM1HLH
VOLKSBANK HOHENLOHE EG                                                                                                                       GENODES1VHL
VOLKSBANK HOHENNEUFFEN EG                                                                                                                    GENODES1HON
VOLKSBANK HOHENZOLLERN EG                                                                                                                    GENODES1VHZ
Volksbank Hunsrück-Nahe eG GENODED1KHK
VOLKSBANK IM HARZ EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1OHA
VOLKSBANK IM MAERKISCHEN KREIS EG                                                                                                            GENODEM1NRD
Volksbank im Ostmünsterland eG GENODEM1CLL
VOLKSBANK IMMENSTADT EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1IMV
VOLKSBANK IN SCHAUMBURG EG                                                                                                     GENODEF1BCK
VOLKSBANK JERICHOWER LAND EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1BRG
VOLKSBANK JESTETTEN EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61JES
VOLKSBANK JEVER EG                                                                                                                           GENODEF1JEV
VOLKSBANK KAISERSLAUTERN - NORDWESTPFALZ EG                                                                                                  GENODE61KL1
VOLKSBANK KAMEN-WERNE EG                                                                                                                     GENODEM1KWK
VOLKSBANK KARLSRUHE EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61KA1
VOLKSBANK KAUNITZ EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1VKA
VOLKSBANK KEHDINGEN EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1DRO
VOLKSBANK KIERSPE EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1KIE
VOLKSBANK KINZIGTAL EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61KZT
VOLKSBANK KIRCHHEIM-NUERTINGEN EG                                                                                                            GENODES1NUE
VOLKSBANK KIRCHHELLEN EG                                                                                                                     GENODEM1KIH
VOLKSBANK KIRNAU EG                                                                                                                          GENODE61RNG
VOLKSBANK KLETTGAU-WUTOESCHINGEN EG                                                                                                          GENODE61WUT
VOLKSBANK KLEVERLAND EG                                                                                                                      GENODED1KLL
VOLKSBANK KOBLENZ MITTELRHEIN EG                                                                                                             GENODE51KOB
Volksbank Kraichgau Wiesloch-Sinsheim eG GENODE61WIE
VOLKSBANK KRAUTHEIM EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61KTH
VOLKSBANK KREFELD EG                                                                                                                         GENODED1HTK
VOLKSBANK KUR- UND RHEINPFALZ EG                                                                                                             GENODE61SPE
Volksbank Kurpfalz H + G Bank eG GENODE61HD3
VOLKSBANK LAER-HORSTMAR-LEER EG                                                                                                              GENODEM1LAE
VOLKSBANK LAHR EG                                                                                                                            GENODE61LAH
Volksbank Laichinger Alb eG GENODES1LAI
VOLKSBANK LANGENDERNBACH EG                                                                                                                  GENODE51LDD
VOLKSBANK LANGEN-GERSTEN EG, LANGEN, EMSL.                                                                                                   GENODEF1LAG
VOLKSBANK LASTRUP EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1LAP
VOLKSBANK LAUPHEIM EG                                                                                                                        GENODES1VBL
VOLKSBANK LAUTERECKEN EG                                                                                                                     GENODE61LEK
VOLKSBANK LEIPZIG EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1LVB
VOLKSBANK LEMBECK-RHADE EG                                                                                                                   GENODEM1DLR
VOLKSBANK LETTE-DARUP-RORUP EG                                                                                                               GENODEM1CND
VOLKSBANK LINDENBERG EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1LIA
VOLKSBANK LINGEN EG                                                                                                                          GENODEF1LIG
VOLKSBANK LIPPSTADT EG                                                                                                                       GENODEM1LPS
VOLKSBANK LOEBAU-ZITTAU EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1NGS
VOLKSBANK LOHNE-MUEHLEN EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1LON
VOLKSBANK LUDWIGSBURG EG                                                                                                                     GENODES1LBG
VOLKSBANK LUEBBECKER LAND EG                                                                                                                 GENODEM1LUB
VOLKSBANK LUEBECK EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1HLU
VOLKSBANK LUEDINGHAUSEN-OLFEN EG                                                                                                             GENODEM1LHN
VOLKSBANK LUENEBURGER HEIDE EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1SOL
VOLKSBANK MAGDEBURG EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1MD1
VOLKSBANK MAGSTADT EG                                                                                                                        GENODES1MAG
VOLKSBANK MAINSPITZE EG                                                                                                                      GENODE51GIN
VOLKSBANK MAIN-TAUBER EG                                                                                                                     GENODE61WTH
VOLKSBANK MARL-RECKLINGHAUSEN EG                                                                                                             GENODEM1MRL
VOLKSBANK MARSBERG EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1MAS
VOLKSBANK MEERBUSCH EG                                                                                                                       GENODED1MBU
VOLKSBANK MESSKIRCH EG RAIFFEISENBANK, MESSKIRCH                                                                                             GENODE61MES
VOLKSBANK METZINGEN EG                                                                                                                       GENODES1MTZ
VOLKSBANK MINDEN EG                                                                                                                          GENODEM1MND
Volksbank Mindener Land eG GENODEM1MPW
Volksbank Mitte eG GENODEF1DUD
VOLKSBANK MITTELHESSEN EG                                                                                                                    VBMHDE5FXXX
VOLKSBANK MITTLERES ERZGEBIRGE EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1MBG
VOLKSBANK MITTWEIDA EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1MIW
VOLKSBANK MODAU EG                                                                                                                           GENODE51ORA
VOLKSBANK MOECKMUEHL-NEUENSTADT EG                                                                                                           GENODES1VMN
VOLKSBANK MOENCHENGLADBACH EG                                                                                                                GENODED1MRB
VOLKSBANK MOESSINGEN EG                                                                                                                      GENODES1VMO
VOLKSBANK MONTABAUR-HOEHR-GRENZHAUSEN EG                                                                                                     GENODE51MON
VOLKSBANK MUELHEIM-KAERLICH EG                                                                                                               GENODED1MKA
VOLKSBANK MUELLHEIM EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61MHL
VOLKSBANK MUENSINGEN RAIFFEISEN- UND VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                            GENODES1MUN
VOLKSBANK MUENSTER EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1MSC
VOLKSBANK NAGOLDTAL EG                                                                                                                       GENODES1NAG
VOLKSBANK NAHE-SCHAUMBERG EG, NOHFELDEN                                                                                                      GENODE51NOH
VOLKSBANK NECKARTAL EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61NGD
VOLKSBANK NEUENKIRCHEN-VOERDEN EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1NEO
VOLKSBANK NEU-ULM EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1NUV
VOLKSBANK NIEDERGRAFSCHAFT EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1HOO
VOLKSBANK NIEDERRHEIN EG                                                                                                                     GENODED1NRH
VOLKSBANK NORDHARZ EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1VNH
VOLKSBANK NORDHUEMMLING EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1BOG
VOLKSBANK NORDMUENSTERLAND EG                                                                                                                GENODEM1SEE
VOLKSBANK NORDOBERPFALZ EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1WEV
VOLKSBANK NORDSCHWARZWALD EG                                                                                                                 GENODES1PGW
VOLKSBANK NOTTULN EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1CNO
VOLKSBANK OBERBERG EG                                                                                                                        GENODED1WIL
VOLKSBANK OBER-MOERLEN EG                                                                                                                    GENODE51OBM
VOLKSBANK OCHTRUP EG                                                                                                                         GENODEM1OTR
VOLKSBANK ODENWALD EG MICHELSTADT                                                                                                            GENODE51MIC
VOLKSBANK OELDE-ENNIGERLOH-NEUBECKUM EG                                                                                                      GENODEM1OEN
VOLKSBANK OFFENBURG EG                                                                                                                       GENODE61OG1
VOLKSBANK OLDENBURG EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1EDE
Volksbank Olpe-Wenden-Drolshagen eG GENODEM1WDD
VOLKSBANK OSNABRUECK EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1OSV
VOLKSBANK OSNABRUECKER NORDLAND EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1MRZ
VOLKSBANK OSTERBURG-LUECHOW-DANNENBERG EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1WOT
VOLKSBANK OSTLIPPE EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1OLB
VOLKSBANK OYTEN EG                                                                                                                           GENODEF1OYT
VOLKSBANK PADERBORN-HOEXTER-DETMOLD EG                                                                                                       DGPBDE3MXXX
VOLKSBANK PEINE EG                                                                                                                           GENODEF1PEV
VOLKSBANK PFORZHEIM EG                                                                                                                       VBPFDE66XXX
VOLKSBANK PFULLENDORF EG                                                                                                                     GENODE61PFD
VOLKSBANK PIRNA EG                                                                                                                           GENODEF1PR2
VOLKSBANK PLOCHINGEN EG                                                                                                                      GENODES1VBP
VOLKSBANK RAESFELD EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1RAE
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK BAD KISSINGEN-BAD BRUECKENAU EG                                                                                     GENODEF1BRK
Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Bayern Mitte eG GENODEF1INP
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK DACHAU EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1DCA
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK EG, GREIFSWALD                                                                                                      GENODEF1ANK
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK EG, ITZEHOE                                                                                                         GENODEF1VIT
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK FUERSTENFELDBRUCK EG                                                                                                GENODEF1FFB
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK ISMANING EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1ISV
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK MANGFALLTAL-ROSENHEIM EG                                                                                            GENODEF1VRR
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK MEISSEN GROSSENHAIN EG                                                                                              GENODEF1MEI
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK NEUWIED-LINZ EG                                                                                                     GENODED1NWD
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK NIEDERSCHLESIEN EG                                                                                                  GENODEF1GR1
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK NUERNBERG EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1N02
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK OBERBAYERN SUEDOST EG                                                                                               GENODEF1BGL
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK SCHLUECHTERN EG                                                                                                     GENODE51SLU
VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK WUERZBURG EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1WU1
VOLKSBANK RANDERATH-IMMENDORF EG                                                                                                             GENODED1IMM
VOLKSBANK RATHENOW EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1RN1
VOLKSBANK REGENSBURG EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1R01
VOLKSBANK REGION LEONBERG EG                                                                                                                 GENODES1LEO
VOLKSBANK REISTE-ESLOHE EG                                                                                                                   GENODEM1RET
VOLKSBANK REMSCHEID-SOLINGEN EG                                                                                                              VBRSDE33XXX
VOLKSBANK REMSECK EG                                                                                                                         GENODES1REM
VOLKSBANK REUTLINGEN EG                                                                                                                      VBRTDE6RXXX
VOLKSBANK RHEDE EG                                                                                                                           GENODEM1RHD
VOLKSBANK RHEIN - WUPPER EG LEVERKUSEN                                                                                                  GENODED1RWL
VOLKSBANK RHEINAHREIFEL EG                                                                                                                   GENODED1BNA
VOLKSBANK RHEINBOELLEN EG                                                                                                                    GENODED1RBO
VOLKSBANK RHEIN-LAHN EG                                                                                                                      GENODE51DIE
VOLKSBANK RHEIN-LIPPE EG                                                                                                                     GENODED1RLW
Volksbank Rhein-Nahe-Hunsrück eG GENODE51KRE
VOLKSBANK RHEIN-RUHR E.G., DUISBURG                                                                                                          GENODED1VRR
VOLKSBANK RHEIN-WEHRA EG                                                                                                                     GENODE61BSK
VOLKSBANK RIESA                                                                                                                              GENODEF1RIE
VOLKSBANK RIETBERG EG                                                                                                                        GENODEM1RNE
VOLKSBANK ROT EG                                                                                                                             GENODE61LRO
VOLKSBANK ROTTWEIL EG                                                                                                                        GENODES1VRW
VOLKSBANK RUHR MITTE EG                                                                                                                      GENODEM1GBU
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