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How can I benefit from your site? Is the account number, bank code and country code combination compatible with the check digits? The IBAN was originally developed to facilitate payments within the European Union but the format is flexible enough to be applied globally and has now been adopted by many Middle Eastern countries as well as most European countries. In simple terms, SWIFT enables financial institutions to cater to the needs and wants of commercial customers in a better way. SWIFT codes or the bank identifier codes are provided to financial institutions by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, which is put to use to identify financial as well as non-financial institutions.


CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Germany Frankfurt Deka Investment Gmbh Deka Investment Gmbh DEKADEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt DGZFDEFFAMI
Germany Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt DGZFDEFFDII
Germany Berlin Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt DGZFDEFFBER
Germany Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt DGZFDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei AG Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei AG DELBDE33XXX
Germany Frankfurt Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei AG Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei AG BETHDEF1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Demir Halk Bank Nederland N V Demir Halk Bank Nederland N V DHBNDEDDXXX
Germany Frankfurt Denizbank Wien AG Denizbank Wien AG ESBKDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Depfa Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG Depfa Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG DPFADEFFXXX
Germany Dettingen Erms Dettinger Bank EG Volks UND Raiffeisenbank Dettinger Bank EG Volks UND Raiffeisenbank GENODES1DBE
Germany Berlin Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG DXIADEBBXXX
Germany Saarbruecken DFH Eigenheimbank AG DFH Eigenheimbank AG DFHBDE51XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Disko Factoring Bank Gmbh Disko Factoring Bank Gmbh DISKDED1XXX
Germany Heide Dithmarscher Volks UND Raiffeisenbank EG Dithmarscher Volks UND Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1DVR
Germany Muenster Westf DKM Darlehnskasse Muenster EG DKM Darlehnskasse Muenster EG GENODEM1DKM
Germany Hamburg DNB NOR Bank ASA Filiale Deutschland DNB NOR Bank ASA Filiale Deutschland DNBADEHXXXX
Germany Dortmund Dortmunder Volksbank EG Dortmunder Volksbank EG GENODEM1DOR
Germany Hamburg DOS Gmbh DOS Gmbh DOSDDEHHXXX
Germany Muenchen Dresdner Cetelem Kreditbank Gmbh Dresdner Cetelem Kreditbank Gmbh WKVBDEM1XXX
Germany Dresden Dresdner Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG Dresdner Volksbank Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1DRS
Germany Frankfurt DTB Deutsche Terminboerse Gmbh DTB Deutsche Terminboerse Gmbh XDTBDEF1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Duesseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG Duesseldorfer Hypothekenbank AG DHYPDEDDXXX
Germany Frankfurt DVB Bank SE DVB Bank SE DVKBDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt DWS Investment Gmbh DWS Investment Gmbh DEUTDE5DFAD
Germany Frankfurt DWS Investment Gmbh DWS Investment Gmbh DEUTDE5DCON
Germany Frankfurt DWS Investment Gmbh DWS Investment Gmbh DEUTDE5DIKS
Germany Frankfurt DWS Investment Gmbh DWS Investment Gmbh DEUTDE5DXXX
Germany Frankfurt DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFFEBL
Germany Frankfurt DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODE55XXX
Germany Hannover DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF250
Germany Augsburg DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEF1503
Germany Berlin DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF120
Germany Kassel DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF520
Germany Frankfurt DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFFSMK
Germany Oldenburg DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF280
Germany Nuernberg DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF760
Germany Muenchen DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEFF701
Germany Frankfurt DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank GENODEF1FCS
Germany Frankfurt DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank FM F DG Bank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank FM F DG Bank GENODEFFCLS
Germany Karlsruhe DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank Frankfurt A Main Form ... DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank Frankfurt A Main Form ... GENODE6KXXX
Germany Hamburg DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentralgenossenschaftsbank DZ Bank AG Deutsche Zentralgenossenschaftsbank GENODEFF200
Germany Mainhausen DZB Bank Gmbh DZB Bank Gmbh DZBMDEF1XXX
Germany Dreieich E Trade Bank AG E Trade Bank AG COMXDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Europe Arab Bank PLC Europe Arab Bank PLC ARABDEFFXXX
Germany Munchen European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company Eadsn V European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company Eadsn V EADSDEMMPAY
Germany Ottobrunn European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company Eadsn V European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company Eadsn V EADSDEMMXXX
Germany Muenchen European Bank FOR Fund Services Gmbh European Bank FOR Fund Services Gmbh COBADEMXXXX
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFBEM
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFF002
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFCON
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFCYM
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFBGM
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFCMA
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFCNL
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFBAC
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFFATM
Germany Frankfurt European Central Bank European Central Bank ECBFDEFF001
Germany Frankfurt FCB Firmen Credit Bank Gmbh FCB Firmen Credit Bank Gmbh FCFBDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen FCF FOX Corporate Finance Gmbh FCF FOX Corporate Finance Gmbh FFCFDEM1XXX
Germany Heilbronn Fiat Bank Gmbh Fiat Bank Gmbh FBHNDE61XXX
Germany Kronberg Fidelity Investment Service Gmbh Fidelity Investment Service Gmbh FDIMDEF1XXX
Germany Hamburg First E Banque D 039 Escompte First E Banque D 039 Escompte FIREDEH1XXX
Germany Koeln Ford Bank Niederlassung DER FCE Bank PLC Ford Bank Niederlassung DER FCE Bank PLC FDBADE31XXX
Germany Frankfurt Fortis Bank Nederland N V Frankfurt Branch Fortis Bank Nederland N V Frankfurt Branch FGCFDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Fortis Banque Luxembourg SA Fortis Banque Luxembourg SA BGLLDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft AG Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft AG FBGADEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Bodenkreditbank AG Frankfurter Bodenkreditbank AG FBKBDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Fondsbank Gmbh Frankfurter Fondsbank Gmbh FFBKDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Service Kapitalanlage Gesellschaft MBH Frankfurter Service Kapitalanlage Gesellschaft MBH DSKADEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Frankfurter Volksbank EG Frankfurter Volksbank EG FFVBDEFFXXX
Germany Castell Fuerstlich Castell 039 Sche Bank Credit Casse AG Fuerstlich Castell 039 Sche Bank Credit Casse AG FCSBDE71XXX
Germany Ludwigshafen Fuerstlich Castell 039 Sche Bank Credit Casse AG Fuerstlich Castell 039 Sche Bank Credit Casse AG FCSBDE71LUD
Germany Oberguenzburg Gabler Saliter Bankgeschaft Kommanditgesellschaft Gabler Saliter Bankgeschaft Kommanditgesellschaft GABLDE71XXX
Germany Essen Gallinat Bank Aktiengesellschaft Gallinat Bank Aktiengesellschaft GABKDE31XXX
Germany Frankfurt Gass Capital Markets Gmbh Gass Capital Markets Gmbh GCMGDEF1XXX
Germany Koeln GCR Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH GCR Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH GCRKDE31XXX
Germany Koeln GE Bank Gmbh GE Bank Gmbh GBBHDE31XXX
Germany Hannover GE Money Bank Gmbh GE Money Bank Gmbh GEMKDE2HXXX
Germany Hannover GE Money Bank Gmbh GE Money Bank Gmbh GEMKDE21BER
Germany Viechtach Genobank Donauwald EG Genobank Donauwald EG GENODEF1DGV
Germany Mainz Mombach Genobank Mainz EG Genobank Mainz EG GENODE51MZ6
Germany Muenchen Genossenschaftsbank Muenchen EG Genossenschaftsbank Muenchen EG GENODEF1M07
Germany Waldfischbach Burgalben Genossenschaftsbank Suedliche Westpfalz EG Genossenschaftsbank Suedliche Westpfalz EG GENODE61WFB
Germany Gera Geraer Bank EG Geraer Bank EG GENODEF1GEV
Germany Moenchengladbach Gladbacher Bank AG VON 1922 Gladbacher Bank AG VON 1922 GENODED1GBM
Germany Wiesbaden Gries and Heissel Bankiers Aktiengesellschaft Gries and Heissel Bankiers Aktiengesellschaft DLGHDEB1XXX
Germany Gross Gerau Gross Gerauer Volksbank EG Gross Gerauer Volksbank EG GENODE51GG1
Germany Heidelberg H UND G Bank Heidelberg Kurpfalz EG H UND G Bank Heidelberg Kurpfalz EG GENODE61HD3
Germany Hagnau Hagnauer Volksbank EG Hagnauer Volksbank EG GENODE61HAG
Germany Haldensleben Haldensleber Bank Raiffeisenbank EG Haldensleber Bank Raiffeisenbank EG GENODEF1HDL
Germany Pfaffenhofen ILM Hallertauer Volksbank EG Hallertauer Volksbank EG GENODEF1PFI
Germany Hamburg Hamburger Volksbank EG Hamburger Volksbank EG GENODEF1HH2
Germany Augsburg Handels UND Gewerbebank Augsburg EG ALT Handels UND Gewerbebank Augsburg EG ALT GENODEF1A03
Germany Muenchen Hausbank Muenchen EG Bank Fuer Haus UND Grundbesitz Hausbank Muenchen EG Bank Fuer Haus UND Grundbesitz GENODEF1MU4
Germany Stuttgart Hedelfinger Bank EG Hedelfinger Bank EG GENODES1HFB
Germany Heede Heeder Volksbank EG Heeder Volksbank EG GENODEF1HEE
Germany Waiblingen Hegnacher Bank Raiffeisen EG Hegnacher Bank Raiffeisen EG GENODES1HEG
Germany Heidelberg Heidelberger Volksbank EG Heidelberger Volksbank EG GENODE61HD1
Germany Heidenheim Brenz Heidenheimer Volksbank EG Heidenheimer Volksbank EG GENODES1HDH
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
NATIXIS ZWEIGNIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                    BFCEDEDDXXX
NETBANK AG                                                                                            GENODEF1S15
net-m privatbank 1891 AG GENODEF1BVW
NEWEDGE GROUP (FRANKFURT BRANCH)                                                                                                             FIMADEF1XXX
NIBC BANK N.V. ZWEIGNIEDERLASSUNG FRANKFURT                                                                                                      N
NORDDEUTSCHE LANDESBANK-GIROZENTRALE                                                                                    NOLADE2HXXX
NORDEA BANK FINLAND PLC NIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                            NDEADEFFXXX
NORDERSTEDTER BANK EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1NDR
NORDFINANZ BANK AG                                                                                                                           NFHBDE21XXX
NORD-OSTSEE-SPARKASSE                                                                                                                        HSHNDEH1SLG
NORDTHUERINGER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1NDS
NORISBANK GMBH                                                                                                                               NORSDE51XXX
North Channel Bank GmbH & Co. KG GENODEF1OGK
NRW.BANK                                                                                                                                     WELADEDUXXX
NUFRINGER BANK -RAIFFEISEN- EG                                                                                                               GENODES1NUF
Oberbank AG, Niederlassung Deutschland OBKLDEMXXXX
OLDENBURGISCHE LANDESBANK AG                                                                                                                 OLBODEH2XXX
ONSTMETTINGER BANK EG                                                                                                                        GENODES1ONS
OSTFRIESISCHE VOLKSBANK EG LEER/OSTFR                                                                                                        GENODEF1LER
OSTHARZER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1QLB
OSTSAECHSISCHE SPARKASSE DRESDEN                                                                                                             OSDDDE81XXX
OSTSEESPARKASSE ROSTOCK                                                                                                                      NOLADE21ROS
OTP Bank Nyrt. Niederlassung Deutschland N
OTTO M.SCHROEDER BANK AG                                                                                                                     OSCBDEH1XXX
OYAK ANKER BANK GMBH                                                                                                                         OYAKDE5KXXX
PARTNER BANK AG, ZWEIGNIEDERLASSUNG FELDKIRCHEN BEI MUENCHEN                                                                                 N
PAX-BANK EG KOELN                                                                                                                          GENODED1PAX
PICTET & CIE (EUROPE) S.A. NIEDERLASSUNG FRANKFURT A.M.                                                                                      PICTDEFFXXX
POMMERSCHE VOLKSBANK EG, STRALSUND                                                                                                           GENODEF1HST
ProCreditbank AG N
PSD BANK BERLIN-BRANDENBURG EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1P01
PSD BANK BRAUNSCHWEIG EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1P02
PSD BANK HANNOVER EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1P09
PSD BANK HESSEN-THUERINGEN EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1P06
PSD BANK KARLSRUHE-NEUSTADT EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1P10
PSD BANK KIEL EG                                                                                                                             GENODEF1P11
PSD BANK KOBLENZ POST-SPAR- UND DARLEHNSVEREIN                                                                                               GENODEF1P12
PSD BANK KOELN EG                                                                                                                            GENODEF1P13
PSD BANK MUENCHEN EG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1P14
PSD Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz eG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1P18
PSD BANK NORD EG                                                                                                                             GENODEF1P08
PSD BANK NUERNBERG EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1P17
PSD BANK RHEINNECKARSAAR EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1P20
PSD BANK RHEIN-RUHR EG                                                                                                                       GENODEF1P05
PSD BANK WESTFALEN-LIPPE EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1P15
QUIRIN BANK AG                                                                                                                               BEFFDEB1XXX
RAIFFEISEN - VOLKSBANK EG, AURICH, OSTFRIESLAND                                                                                               GENODEF1UPL
RAIFFEISEN - VOLKSBANK ISEN-SEMPT EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1ISE
Raiffeisen Privatbank eG GENODE61WIB
RAIFFEISEN SPAR- UND KREDITBANK EG                                                                           GENODEF1LAU
RAIFFEISEN- UND VOLKSBANK DAHN EG                                                                                                            GENODE61DAH
RAIFFEISEN VOLKSBANK EBERSBERG EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1ASG
RAIFFEISENBANK  NAHE  EG                                                                                                                     GENODED1FIN
RAIFFEISENBANK ADELZHAUSEN-SIELENBACH EG                                                                                                     GENODEF1ADZ
RAIFFEISENBANK AICHHALDEN-HARDT-SULGEN EG                                                                                                    GENODES1HAR
RAIFFEISENBANK AIDLINGEN EG                                                                                                                  GENODES1AID
RAIFFEISENBANK AIGLSBACH/LINDKIRCHEN EG                                                                                                   GENODEF1AIG
RAIFFEISENBANK AINDLING EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1AIL
RAIFFEISENBANK AITRANG-RUDERATSHOFEN EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1AIT
RAIFFEISENBANK ALTDORF - FEUCHT EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1FEC
RAIFFEISENBANK ALTDORF-ERGOLDING EG                                                                                                          GENODEF1ERG
RAIFFEISENBANK ALTEGLOFSHEIM-HAGELSTADT EG                                                                                                  GENODEF1HGA
RAIFFEISENBANK ALTERTHEIM EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1AHE
RAIFFEISENBANK ALTSCHWEIER EG                                                                                                                GENODE61ALR
RAIFFEISENBANK ALXING-BRUCK EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1ALX
RAIFFEISENBANK ALZEY-LAND EG                                                                                                                 GENODE51ABO
RAIFFEISENBANK AM DREISESSEL EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1NHD
RAIFFEISENBANK AM GOLDENEN STEIG EG                                                                                                          GENODEF1RGS
RAIFFEISENBANK AM KULM EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1SPK
Raiffeisenbank am Rothsee eG GENODEF1HPN
RAIFFEISENBANK ANGER EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1AGE
Raiffeisenbank Aresing-Gerolsbach eG GENODEF1GSB
RAIFFEISENBANK ARNSTORF EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1ARF
RAIFFEISENBANK ASCHAFFENBURG EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1AB1
RAIFFEISENBANK ASCHAU-SAMERBERG EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1ASU
RAIFFEISENBANK ASCHBERG EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1HZH
RAIFFEISENBANK AUERBACH-FREIHUNG EG                                                                                                          GENODEF1AUO
RAIFFEISENBANK AUGSBURGER LAND WEST EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1ZUS
RAIFFEISENBANK AULENDORF EG                                                                                                                  GENODES1AUL
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD ABBACH-SAAL EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1ABS
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD DOBERAN EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1DBR
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD GOEGGING EG NEUSTADT / DONAU                                                                                              GENODEF1NGG
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD KOETZTING EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1KTZ
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD SAULGAU                                                                                                                   GENODES1SAG
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD SCHUSSENRIED EG                                                                                                           GENODES1RBS
RAIFFEISENBANK BAD WINDSHEIM EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1WDS
RAIFFEISENBANK BAISWEIL-EGGENTHAL-FRIESENRIED EG                                                                                             GENODEF1EGB
RAIFFEISENBANK BAUNATAL SCHAUENBURG EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1BTA
RAIFFEISENBANK BAUSCHLOTT EG                                                                                                                 GENODE61NBT
RAIFFEISENBANK BECHHOFEN EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1BEH
RAIFFEISENBANK BEILNGRIES EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1BLN
RAIFFEISENBANK BERCHING-FREYSTADT-MUEHLHAUSEN EG                                                                                             GENODEF1FYS
RAIFFEISENBANK BERG-BAD STEBEN EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1BGO
RAIFFEISENBANK BERGHUELEN EG                                                                                                                 GENODES1BGH
RAIFFEISENBANK BEUERBERG-EURASBURG EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1EUR
Raiffeisenbank Bibertal-Kötz eG GENODEF1BBT
RAIFFEISENBANK BIDINGEN EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1BIN
RAIFFEISENBANK BIEBERGRUND-PETERSBERG                                                                                                        GENODEF1PBG
RAIFFEISENBANK BISSINGEN EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1BSI
RAIFFEISENBANK BOBINGEN EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1BOI
RAIFFEISENBANK BOELLINGERTAL EG                                                                                                              GENODES1BOE
RAIFFEISENBANK BRETZFELD-NEUENSTEIN EG                                                                                                       GENODES1BRZ
RAIFFEISENBANK BRUCK EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1BUK
RAIFFEISENBANK BUCH-ECHING EG                                                                                                     GENODEF1EBV
RAIFFEISENBANK BUETTHARD-GAUKOENIGSHOFEN EG                                                                                                  GENODEF1BHD
RAIFFEISENBANK BURGAU EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1GZ2
Raiffeisenbank Burgebrach - Stegaurach eG GENODEF1BGB
RAIFFEISENBANK BURGHAUN EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1BHN
RAIFFEISENBANK BUTJADINGEN-ABBEHAUSEN EG                                                                                                     GENODEF1BUT
RAIFFEISENBANK CHAM - RODING - FURTH IM WALD EG                                                                                              GENODEF1CHA
RAIFFEISENBANK CHIEMGAU-NORD-OBING EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1SBC
RAIFFEISENBANK DEGGENDORF-PLATTLING EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1DEG
RAIFFEISENBANK DELLMENSINGEN EG                                                                                                              GENODES1DMS
RAIFFEISENBANK DENZLINGEN-SEXAU EG                                                                                                           GENODE61DEN
RAIFFEISENBANK DIETENHOFEN EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1DIH
RAIFFEISENBANK DIETERSHEIM UND UMGEBUNG EG                                                                                                   GENODEF1DIM
RAIFFEISENBANK DONAU - HEUBERG EG                                                                                                            GENODES1RDH
RAIFFEISENBANK DONAU-ILLER EG                                                                                                                GENODES1RDI
RAIFFEISENBANK DONAUMOOSER LAND EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1WRI
RAIFFEISENBANK EBERHARDZELL-UMMENDORF EG                                                                                                     GENODES1EHZ
RAIFFEISENBANK EBRACHGRUND EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1SFD
RAIFFEISENBANK EG ALDENHOVEN                                                                                                                 GENODED1ALD
Raiffeisenbank eG Asbach-Sorga GENODEF1HFA
RAIFFEISENBANK EG GROSSENLUEDER                                                                                                              GENODEF1GLU
RAIFFEISENBANK EG HEIDE/HOLSTEIN                                                                                                             GENODEF1RHE
RAIFFEISENBANK EG HEINSBERG                                                                                                                  GENODED1HRB
RAIFFEISENBANK EG HERXHEIM                                                                                                                   GENODE61HXH
RAIFFEISENBANK EG LAUENBURG/ELBE                                                                                                             GENODEF1RLB
RAIFFEISENBANK EG LEEZEN                                                                                                                     GENODEF1LZN
RAIFFEISENBANK EG MOORMERLAND                                                                                                                GENODEF1MML
RAIFFEISENBANK EG OFFENBACH A.M.-BIEBER                                                                                                      GENODE51OF2
RAIFFEISENBANK EG RODENBACH                                                                                                                  GENODEF1RDB
RAIFFEISENBANK EG SCHARREL                                                                                                                   GENODEF1SAN
RAIFFEISENBANK EG SIMMERATH                                                                                                                  GENODED1SMR
RAIFFEISENBANK EG TODENBUETTEL                                                                                                               GENODEF1TOB
RAIFFEISENBANK EG UNTERWESTERWALD                                                                                                            GENODE51ARZ
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, BARGTHEHEIDE                                                                                                              GENODEF1BAR
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, BORKEN                                                                                                                    GENODEF1BOR
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, BUECHEN                                                                                                                   GENODEF1BCH
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, CALDEN, HESSEN                                                                                                             GENODEF1CAL
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, EBSDORFERGRUND-DREIHAUSEN                                                                                                 GENODEF1EBG
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, ELZTAL                                                                                                                    GENODE61ELZ
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, FLIEDEN                                                                                                                   GENODEF1FLN
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, GUNDELFINGEN                                                                                                              GENODE61GUN
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, MALCHIN                                                                                                                   GENODEF1MAL
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, NIEDERWALLMENACH                                                                                                          GENODE51NWA
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, OWSCHLAG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1OWS
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, RATZEBURG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1RRZ
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, SEESTERMUEHE                                                                                                              GENODEF1SST
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, STRUVENHUETTEN                                                                                                            GENODEF1STV
RAIFFEISENBANK EG, WOLFHAGEN                                                                                                                 GENODEF1WOH
Raiffeisenbank Ehekirchen-Oberhausen eG GENODEF1WDF
Raiffeisenbank Ehingen-Hochsträß eG GENODES1REH
RAIFFEISENBANK EICHENBUEHL UND UMGEBUNG EG                                                                                                   GENODEF1ENB
RAIFFEISENBANK ELBMARSCH EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1HTE
RAIFFEISENBANK ELSAVATAL EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1EAU
RAIFFEISENBANK EMSLAND-MITTE EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1KBL
RAIFFEISENBANK ERDING EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1EDR
RAIFFEISENBANK ERKELENZ EG                                                                                                                   GENODED1LOE
RAIFFEISENBANK ERLENBACH EG                                                                                                                  GENODES1ERL
RAIFFEISENBANK ERLENMOOS EG                                                                                                                  GENODES1ERM
RAIFFEISENBANK ERSINGEN EG                                                                                                                   GENODE61ERS
RAIFFEISENBANK ESCHLKAM-LAM-LOHBERG-NEUKIRCHEN B HL BLUT                                                                                     GENODEF1NKN
RAIFFEISEN-BANK ESCHWEILER EG                                                                                                                GENODED1RSC
RAIFFEISENBANK ESSENBACH EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1ENA
RAIFFEISENBANK ESTENFELD-BERGTHEIM EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1EFD
RAIFFEISENBANK FALKENSTEIN-WOERTH EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1FKS
RAIFFEISENBANK FISCHENICH-KENDENICH EG HUERTH-FISCHENICH                                                                                     GENODED1FKH
RAIFFEISENBANK FLACHSMEER EG WESTOVERLEDINGEN                                                                                            GENODEF1WEF
RAIFFEISENBANK FLOSS EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1FLS
RAIFFEISENBANK FRAENKISCHES WEINLAND EG ESCHERNDORF-SOMMERACH-NORDHEIM                                                                       GENODEF1ERN
RAIFFEISENBANK FRANKENHARDT-STIMPFACH EG                                                                                                     GENODES1RFS
RAIFFEISENBANK FRANKENWINHEIM UND UMGEBUNG EG                                                                                                GENODEF1FWH
RAIFFEISENBANK FRECHEN-HUERTH EG HUERTH                                                                                                      GENODED1FHH
RAIFFEISENBANK FREINSHEIM EG                                                                                                                 GENODE61FSH
RAIFFEISENBANK FRIEDELSHEIM-ROEDERSHEIM EG                                                                                                  GENODE61FHR
RAIFFEISENBANK FUCHSTAL-DENKLINGEN EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1FCH
RAIFFEISENBANK FUESSEN-PFRONTEN-NESSELWANG EG                                                                                                GENODEF1FPN
RAIFFEISENBANK GAIMERSHEIM-BUXHEIM EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1GAH
RAIFFEISENBANK GAMMESFELD EG                                                                                                               GENODES1RGF
RAIFFEISENBANK GARREL EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1GRR
RAIFFEISENBANK GEFREES EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1GFS
RAIFFEISENBANK GEISELHOERING-PFAFFENBERG EG                                                                                                  GENODEF1GPF
RAIFFEISENBANK GEISENHAUSEN EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1GSH
RAIFFEISENBANK GEISLINGEN-ROSENFELD EG                                                                                                       GENODES1GEI
RAIFFEISENBANK GILCHING EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1GIL
RAIFFEISENBANK GMUND AM TEGERNSEE EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1GMU
RAIFFEISENBANK GOTHA EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1GTH
RAIFFEISENBANK GRAEVENWIESBACH EG                                                                                                            GENODE51GWB
RAIFFEISENBANK GRAFENWOEHR-KIRCHENTHUMBACH EG                                                                                                GENODEF1GRW
Raiffeisenbank Grafschaft-Wachtberg eG GENODED1GRO
RAIFFEISENBANK GRAINET EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1GRT
RAIFFEISENBANK GREDING-THALMAESSING EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1GDG
RAIFFEISENBANK GREVENBROICH EG                                                                                                               GENODED1GRB
RAIFFEISENBANK GRIESSTAETT-HALFING EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1HFG
RAIFFEISENBANK GRIMMA EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1GMR
RAIFFEISENBANK GROSSHABERSDORF-ROSSTAL EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1RSS
Raiffeisenbank Großostheim-Obernburg eG GENODEF1OBE
RAIFFEISENBANK GRUIBINGEN EG                                                                                                                 GENODES1RGR
RAIFFEISENBANK GYMNICH EG                                                                                                                    GENODED1EGY
RAIFFEISENBANK HAAG-GARS-MAITENBETH EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1HMA
RAIFFEISENBANK HAIBACH-OBERNAU EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1HAC
RAIFFEISENBANK HALDENWANG EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1HWG
RAIFFEISENBANK HALLBERGMOOS-NEUFAHRN EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1NFA
RAIFFEISENBANK HALLERTAU EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1RHT
RAIFFEISENBANK HAMMELBURG EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1HAB
RAIFFEISENBANK HANDEWITT-WEDING EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1HDW
RAIFFEISENBANK HARDT-BRUHRAIN EG                                                                                                             GENODE61DET
RAIFFEISENBANK HAUNETAL EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1HNT
RAIFFEISENBANK HEIDENHEIMER ALB EG, GERSTETTEN                                                                                               GENODES1DEA
RAIFFEISENBANK HEILIGENSTADT I.OFR. EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1HIS
Raiffeisenbank Hemau-Kallmünz eG GENODEF1HEM
RAIFFEISENBANK HENGERSBERG-SCHOELLNACH EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1HBW
RAIFFEISENBANK HEROLDSBACH EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1HOB
RAIFFEISENBANK HERSBRUCK EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1HSB
RAIFFEISENBANK HILTENFINGEN EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1HTF
RAIFFEISENBANK HIRSCHAU EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1HSC
Raiffeisenbank Hochfranken West eG GENODEF1SZF
RAIFFEISENBANK HOECHBERG EG                                                                                                                  GENODEF1HBG
RAIFFEISENBANK HOEHENKIRCHEN UND UMGEBUNG EG                                                                                                 GENODEF1HHK
RAIFFEISENBANK HOF EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1HO1
RAIFFEISENBANK HOFKIRCHEN-BAYERBACH EG                                                                                                       GENODEF1LWE
RAIFFEISENBANK HOHENAU-MAUTH EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1HHU
RAIFFEISENBANK HOLLFELD-WAISCHENFELD-AUFSESS EG                                                                                              GENODEF1HWA
RAIFFEISENBANK HOLZHEIM EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1HZR
RAIFFEISENBANK HOLZKIRCHEN-OTTERFING EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1HZO
RAIFFEISENBANK HORB EG                                                                                                                       GENODES1RHB
RAIFFEISENBANK I. LKRS. PASSAU-NORD EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1TIE
RAIFFEISENBANK I. SUEDL. BAYERISCHEN WALD EG                                                                                                 GENODEF1HZN
RAIFFEISENBANK ICHENHAUSEN EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1ICH
RAIFFEISENBANK ILLER-ROTH-GUENZ EG                                                                                                           GENODEF1BLT
RAIFFEISENBANK ILLERTAL EG                                                                                                                   GENODES1ERO
RAIFFEISENBANK IM ALLGAEUER LAND EG                                                                                                          GENODEF1DTA
RAIFFEISENBANK IM KREIS CALW EG                                                                                                              GENODES1RCW
RAIFFEISENBANK IM NAABTAL EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1SWD
RAIFFEISENBANK IM OBERLAND EG                                                                                                                GENODEF1MIB
RAIFFEISENBANK IM STIFTLAND EG                                                                                                 GENODEF1WSS
RAIFFEISENBANK INGERSHEIM EG                                                                                                                 GENODES1RIH
RAIFFEISENBANK INGOLDINGEN EG                                                                                                                GENODES1RIN
RAIFFEISENBANK IRREL EG                                                                                                                      GENODED1IRR
RAIFFEISENBANK ISAR-LOISACHTAL EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1HHS
RAIFFEISENBANK JETTINGEN - SCHEPPACH EG                                                                                                      GENODEF1JET
RAIFFEISENBANK JUNKERSDORF EG KOELN                                                                                                       GENODED1JUK
RAIFFEISENBANK KAARST EG                                                                                                                     GENODED1KAA
RAIFFEISENBANK KAISERSESCH-KAIFENHEIM EG                                                                                                     GENODED1KAI
RAIFFEISENBANK KAISERSTUHL EG                                                                                                                GENODE61VOK
RAIFFEISENBANK KALBE/M. EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1KAB
RAIFFEISENBANK KASTELLAUN EG                                                                                                                 GENODED1KSL
RAIFFEISENBANK KEHRIG EG                                                                                                                     GENODED1KEH
RAIFFEISENBANK KEMNATHER LAND-STEINWALD EG                                                                                                   GENODEF1KEM
RAIFFEISENBANK KEMPTEN EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1KM1
RAIFFEISENBANK KIESELBRONN EG                                                                                                                GENODE61KBR
RAIFFEISENBANK KIRCHHEIM-WALHEIM EG                                                                                                          GENODES1KIB
RAIFFEISENBANK KIRCHWEIHTAL EG                                                                                                               GENODEF1OKI
RAIFFEISENBANK KISSING-MERING EG                                                                                                             GENODEF1MRI
RAIFFEISENBANK KITZINGER LAND EG                                                                                                             GENODEF1OBR
RAIFFEISENBANK KNOBLAUCHSLAND EG NUERNBERG-BUCH                                                                                              GENODEF1N08
RAIFFEISENBANK KOCHER-JAGST EG                                                                                                               GENODES1IBR
RAIFFEISENBANK KRAICHGAU EG                                                                                                                  GENODE61KIR
RAIFFEISENBANK KRUMBACH/SCHWAB.EG                                                                                                            GENODEF1KRR
RAIFFEISENBANK KUEPS-MITWITZ-STOCKHEIM EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1KC2
RAIFFEISENBANK KUERTEN-ODENTHAL EG                                                                                                           GENODED1RKO
RAIFFEISENBANK LANGENSCHWARZ EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1BUR
RAIFFEISENBANK LECH-AMMERSEE EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1THG
RAIFFEISENBANK LORUP EG                                                                                                                      GENODEF1LRU
RAIFFEISENBANK LUTZERATHER HOEHE EG                                                                                                          GENODED1LUH
Raiffeisenbank Main-Spessart eG GENODEF1GEM
RAIFFEISENBANK MAITIS EG GOEPPINGEN                                                                                                          GENODES1RMA
RAIFFEISENBANK MASSBACHEG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1RNM
RAIFFEISENBANK MECKLENBURGER SEENPLATTE EG                                                                                                   GENODEF1WRN
RAIFFEISENBANK MEHRSTETTEN EG                                                                                                                GENODES1MEH
RAIFFEISENBANK MENGKOFEN-LOICHING EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1MKO
RAIFFEISENBANK MERING-LEIWEN EG                                                                                                              GENODED1MLW
RAIFFEISENBANK MITTELRHEIN EG WEISSENTHURM                                                                                                   GENODED1MRW
RAIFFEISENBANK MITTENWALD EG                                                                                                                 GENODEF1MTW
RAIFFEISENBANK MOETZINGEN EG MOETZINGEN-ISELSHAUSEN                                                                                          GENODES1RMO
RAIFFEISENBANK MOSELKRAMPEN EG                                                                                                               GENODED1MOK
RAIFFEISENBANK MUCH-RUPPICHTEROTH EG                                                                                                         GENODED1MUC
RAIFFEISENBANK MUENCHEN SUED EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1M03
RAIFFEISENBANK MUENCHEN-NORD EG                                                                                                              GENODEF1M08
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