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Before IBAN, customers, especially individuals and small businesses (SMEs), used to be confused by the differing national standards for bank account identification such as bank, branch, routing codes and account number. The SWIFT code for its primary office is NEDSZAJJ: NEDS identifies Nedbank ZA is the country code for South Africa JJ is the code for Johannesburg Nedbank has not implemented the extended code of 11 digits and all SWIFT transfers to its accounts are directed to the primary office for processing. If you do not specify a country the search engine will search the entire Bank Identifier Codes database for a bank name. Move the four initial characters to the end of the string.


CountryCityBank NameBranchSWIFT
Germany Frankfurt BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany PARBDEFHXXX
Germany Frankfurt BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany PARBDEFFISI
Germany Frankfurt BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany BNP Paribas Securities Services Germany PARBDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt BNY Mellon Asset Servicing B V BNY Mellon Asset Servicing B V BNYMDEF1XXX
Germany Berlin Boerse Berlin AG Boerse Berlin AG XBERDEB1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Boerse Duesseldorf AG Boerse Duesseldorf AG XQTXDED1XXX
Germany Bopfingen Bopfinger Bank Sechta Ries EG Bopfinger Bank Sechta Ries EG GENODES1BPF
Germany Bordesholm Bordesholmer Sparkasse AG Bordesholmer Sparkasse AG NOLADE21BOR
Germany Brandenburg Brandenburger Bank Volksbank Raiffeisen Bank EG Brandenburger Bank Volksbank Raiffeisen Bank EG GENODEF1BRB
Germany Bremen Bremer Aufbau Bank Gmbh Bremer Aufbau Bank Gmbh BABBDE21XXX
Germany Oldenburg Bremer Landesbank Bremer Landesbank BRLADE22OLD
Germany Bremen Bremer Landesbank Bremer Landesbank BRLADE22XXX
Germany Bremen Bremische Volksbank EG Bremische Volksbank EG GENODEF1HB1
Germany Bruehl Bruehler Kreditbank EG Bruehler Kreditbank EG GENODED1BRL
Germany Muenchen BSH Bosch UND Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh BSH Bosch UND Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh BSHGDEMMXXX
Germany Budenheim Budenheimer Volksbank EG Budenheimer Volksbank EG GENODE51BUD
Germany Frankfurt Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur Gmbh Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur Gmbh BDFGDEF1YZX
Germany Frankfurt Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur Gmbh Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur Gmbh BDFGDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh FMBKDEMM700
Germany Muenchen Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh FMBKDEMMICM
Germany Muenchen Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh FMBKDEMMGCS
Germany Muenchen Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh FMBKDEMMXXX
Germany Hannover Calenberger Kreditverein Calenberg Goettingen Grubenhagen Hildesheim 039 Scher Ritterschaftlicher Kreditver Calenberger Kreditverein Calenberg Goettingen Grubenhagen Hildesheim 039 Scher Ritterschaftlicher Kreditver CKVHDE21XXX
Germany Frankfurt Calyon Calyon BSUIDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Cashexpress Gmbh Cashexpress Gmbh CAGBDEF1CMI
Germany Frankfurt Cashexpress Gmbh Cashexpress Gmbh CAGBDEF1XXX
Germany Straubing CB Credit Bank Gesellschaft MIT Beschrankter Haftung CB Credit Bank Gesellschaft MIT Beschrankter Haftung CBSRDE71XXX
Germany Frankfurt Cefdex AG Cefdex AG CEFEDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt China Construction Bank China Construction Bank PCBCDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Citibank N A Filiale Frankfurt Main Citibank N A Filiale Frankfurt Main CITIDE55XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG Citibank Privatkunden AG CIPRDEDDXXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDE41XXX
Germany Hannover Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDE21XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDE51XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDEH1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDEF1XXX
Germany Muenchen Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDEM1XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden AG and CO Kgaa CIPRDE31XXX
Germany Frankfurt Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG SLMBDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa CITIDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa CITIDEFFMLL
Germany Frankfurt Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland AG UND CO Kgaa CITIDEFFSEC
Germany Koeln Claas Financial Services S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Claas Financial Services S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland CLAADE31XXX
Germany Hannover Clearing Bank Hannover AG Clearing Bank Hannover AG CBKHDE21XXX
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFF229
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA05
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA04
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFF223
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFF227
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFF224
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA07
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA08
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA03
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA02
Germany Frankfurt Clearstream Banking AG Clearstream Banking AG DAKVDEFFA12
Germany Koeln Clickandbuy International LTD Clickandbuy International LTD CBUYDE21XXX
Germany Koeln Clickandbuy Services AG Clickandbuy Services AG CBUYDE81XXX
Germany Koeln CNH Capital Europe S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland CNH Capital Europe S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland CASEDE31XXX
Germany Coburg Coburger Bank EG Coburger Bank EG GENODEF1CO1
Germany Frankfurt Comdirect Bank AG Comdirect Bank AG COBADEH1DER
Germany Quickborn Comdirect Bank AG Comdirect Bank AG COBADEHDXXX
Germany Quickborn Comdirect Bank AG Comdirect Bank AG COBADEHD055
Germany Quickborn Comdirect Bank AG Comdirect Bank AG COBADEHD001
Germany Quickborn Comdirect Bank AG Comdirect Bank AG COBADEHD044
Germany Frankfurt Concord Financial Intermediary Gmbh Concord Financial Intermediary Gmbh CFIBDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Concord Investmentbank Aktiengesellschaft Concord Investmentbank Aktiengesellschaft CEAGDEF1XXX
Germany Hamburg Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank Aktiengesellschaft Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank Aktiengesellschaft CHDBDEHHXXX
Germany Hannover Continental AG Continental AG CONTDE2HXXX
Germany Frankfurt Corealcredit Bank AG Corealcredit Bank AG AHYBDEFFXXX
Germany Nuernberg Cortal Consors S A Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Aktiengesellschaft Cortal Consors S A Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Aktiengesellschaft CSDBDE71XXX
Germany Crailsheim Crailsheimer Volksbank ALT Crailsheimer Volksbank ALT GENODES1CRV
Germany Frankfurt Credit Agricole Cheuvreux NL Deutschland Credit Agricole Cheuvreux NL Deutschland CACHDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux Deutschland Gmbh Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux Deutschland Gmbh CAICDEF1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Europe Bank N V Niederlassung Deutschland Credit Europe Bank N V Niederlassung Deutschland FBHLDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH CRESDEA1XXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Suisse Asset Management Kapitalanlagesellschaft MBH Credit Suisse Asset Management Kapitalanlagesellschaft MBH CRESDE22XXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Suisse Deutschland AG Credit Suisse Deutschland AG CRESDE55XXX
Germany Frankfurt Credit Suisse Securities Europe Limited Frankfurt Branch Credit Suisse Securities Europe Limited Frankfurt Branch CSFBDEFFXXX
Germany Wuppertal Credit UND Volksbank EG Credit UND Volksbank EG GENODED1CVW
Germany Stuttgart Creditplus Bank Aktiengesellschaft Creditplus Bank Aktiengesellschaft CPLUDES1XXX
Germany Wilhermsdorf Creditverein Wilhermsdorf EG Creditverein Wilhermsdorf EG GENODEF1WHD
Germany Creglingen Creglinger Bank EG Creglinger Bank EG GENODES1CRB
Germany Dreieich Cronbank AG Cronbank AG GENODE51CRO
Germany Dreieich Cronbank Aktiengesellschaft Cronbank Aktiengesellschaft CROEDE51XXX
Germany Duesseldorf Crown Westfalen Bank AG Crown Westfalen Bank AG WEBODE33300
Germany Wiesbaden CSC Deutschland Solutions Gmbh CSC Deutschland Solutions Gmbh CSCEDE51XXX
Germany Muenchen DAB Bank AG DAB Bank AG DABBDEMMXXX
Germany Stuttgart Daimler AG Daimler AG DCAGDE6SXXX
Germany Stuttgart Daimler Pension Trust E V Daimler Pension Trust E V DCPTDE6SXXX
Germany Stuttgart Daimler Unterstuetzungskasse Gmbh Daimler Unterstuetzungskasse Gmbh DCUKDE6SXXX
Germany Frankfurt Daiwa Europe Deutschland Gmbh Daiwa Europe Deutschland Gmbh DEDGDEF1XXX
Germany Hamburg Danske Bank Danske Bank DABADEHHXXX
Germany Sindelfingen Darmsheimer Bank EG Darmsheimer Bank EG GENODES1DHB
Germany Frankfurt DBI Dresdnerbank Investment Management Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH DBI Dresdnerbank Investment Management Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBH DBIKDEF1XXX
Germany Koblenz Debeka Bausparkasse AG Debeka Bausparkasse AG DEBKDE51XXX
Germany Frankfurt Defo Deutsche Fonds Fuer Immobilienvermoegen Gmbh Defo Deutsche Fonds Fuer Immobilienvermoegen Gmbh DTFODEF1XXX
Germany Koeln DEG Deutsche Investitions UND Entwicklungsgesellschaft MBH DEG Deutsche Investitions UND Entwicklungsgesellschaft MBH DEGKDE3KXXX
Germany Frankfurt Degussa Bank Gmbh Degussa Bank Gmbh DEGUDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Deka Fundmaster Investmentgesellschaft MBH Deka Fundmaster Investmentgesellschaft MBH DFMIDEFFXXX
Germany Frankfurt Deka Immobilien Investment Gmbh Deka Immobilien Investment Gmbh DEKIDEF1XXX
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
DEUTSCHE POSTBANK AG                                                                                                          PBNKDEFF380
DEUTSCHE WERTPAPIERSERVICE BANK AG                                                                                                           DWPBDEFFXXX
DEUTSCHER RING BAUSPARKASSE AG                                                                                                               DRBKDEH1XXX
DEXIA KOMMUNALBANK DEUTSCHLAND AG                                                                                                            DXIADEBBXXX
DIE SPARKASSE BREMEN AG                                                                                                                      SBREDE22XXX
DITHMARSCHER VOLKS- UND RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                    GENODEF1DVR
DKM DARLEHNSKASSE MUENSTER EG                                                                                                                GENODEM1DKM
DNB Bank ASA Filiale Deutschland                                                                                                         DNBADEHXXXX
Donner & Reuschel Aktiengesellschaft CHDBDEHHXXX
DORTMUNDER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                      GENODEM1DOR
DRESDNER VOLKSBANK RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1DRS
DUESSELDORFER HYPOTHEKENBANK AG                                                                                                              DHYPDEDDXXX
DVB BANK SE                                                                                                                 DVKBDEFFXXX
DZ BANK AG DEUTSCHE ZENTRAL-GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK                                                                                              GENODEFFXXX
DZ PRIVATBANK S.A. Niederlassung Stuttgart GENODEST
DZB BANK GMBH                                                                                                         DZBMDEF1XXX
ECHTERDINGER BANK EG                                                                                                                         GENODES1ECH
ECKERNFOERDER BANK EG VOLKSBANK-RAIFFEISENBANK                                                                                               GENODEF1EFO
EHINGER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                         GENODES1EHI
EHNINGER BANK EG                                                                                                                             GENODES1EHN
ELAVON FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD, NIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                     N
EMSLAENDISCHE VOLKSBANK EG MEPPEN                                                                                                            GENODEF1MEP
ENZTALBANK EG, VAIHINGEN                                                                                                                     GENODES1VAI
equinet Bank Aktiengesellschaft EQUNDEF1XXX
ERFURTER BANK EG                                                                                                                             ERFBDE8EXXX
Erste Group Bank AG Zweigniederlassung Stuttgart N
Erzgebirgssparkasse WELADED1STB
Eurocity Bank AG DLGHDEB1XXX
EUROPAEISCH-IRANISCHE HANDELSBANK AG                                                                                          EIHBDEHHXXX
EUROPE ARAB BANK PLC                                                                                                                          ARABDEFFXXX
European Bank for Fund Services GmbH (ebase) COBADEMXXXX
EVANGELISCHE DARLEHNSGENOSSENSCHAFT EG KIEL                                                                                                  GENODEF1EDG
EVANGELISCHE KREDITGENOSSENSCHAFT EG KASSEL                                                                                                  GENODEF1EK1
EVENORD-BANK EG - KG                                                                                                                         GENODEF1N03
FCB Firmen-Credit Bank GmbH FCFBDEF1XXX
FEDERSEEBANK EG                                                                                                                              GENODES1FED
FELLBACHER BANK EG                                                                                                                           GENODES1FBB
FFS BANK GMBH                                                                                                                                GENODED1FFS
FGH Bank N.V., Niederlassung Deutschland N
FHB Kereskedelmi Bank Zrt. Niederlassung Frankfurt N
FOEHR-AMRUMER BANK EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1WYK
FOERDE SPARKASSE                                                                                                                             HSHNDEH1KIE
Fondsdepot Bank GmbH FODBDE77XXX
FORD BANK NIEDERLASSUNG DER FCE BANK PLC                                                                                                     FDBADE31XXX
FORTIS BANK SA/NV NIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                                                        GEBADE33XXX
FRANKENBERGER BANK, RAIFFEISENBANK EG                                                                                                        GENODEF1FBK
FRANKFURTER BANKGESELLSCHAFT (DEUTSCHLAND) AG                                                                                                              FBGADEF1XXX
FRANKFURTER SPARKASSE                                                                                                               FRASDEFFXXX
FRANKFURTER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                     FFVBDEFFXXX
FREISINGER BANK EG VOLKSBANK-RAIFFEISENBANK                                                                                                  GENODEF1FSR
FUERST FUGGER PRIVATBANK KG                                                                                                                  FUBKDE71XXX
FUERSTLICH CASTELL'SCHE BANK, CREDIT CASSE, AG                                                                                                 FCSBDE71XXX
GABLER SALITER BANKGESCHAEFT KG                                                                                                              GABLDE71XXX
GALLINAT-BANK AG                                                                                                                             GABKDE31XXX
GARANTIBANK INTERNATIONAL N.V. NIEDERLASSUNG DUESSELDORF                                                                                     UGBIDEDDXXX
GE Capital Bank AG HRBKDE51XXX
GEFA GESELLSCHAFT FUER ABSATZFINANZIERUNG MBH                                                                                                N
GENOBANK DONAUWALD EG                                                                                                                        GENODEF1DGV
GENO-BANK ESSEN EG                                                                                                                     GENODEM1GBE
GENOBANK MAINZ EG                                                                                                                            GENODE51MZ6
GENOBANK RHOEN-GRABFELD EG                                                                                                                   GENODEF1MLV
GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK EG MUENCHEN                                                                                                              GENODEF1M07
GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK MECKENBEUREN EG                                                                                                          GENODES1GMB
GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK UNTERALLGAEU EG                                                                                                          GENODEF1MIR
GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK WEIL IM SCHOENBUCH EG                                                                                                    GENODES1GWS
GENOSSENSCHAFTSBANK WOLFSCHLUGEN EG                                                                                                          GENODES1WLF
GERAER BANK EG                                                                                                                               GENODEF1GEV
GLADBACHER BANK AG VON 1922                                                                                                                  GENODED1GBM
GLS GEMEINSCHAFTSBANK EG                                                                                                                     GENODEM1GLS
GMAC BANK GMBH                                                                                                                 N
GOLDMAN, SACHS & CO. OHG                                                                                                                     GOLDDEF1XXX
GOYER U GOEPPEL KG                                                                                                                           GOGODEH1XXX
GRAFSCHAFTER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                    GENODEF1NEV
HAGNAUER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                        GENODE61HAG
HALLERTAUER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                     GENODEF1PFI
HAMBURGER SPARKASSE AG                                                                                                                       HASPDEHHXXX
HAMBURGER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                         GENODEF1HH2
HANNOVERSCHE VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                    VOHADE2HXXX
HANSEATIC BANK GMBH & CO.                                                                                                                    HSTBDEH1XXX
Harzsparkasse NOLADE21QLB
HAUCK & AUFHAEUSER, PRIVATBANKIERS KGAA                                                                                                      HAUKDEFFXXX
HAUSBANK MUENCHEN EG BANK FUER HAUS- UND GRUNDBESITZ                                                                                         GENODEF1M04
HEIDELBERGER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                    GENODE61HD1
HEIDENHEIMER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                    GENODES1HDH
HEINSBERGER VOLKSBANK AG HEINSBERG                                                                                                           GENODED1HNB
HERNER SPARKASSE                                                                                                                             WELADED1HRN
HOERNER-BANK AG                                                                                                                              HOEBDE61XXX
HOHENZOLLERISCHE LANDESBANK KREISSPARKASSE SIGMARINGEN                                                                                       SOLADES1SIG
HONDA BANK GMBH                                                                                                          HONDDEF1XXX
HSBC TRINKAUS & BURKHARDT AG                                                                                                                 TUBDDEDDXXX
HSH NORDBANK AG                                                                                                               HSHNDEHHXXX
HUEMMLINGER VOLKSBANK                                                                                                                        GENODEF1WLT
HUETTENBERGER BANK EG                                                                                                                        GENODE51HUT
Husumer Volksbank eG GENODEF1HUM
Hypothekenbank Frankfurt AG (Inlandsteil) EHYPDEFFXXX
IBM DEUTSCHLAND KREDITBANK GMBH                                                                                                              IBKBDES1XXX
ICICI Bank UK Plc, Niederlassung Frankfurt am Main ICICDEFFXXX
Ikano Bank GmbH PLFGDE51XXX
IKB DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBANK AG                                                                                              IKBDDEDDXXX
INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA LIMITED FRANKFURT BRANCH                                                                           ICBKDEFFXXX
ING-DIBA AG                                                                                                                   INGDDEFFXXX
International Card Services B V Niederlassung Deutschland N
INTERNATIONALES BANKHAUS BODENSEE AG                                                                                                         IBBFDE81XXX
INTESA SANPAOLO S.P.A. FILIALE FRANKFURT AM MAIN                                                                                             IBSPDEFFXXX
INVESTITIONS- UND STRUKTURBANK RHEINLAND-PFALZ (ISB) GMBH                                                                                    ISBRDE51XXX
INVESTITIONSBANK BERLIN                                                                                                                      IBBBDEBBXXX
INVESTITIONSBANK DES LANDES BRANDENBURG                                                                                                      ILBXDE81XXX
INVESTITIONSBANK SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN                                                                                                          N
ISBANK GMBH                                                                                                                                  ISBKDEFXXXX
J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd. Frankfurt Branch N
J.P.MORGAN AG                                                                                                                                CHASDEFXXXX
J.P.MORGAN INTERNATIONAL BANK LTD. FRANKFURT BRANCH                                                                                          JPMGDEFFXXX
JCB FINANCE S.A.S. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland N
JOH. BERENBERG, GOSSLER U CO.KG                                                                                                BEGODEHHXXX
JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A. FRANKFURT BRANCH                                                                                                   CHASDEFBXXX
JYSKE BANK A/S FILIALE HAMBURG                                                                                                            JYBADEHHXXX
Kaltenkirchener Bank eG GENODEF1KLK
KAS BANK N.V. - German Branch N
KASSELER BANK EG                                                                                                                             GENODE51KS1
KASSELER SPARKASSE                                                                                                                           HELADEF1KAS
KBC BANK DEUTSCHLAND AG                                                                                                                      BANVDEHBXXX
KERNER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                          GENODES1KRN
KIELER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                          GENODEF1KIL
Kleinwort Benson Bank Limited, Zweigniederlassung Deutschland N
KOELNER BANK EG                                                                                                                              GENODED1CGN
KORBER BANK EG                                                                                                                               GENODES1KOR
KOREA EXCHANGE BANK (DEUTSCHLAND) AG                                                                                                         KOEXDEFAXXX
KREDITANSTALT FUER WIEDERAUFBAU                                                                                                              KFWIDEFFXXX
KREIS- U. STADTSPARKASSE DINKELSBUEHL                                                                                                        BYLADEM1DKB
KREIS- U. STADTSPARKASSE ERDING-DORFEN                                                                                                       BYLADEM1ERD
KREIS- UND STADTSPARKASSE DILLINGEN A.D.DONAU                                                                                                BYLADEM1DLG
KREIS- UND STADTSPARKASSE KAUFBEUREN                                                                                                         BYLADEM1KFB
KREIS- UND STADTSPARKASSE MUENDEN                                                                                                            NOLADE21HMU
KREIS- UND STADTSPARKASSE UNNA                                                                                                               WELADED1UNN
Kreisparkasse Börde NOLADE21OCL
KREISSPARKASSE AHRWEILER                                                                                                                     MALADE51AHR
KREISSPARKASSE ALTENKIRCHEN                                                                                                                  MALADE51AKI
Kreissparkasse Anhalt Bitterfeld NOLADE21BTF
KREISSPARKASSE AUGSBURG                                                                                                                      BYLADEM1AUG
KREISSPARKASSE BAUTZEN                                                                                                                       SOLADES1BAT
KREISSPARKASSE BERSENBRUECK                                                                                                                  NOLADE21BEB
KREISSPARKASSE BIBERACH AN DER RISS                                                                                                          SOLADES1BCR
KREISSPARKASSE BIRKENFELD (BIRKENFELDER LANDESBANK) IDAR-OBERSTEIN                                                                         BILADE55XXX
KREISSPARKASSE BITBURG-PRUEM                                                                                                                 MALADE51BIT
KREISSPARKASSE BOEBLINGEN                                                                                                                    SOLADES1BBL
KREISSPARKASSE BURG                                                                                                                          NOLADE21JEL
KREISSPARKASSE DÖBELN                                                                                                                        SOLADES1DLN
KREISSPARKASSE DUESSELDORF                                                                                                                   WELADED1KSD
KREISSPARKASSE EICHSFELD                                                                                                                     HELADEF1EIC
KREISSPARKASSE ESSLINGEN-NUERTINGEN                                                                                                          ESSLDE66XXX
KREISSPARKASSE EUSKIRCHEN                                                                                                                    WELADED1EUS
KREISSPARKASSE FALLINGBOSTEL IN WALSRODE                                                                                                     NOLADE21WAL
KREISSPARKASSE FREUDENSTADT                                                                                                                  SOLADES1FDS
KREISSPARKASSE GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN                                                                                                        BYLADEM1GAP
KREISSPARKASSE GELNHAUSEN                                                                                                                    HELADEF1GEL
KREISSPARKASSE GOEPPINGEN                                                                                                                    GOPSDE6GXXX
KREISSPARKASSE GOTHA                                                                                                                         HELADEF1GTH
KREISSPARKASSE GRAFSCHAFT BENTHEIM ZU NORDHORN                                                                                               NOLADE21NOH
KREISSPARKASSE GRAFSCHAFT DIEPHOLZ                                                                                                           BRLADE21DHZ
KREISSPARKASSE GROSS-GERAU                                                                                                                   HELADEF1GRG
KREISSPARKASSE HALLE (WESTF.)                                                                                                                WELADED1HAW
KREISSPARKASSE HEIDENHEIM                                                                                                                    SOLADES1HDH
KREISSPARKASSE HEILBRONN                                                                                                                     HEISDE66XXX
KREISSPARKASSE HEINSBERG                                                                                                                     WELADED1ERK
KREISSPARKASSE HERZOGTUM LAUENBURG RATZEBURG                                                                                                 HSHNDEH1RZB
KREISSPARKASSE HILDBURGHAUSEN                                                                                                                HELADEF1HIL
KREISSPARKASSE HOECHSTADT A.D.AISCH                                                                                                          BYLADEM1HOS
KREISSPARKASSE KAISERSLAUTERN                                                                                                                MALADE51KLK
KREISSPARKASSE KELHEIM                                                                                                                       BYLADEM1KEH
KREISSPARKASSE KOELN                                                                                                                         COKSDE33XXX
KREISSPARKASSE KUSEL                                                                                                                         MALADE51KUS
KREISSPARKASSE LIMBURG                                                                                                                       HELADEF1LIM
KREISSPARKASSE LUDWIGSBURG                                                                                                                   SOLADES1LBG
KREISSPARKASSE MAERKISCH-ODERLAND                                                                                                            WELADED1MOL
KREISSPARKASSE MAYEN                                                                                                                         MALADE51MYN
KREISSPARKASSE MELLE                                                                                                                         NOLADE21MEL
KREISSPARKASSE MERZIG-WADERN                                                                                                                 MERZDE55XXX
KREISSPARKASSE MIESBACH-TEGERNSEE                                                                                                            BYLADEM1MIB
Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg                                                                                                            BYLADEM1KMS
KREISSPARKASSE NORDHAUSEN                                                                                                                    HELADEF1NOR
KREISSPARKASSE NORTHEIM                                                                                                                      NOLADE21NOM
KREISSPARKASSE OSTALB                                                                                                                        SOLADES1AAL
KREISSPARKASSE OSTERHOLZ                                                                                                                     BRLADE21OHZ
KREISSPARKASSE PEINE                                                                                                                         NOLADE21PEI
KREISSPARKASSE RAVENSBURG                                                                                                                    SOLADES1RVB
KREISSPARKASSE REUTLINGEN                                                                                                                    SOLADES1REU
KREISSPARKASSE RHEIN-HUNSRUECK SIMMERN                                                                                                       MALADE51SIM
KREISSPARKASSE RHEIN-PFALZ                                                                                                                   MALADE51LUH
KREISSPARKASSE ROTTWEIL                                                                                                                      SOLADES1RWL
KREISSPARKASSE SAALE-ORLA                                                                                                                    HELADEF1SOK
KREISSPARKASSE SAALFELD-RUDOLSTADT                                                                                                           HELADEF1SAR
KREISSPARKASSE SAARLOUIS                                                                                                                     KRSADE55XXX
KREISSPARKASSE SAARPFALZ                                                                                                                     SALADE51HOM
KREISSPARKASSE SCHLUECHTERN                                                                                                                  HELADEF1SLU
KREISSPARKASSE SCHONGAU                                                                                                                      BYLADEM1SOG
KREISSPARKASSE SCHWALM-EDER                                                                                                                  HELADEF1MEG
KREISSPARKASSE SOLTAU                                                                                                                        NOLADE21SOL
KREISSPARKASSE ST.WENDEL                                                                                                                     SALADE51WND
KREISSPARKASSE STADE                                                                                                                         NOLADE21STK
KREISSPARKASSE STEINFURT                                                                                                                     WELADED1IBB
KREISSPARKASSE STENDAL                                                                                                                       NOLADE21SDL
KREISSPARKASSE SYKE                                                                                                                          BRLADE21SYK
KREISSPARKASSE TRAUNSTEIN-TROSTBERG                                                                                                          BYLADEM1TST
KREISSPARKASSE TUEBINGEN                                                                                                                     SOLADES1TUB
KREISSPARKASSE TUTTLINGEN                                                                                                                    SOLADES1TUT
KREISSPARKASSE VERDEN                                                                                                                        BRLADE21VER
KREISSPARKASSE VULKANEIFEL                                                                                                                   MALADE51DAU
KREISSPARKASSE WAIBLINGEN                                                                                                                    SOLADES1WBN
KREISSPARKASSE WEILBURG                                                                                                                      HELADEF1WEI
KREISSPARKASSE WESERMUENDE-HADELN                                                                                                            BRLADE21BRK
KREISSPARKASSE WESTERWALD                                                                                                                    MALADE51BMB
KREISSPARKASSE WIEDENBRUECK                                                                                                                  WELADED1WDB
KREIS-UND STADTSPARKASSE SPEYER                                                                                                              MALADE51SPY
KREIS-UND STADTSPARKASSE WASSERBURG AM INN                                                                                                   BYLADEM1WSB
KULMBACHER BANK EG RAIFFEISEN-VOLKSBANK                                                                                                      GENODEF1KU1
KURHESSISCHE LANDBANK EG KASSEL                                                                                                              GENODEF1KS2
KYFFHAEUSERSPARKASSE ARTERN-SONDERSHAUSEN                                                                                                    HELADEF1KYF
LANDBANK HORLOFFTAL EG REICHELSHEIM                                                                                                    GENODE51REW
LANDESBANK BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG                                                                                                 SOLADESTXXX
LANDESBANK BERLIN AG                                                                                                      BELADEBEXXX
LANDESBANK HESSEN-THUERINGEN GIROZENTRALE                                                                                 HELADEFFXXX
LANDESBANK SAAR                                                                                                                              SALADE55XXX
LANDESKREDITBANK BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG -FOERDERBANK-                                                                              LKBWDE6KXXX
LANDESSPARKASSE ZU OLDENBURG                                                                                                                 BRLADE21LZO
LANDWIRTSCHAFTLICHE RENTENBANK                                                                                                               LAREDEFFXXX
LAUTERBACHER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                    GENODE51LB1
LBS BAUSPARKASSE SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN-HAMBURG AG                                                                                               N
LBS LANDESBAUSPARKASSE BADEN-WUERTTEMBERG                                                                                                    N
LBS LANDESBAUSPARKASSE BREMEN AG                                                                                                             N
LBS LANDESBAUSPARKASSE RHEINLAND-PFALZ                                                                                                       N
LBS LANDESBAUSPARKASSE SAAR                                                                                                                  N
LBS NORDDEUTSCHE LANDESBAUSPARKASSE                                                                                                          NOLADE21LBS
LBS OSTDEUTSCHE LANDESBAUSPARKASSE AG                                                                                                        LBSODEB1XXX
LBS WESTDEUTSCHE LANDESBAUSPARKASSE                                                                                                          WELADE3MXXX
LEUTKIRCHER BANK RAIFFEISEN- UND VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                GENODES1LEU
levoBank eG GENODE51LEB
LfA FOERDERBANK BAYERN                                                                                                                       LFFBDEMMXXX
LHB INTERNATIONALE HANDELSBANK AG                                                                                                            LHBIDEFFXXX
LIGA BANK EG                                                                                                                                 GENODEF1M05
LIQUIDITAETS-KONSORTIALBANK GMBH                                                                                                             N
LOECHGAUER BANK EG                                                                                                                           GENODES1LOC
M.M. WARBURG & CO. HYPOTHEKENBANK AG                                                                                                         MMWHDEH1XXX
M.M.WARBURG & CO KGAA                                                                                                                        WBWCDEHHXXX
Macquarie Bank International Limited, Niederlassung Deutschland N
MAERKISCHE BANK EG, HAGEN                                                                                                                    GENODEM1HGN
MAINFIRST BANK AG                                                                                                         MAIFDEF1XXX
MAINZER VOLKSBANK EG                                                                                                                         MVBMDE55XXX
MAN Financial Services SAS Zweigniederlassung Deutschland N
MAPLE BANK GMBH                                                                                                                MPBKDEFFXXX
MARCARD, STEIN & CO AG                                                                                                       MCRDDEHHXXX
MAX HEINR. SUTOR OHG                                                                                                                         MHSBDEH1XXX
MCE BANK GMBH                                                                                                                                MKGMDE51XXX
Mediobanca SpA Niederlassung Deutschland N
MENDENER BANK EG                                                                                                                             GENODEM1MEN
Mercedes-Benz Bank AG MEBEDE6SDCB
MERCK FINCK & CO. OHG                                                                                                                        MEFIDEMMXXX
MERKUR BANK KGAA                                                                                                                             GENODEF1M06
MHB-BANK AG                                                                                                                                  MHBFDEFFXXX
MISR BANK-EUROPE GMBH                                                                                                                        MIBEDEFFXXX
MITTELBRANDENBURGISCHE SPARKASSE IN POTSDAM                                                                                                  WELADED1PMB
MIZUHO CORPORATE BANK LTD. FILIALE DUESSELDORF                                                                                               MHCBDEDDXXX
MKB MITTELRHEINISCHE BANK GMBH                                                                                                               MKBKDE51XXX
MKB MITTELSTANDSKREDITBANK AG                                                                                                                GENODEF1MKB
MLP FINANZDIENSTLEISTUNGEN AG                                                                                                                MLPBDE61XXX
MORGAN STANLEY BANK AG                                                                                                         MSFFDEFPXXX
MORGAN STANLEY BANK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED NIEDERLASSUNG DEUTSCHLAND                                                                          MSPCDEF1XXX
MUENCHENER HYPOTHEKENBANK EG                                                                                                                 MHYPDEMMXXX
MUENCHNER BANK EG                                                                                                                            GENODEF1M01
MUENSTERLAENDISCHE BANK THIE & CO. KG                                                                                                        MLBKDEH1MUE
MUERITZ-SPARKASSE                                                                                                                            NOLADE21WRN
NASSAUISCHE SPARKASSE WIESBADEN                                                                                                              NASSDE55XXX
NATIONAL BANK OF PAKISTAN FILIALE FRANKFURT                                                                                                  NBPADEFFXXX
NATIONAL-BANK AG                                                                                                                             NBAGDE3EXXX
NATIXIS Pfandbriefbank AG N
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