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Lista de Bancos en Venezuela - Lista de codigos SWIFT
Codigos SWIFT Bancos en Venezuela - Lista de codigos SWIFT
Codigos SWIFT Bancos en Vietnam - Lista de codigos SWIFT
Codigos SWIFT Bancos en Yemen - Lista de codigos SWIFT
Codigos SWIFT Bancos en Zambia - Zimbabue - Lista de codigos SWIFT



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A Swift code is the standard format Bank Identifier Code (BIC), and is a unique identification code for a particular bank. Swift codes are used when transferring money and messages between banks. A Swift code consits of 8 or 11 characters. Generally, when 8-digit codes are given, it refer sto the primary office.

First 4 characters – Bank code (only letters)
Next 2 characters – ISO 3155-1 alpha-2 country code (only letters)
Next 2 characters – location code (numbers and letters)
Last 3 characters – Branch code (optional)

As every citizens has an unique ID, every Bank has a unique identifying SWIFT code.

SEPA payments require both BIC and IBAN. Both must be correct or payment will be rejected.


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Al Shalman Securities Co Saog Al Shamal Islamic Bank Al Shurooq Securities Co Llc Al Zaman Exchange W L L Aladdin Capital Management Uk Llp Alahli Bank Of Kuwait Dubai Branch Alamoudi Exchange Alandsbanken Sverige Ab Alberdale And Co Limited Partnership Alberta Stock Exchange The Alberta Treasury Branches Alcifinance Sa Alcom Securities Ag Aldangoldbank Joint Stock Bank Close Corporation Aldiracita Corpotama Pt Alejma 039 A Alarabi Bank Aletti Gestielle Alternative Sgr Spa Aletti Gestielle Societa 039 Di Gestione Del Risparmio S P ... Alex Brown And Sons Investments Ltd Alfa Bank Jsc Sb Alfa Kraft Aktiebolag Ali Alpay Menkul Degerler Alior Bank Spolka Akcyjna Aljazeera Exchange Company Alken Asset Management Llp All Asia Securities Management Corp Allahabad Bank 2 Allahabad Bank Allegro Finans Asa Alliance Asset Allocation Limited Alliance Bank Alliance Capital Asset Management Japan Ltd Alliance Global Limited Alliance Investment Management Limited Alliancebernstein Japan Ltd Allianz Alternative Asset Management Sa Allianz Asset Management Sprav Spol A S Allianz Bank Polska S A Allianz Global Investors Italia Sgr S P A Allianz Spa Allied Bank Limited 2 Allied Bank Limited Allied Bank Philippines Uk Plc Allied Banking Corporation Allied Irish Bank Gb Aib Group Uk P L C ... Allied Irish Bank Plc Allied Mercantile Bank Corporation Allstates Trust Bank Plc Almadies Insurance Services Company Ltd Alokabank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Alor Setar Securities Sdn Bhd Alp Jamol Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Alpari Uk Limited Alpe Adria Gestioni Sim Alpha Bank Ad Skopje Alpha Bank Jersey Limited Alpha Bank London Limited Alpha Bank Romania Alpha Bank Srbija Ad Alpha Capital Inc Alpha Finance Romania Sa Alpha Securities Ag Alpha Securities Corp Alpic Bbk Securities Limited Alrajhi Commercial Foreign Exchange Alsacienne De Credit Bail Immobilier Alsalam Bank Alta Advisers Limited Altae Banco Alternative Bank Abs Altius Associates Limited Altivie Asset Management Du Groupe Altivie Sa Alubaf International Bank Tunis Am Slsp Sprav Spol A S Amadeus Capital Partners Limited Amagasaki Shinkin Bank The Amalgamated Metal Trading Limited Amam Limited Aman Bank For Commerce And Investment Amanah Futures And Options Sdn Bhd Amanbank Joint Stock Russian Kyrgyz Amanbank Ambac Credit Products Limited Ambit Capital Private Limited Ambrian Partners Limited Amen Bank Amerex Futures Limited Amerex Petroleum Uk Limited American Equities Overseas U K Limited American Express Asset Management International American Express Asset Management Limited American Express Bank Ltd American Express International Japan Asset Management Ltd Amerindo Advisors Uk Ltd Amethyst Securities Corp Ami Partners Inc Amias Berman And Co Llp Amikon Investment Limited Aminman Llc Amirbank Amislamic Bank Berhad Amit Nalin Securities Private Limited Amman Bank For Investments Amon Securities Corp Amonatbonk The State Saving Bank Republic Of Tajikistan Ampega Asset Management Gmbh Amslico Aig Securities O C P A S Amsteel Securities Far East Ltd Amsteel Securities Thailand Public Co Ltd Amstel Capital Malta Limited Amt Futures Limited An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank Anchorage Capital Partners Limited Andebu Sparebank Andersen Charnley Investment Management Limited Anderson Quantrend Limited Andhra Bank 2 Andhra Bank Andrew Futures Limited Andropan Asset Management B V Anglesea Funding Plc Anglo American Capital Plc Anglo American Sa Finance Limited Anglo And International Corporate Finance Limited Anglo Irish Bank Corporation International Plc Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited Jersey Anglo Irish Bank Corporation Limited Anglo Romanian Bank Limited Bucharest Branch Anglo Romanian Bank Limited Angping And Associates Animal Resources Bank Ankenes Sparebank Anod Bank Of Mongolia Anp International Finance Ltd Anphiko Asset Management S A Ansa Merchant Bank Limited Ansbacher And Co Limited Ansbacher Channel Islands Limited Anscor Hagedorn Securities Inc Anthos Asset Management B V Antwerp Diamond Bank N V Anvil Partners Anz Bank Europe Limited Anz Bank Samoa Ltd Anz Bank Vanuatu Ltd Anz Bank Vietnam Limited Anz Banking Group Limited Anz Mccaughan Ltd Anz Mccaughan Securities Nz Ltd Anz National Bank Limited Formerly Known As Anz Banking Group ... Anz Securities Limited Aomori Bank Ltd The Aon Advisors Uk Ltd Aon And Benfield Aon Capital Markets Limited Apam Unit Trust Managers Ltd Apax Partners And Co Strategic Investors Ltd Apax Partners Europe Managers Ltd Apax Partners Uk Ltd Apg Algemene Pensioen Groep Nv Appenzeller Kantonalbank Aps Bank Ltd Aptel India Aquilon Capital Corp Arab Bank For Economic Development In Africa Badea Arab Bank For Investment And Foreign Trade Arab Bank Plc 2 Arab Bank Plc 3 Arab Bank Plc 4 Arab Bank Plc 5 Arab Bank Plc Yemen 2 Arab Bank Plc Yemen Arab Bank Plc Arab Bank Syria Arab Banking Corporation Jordan Arab Banking Corporation Arab Commercial Bank Arab Finance Corporation Sal Arab Finance House Sal Islamic Bank Arab Islamic Bank Arab Israel Bank Ltd Arab Jordan Investment Bank Qatar Llc Arab Jordan Investment Bank Arab National Bank Arab Petrolem Investments Corporation Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation Arab Sudanese Bank Arab Tunisian Bank Araven Finance Ltd Arbitrade Uk Limited Arbuthnot Latham And Co Limited Arbuthnot Latham Bank Ltd Arbuthnot Securities Limited Arc Asset Management Limited Arcada Jscb Arcelormittal Kryviy Rih Vat Arcelormittal Poland Spolka Akcyjna Arcelormittal Tubular Products Roman Sa Archstone Capital Limited Arcis Capital Limited Arctic Securities Asa Arendal Og Omegns Sparekasse Argentaria Volare Argo Ltd Argo Securities As Arion Ark Asset Management Limited Arlington Capital Investors Limited Arm Corporate Finance Limited Arma Limited Liability Company Commercial Bank Arnhold And S Bleichroeder Uk Ltd Arrendadora Consolidado Arrendadora De Venezuela Banvenez Saca Arrendadora Del Orinoco Ca Arrendadora Provincial Arrowgrass Capital Partners Llp Artem Bank Artemis Fund Managers Limited As 039 Privatbank 039 Sucursal Em Portugal As 039 Privatbank 039 As Baltijas Privatbanka As Dnb Nord Banka As Ibs Renesource Capital As Ltb Bank As Smp Bank As Unicredit Bank Lietuvos Skyrius Asahi Finance Uk Ltd Asahi Life Investment Europe Limited Asahi Life Investment Europe Ltd Asb Bank Limited Ascension Securities Limited Ascor Dealer S A Asha Phillip Securities Limited Ashburton Jersey Limited Ashcourt Asset Management Limited Ashikaga Bank Ltd Ashmore Investment Management Ltd Ashur International Bank For Investment Ashurst Llp Asia Commercial Bank Asia Commercial Finance M Bhd Asia Credit Foncier Co Ltd Asia Equity Thailand Ltd Asia Equity Uk Limited Asia Merchant Bank Limited Asia Pacific Bank Ao Asia Plus Securities Public Company Limited Asia Securities Inc Asia Securities Trading Co Ltd Asia Stockbroking And Investment Managment Pvt Ltd Asiacredit Bank Asian And Euro America Merchant Bankers Malaysia Berhad Asian British Bank Plc Asian Finance Bank Berhad Asian Securities Pvt Ltd Asiauniversalbank The Open Joint Stock Company Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd Ask Raymond James And Associates Limited Askim Sparebank Aspect Capital Limited Aspen Oil Broking Limited Assaray Trade And Investment Bank Asset Alliance International Uk Limited Asset Allocation Advisors Sa Asset Backed Capital Limited Asset Banca S P A Asset Plus Securities Company Limited Assets And Equities S A Associated Foreign Exchange Ltd Associates Capital Corporation Limited Association Administrative Agrr Assurance Bank Limited Astana Finance Bank Astrabank Atc Clearing Services Ltd Ate Bank Romania S A Atf Bank Atfbank Kyrgyzstan Ojsc Athea And District Credit Union Limited Athos Fund Management Limited Atlantic Capital Management Partners Atlantic Forfaitierungs Ag Atlantic Pacific Capital Limited Atlantic Wealth Management Limited Atlantis Investment Management Ltd Atlas Capital Limited Atlas Investment Services Limited Atlas One Financial Group Ltd Atlasmont Banka Ad Atrium Investimentos Sociedade Financeira De Corretagem Sa Attijari Bank Attijari International Bank S A Banque Off Shore Attijariwafa Bank Formerly Banque Commerciale Du Maroc Aubrey G Lanston And Co Inc Aurel Bgc Aureus Capital Corp Aurum Funds Limited Austraclear Limited Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited Taipei Branch Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Ltd Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Png Ltd Austro Rom S A Automat Securities Limited Automated Payments Limited Autoridade Monetaria De Macau Avant Bank Jsc Avebury Asset Management Limited Avendus Capital Private Limited Aviate Global Llp Avista Wire And Clearing Limited Aviva International Insurance Limited Aviva Investors Fund Services Limited Aviva Investors Global Services Limited Aviva Investors Holdings Limited Aviva Investors North America Aviva Investors Pensions Limited Aviva Investors Uk Fund Services Limited Aviva Investors Uk Funds Limited Avlar Bioventures Ltd Avtokrazbank Axa Bank Europe Pobocka Zahranicnej Banky Axa Framlington Investment Trust Services Limited Axa Framlington Overseas Investment Management Limited Axa Framlington Unit Management Limited Axa Fund Managers Ltd Axa Investment Managers Gs Limited Axa Investment Managers Uk Holdings Limited Axa Investment Managers Uk Limited Axa Investment Managers Uk Ltd Axa Multimanager Limited Axa Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd Axent Capital Limited Axion Recycling Ltd Axis Partners Limited Axys Stockbroking Ltd Azania Bancorp Azania Bank Limited B And P Fund Services Aktiebolag B And T Asociados Financieros S A S V B B C P Stockbrokers Limited B C R Securities S A B H Chua Securities Corporation B P Bernstein B2Bsolutins Ltd Ba Securities Inc Baader Bank Ag Baan Shinn Securities Co Ltd Bab Menkul De Erler Ticareti As Babylon Bank Company Bache Commodities Limited Bacim Bank For Trade And Investment Bad Waldseer Bank Eg Baden Wuerttembergische Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft Mbh Baden Wuerttembergische Bank Trading As Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg 2 Baden Wuerttembergische Bank Trading As Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg Baden Wuerttembergische Investmentgesellschaft Mbh Badenia Bausparkasse Ag Bae Nian Securities Co Ltd Baecker Bank Nuernberg Eg Bag Bankaktiengesellschaft Bahamindo Guna Bahana Securities Pt Bai Sim Baienfurter Bank Eg Bail Actea Sa Bail Banque Populaire Bail Economie Bail Ecureuil Bail Entreprises Societe Par Actions Simplifiee Bail Immo Nord Sa Bail Investissement Bakai Bank Joint Stock Baker Young Stockbrokers Limited Bakrie Securities Balanced Equity Management Pty Limited Balboa Finance S A Baldwin Smith And Co Ballaghaderreen And District Credit Union Limited Ballinasloe Credit Union Our Lady Of Lourdes Limited Ballinlough Credit Union Limited Ballyhaunis And District Credit Union Limited Ballymahon And District Credit Union Limited Ballymote And District Credit Union Limited Ballyphehane Credit Union Limited Ballyragget And District Credit Union Limited Baloise Finance Jersey Limited Baloise Iom Limited Baltic International Bank Baltic Investment Group Baltiyskiy Bank 2 Baltiyskiy Bank Balzac Short Term Euro Sicav Bamble Og Langesund Sparebank Bamerinvest Banc Post S A Banca Afirme S A Banca Agricola Commerciale Della Repubblica Di San Marino Banca Arner S A Banca Carige Spa Banca Comerciala Eximbank Gruppo Veneto Banca S A Banca Comerciala Feroviara S A Banca Commerciale Sammarinese S P A Banca De Economii S A Banca De Finante Si Comert S A Fincombank Banca Del Ceresio Banca Del Sempione Sa Banca Del Titano Spa Banca Di San Marino Spa Banca Intesa Ad Beograd Banca Intesa Zao Moscow Banca Italo Romena Spa Sucursala Bucuresti Banca Popolare Di Bergamo Credito Varesino Banca Pueyo S A Banca Regionale Europea S P A Banca Romaneasca S A Banca Sammarinese Di Investimento S P A Banca Sociala Banca Transilvania S A Banca Uno Nicaragua Bancaracas Casa De Bolsa C A Bancaribe Curacao Bank N V Banco Activo C A Banco Universal Banco Agricola De Venezuela C A Banco Universal Banco Alcala S A Banco Aliado Internacional Nv Banco Alicantino De Comercio S A Banco Amambay S A Banco Bai Europa Sa Banco Bic Portugues Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Paraguay S A Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Portugal S A Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S A Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Tokyo Branch Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Uruguay S A Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Puerto Rico Banco Bpi Paris Banco Bpi S A Sucursal En Espana Banco Bpi Sa Banco Busaif S A De Inversion Y Fomento Banco Central De Nicaragua Banco Central De Reserva Del Peru Banco Central De Sao Tome E Principe Banco Central De Venezuela Banco Central Del Paraguay Banco Central Del Uruguay Banco Centroamericano De Integracion Economica Banco Comercial De Macau S A Banco Comercial E De Investimentos Sarl Banco Comercial Portugues Banco Commercial Portugues Banco Continental Overseas N V Banco Continental Saeca Banco Continental Banco Corporacion S A Banco De America Central Banco De Barcelona S A Banco De Boston Latino Americano S A Banco De Centro America Banco De Comercio Exterior Banco De Comercio Banco De Credito Centroamericano Banco De Credito Del Peru Banco De Desarrollo Agropecuario Banco De Finanzas S A Bdf Banco De Inversiones Del Paraguay Banco De La Nacion Argentina Banco De La Nacion Banco De La Produccion S A Banco De La Republica Oriental Del Uruguay Banco De La Vivienda De Nicaragua Banco De Las Activ Economicas Exteriores Vnesheconombank Banco De Mocambique Banco De Oriente S A Banco De Oro Unibank Inc Banco De Prestamos Banco De Sabadell Banco Del Orinoco N V Banco Del Tesoro C A Banco Universal Banco Del Trabajo Banco Delta Asia S A R L Banco Di Caribe N V Banco Do Brasil S A Banco Do Estado De Sao Paulo S A Banespa Banco Equador Sarl Banco Espanol De Credito Banco Espirito Santo Do Oriente S A Banco Europeo De Centro America S A Banco Federal C A Banco Finamerica Saeca Banco Financiero De Puerto Rico Banco Financiero Del Peru Banco Financiero Banco Galicia Uruguay S A Banco General S A Banco Guipuzcoano S A Banco Iberoamericano Banco Industrial De Venezuela Banco Integracion S A Banco Interamericano De Finanzas Banco Internacional De Mocambique S A Banco Internacional Del Peru Interbank Banco Internacional S Tome E Principe Banco Itau Banco Mercantil E De Investimentos Banco Mercantil Banco Nacional De Desarrollo Banco Nacional De Fomento Banco Nacional De Sao Tome E Principe Banco Nacional De Trabajadores Banco Nacional Ultramarino Sa Banco Nicaraguense De Industria Y Comercio Banco Nor Peru Banco Patagonia Uruguay S A I F E Banco Popular De Puerto Rico Banco Portugues Atlantico Banco Privado Atlantico Europa Sa Banco Procredit S A R L Banco Provincial Overseas N V Banco Provincial Banco Santander Central Hispano Banco Santander Montevideo Ex Abn Amro Bank Banco Santander Peru S A Banco Santander S A Banco Santander Banco Surinvest S A Banco Terra Sa Banco Weng Hang S A Formerly Banco Weng Hang S ... Bancofar S A Bancolombia Puerto Rico Internacional Inc Bancpost S A Bandes Uruguay S A Banesto Banco De Emisiones S A Banfoandes C A Bangalore Stock Exchange Limited Bangert Pontier And Partners Bangkok Bank Berhad Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Manila Branch Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited Bangkok First Investment And Trust Public Company Limited Bangkok Investment Public Co Ltd Banif Bank Malta Plc Banistmo Nicaragua S A Bank Aek Genossenschaft Bank Al Bilad Bank Al Jazira 2 Bank Al Jazira Bank Al Sharq S A Bank Audi Llc Bank Audi Sal Audi Saradar Group Jordan Branches Bank Audi Sal Audi Saradar Group Bank Audi Saradar France Bank Audi Syria S A Bank Bercoop N V Bank Brussels Lambert Bbl Representative Office In South Africa Bank Companie Nord Ag Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited Bank Dharmala Bank Dhofar S A O G Bank For Agriculture And Agricultural Cooperatives Bank For Business Bank For Investment And Development Of Vietnam 2 Bank For Investment And Development Of Vietnam Bank For Investments And Savings Bank Frick And Co Aktiengesellschaft Bank Fuer Orden Und Mission Bank Fuer Sozialwirtschaft Ag Bank Industri Malaysia Berhad Bank Insinger De Beaufort N V Italia Bank Internasional Indonesia Bank Ipak Yuli Open Joint Stock Innovation Commercial Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad Labuan Offshore Branch Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad Bank Julius Baer And Co Ltd Zurich Bank Julius Bear Europe Ag Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad Bank Kyrgyzstan Jsc Bank Leumi Le Israel B M Bank M Tanzania Limited Bank Massad Ltd Bank Mellat Seoul Branch Bank Mellat Bank Melli Iran Baghda Bank Melli Iran Bank Muamalat Malaysia Berhad 6175 W Bank Negara Malaysia Bank Of Africa Kenya Ltd Bank Of Africa Madagascar Bank Of Africa Mali Bank Of Africa Niger Bank Of Africa Senegal Bank Of Africa Uganda Ltd Bank Of America Europe Card Services Mbna Espana Bank Of America N A Manila Bank Of America N A Paris Bank Of America N A Pusan Bank Of America N A Seoul Branch Bank Of America N A Bank Of Asia Cjsc Bank Of Asia Nepal Limited Bank Of Ayudhya Public Company Limited Bank Of Baghdad Bank Of Baroda 2 Bank Of Baroda Greater Muttrah Branch Bank Of Baroda Kenya Ltd Bank Of Baroda Tanzania Ltd Bank Of Baroda Trinidad And Tobago Limited Bank Of Baroda Uganda Limited Bank Of Baroda Bank Of Beirut S A L Oman Branch Bank Of Beirut S A L Bank Of Beirut Uk Ltd Frankfurt Branch Bank Of Boston Bank Of Canada Bank Of Ceylon Bank Of China Bangkok Branch Bank Of China Canada Bank Of China Johannesburg Branch Bank Of China Kazakhstan Bank Of China Macau Branch Bank Of China Malaysia Berhad Bank Of China Manila Branch Bank Of China Milan Branch Bank Of China Paris Branch Bank Of China Seoul Branch Bank Of China Zambia Ltd Bank Of China Bank Of Commerce And Development L J S C 2 Bank Of Commerce And Development L J S C Bank Of Cyprus Australia Bank Of Cyprus Pcl Nicosia Romanian Branch Bank Of Cyprus Bank Of East Asia Canada Bank Of East Asia Limited Taipei Branch The Bank Of Guam Bank Of Hawaii Pohnpei Branch Bank Of Hawaii Bank Of Ikeda Ltd The Bank Of India Jersey Branch Bank Of India Tanzania Limited Bank Of India Bank Of Ireland Iom Limited Bank Of Israel Bank Of Iwate Ltd The Bank Of Jamaica Bank Of Jerusalem Ltd Tel Aviv Bank Of Jordan Ltd Bank Of Jordan Plc Bank Of Jordan Syria Bank Of Kaohsiung 2 Bank Of Kaohsiung Bank Of Kathmandu Limited Bank Of Khartoum Bank Of Korea The Bank Of Kuwait And The Arab World Sal Bank Of Latvia Bank Of Lithuania The Bank Of Maldives Plc Bank Of Mauritius Bank Of Mongolia The Bank Of Montreal Shorcan Bank Of Montserrat Limited Bank Of Namibia Bank Of Nevis The Bank Of New Zealand Bank Of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd The Bank Of Nova Scotia The Bank Of Oman Ltd Sudan Bank Of Palestine Plc Bank Of Panhsin Bank Of Papua New Guinea Bank Of Saint Lucia International Limited Bank Of Saint Lucia Limited Bank Of Saipan Bank Of Scotland Jersey Limited Bank Of Scotland Jersey Treasury Bank Of Scotland Bank Of Sierra Leone Bank Of Slovenia Bank Of South Pacific Limited Bank Of Southern Sudan Bank Of Syria And Overseas Bank Of Taiwan South Africa Branch Bank Of Tanzania Bank Of The Arab Coast Bank Of The Philippine Islands Bank Of Tokyo Mitsubishi Ufj Ltd The Bank Of Uganda Bank Of Valletta P L C Bank Of Yemen Bank Of Zambia Bank One Ltd Bank Otsar Ha Hayal Ltd Bank Phb Sierra Leone Bank Poaley Agudat Israel Ltd Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S A Succursale De Paris Bank Saderat Iran Paris Branch Bank Saderat Iran Bank Sepah Filiale Di Roma In Amministrazione Straordinaria Bank Sepah Bank Sinopac Formerly Int 039 L Bank Of Taipei Bank Snoras Bank Sohar Bank South Pacific Solomon Islands Bank Tejarat Dushanbe Branch Bank Tejarat Bank Van De Nederlandse Antillen Bank Windhoek Limited Bank Yahav For Goverment Employees Ltd Bank2 Asa Bank2 Bankaktiebolag Banka Celje D D Banka Ekonomike Banka Koper D D Banka Sparkasse D D Banka Volksbank D D Bankaktiebolaget Avanza Bankers Trust Company Bankers Trust France Sa Bankers Trust International Bankgirocentralen Bgc Ab Bankhaus C L Seeliger Kg Bankhaus Carl M Goette Banking And Payments Authority Of East Timor Bankmuscat Saog Bankoa Sa Bankpozitif Kredi Ve Kalkinma Bankasi A S Bankserv Limited Banque Accord Societe Anonyme Banque Aig Paris Head Office Banque Aig Tokyo Branch Banque Al Amana Pour Le Developpement Et L 039 Habitat ... Banque Al Wava Mauritanienne Islamique Bamis Banque Alcyon Banque Algerienne Du Commerce Exterieur S A Banque Arjil Et Compagnie Banque Arnaud Gaidan Banque Atlantique Mali Banque Atlantique Niger Banque Atlantique Senegal Banque Atlantique Togo Banque Audi Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza S A Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi S A Banque Caledonienne D 039 Investissement Banque Centrale De Compensation Lch Clearnet Sa Banque Centrale De Madagascar Banque Centrale De Mauritanie Banque Centrale De Tunisie Banque Centrale Des Etats De L 039 Afrique De L ... Banque Centrale Des Etats De L 039 Afrique Et De ... Banque Centrale Populaire Banque Chaabi Du Maroc Banque Commerciale Du Niger S A Banque Commerciale Du Niger Banque Commerciale Du Rwanda Banque Commerciale Du Sahel Sa Banque Cortal Banque De Credit National S A L Banque De Developpement De La Republique Du Niger Banque De Developpement Du Canada Banque De Developpement Du Mali S A Banque De Financement Des Pme Banque De Kigali Banque De L 039 Habitat Du Mali Banque De L 039 Habitat Du Rwanda Banque De L 039 Habitat Du Senegal Banque De L 039 Habitat Banque De La Reunion Banque De Nouvelle Caledonie Banque De Saint Pierrre Et Miquelon Banque De Tunisie Banque Degroof And Philippe Banque Des Institutions Mutualistes D 039 Afrique De L 039 ... Banque Des Mascareignes Ltee Banque Du Liban Banque Francaise Commerciale De L 039 Ocean Indien Banque Francaise Du Commerce Exterieur Banque Franck Galland Cie Sa Banque Franco Tunisienne Banque Industrielle Et Commerciale De Madagascar Banque Internationale Arabe De Tunisie Banque Internationale Pour L 039 Afrique Au Niger Banque Internationale Pour L 039 Afrique Au Togo Banque Internationale Pour Le Commerce Et Industrie Du Niger Banque Internationale Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 Industrie Du ... Banque Internationale Pour Le Mali Sa Banque Invik Luxembourg Filial Banque Islamique Du Niger Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 ... Banque Islamique Du Senegal Banque Joseph Geagea S A L Banque Lati S A L Banque Libano Francaise Banque Malgache De L 039 Ocean Indien Banque Mali Centrale Des Etats De L 039 Afrique Et ... Banque Malienne De Solidarite Banque Mauritanienne Pour Le Commerce International Banque Michel Inchauspe Bami Banque Misr Banque Nationale Agricole Banque Nationale De Developpement Agricole Bnda Banque Nationale De Mauritanie Banque Nationale De Paris Nouvelle Caledonie Banque Nationale De Paris Succursale De Fort De France Banque Nationale De Paris Banque Nationale Du Rwanda Bnr Banque Ouest Africaine De Developpement Boad Banque Paribas Pacifique Banque Pasche Liechtenstein Sa Banque Populaire Agadir Banque Populaire Al Hoceima Banque Populaire Beni Mellal Banque Populaire Berkane Banque Populaire Casa Anfa Banque Populaire Casa Est Banque Populaire Casa Sud Banque Populaire Du Rwanda S A Banque Populaire Errachidia Banque Populaire Ouarzazate Banque Populaire Pour L 039 Epargne Et Le Credit Formerly ... Banque Populaire Taza Banque Populaire Tetouan Banque Populaire Tiznit Banque Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 Industrie Banque Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 Investssement En Mauritanie ... Banque Privee Edmond De Rothschild Europe Sa Banque Psa Finance Banque Regionale De Marches Banque Regionale De Solidarite Mali Banque Regionale De Solidarite Niger Banque Regionale De Solidarite Senegal Banque Regionale De Solidarite Togo Banque Sahelo Saharienne Pour L 039 Investissement Et Le Commerce ... Banque Sbm Madagascar Banque Societe Generale Vostok Banque Togolaise De Developpement Banque Togolaise Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 Industrie Banque Tuniso Libyenne Bantleon Bank Ag Banyo Securities Co Ltd Bao Chen Securities Co Ltd Bao Hung Securities Co Ltd Bapindo Bumi Sekuritas Pt Bapro Uruguay Bara Development Finance And Securites Co Ltd Baran Menkul De Erler A S Barclaycard Barclays Bank Plc Barclays Bail Sa Barclays Bank Finance Company Jersey Limited Barclays Bank Ireland Plc Barclays Bank Llc Barclays Bank Mocambique S A Barclays Bank Of Kenya Ltd 2 Barclays Bank Of Kenya Ltd Barclays Bank Of Uganda Ltd Barclays Bank Of Zimbabwe Barclays Bank Plc 2 Barclays Bank Plc 3 Barclays Bank Plc 4 Barclays Bank Plc France Barclays Bank Plc Geneva Branch Barclays Bank Plc Seoul Branch Barclays Bank Plc Taipei Branch Barclays Bank Plc Wholesale Barclays Bank Plc Zambia Barclays Bank Plc Barclays Bank S A Barclays Bank Seychelles Ltd Barclays Bank Suisse S A Barclays Bank Tanzania Ltd Barclays Capital France Sa Barclays Capital Japan Ltd Barclays Capital Limited Liability Company Barclays Capital Securities Ltd Seoul Branch Barclays De Zoete Wedd Asia International Ltd Barclays Financements Immobiliers Sa Barclays Fundos Sa Barclays Global Investors Australia Ltd Barclays Global Investors Canada Limited Barclays Global Investors Deutschland Ag Barclays Global Investors Japan Investment Trust C O Ltd Barclays Global Investors Japan Limited Barclays International Investments Malta Limited Barclays Pizarro Y Rocoder S A S V B Barclays Private Clients International Limited Barclaytrust Investment Services Limited Bard Discount House Limited Bard Stockbrokers Barep Asset Management Sa Baring International Pte Baring Research Ltd Baring Securities Bourse S A Barita Investments Limited Barits Securities Corporation Barnard Jacobs Mellet Private Client Services Pty Ltd Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited Barons Financial Services Sa Bartleet Mallory Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Barwa Bank Bary Securities N V De Basak Menkul Degerler A S Basf Bank Gmbh Bashinvestbank Bashkomsnabbank Akb Oao Baskent Securities Inc Basrah International Bank For Investment Batical Baticentre Batiroc Centre Baticentrest Batifranc Sa Batimap Sa Batimur Sas Batinorest Societe Anonyme Batiroc Bretagne Batiroc Normandie Societe Anonyme Batiroc Pays De La Loire Sa Batlivala And Karani Securities India Private Limited Batucha Securities And Investments Limited Bausparkasse Mainz Aktiengesellschaft Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall Ag Bausparkasse Schwaebisch Hall Ag Bausparkasse Der Volksbanken Und Raiffeisenbanken Bawag Banka D D Bawag Malta Bank Ltd Bayard Retraite Prevoyance Bayerische Hypo Und Vereinsbank Milan Bayerische Hypo Und Vereinsbank Paris Bayerische Landesbank Milano Branch Bayerische Landesbank Succursale De Paris Bayindir Menkul De Erler A S Bayt Al Mal Investment Company Bb Securities Limited Bbac Sal Bbac Bbbank Eg Bbmb Discount House Bhd Bbmb Futures Sdn Bhd Bbmb Kewangan Bhd Bbmb Unit Trust Management Berhad Bbn James Capel Inc Bbo Bank Brienz Oberhasli Ag Bbr Rogier Societe Anonyme Bbv Latinvest Investment Management Limited Bbv Latinvest Securities Limited Bbv Securities Limited Bbva Bancomer S A Bbva Seguros Bbva Suiza Sa Bby Australia Limited Bc 039 Mobiasbanca Groupe Societe Generale 039 S A Bc Asset Management Limited Bc Eurocreditbank S A Bc Partners Limited Bc Procredit Bank S A Bcc Cra Di Lucinico Farra E Capriva Bcc Credit And Finance Uruguay S A Bcc Di Roana Cassa Rurale Ed Artigiana Bce Fund Managers Limited Bcpbank Bcr Banca Pentru Locuinte S A Bcs Bank Bdc Corporate Finance Limited Bdl Bdni Sekuritas Bdo Private Bank Inc Bdo Stoy Hayward Investment Management Ltd Bdt Investment Management Limited Beach Capital Management Limited Beacon Securities Limited Beaghton Capital Management Limited Bear Stearns Bank Public Limited Company Bear Stearns International Ltd Beaufort International Associates Limited Beaumont Cornish Limited Beaver Creek Investment Management Limited Beer En Van Stapele B V Beit Ettamwil Tounsi Saudi Belastingdienst Centrale Betalingsadministratie Sector Cca Belastingdienst Centrale Douane Administratie Belastingdienst Particulieren Ondernemingen Buitenland Wir Belgorodpromstrojbank Belgorodsocbank Belgrave Capital Management Limited Belleini And Draysey Stockbrokers Ltd Bellini Prevoyance Bellwether Partners Ltd Belon Commercial Bank Benares State Bank Ltd The Bender Menkul Degerler A S Benderysocbank Bendigo Bank Limited Bene Banca Credito Cooperativo Di Bene Vagienna Cn 2 Bene Banca Credito Cooperativo Di Bene Vagienna Cn Benfield Advisory Limited Benjamin Co Ca And Co Inc Bennelong Asset Management Ltd Bennelong Funds Management Ltd Bennettsbridge Credit Union Limited Bensberger Bank Eg Bentley Capital Europe Ltd Berben 039 S Effectenkantoor B V Berenberg Bank Schweiz Ag Berg Sparebank Bergen Capital Management As Bergen Fondsmeglerforretning A S Bergshoeff Options B V Berkheimer Bank Eg Berkshire Capital Securities Ltd Berlin Chemie Ag Berlin Hannoversche Hypothekenbank Aktiengesellschaft Berliner Bank Ag And Co Kg Berliner Volksbank Eg Bernad Securities Inc Berndale Securities Ltd Berne Stock Exchange Berner And Company Inc Berner Kantonalbank Ag Bernerland Bank Ag Bernhauser Bank Eg Beroa Technology Group Gmbh Berry Asset Management Plc Berti Sim Firenze Bertrand Michel Beskidzki Dom Maklerski Sa Bessemer Group Uk Limited Bestinvest Brokers Limited Beta Finance Corporation Beta Menkul Degerler Betashares Capital Ltd Between Beusmans Capital Management B V Bevco Limited Beverley Building Society Bezemer Clements Schipper Vermogensbeheer B V Bezhitsa Bank Oao Bezirks Sparkasse Dielsdorf Bezirkssparkasse Gengenbach Bezirkssparkasse Hockenheim Bezirkssparkasse Reicheneau Bezirkssparkasse St Blasien Bfa Bank Bfg Credit Bank Bfit Securities Company Limited Bforex Global Trading S A Bfs Investments Plc Bft Banque De Financement Et De Tresorerie Sa Bfv Societe Generale Bg Sgr S P A Bgc Brokers L P Bgc International Etc Pollak Bgc International Bgc Partners Menkul Degerler As Bgfi International Bgg Banque Genevoise De Gestion Bgl Bail Bhagwandas Gordhandas Financial Pvt Ltd Bhayani Securities Pvt Ltd Bhb Beteiligungs Und Finanzgesellschaft Bhb Management Ltd Bhf Bank Aktiengesellschaft 2 Bhf Bank Aktiengesellschaft Bhf Bank Schweiz Ag Bhn Boersenhandel Nord Gmbh Bhp Billiton Finance Plc Bhs Slovakia O C P A S Bhupendra Champaklal Devidas Bhw Allgemeine Bausparkasse Ag Bhw Bausparkasse A G Bi Link Capital Markets Limited Biam Australia Pty Ltd Bibby Factor France Sa Bic Bicim Bielefelder Volksbank Eg Bien Sparebank As Biene Bank Im Rheintal Genossenschaft Bieszczadzki Bank Spoldzielczy W Ustrzykach Dolnych Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa Bim Suisse S A Bina Tatalaksana Pasifik Pt Binaartha Parama Pt Binckbank N V Binckbank Bintangmakmur Securindo Pt Biopharma Advisers Ltd Bipielle Bank Suisse Banco Popolare Group Bipielle Santander Central Hispano Sim S P A Bipitalia Gestioni Sgr S P A Birikim Menkul Degerler Birkenes Sparebank Birkert Wertpapierhandelshaus Gmbh Und Co Kg Birla Marlin Securities Limited Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited Birlesik Fon Bankasi A S Birsteiner Volksbank Eg Bischofsheimer Volksbank Eg Bishop Campbell And Co Bishopsgate Capital Limited Bisys Fund Services Limited Bisys Investment Services Biuro Maklerskie Bank Dnb Nord Polska S A Biverbanca Cassa Di Risparmio Di Biella E Vercelli Spa 2 Biverbanca Cassa Di Risparmio Di Biella E Vercelli Spa Biw Bank Fuer Investments Und Wertpapiere Ag Biwako Bank Limited The Biyani Securities Mumbai Pvt Ltd Bizim Menkul Degerler A S Bjugn Sparebank Bkmu Bank Ag Bks Bank Ag Bancna Podruznica Blackrock Investment Management Uk Limited Blackrock Investment Management Uk Blaker Sparebank Blanchardstown And District Credit Union Limited Blankstone Sington Limited Blc Gestion Sa Blessington And District Credit Union Limited Blevins Franks Unit Trust Managers Limited Blom Bank France S A Romania Branch Blom Bank France Blom Bank Qatar Llc Blom Bank S A L Blom Bank Switzerland Sa Bloomberg Lp Blue Border Partners Uk Limited Blue Capital Europe Limited Blue Nile Mashreg Bank Bluebay Asset Management Plc Bluecrest Capital Management Ltd Bluecrest Bluefin Europe Llp Bluehone Ventures Limited Bluestream Clearinghouse Bm Bank Ltd Bm Software Bma Capital Management Limited Bmg Asset Management Sa Bmi Bank B S C Qatar Branch Bmi Offshore Bank Limited Bmo Capital Markets Limited Bmo Harris Investment Management Bmt Finanz Sa Bmw Bank Gmbh Bmw Finance Snc Bmw Lease Snc Bnbank Asa Bng Capital Management B V Bni Madagascar Bnl Eurosecurities Sim S P A Bnl Gestioni Sgr P A Bnl Uk Limited Bnp Capital Markets Ltd Bnp Paribas Asset Management Sgr S P A Bnp Paribas Asset Management Uk Limited Bnp Paribas Commodity Futures Ltd Bnp Paribas Doha Bnp Paribas Equites India Private L Imited Bnp Paribas Equities Italia Sim S P A Bnp Paribas Finance Plc Bnp Paribas Fund Services Australasia Pty Limited Bnp Paribas India Bnp Paribas Israel Bnp Paribas La Reunion Bnp Paribas Lease Group S A Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Bnp Paribas London Branch Bnp Paribas Macau Branch Bnp Paribas Manila Offshore Branch Bnp Paribas Mauritanie Bnp Paribas Oslo Branch Bnp Paribas Private Bank Bnp Paribas S A Branch In Poland Bnp Paribas S A Niederlassung Frankfurt Am Main Bnp Paribas Securities Poland Branch Bnp Paribas Securities Services Germany Bnp Paribas Securities Services Italy Bnp Paribas Securities Services United Kingdom Bnp Paribas Securities Services Bnp Paribas Securities Taiwan Co Ltd Bnp Paribas Seoul Branch Bnp Paribas Succursale Italia Bnp Paribas Suisse Sa Bnp Paribas Taiwan Bnp Paribas Uk Limited Bnp Paribas Vostok Bnp Paribas Zao Moscow Bnp Paribas Bny Convergex Limited Bny Mellon Asset Servicing B V Bny Mellon Services Limited Bny Trust Company Limited Bo Sparebank Boa France Boe Private Bank Trust Company Limited Boe Stockbrokers Pty Ltd Boerse Berlin Ag Boerse Berlin Boerse Duesseldorf Ag Bof Commodities Ltd Bofis Ag Bogorodsky Municipal Bank Ooo Bohler And Associates Limited Bohuslav Bank Boi Finance Ltd Boissiere Finance Boissy Finances Sa Bolig Og Naringsbanken Asa Bolpar Sociedad Anonima Bolsa De Valores De Montevideo Bomar Securities Pt Bombardier Capital International Bombay Mercantile Cooperative Bank Limited Bombay Stock Exchange Limited Bond Street Securities Pty Ltd Bondclick Limited Bondpartners S A Bone Smith And Bard Ltd Bonfield Asset Management Ltd Bongrain Sa Bonna Sabla Sa Book Club Finance Public Company Limited The Bookook Securities Co Ltd Boomerang Oao Bopfinger Bank Sechta Ries Eg Border Asset Management Limited Bordesholmer Sparkasse Ag Bordier Et Cie Bordier Gestion Privee Sa Bordier International Bank And Trust Ltd Borea Noterte Management As Boresia Pt Borsa Italiana S P A Borsaconsult Sim Borsky Commercial Bank Boscher Boston Bank International Ltd Bot Shareholding Ltd Botta Investment Uk Ltd Botts And Company Limited Bourgogne Franche Comte Constructions Sarl Bourgogne Garantie Sa Bourse Brokers Limited Bourse Direct Sa Boursorama Boussard And Gavaudan Asset Management Boussard And Gavaudan Gestion Sas Boussard And Gavaudan Gestion Bouvier Gestion Sa Box And Automation Solution Boyer Allan Investment Services Limited Bp Finance Sarl Bp France Sa Bp International Limited Bp Investment Management Limited Bp Japan Trading Limited Bp Oil Uk Limited Bpce Bpg Corporate Finance Ltd Bpi Capital Corp Bpi International Finance Limited Bpi Securities Limited Bpn Banco Portugues De Negocios Sa Bpu Pramerica Sgr Spa Bradford And Bingley Plc Brait Secutities Pty Ltd Brambles Enterprises Ltd Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd Brandenburger Bank Volksbank Raiffeisen Bank Eg Branics Branston And Gothard Ltd Bratsky Narodny Bank Jsc Brd Groupe Societe Generale Sa Brd Securities Groupe Societe Generale S A Bre Bank S A Formerly Bank Rozwoju Eksportu S A 2 Bre Bank S A Formerly Bank Rozwoju Eksportu S A Bre Bank Sa Pobocka Zahranicnej Banky Mbank V Sr Bred Banque Populaire Bred Cofilease Bred Gestion Bred Vanuatu Ltd Bremer Aufbau Bank Gmbh Bremer Landesbank Bremische Volksbank Eg Bretagne Developpement Breteuil Gestion Privee Sa Brevik Kapitalforvaltning Ab Brics Securities Limited Bridge Of Cally Energy Investments Limited Bridges Financial Services Pty Ltd Bridport Et Cie S A Brijmohan Sagarmal Agarwal Brink Hudson And Lefever Ltd British Airways Pension Investment Management Limited British Arab Commercial Bank Plc British Caribbean Bank Limited British Enkalon Pension Scheme Trustees British Gas Pension Funds Management Ltd British Linen Bank Limited Brockhouse Cooper Sa Pty Brockhouse Cooper Brokbusinessbank Joint Stock Bank The 2 Brokbusinessbank Joint Stock Bank The Broker House Postel Broker A D Broker Sb A D Skopje Brokerage House Of Stopanska Banka ... Brokerage House Kb Broker Inc Skopje Brokerage House Makos Invest Broker Inc Brokerjet Sparkasse Borzno Posredniska Druzba D D Brokersky Dom O C P A S Brook Asset Management Brook Corporate Finance Limited Brown Brothers Harriman Fund Administration Services Ireland Ltd Brown Brothers Harriman Investor Services Ltd Brown Brothers Harriman Limited Brown Brothers Harriman Securities Investment Management Japan Inc Brown Brothers Harriman Services Ag Brown Brothers Harriman Trustee Services Ireland Ltd Bruegger Invest Limited Bruehler Kreditbank Eg Brunetta D 039 Usseaux And C S I M S ... Brunswick Russia Jersey Limited Bryan Garnier And Co Limited Bryan Garnier Asset Management Ltd Bs Biezun Bs Nowy Staw Bs Stara Biala Bs Strzelce Bs Wasewo Bs Zychlin Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgerate Gmbh Bsi Ag Bsi Generali Uk Limited Bsi Ifabanque Sa Bsi Sa Formerly Banca Del Gottardo Bsi Sa Bsic Togo Sa Bt Futures Corporation Bt Gilts Ltd Bt International Nigeria Ltd Bt Prima Securities Indonesia Pt Bt Securities Corporation Bt Securities Europe Limited Bta Bank Cjsc Formerly Ineximbank Cjsc Bishkek Kg Bta Bank Lls Bta Kazan Bank Btig Limited Btm Europe Limited Btp Pro Sarl Btp Retraite Rta Buana Securities Pt Buanamas Investindo Pt Buchanan Partners Limited Buchanan Securities Limited Buchanen Partners Limited Buck Consultants Healthcare Limited Bud Fraena Og Hustad Sparebank Buda Cash Zrt Pobocka Bratislava Budenheimer Volksbank Eg Buffalo Commercial Bank Plc Buisson Et Cie Bulgar Bank Zao Bull Finance Sa Bull France Bulldog Partners Limited Bum Bank Bumi Arta Securindo Pt Bumi Daya Sekuritas Pt Bumiputra Merchant Bankers Berhad Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur Gmbh Bunge India Private Limited Bunge S A Burberry Limited Burgerliche Ersparniskasse Bern Burns Fry Limited Burns Fry Ltd Burough Johnstone Ltd Burrage And Co Ltd Burrage Unit Trust Management Ltd Bursa Berjangka Jakarta Jakarta Futures Exchange Bursa Malaysia Securities Clearing Sendirian Berhad Bursatil Clearing Corporation Limited Burton Advisers Limited Business And Culture Development Bank Business Development Bank Business Flow Consulting Sas Business Moscow Joint Stock Bank Bustelberg Effectenkantoor B V Butler Asset Finance Ltd Butler Securities Butterfield Bank Uk Limited Buttonwood Capital Partners Limited Bwd Rensburg Bwdr Ltd Bwd Rensburg Limited Byblos Bank Africa Limited Byblos Bank Europe S A London Branch Byblos Bank Europe S A Paris Branch Byblos Bank Sal Arbil Branch Byblos Bank Syria Sa Bye C G Byfield Global Fund Limited Byr Securities Byr Sparisjodur Bystrobank Jsc Bz Bank Aktiengesellschaft Bz Trust Aktiengesellschaft Bz Wbk Aib Asset Management S A Bzw Niaga Securities Pt Bzw Securities Limited Bzx Investments Ltd C A Central Banco Universal C E De Bruin Vermogensbeheer B V C O K Co Operative Credit Union Ltd C T Smith Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Ca Das Menkul De Erler As Cabinet Besse Societe D 039 Exercice Liberal A Responsabilite Limitee Caboto Securities Limited Cabra Credit Union Limited Cacanska Banka A D Caceis Bank Deutschland Gmbh Caceis Bank Luxembourg Dublin Branch Cagamas Berhad Caherciveen Credit Union Limited Caherdavin And District Credit Union Limited Cairo Amman Bank Cairo International Bank Ltd Caisse Autonome De Refinancement Caisse Centrale De Reassurance S A Caisse Centrale Desjardins Caisse D 039 Epargne Aubonne Caisse D 039 Epargne Cec Sa Caisse D 039 Epargne De Cossonay Societe Cooperative Caisse D 039 Epargne De Nouvelle Caledonie Caisse D 039 Epargne De Siviriez Sa Caisse De Depot Et De Gestion Caisse De Depot Et Placement Du Quebec Caisse De Developpement De La Corse Sas Caisse Desjardins Des Chutes Montmorency Caisse Epargne Martinique Caisse Epargne Prevoyance Martinique Caisse Nationale D 039 Epargne Caisse Nationale De Credit Agricole Du Senegal C N C ... Caisse Nationale Du Credit Agricole Caisse Populaire Caisse Regionale De Credit Agricole Mutuel De La Reunion Caixa Agricola Gestione Caixa Central De Credito Agricola Mutuo Caixa De Aforros De Vigo Ourense E Pontevedra Caixanova Succursal ... Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Beira Centro Crl Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Area Metropolitana Do Porto ... Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Batalha Crl Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Chamusca C R L Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Costa Verde Crl Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Figueira Da Fozcrl Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Regiao Do Fundao Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo Da Zona Do Pinhal Crl Caixa De Credito Agricola Mutuo De Aguiar Da Beira Caixa Economica Do Porto Caixa Economica Social Caixa Geral De Depositios Offshore De Macau Sa Caixa Geral De Depositos Sa Caixa Rural Altea 2 Caixa Rural Altea Caja De Ahorros De Galicia Succursale De Geneve Caja De Ahorros Y Monte De Piedad De Madrid Caja Rural De Ahorro Y Credito Chavin Saa Caja Venezolana De Valores S A Calamatta Cuschieri And Co Limited Caldwell Securities Ltd Caledonia Investments Pty Ltd Calenberger Kreditverein Calenberg Goettingen Grubenhagen Hildesheim 039 Scher Ritterschaftlicher Kreditver Califin Spa Calyon 2 Calyon Australia Limited Sydney Calyon Formerly Credit Agricole Indosuez Gulf Calyon Formerly Credit Agricole Indosuez Calyon Formerly Credit Lyonnais Bank Ukraine Calyon Poland Branch Calyon S A Slovak Republic Branch Calyon Sa Calyon Yatirim Bankasi Turk A S Calyon Cambio Ucb Llc Cambria Limited Cambrian Capital Management Limited Cambridge Associates Limited Cameron Mackintosh Overseas Limited Camis Menkul De Erler A S Camomille Associates Limited Campbell O 039 Connor And Co Campisi E C Sim S P A Campos Lanuza And Co Inc Can Menkul Degerler Canaccord Capital Corporation Canara Bank 2 Canara Bank Candm Funds Ab Candy France Sa Candy Spa Cannon Bridge Corporation Limited Canso Investment Counsel Ltd Capa Finance Ifn Sa Capital Alliance Limited Capital And Credit Merchant Bank Limited Capital And Credit Securities Limited Capital And Work International Capital Bank Ad Capital Bank Of Jordan Capital Bank Of Mongolia Capital Corporation Pty Ltd Capital Finance Corporation Ltd Capital Finance S A Capital International Ltd Isle Of Man Capital International Ltd Capital International Sarl Capital Invest O C P A S Capital Investments Capital Market Options Ltd Capital Markets Brokers Limited Capital Markets O C P A S Capital Merchant Bank Capital Nomura Securities Public Company Limited Capital Ojsc Js Cb Capital Securities Corp Capital Securities Corporation Capital Solutions Limited Capitalatwork Int 039 L Capitalcorp Securities Sdn Bhd Capitalgest Sgr Spa Capitec Bank Limited Capitol S A Capitole Finance Tofinso Capitron Bank Capricorn Consulting Car Asa Caracas International Banking Corp Caracas Stock Exchange Cardano Structuring B V Caribbean And Overseas Trust Bank Caribbean Money Market Brokers Limited Caribbean Stockbrokers Limited Carifondo Carige Monetario Carige Am Sgr Carilo Cassa Di Risparmio Di Loreto 2 Carilo Cassa Di Risparmio Di Loreto Carl Kliem Ag Carlsson Currency Fund Limited Carmignac Gestion Sa Carnegie A S Carnegie Investment Bank Ab Carolina Bank Ltd Carpatica Invest Sa Carrick On Shannon And District Credit Union Limited Carrington Securities Ltd Cartalis Istituto Di Moneta Elettronica S P A Casa De Compensare Bucuresti S A Casa Propria E A P C A Casa Romana De Compensatie S A Casablanca Finance Markets Casgrain And Company Limited Cashbank Cashexpress Gmbh Castle Securities Broker Inc Castlerea And District Credit Union Limited Catella Corporate Finance Aktiebolag Catella Fondfoervaltning Ab Catella Kapitalforvaltning Ab Cater Allen Asset Management Ltd Cater Allen Futures Limited Cater Allen International Limited Cater Allen Stockbrokers Limited Caterpillar Financial Corporation F S A E F De Credito Cathay Life Insurance Co Ltd Cathay Trust Co Ltd Cathay United Bank 2 Cathay United Bank Cattolica Assicurazioni Cavali S A Iclv Cavendish Asset Management Limited Cavmont Merchant Bank Limited Cavmont Securities Limited Cayman National Bank And Trust Company Isle Of Man Limited Cazenove Portfolio Management Jersey Cb 039 Financial Initiative 039 Llc Cb 039 Zemelny Capital 039 Ltd Cb Asset Management Aktiebolag Cb B2B Cb Credit Bank Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Cb Moldova Agroindbank Sa Cb Richard Ellis Collective Investors Limited Cb Richard Ellis Financial Services Limited Cb Richard Ellis Indirect Investment Services Limited Cbf Capital Limited Cbg Investment Advisors Limited Cbi Capital Markets Spa Cbpe Holdings Limited Ccd Pty Ltd Ccf Charterhouse Corporate Finance Limited Ccf Charterhouse Leasing Ccla Investment Management Limited Ccm Fds Du Regime Cc Pf Ccmo Caisse Chirurgicale Mutuelle De L Oise Ccmo Conseil Sarl Ccr Actions Ccr Chevrillon Philippe Sa Ccr Gestion Ccsl Limited Cd Equisearch Pvt Ltd Cdb Merger Services Limited Cdc Marches London Branch Cdc Projets Cdic Sassoon Cumberbatch Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Cdk Bank N V Cdr Finance Cds Clearing And Depository Services Inc Cebulon Options B V Cebulon Vof Cec Bank S A Cecp Investment Advisors Limited Cedar Street Ltd Cedef Assets Limited Cedef Finance Limited Cef Andromeda Securities Pt Cefdex Ag Cegi Celebi Kapitalforvaltning Ab Celeris Servicios Financieros S A E F C Cellino E Associati Sim S P A Celtic Bank Ltd Cemex S A B De C V Cenkos Securities Plc Censa Menkul De Erler A S Centaur Asset Management Uk Ltd Centaurus Capital Limited Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited Center Invest Cb Centercross B V Central Africa Building Society Central Asian Bank Central Asian Stock Exchange Central Bank Of China Taipei Central Bank Of Iceland Central Bank Of India 2 Central Bank Of India Central Bank Of Iraq Central Bank Of Jordan Central Bank Of Kenya Central Bank Of Lesotho Central Bank Of Liberia Central Bank Of Libya Central Bank Of Malta Central Bank Of Montenegro Central Bank Of Myanmar Central Bank Of Nigeria Central Bank Of Oman Central Bank Of Russian Federation Central Bank Of Samoa Central Bank Of Seychelles Central Bank Of Solomon Islands Central Bank Of Somalia Central Bank Of Sri Lanka Central Bank Of Sudan Central Bank Of Swaziland Central Bank Of Syria Central Bank Of The Republic Of Kosovo Central Bank Of The Republic Uzbekistan Central Bank Of The U A E Central Bank Of Trinidad And Tobago Central Bank Of Turkmenistan The Central Bank Of Yemen Central Brokerage Office Pekao S A Central Commercial Bank Central Cooperative Bank Ad Skopje Central Depository And Settlement Co Ltd Central Depository Company Of Pakistan Limited Central Depository Systems Pvt Ltd Central European Investments S A Central Expansion Sa Central Hispano De Bolsa S V B S A Central Securities Clearing Corporation Kdd Central Securities Clearing System Ltd Central Securities Depository And Clearing House Central Securities Depository Cjsc Central Securities Depository Jsc Central Securities Depository The Centrale Bank Van Suriname Centralna Banka Crne Gore Centralnaya Registratura Oao Centralny Depozitar Cennych Papierov Sr A S Centrax Trustees Limited Centre Financier De Noumea Centre Francais Du Patrimoine Centreinvest Securities Ooo Centreway Development Capital Ltd Centro Financiero Cooperativo Centrobanca Banca Di Credito Finanziario E Mobiliare S P A Centrosim S P A Centrum Bank Ag Centrum Bank Switzerland Ltd Century Securities Co Ltd Century Securities Corp Cercle Anteis Cerdo Bankpartner Ab Cereabanca 1897 Credito Cooperativo Societa 039 C Ceres Capital Pty Ltd Ceresole Sim Spa Certius Bph D O O Ceskoslovenska Obchodna Banka A S Cetco S A Cetelem Sa Ceylinco Shriram Securities Ltd Ceylinco Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd Cf Union Bank Ltd Cfc Bank Cfc Financial Services Limited Cfc International Capital Markets Limited Cfd Capital Management Sa Cfe Paris Branch Cfgi Galilee Cfx Merchant Bank Limited Cg Pay Limited Cggveritas Services Holding B V Cgm Kempf Cgu Trust Managers Limited Challenger Financial Services Group Limited Challenger Group Services Pty Ltd Cham Bank Chambers Commodities Limited Chambre De Commerce Et D 039 Industrie De Paris Chambre De Compensation Et De Garantie Champaklal Inv And Fin Consultancy Ltd Champeil Jean Louis Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd 2 Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd London Branch Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd Tokyo Branch Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Ltd Change De La Bourse Chantelle Sa Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited Charbonnages De France Cdf Etablissement Public National Charlemagne Capital Iom Ltd Charles Alan Securities Limited Charles Dutton Asset Management Ltd Charterhouse Bank Limited Charterhouse Development Capital Limited Charterhouse General Partners Ix Limited Charterhouse Vermogensbeheer B V Charts Investment Management Service Limited Chase Asset Management London Limited Chase Bank Kenya Limited Chase Fleming Asset Management London Limited Chase Manhattan Bank Chase Manhattan Investments S A Chase Securities Chate And Co Ltd Chaussier Gestion S A Chebanca Spa Chelsea Capital U K Ltd Chelyabinvestbank Chemical Asset Management Chernigiv Bank Chernomorskiy Bank Of Development And Reconstruction Chescor Capital Limited Cheyne Capital Management Limited Cheyne Capital Managent Uk Llp Chiangmai Lending Office Chiao Tung Bank Europe N V Chiba Bank Ltd The Chiba Kogyo Bank Ltd The Chief Executive Partnerships Ltd The Chifley Financial Services Ltd Chimanlal J Dalal And Sons China Banking Corporation China Construction Bank Macau Corporation Limited China Construction Bank Seoul Branch China Construction Bank Chinatrust Commercial Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch Chinatrust Commercial Bank Chinfon Commercial Bank Chinggis Khaan Bank Chinguitty Bank Chiswell Associates Limited Chitapromstroybank Oao Chiyoda Securities Co Ltd Cho Hung Securities Corporation Cho Option Traders B V Cholet Dupont Asset Management Cholet Dupont Sa Christiania Securities As Chuangs And Co Limited Chugoku Bank Ltd The Chuo Securities Co Churches Co Operative Credit Union Ltd Cib Finance Ciba Specialty Chemicals Holding Inc Ciba Specialty Chemicals Treasury Service Bv Cicobail Societe Anonyme Cie Europeenne De Gestion Et Placement Cif Euromortgage Sa Cigna International Investment Advisors Ltd Cihan Bank For Islamic Investment And Finance Cim Fund Managers Limited Cimb Bank Berhad Labuan Offshore Branch Cimb Bank Berhad Cimb Bank L Limited Cimb Futures Sdn Bhd Cimb Gk Securities Thailand Ltd Cimb Investment Bank Berhad Cimb Limited Cimb Wealth Advisors Berhad Cinergie Cip Conseil Cipa Civ Cips Sarl Circia Fonds Du Regime Cc Pf Cirnase Fonds Du Regime Cc Pf Cirsic Fonds Du Regime Cc Pf Cisalpino Gestioni Spa Cispm Cit Group Finance France Snc Citadel Investment Group Europe Limited Citadel Securities Europe Limited Citco Bank Nederland N V Citco Banking Corporation N V Citco Fund Advisors Citi Menkul De Erler A S Citibank A S Citibank Beirut Citibank Berhad Citibank Channel Islands Limited Citibank Del Peru S A Citibank Espana S A Citibank Europe Plc Dublin Sucursala Romania Citibank Europe Plc Pobocka Zahranicnej Banky Citibank International Plc Netherlands Branch Citibank International Plc Norway Branch Citibank International Plc Citibank Japan Ltd Citibank Korea Inc Citibank Limited Melbourne Citibank Limited Sydney Citibank N A 2 Citibank N A 3 Citibank N A 4 Citibank N A 5 Citibank N A Filiale Frankfurt Main Citibank N A Manila Branch Citibank N A Nairobi Citibank N A Sri Lanka Citibank N A Sucursal Venezuela Citibank N A Uruguay Citibank N A Citibank Na New Zealand Branch Citibank Na Puerto Rico Citibank Nigeria Limited Citibank Privatkunden Ag And Co Kgaa Citibank Privatkunden Ag Citibank Savings Inc Citibank Securities Inc Citibank South Africa Citibank Switzerland Ag Citibank Taiwan Limited Citibank Tanzania Ltd Citibank Trinidad And Tobago Limited Citibank Uganda Limited Citibank Ukraine Citibank Zambia Ltd Citic Ka Wah Bank Limited Macau Branch Citicorp Banking Corporation Citicorp Finance Thailand Co Ltd Citicorp International Securities Ltd Citicorp Merchant Bank Limited Citicorp Securities Thailand Ltd Cities And Villages Development Bank Citifinance Limited Citifinancial Europe Plc Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland Ag Und Co Kgaa Citigroup Global Markets Deutschland Ag Citigroup Global Markets India Private Limited Citigroup Global Markets Korea Securities Limited Citigroup Global Markets Mauritius Private Limited Citigroup Global Markets New Zealand Ltd Citigroup Global Markets Taiwan Securities Companylimited Citigroup Holdings Mauritius Ltd Citigroup Strategic Holdings Mauritius Ltd Citisecurities Inc Citizens Bank International Limited Citramas Securindo Pt City And Continental Securities Limited City And International Securities City Asset Management Plc City Capital Corporation Limited City Capital Couselling Uk City Equities Limited City Express Bank Limited City Finance Bank Ltd City Financial Asset Management Ltd City Financial Investment Company Limited City Fund Management Limited City Index Limited City Invest S A City Savings And Investment Bank Holdings Ltd City Union Bank Limited Citytrust Securities Corp Cjsc 039 Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston 039 Cjsc Agroprombank 039 Cjsc Citibank Kazakhstan Cks Equities Pty Ltd Claas Financial Services S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Claas Financial Services Sas Claresco Clariden Leu Ag Classica Sim Spa Classicbank Clavell Equities Clearing Bank Hannover Ag Clearing Corporation Of India Ltd The Clearing House Interbank Clearing Systems Clearstream Banking Ag 2 Clearstream Banking Ag Clf Banque Clf Locabail Clic Trade Clickandbuy International Ltd Clickandbuy Services Ag Clickoptions Societe Anonyme Clico Investment Bank Limited Clientis Bank Huttwil Ag Clientis Bank Im Thal Ag Clientis Bank Kuettigen Erlinsbach Ag Clientis Bank Leerau Genossenschaft Clientis Bank Oberuzwil Ag Clientis Bank Toggenburg Ag Clientis Bezirkssparkasse Uster Genossenschaft Clientis Eb Entlebucher Bank Ag Clientis Sparkasse Oftringen Genossenschaft Clientis Triba Partner Bank Ag Clientis Zuercher Regionalbank Genossenschaft Formerly Sparkasse Zurcher Oberland Close Bank Isle Of Man Limited Close Brothers Equity Markets S A Closed Joint Stock Company Cjsc 039 Trans Dniester Savings Bank ... Clsa India Limited Clsa Mauritius Limited Clsa Securities Korea Ltd Clsa Securities Thailand Ltd Clydesdale Bank Plc Cm Cic Asset Management Cm Cic Banques Cm Cic Gestion Cm Cic St Maarten Cm Finance Conseil Sarl Cma Capital Market Advisors Ag Cmb Banque Privee Suisse Sa Cmc Markets Uk Plc Svensk Filial Cmc Markets Uk Plc Cmc Spreadbet Plc Cmi France Sa Cmic Finance And Securities Company Cmmb Securities Limited Cmp Banque Sa Cmt Capital Markets Trading Uk Ltd Cmv Mediforce Sa Cnce Gestitres Cnh Capital Europe S A S Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Cnh Capital Europe Sas Cnh Capital Plc Cnh Financial Services Sas Cnp Assurances Co Co Credit Union Limited Co Operative Bank Ltd The Cobh Credit Union Limited Coburger Bank Eg Coeclerici S P A Coen Campos Venuti Sim Cofidis Cofigest Intermediazione Cofilp Sim Spa Cofimedit Cofin Societa 039 Di Intermediazione Mobiliare Spa Cofingest Cogent Investment Operations Coill Dubh And District Credit Union Limited Collins Stewart Offshore Limited Colomba Invest Sim Colombo Stock Exchange Colonial First State Investment Ltd Comdirect Bank Ag Comdirect Bank S P A Comertbank Comesa Clearing House Comeuro Sim Comhar Chreidmheasa Chorca Dhuibhne Teoranta Comhar Creidmheasa Cholm Cille Teoranta Comhar Creidmheasa Chriost Ri Teoranta Comhar Creidmheasa Ghaoth Dobheir Teoranta Commbank Europe Ltd Commercial Agroindustrial Bank Of Stary Oskol Ooo Commercial Bank 039 Sovincom 039 Commercial Bank Ellips Joint Stock Companhy Commercial Bank Of Africa Ltd Commercial Bank Of Africa Tanzania Ltd Commercial Bank Of Ceylon Plc Commercial Bank Of Dubai 2 Commercial Bank Of Dubai Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia Southern Sudan Ltd Commercial Bank Of Iraq S A Commercial Bank Of Kuwait Sak The Commercial Bank Of Manila Commercial Bank Of Moscow Commercial Bank Of Qatar Ltd Commercial Bank Of Syria 2 Commercial Bank Of Syria Commercial Bank Of Zimbabwe Limited Commercial Bank Primary Dealer Ltd Commercial Bank Sao Tome E Principe Commercial Bank Summit Bank Open Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Zakhidinkombank Commercial Investment Bank Ltd Commercial Metals International Ag Commercial Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Commercial Union Investment Management Polska Sa Commerzbank Ag Poland Branch Formerly Dresdner Bank Ag Poland Branch Commerzbank Ag Sucursal En Espana Formerly Dresdner Bank Ag Sucursal ... Commerzbank Ag Commerzbank Schweiz Ag Commerzbank Suisse Sa Commivalor Sim Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Ho Chi Minh City Commonwealth Bank Savings And Loan Compagnia Finanziaria Ligure Piemontese Spa Compagnie Bancaire De L 039 Afrique Occidentale Compagnie Bancaire Compagnie De Banque D 039 Investissements Compagnie De Financement Foncier Compagnie Financiere Aura Compagnie Financiere Bnp Paribas Compagnie Financiere Mediterranee Cofimed Sa Compagnie Fonciere De Credit Sa Compagnie Francaise Bail Et Cit Bail Immo Compagnie Francaise D 039 Assurance Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Sa Compagnie Francaise Immobiliere Pour Commerce Et Industrie Compagnie Generale De Banque Cogebanque Compagnie Pour Le Financement Des Loisirs Sa Compania Suiza De Reaseguros Sa Compaq Financial Services Sas Compare Kapitalforvaltning Ab Comptroller General 039 S Department Computershare Services Limited Comunidad Autonoma De Canarias Comunidad Autonoma De Castilla Y Leon Comunidad Autonoma De La Region De Murcia Comunidad Autonoma De Las Islas Baleares Comunidad De Madrid Concensus Fondkommission Ab Concord Capital Limited Concord Financial Intermediary Gmbh Concord International Securities Co Ltd Concord Investmentbank Aktiengesellschaft Concord Securities Corp Concord Security Corp Confederacion Espanola De Cajas De Ahorros Confident Invest Bucharest S A Connell Securities Inc Connor Clark And Lunn Financial Group Conrad Hinrich Donner Bank Aktiengesellschaft Consilium Capital Sa Pty Ltd Consolidated Bank Of Kenya Ltd Consolidated Fund Managers Pty Ltd Consorcio De Compensacion De Seguros Contender Kapital And Forvaltning Ab Continental Ag Continental Discount House Limited Cooperativa De Ahorro Y Credito Pacifico Cooperative And Agricultural Credit Bank Coopers And Lybrand Corporate Finance Pty Ltd Core Pacific Securities Co Ltd Corealcredit Bank Ag Corner Banca S A Coronation Holdings Limited Corp Banca C A Venezuela Corp Hipotecario Ca Corporacion Andina De Fomento Corporacion Financiera De Desarrollo S A Cofide Corporate Brokers Limited Corporate Family Office Sim S P A Corporation Bank 2 Corporation Bank Cortal Consors France Cortal Consors S A Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Aktiengesellschaft Cortal Consors Sucursal En Espana Cosmorex S A Geneve Cosmos Bank Taiwan Cosmos Markets Asa Cosmos Securities Co Ltd Costa Crociere S P A Cota Commercial Bank Council Of Europe Development Bank County Natwest Securities New Zealand Courcoux Bouvet Cp Or Devises Cpi Cpr Asset Management Cpr Compensation Paris Cpr Gestion Cpr Intermediaton Cpr Online Sa Cprpsncf Cqs Management Limited Cqs Uk Llp Craig And Co Ltd Craigston Finance Sas Crailsheimer Volksbank Alt Crane Bank Ltd Crc Marit Mut Atlantique Crc Marit Mutuel Du Littoral Sud Ouest Crcam Du Calvados Crcmm De Bretagne Normandie Crdb Bank Limited Crealfi Sas Creatis Sa Credecard Limited Credibolsa Sociedad Agente De Bolsa S A Credicoop Credit Agricole Cheuvreux Middle East Credit Agricole Cheuvreux Netherlands N Amsterdam Credit Agricole Cheuvreux Nl Deutschland Credit Agricole Cheuvreux Nordic Aktiebolag Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux Deutschland Gmbh Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux Espana Sa Sv Credit Agricole Indosuez Cheuvreux International Limited Credit Agricole Lazard Financial Products Bank London Credit Agricole Lazard Financial Products Limited Holding London Credit Agricole Lazard Investment Company London Credit Agricole S A London Branch Credit Agricole Srbija Ad Novi Sad Credit Agricole Credit And Savings Help Bank Credit Bank Of Iraq Credit Bank Of Mongolia Credit Caledonien Et Tahitien Credit Commercial Et Foncier Sal Credit Corporation Malaysia Berhad Credit Dnepr Bank Ukraine Head Office Credit Du Maroc 2 Credit Du Maroc Credit Europe Bank N V Malta Branch Credit Europe Bank N V Niederlassung Deutschland Credit Europe Bank Romania S A Credit Europe Bank Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation Of Africa Limited Credit Immobilier Et Hotelier Credit Industriel Et Commercial London Branch Credit Institute For Development Credit Libanais S A L Credit Lyonnais Capital Indonesia Pt Credit Lyonnais Finance Taiwan Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia Ltd Taipei Branch Credit Lyonnais Securities Europe Espana S V B S A Credit Lyonnais Securities Philippines Inc Credit Lyonnais Securities Sdn Bhd Credit Lyonnais Senegal Credit Mutuel Caisse Federale Antilles Guyane Credit Saint Pierrais Credit Standard Bank Credit Suisse Ag London Branch Credit Suisse Ag Seoul Branch Credit Suisse Ag Sucursal En Espana Credit Suisse Ag Taipei Bank Branch Credit Suisse Ag Taipei Securities Branch Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Credit Suisse Asset Management Kapitalanlagesellschaft Mbh Credit Suisse Deutschland Ag Credit Suisse First Boston Credit Suisse Luxembourg S A Poland Branch Credit Suisse Securities Europe Limited Frankfurt Branch Credit Suisse Securities Europe Limited Seoul Branch Credit Suisse Securities India Private Limited Credit Suisse Securities Sociedad De Valores S A Credit Suisse Securities Thailand Limited Credit Und Volksbank Eg Credit Union Central Of Canada Credit Uruguay Banco S A Credit Agricole Group Credit Valencia Creditbank Sal Creditcard Services Sal Creditcoop Casa Centrala Credito Industriale Sammarinese Credito Sammarinese S P A Creditplus Bank Aktiengesellschaft Creditverein Wilhermsdorf Eg Credo Capital Plc Credo Corporate Finance Limited Credy Banka Ad Kragujevac Creelia Snc Crefidis Sa Creglinger Bank Eg Crest Depository Limited Cresvale Switzerland Ltd Creverbanca S P A Crh Caisse De Refinancement De L 039 Habitat Sa Crica Regime Crisil Limited Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka Ad Podgorica Cronbank Ag Cronbank Aktiengesellschaft Crosby Indonesia Pt Crosby Research Ltd Crosby Research Sdn Bhd Cross Asset Management Limited Crossborder Capital Limited Crown Agents Bank Limited Crown Agents Investment Management Limited Crown Finance And Leasing Limited Crown Westfalen Bank Ag Crystal Finance Investments Ltd Cs Futures Co Ltd Cs Life And Pensions Cs Trust Liechtenstein Csam Csc Deutschland Solutions Gmbh Csfb India Securities Private Ltd Csfb Limited Csl Stockbrokers Limited Csob Asset Management Sprav Spol A S Csob Stavebna Sporitelna A S Csse Cit Agricole Mutuel Nlle Caledonie Csse Garantie Du Logement Locatif Social Ctbs S A Cube Financial Limited Culross Global Management Limited Cultor Asset Management International Limited Cultura Sparebank Cumberland Building Society Cunningham Coates Limited Curacao International Trust Co N V Curmi And Partners Limited Currencies Direct Ltd Currency Insight Limited Curvalue Uk Limited Curzon Capital Limited Curzon Global U K Limited Curzon Securities Cuscatlan Bank And Trust Ltd Custom House Currency Exchange Australia Pty Ltd Custom House Financial Uk Ltd Custom House Nz Ltd Custom House S P A Cvc Capital Partners Limited Cwb Capital Partners Investments Limited Cwb Capital Partners Limited Cygnus Asset Management Sgiic S A Cygnus Venture Partners Limited Cyprus Credit Bank Ltd Cyprus Intec Bank Cyril Finance Asset Management Cyril Finance Gestion C F G Cyrus Conseil Sas D B R Investments Limited D C N S Societe Anonyme D Carnegie Ab D J Carmichael Pty Limited Da Chung Securities Co Ltd Dab Bank Ag Dae Han Securities Co Ltd Dae Yu Securities Co Ltd Daegu Bank Ltd The Daewoo Securities Co Ltd Daewoo Securities Europe Ltd Daf Finance Et Services Sa Dafa Securities Co Ltd Dagenergobank Dagestan Cbsd Ooo Dah Sing Finance Limited Dai A Commercial Joint Stock Bank Dai Chi Kangyo Securities 6F Marunouchi Centre Bldg Dai Ichi Europe Ltd Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank Ltd The Dai Nam Ngan Hang Dai Nam Bank Daiaky Securities Co Ltd Daicel International Finance Bv Daichu Securities Company Daima Bank Ltd Daimler Ag Daimler Australia Pacific Pty Ltd Daimler Canada Finance Inc Daimler International Finance B V Daimler Japan Ltd Daimler Pension Trust E V Daimler Unterstuetzungskasse Gmbh Daimlerchrysler Capital Serv Debis Fra Daimlerchrysler Financial Services Daishi Bank Ltd The Daishin International Europe Ltd Daishin Securities Co Ltd Daitoku Securities Co Ltd Daiwa Asset Management Co Ltd Daiwa Asset Management Europe Ltd Daiwa Europe Deutschland Gmbh Daiwa Indonesia Securities Pt Daiwa Securities Canada Ltd Daiwa Securities Co Ltd Daiwa Securities Smbc Australia Limited Daiwa Securities Smbc Cathay Co Ltd Daiwa Securities Smbc Co Ltd Seoul Branch Daiwa Securities Smbc Stockbroking Limited Dalkey Credit Union Limited Dallah Albaraka Investment Company Limited Dalrybbank Far Eastern Joint Stock Commercial Bank Of Fisheries Dalton Nicol Reid Dana Gajah Sakti Pt Danabank Danaduta Indonesi Danametro Sekuritas Pt Danamon Securitas Pt Danasakti Securities Daniel Bank Daniel Stewart And Company Plc Danli Securities Co Ltd Danone Finance S A Danske Bank A S Latvija Branch Danske Bank A S Lithuania Branch Danske Bank A S S A Odzial W Polsce Danske Bank As Sverige Filial Danske Bank Danubio Sim Dao Heng Bank Inc Dao Heng Finance Limited Dar Es Salaam Community Bank Ltd Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank Dar Jan Securities Co Ltd Darlington Investment Services Darmsheimer Bank Eg Dartem Dashin Securities Co Ltd Datek Securities Inc David Go Securities Corp David Mattimoe David Morgan Futures Ltd David Ramage Davos Investments Ltd Davy Stockbrokers Dawnay Day Equities Limited Dawnay Day Lander Limited Dawney Day Securities Limited Dawood Islamic Bank Limited Daykhanbank Db Consortium S Cons A R L Db Uk Bank Limited London Dbi Dresdnerbank Investment Management Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Dbm Ltd Mauritius Dbmg Futures And Options Limited Dbp Daiwa Sbcm Philippines Dbs Bank Hong Kong Limited Macau Branch Dbs Bank Ltd Formerly Bowa Bank Dbs Bank Ltd Labuan Branch Dbs Bank Ltd Seoul Branch Dbs Bank Ltd Taipei Branch Dbs Bank Ltd Tokyo Branch Dbs Bank Ltd Dbs Securities Phils Inc Dbs Securities Uk Ltd Dbs Vickers Securities Thailand Company Limited Dcc Corporate Finance Dcm Brokers B V De Brae Investment Management Limited De Lage Landen International B V De Shaw International De Silva And Abeywardena Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Deacon Capital Corporation Deal Bank Ooo Dealwise Limited Dealwise Debeka Bausparkasse Ag Decimax Securities Pty Ltd Deemte Artadharma Deep Blue Capital B V Default.Css Defo Deutsche Fonds Fuer Immobilienvermoegen Gmbh Deg Deutsche Investitions Und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Mbh Degroof Banque Privee Sa Degussa Bank Gmbh Deka Fundmaster Investmentgesellschaft Mbh Deka Immobilien Investment Gmbh Deka Investment Gmbh Deka Swiss Privatbank Ag Dekabank Deutsche Girozentrale Frankfurt Del Sur Banco Universal C A Delavska Hranilnica D D Ljubljana Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei Ag Delta Bank Jsc Delta Bank Delta Based Strategies Limited Delta Lloyd Asset Management N V Delta Lloyd Asset Management Delta Lloyd Bank N V Delta Menkul De Erler A S Delta Valori Mobiliare D V M S A Deltabank Deltacredit Cb Zao Delubac Asset Management Sa Demark Bank Js Demers Conseil Inc Demir Faktoring A S Demir Halk Bank Nederland N V Demir Kyrgyz International Bank Demir Yatirim Menkul Degerler A S Dena Bank 2 Dena Bank Denge Menkul Degerler Denizbank Wien Ag Deno Vermogensbeheer B V Depfa Bank Ag Depfa Bank Plc Filiale Italiana Depfa Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ag Filiale Italiana Depfa Deutsche Pfandbriefbank Ag Deposit Protection Agency Depositaire Central Banque De Reglement Dcbr Niger Depositaire Central Banque De Reglement Dcbr Senegal Depositaire Central Banque De Reglement Dcbr Togo Depositaire Central Banque De Reglement Depository Clearing Company Depozitarul Central S A Derborsa Menkul Degerler Derzhava Jscb Dettinger Bank Eg Volks Und Raiffeisenbank Deutche Bank Gilts Ltd Deutsche Asset Management Japan Ltd Deutsche Asset Management Schweiz Deutsche Bank A G Amsterdam Deutsche Bank A S Deutsche Bank Ag 2 Deutsche Bank Ag Bangkok Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Canada Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Colombo Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Islamabad Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Karachi Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Lahore Branch Deutsche Bank Ag New Zealand Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Riyadh Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Seoul Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Spanish Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Taipei Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Zurich Branch Deutsche Bank Ag Deutsche Bank Anonim Sirketi Deutsche Bank Capital Markets Dese Limited Deutsche Bank Credit S A Deutsche Bank Finance N V Deutsche Bank Gestion Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch Deutsche Bank International Limited Deutsche Bank Istanbul Deutsche Bank Malaysia Berhad Deutsche Bank Mauritius Ltd Deutsche Bank Ooo Deutsche Bank Pbc S A Deutsche Bank Peru S A Deutsche Bank Polska S A Deutsche Bank Portugal S A Deutsche Bank Schweiz Ag Zurich Private Banking Deutsche Bank Securities Limited Deutsche Bank Sociedad Anonima Espanola Deutsche Bank Suisse Sa Private Banking Deutsche Bank Svizzera Sa Lugano Private Banking Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Intl London Branch Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas London Branch Deutsche Bank Uruguay S A I F E Deutsche Capital Markets Australia Ltd Deutsche Futures London Ltd Deutsche Holdings Australia Limited Deutsche Hypo London Branch Deutsche International Corporate Services Ltd Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Auckland New Zealand Deutsche Morgan Grenfell Wellington Deutsche Regis Partners Inc Deutsche Securities Asia Limited Deutsche Securities Australia Limited Deutsche Securities Inc Deutsche Securities Korea Co Deutsche Securities Mauritius Ltd Deutsche Securities New Zealand Limited Deutsche Securities Pty Ltd Devcom Bank Ltd Devcom Merchant Bank Ltd Development Bank Of Jamaica Limited Development Bank Of Kazakhstan Jsc Development Bank Of Kenya Limited Development Bank Of Southern Africa Limited Development Bank Of The Philippines Development Bank Of Zambia Development Bank Development Credit Bank Limited Developpement D 039 Applications Sur Reseaux A Valeur Ajoutee Sa Dexia Assureco Sa Dexia Bank Belgium London Branch Dexia Bank Nederland Nv Dexia Banka Slovensko A S 2 Dexia Banka Slovensko A S Dexia Clf Banque Sa Dexia Clf Immo Sa Dexia Crediop Spa Dexia Credit Local Dublin Dexia Credit Local S A Canada Dexia Credit Local Tokyo Branch Dexia Credit Local Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland Ag Dexia Privatbank Schweiz Dexia Private Bank Jersey Limited St Helier Dexia Public Finance Israel Ltd Dexia Sabadell Banco Local S A Dexia Sabadell Sucursal Portugal Dezelna Banka Slovenije D D Dfc Limited Dfcc Vardhana Bank Limited Dfcu Bank Dfh Eigenheimbank Ag Dg Investment Bank Ltd Dhana Nakorn Finance And Securities Public Co Ltd Dhana Siam Finance Dhana Tunggal Binasatya Pt Dhanadaya Anugerah Pt Dhanamas Buana Wirasta Pt Dharma Finance Corp Dharmala Securities Phils Inc Diageo Plc Dialog Finansadgivning As Dialogbank Ltd Diamant Bank Joint Stock Bank Diamond Bank Plc Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited Diamond Trust Bank Tanzania Ltd Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited Diamondbank Senegal Diamondbank Togo Dicksons Limited Diehl And St Johnston Ltd Dif Broker Soc Corretora S A Difc Authority Dig Bank Digital Capital Limited Dijamant Banka Ad Zrenjanin Dijkstra Beaumont Wealth Management B V Dijlah And Furat Bank Diler Yatirim Bankasi A S Dillon Read And Co Inc Dillon Read Securities Ltd Dilmun Investment Advisors Ltd Dilmun Investments Limited Dima Vermogensbeheer B V Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd Dinam Management And Finance Co Ltd Dinosaur Securities Uk Limited Diputacion General De Aragon Direct Broker For Financial Service Direct Broking Ltd Direct Deal Stockbrokers Ltd Direct Line Unit Trusts Limited Direct Portfolio Services Ltd Direct Sharedeal Ltd Directa Sim Spa Direktbank N V Dis Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S Discount Bank Latin America Discount Securities Limited Disko Factoring Bank Gmbh Diskont Und Effekten Ag Diskontas Finansinio Maklerio Uab Dithmarscher Volks Und Raiffeisenbank Eg Diversified Securities Inc Dixon Investment Advisers Limited Dj Finance Limited Dkb Financial Products Uk Ltd Dkb Investment Management International Ltd Dkm Darlehnskasse Muenster Eg Dl Corporation Agencia De Valores S A Dlala Brokerage Dlhopis O C P A S Dlibj Asset Management International Limited Dlj Direct Dlj Global Ims Dlj Uk Ltd Dm Wright And Partners Dn Capital Limited Dnb Nor Asset Management Ab Dnb Nor Bank Asa 2 Dnb Nor Bank Asa Filial Sverige Dnb Nor Bank Asa Filiale Deutschland Dnb Nor Bank Asa London Branch Dnb Nor Bank Asa Dnb Nor Kapitalforvaltning Asa Dnb Nor Markets Custody A Business Unit Of Dnb Nor ... Doha Bank Ltd Doha Bank Doha Securities Market Doherty And Associates Co Ltd Dolfin Financial Services Pty Ltd Dolinsk Bank Dolmen Butler Briscoe Blmberg Dolmen Butler Briscoe Gbltopic Dolmen Butler Briscoe Uk Dolmen Butler Briscoe Dom Inwestycyjny Bre Banku S A Bre Securities S A Dom Inwestycyjny Nehrebetius S A Dom Maklerski Amerbrokers Spowka Akcyjna Dom Maklerski Banku Handlowego Spowka Akcyjna Dom Maklerski Banku Ochrony Srodowiska Sa Dom Maklerski Dfp Sp Z O O Dom Maklerski Idm Spowka Akcyjna Dom Maklerski Navigator Sa Dom Maklerski Penetrator Sa Dom Maklerski Polonia Net Sa Brokerage House Dom Maklerski Tms Brokers S A Dominick And Dominick Inc Dominick And Dominick Limited Dominick And Dominick Securities Donaktivbank Donaldson Lufkin And Jenrette International Donaldson Lufkin And Jenrette Secu Rities Corporation Donbank Doncombank Dong Bu Securities Co Ltd Donga Bank Donghorbank Joint Stock Company Dongsuh Securities Co Ltd Dongwon Securities Doninvest Commercial Bank Donskoj Narodnyj Bank Doradztwo Dla Polskich Przedsiebiorstw Securities S A Dorchester Asset Management Limited Dorinvest S A Dortmunder Volksbank Eg Dos Credobank Ojsc Dos Gmbh Doughty Hanson And Co Ltd Doughty Hanson And Co Managers Ltd Doughty Hanson And Co Real Estate Limited Doughty Hanson And Co Technology Limited Douglas Credit Union Limited Dow Financial Services Inc Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited Downing Corporate Finance Limited Doyle Paterson Brown Dragon Securities Limited Drasey Wright Draycott Partners Ltd Draysey And Wright Stockbrokers Ltd Dresdner Bank Luxembourg S A Sucursal Financeira Exterior Dresdner Cetelem Kreditbank Gmbh Dresdner Kleinwort Benson North America Ltd Dresdner Kleinwort Capital Ventures Management Limited Dresdner Kleinwort Limited Dresdner Kleinwort Securities Limited Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Securities Sim Spa Dresdner Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Eg Drgn Limited Drivers Jonas Financial Services Li Mited Drumcondra And District Credit Union Limited Drummond Investment Bank Limited Drw Investments Uk Limited Dryden Capital Management Limited Dsb Bank Also Known As De Surinaamsche Bank N V ... Dtb Deutsche Terminboerse Gmbh Dtz Debenham Thorpe Financial Services Limited Dtz Financial Services Limited Dubai Bank Kenya Ltd Dubai Bank Pjsc Dubai Financial Market Pjsc Dubai Gold And Commodities Exchange Dmcc Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited Dubai Islamic Bank Duenya Menkul De Erler A S Duesseldorfer Hypothekenbank Ag Duet Asset Management Limited Duke Street Iii Limited Dunbar Bank Plc Dunbar Boyle And Kingsley Ltd Dunboyne And District Credit Union Limited Duncan Lawrie Limited Dundee Securities Corporation Dune Partners Limited Dunedin Capital Partners Limited Dunedin Fund Managers Limited Dunfermline Building Society Dunlavin Credit Union Limited Dunmanway Credit Union Limited Dunova Kapitalforvaltning Ab Dunshaughlin Credit Union Limited Dupont Asturias S L Dupont Denant Contrepartie Durlacher And Co Ltd Durlacher Ltd Dusco Uk Ltd Dvb Bank Se Dws Investment Gmbh Dye Asset Management Limited Dyer And Blair Limited Dynamic Eastern Finance Thailand 1991 Public Co Ltd Dynamic Wealth Stockbrokers Pty Ltd Dz Bank Ag Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank 2 Dz Bank Ag Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank Fm F Dg Bank Dz Bank Ag Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank Frankfurt A Main Form ... Dz Bank Ag Deutsche Zentral Genossenschaftsbank Dz Bank Ag Deutsche Zentralgenossenschaftsbank Dzb Bank Gmbh E 039 L Dorado Guarantee Pvt Ltd E Chua Chiaco Securities Inc E D I Equity Derivatives Investments B V E F G Bank European Financial Group E Finances E Mid S P A E Oehman J Or Fondkommission Aktiebolag E Ohman J Or Kapitalforvaltning E On Energy Trading S P A E On Trading Nordic Ab E Services And Communications Credit Union Limited E Sun Commercial Bank Ltd E Three M Investments Inc E Trade Australia Securities Ltd E Trade Bank Ag E Trade Sverige Ab Eagle Star Investment Management Earthport Plc East Africa Maritime East African Development Bank East Capital Aktiebolag East European Bank Jscb East Meath Credit Union Limited East West Banking Corporation East West Capital Corp Eastbridge Bank Eastern And Southern African Trade And Developmentbank Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Eastern Securities Development Corporation Eastern Securities S A Easy Trade Asa Easybroker International Limited Eaustbond Proprietary Ltd Ebc Corporate Consultants Ltd Ebc Securities Corp Ebc Securities Services Limited Ebc Trust Company Jersey Limited Ebc Zurich Ag Ebi Sa Ebn Banco De Negocios S A Ebn Banco Ebs Building Society Ec Hambro Rabben And Partners Ltd Ecclesiastical Group Asset Management Limited Ecclesiastical Investment Management Limited Echelon Wealth Management Limited Eci Ventures Limited Eci Ventures Managers Ltd Eclipse Fund Management Limited Eclipse Futures Hk Limited Eclipse Options Nl B V Eco Trade And Development Bank Ecobank Kenya Ltd Ecobank Liberia Limited Ecobank Mali Ecobank Niger Ecn Ecobank Nigeria Plc Ecobank Rwanda Ecobank Sao Tome Ecobank Senegal Ecobank Sierra Leone Limited Ecobank Togo Ecobank Uganda Ecobank Zambia Ecofi Finance S A Ecofi Investissements Sa Ecofin Limited Econombank Zao Economic Union Bank Economics Bank Economy Bank For Investment And Finance Economy Bank Econostat Uk Limited Ecoprombank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Ecowas Bank For Investment And Development Ecu Sim Ecureuil Gestion Ecureuil Vie Eczacibasi Menkul De Erler A S Eczacibasi Ubp Portfoey Yoenetimi A S Ed And F Man Finance Ltd Edelweiss Securities Pvt Ltd Eden Financial Limited Eden Group Nominees Limited Eden Group Edenderry Credit Union Limited Edf Trading Limited Edgepoint Wealth Edinburgh Partners Limited Edinburgh Portfolio Limited Edison Trading S P A Edutraders Iii B V Edward Associates Limited Edward D Jones And Co Edward Jones Limited Edwards And Company Edwards Securities Limited Efatha Bank Limited Effectenkantoor Nieuwe Uitleg B V Effective Traders Amsterdam B V Efg Asset Management Limited Efg Bank Ab Efg Bank Ag Efg Bank Luxembourg S A Sucursal En Espana Efg Bank Von Ernst Ag Efg Corporate Finance Limited Efg Eurobank Ergasias S A Efg Eurobank Ergasias Sa Jsc Poland Branch Efg Eurobank Ergasias Sa Efg Eurobank Securities S A Efg Eurobank Securities Sa Efg Financial Products Efg Harris Allday Efg Istanbul Menkul De Erler Anonim Sirketi Efg Private Bank C I Lt Jersey Branch Efg Private Bank Limited Efg Securities A D Belgrade Efgh Corporate Finance Limited Efibanca S P A Banco Popolare Group Eficorp Sekuritas Pt Egden Wignall And Co Ege Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S Egemen Menkul Degerler Egerton Capital Limited Egg Banking Plc Egl Italia Spa Egl Sverige Ab Egnatia Securities S A Egyptian Arab Land Bank Ehime Bank Ltd The Eib Securities Inc Eidgenoessische Finanzverwaltung Eidsberg Sparebank Eiger Securities Llp Eighteenth Bank Limited The Eilon And Associates Limited Eim United Kingdom Limited Ekf Enskild Kapitalfoervaltning Ab Ekinciler Investment And Securities Inc Ekinciler Menkul Degerler Ekinciler Yatirim Menkul De Erler As Ekol Menkul Degerler Eksportfinans Asa Ekspres Commercial Bank Ekspres Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S El And C Baillieu Stockbroking Ltd El Bank Commercheskij Bank Ooo El Fondo De Garantia De Depositos En Cajas De Ahorro El Nilein Industrial Development Bank Group Elaf Islamic Bank Elara Capital Plc Elavon Financial Services Ltd Eldainvest S A Elderstreet Corporate Finance Ltd Elderstreet Investments Limited Elderstreet Private Equity Limited Eldon Capital Management Ltd Electra Partners Europe Limited Electricite De France Electronic Trading System Valores S V S A Elgazeera Sudanese Jordanian Bank Elixir Securities Limited Ellerston Capital Limited Elli Gifford Ellis And Partners Limited Elphin Credit Union Limited Elstree Investment Management Limited Elwin Capital Partners Limited Ely Fund Managers Limited Elysian Fund Management Limited Emcf Nv Emerald Bank Emergent Asset Management Ltd Emerging Market Bond And Asset Trading Co Limited The Emerson Network Power Ltd Emg Corporate Finance Limited Emirates Bank International Pjsc Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited Emirates Lebanon Bank Sal Emirates Nbd Bank Pjsc 2 Emirates Nbd Bank Pjsc Emkay Global Financial Services Limited Emperor Futures Limited Employees 039 Inter Related Enterprises Credit Union Limited Employees Provident Fund Board Emporiki Bank Of Greece S A London Branch Emporiki Bank Romania Emsa Limited Emyvale District Credit Union Limited Enam Securities Private Limited Endeavour Capital Management Limited Endeavour Securities Ltd Endesa S A Endex European Energy Derivatives Exchange N V Endurance Fund Management Limited Enebakk Sparebank Enel S P A Enel Trade S P A Energobank Enfield Credit Union Limited Eng Securities Sdn Bhd Engage Mutual Funds Limited Engelhard International Limited English Trust Company Ltd Enniscorthy Credit Union Limited Ennismore Fund Management Limited Ennistymon And District Credit Union Limited Enron Europe Finance And Trading Li Mited Enron Metals Brokers Limited Enskilda Securities Asa Enter Kapitalforvaltning Ab Enterprise Corporate Finance Limited Enterprise Ventures Limited Entie Commercial Bank Entris Banking Ag Formerly Rba Zentralbank Envoy Services Limited Eo Plc Eon Bank Berhad Eon Finance Bhd Eoncap Islamic Bank Berhad Eoncap Securities Sdn Bhd Epargne Actuelle Finance Eperon Petroleum Ltd Epic Asset Management Limited Epic Financial Services Limited Epic Prowess Of Japan Fund Epic Wisdom Of Japan Epo Com Ab Epsilon Investments Limited Epworth Investment Management Ltd Equatorial Commercial Bank Ltd Equatorial Corporation Plc Equibet Com Limited Equiclear Pty Ltd Equinox Capital Management Limited Equinox Securities Limited Equita Sim S P A Equitable House Investments Limited Equitable P C I Bank Equitable Securities Phils Inc Equitech Financial Services Limited Equitek Capital Limited Equitiworld Securities Inc Equitorial Trust Bank Limited Equity And Corporate Finance Plc Equity Bank Limited Equity Bank Uganda Ltd Equity Development Limited Equity Growth Research Limited Equity Invest S A Equity Investigator Limited Equity Partnerships Fund Management Limited Equity Stockbrokers Limited Equity Trust Co N V Equity Trustees Ltd Equity Ventures Limited Erahsian Securities Co Ltd Erde Bank Vat Erdhika Mualatama Securities Pt Erecta Hitchin Investments Ltd Erelbank Of Mongolia Erelbank Ltd Erik Penser Bankaktiebolag Ermgassen And Co Limited Ermitage Uk Limited Ernst En Van Den Broek Vermogensbeheer B V Erris Credit Union Limited Ersparniskasse Affoltern I E Ag Ersparniskasse Rueeggisberg Ersparniskasse Schaffhausen Ersparniskasse Von Konolfingen Erste Bank A D Novi Sad Erste Bank Ad Podgorica Erste Bank Jsc Erste Bank Malta Limited Erste Group Bank Ag Former Erste Bank Esaf Es Fundos De Investimento Imobiliario Sa Esaf Es Fundos De Investimento Mobiliario Sa Esaf Es Fundos De Pensoes Sa Esam Cushing And Co Esaote International N V Eser Sociedade Financeira De Corretagem Sa Eskaha Bank Opened Joint Stock Company Eskhata Bank Opened Joint Stock Company Eskom Treasury Esn Investment Management Ltd Espaclear Sistemas De Compensacion De Activos Financieros Sa Av Espirito Santo Bank Of Florida Espirito Santo Dealer Sociedade Financeira De Corretagem Espirito Santo Investment Poland Esso Exploration And Production Uk Limited Esso Petroleum Company Limited Esteuro Capital S A Estinvest S A Estuary Credit Union Limited Et Capital Limited Etalon Bank Eteba Romania S A Etne Sparebank Etnedal Sparebank Eturn Capital Management Ab Eurafrican Bank Tanzania Limited Eurasian Bank Eurasian Development Bank Eureffect Asset Management B V Eurex Repo Zurich Euro American Participations B V Euro Bank Euro Brokers Financial Services Ltd Euro Commercial Bank Spa Euroaxis Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Eurobanca Del Trentino S P A Eurobank Del Mediterraneo S A Eurobank Efg Ad Beograd Eurobank Eurocam Sa Euroclear France Euroclear Nederland Euroclear Uk And Ireland Ltd Previously Known As Crestco Ltd Eurocredit Commercial Bank Ltd Liability Company Eurofima Europaische Gesellschaft Fuer Die Finanzierung Von Eisenbahnmaterial Eurofinanzas S A S V B Eurofinimm Sim Eurofutura Intermediazioni Sim Eurogasbank Eurohypo Ag Amsterdam Branch Eurohypo Ag Milan Branch Eurohypo Ag Portuguese Branch Eurohypo Ag Tyskland Stockholm Bank Eurohypo Ag Euromaf Assurance Des Ingenieurs Et Architectes Europeens Sa Euronext Lisboa Europaeische Hypothekenbank S A Europe Arab Bank Plc Milan Branch Europe Arab Bank Plc Sucursal En Espana Europe Arab Bank Plc Europea Popular De Inversiones S V B S A European Aeronautic Defence And Space Company Eadsn V European American Investment Advisory Services European Bank For Fund Services Gmbh European Bank For Reconstruction And Development European Bank Of Rational Financing Cjsc European Capital Financial Services Limited European Central Bank European Central Counterparty Limited European Commodity Management As European Reinsurance Company Of Zurich European Trustees And Fiduciaries Association Etfa Europeenne De Gestion Privee Suisse Sa Eurosavam S A Eurosim Spa Eurostandard Bank Ad Eurotrust Cb Zao Eurowire Cash Management Trust Eurowire Clearing Corporation Euroz Securities Limited Evans And Partners Pty Ltd Evans Randall Investment Management Limited Evans Rankin Services Limited Ever Advance Securities Co Ltd Everest Bank Ltd Everett Financial Management Limited Everglory Securities Co Ltd Evergreen Securities Everising Securities Co Ltd Evgin Menkul Degerler Evis Menkul De Erler As Evje Og Hornnes Sparebank Evli Bank Abp Stockholmsfilial Evli Bank Ltd Evolution Securities China Limited Evolution Securities Limited Evolution Securities Ltd Ewt Europe Limited Exane Limited Excellence Nessuah Brokerage Services Limited Exectrust Pty Ltd Execution Limited Exeter Asset Management Limited Exeter Fund Managers Ltd Exim Securities Pt Eximbank Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company Eximbank Of Romania Eximbank Tanzania Ltd Exotic Limited Park House Exotix Limited Expertus Technologies Inc Explora Active Management As Explora Capital Management Asa Expobank Commercial Bank Export And Credit Bank Inc Export And Industry Bank Export Development Bank Of Iran 2 Export Development Bank Of Iran Export Development Bank Export Development Canada Export Development Fund Jamaica Ltd Export Import Bank Of India Export Import Bank Of Korea The Export Import Bank Of Malaysia Berhad Export Import Bank Of Slovak Republic Export Import Bank Of Thailand Export Import Bank Of The Republic Of China The Express Bank Jsc Express Bank Spoldzielczy W Rzeszowie Exprinter International Bank N V Exprinter Uruguay S A Extrade Solutions Exxonmobil Sales And Supply Llc F And C Portugal Gestao De Patrimonios S A F D I Societe Anonyme Cooperative D 039 Interet Collectif ... F G Inversiones Bursatiles Sa F I N T F Yap Securities Inc Fa Securities Sdn Bhd Fabian J A Finlay F C A Fabien Pictet And Partners Limited Facet Sa Factobail Factor Banka D D Faida Investment Bank Ltd Fair Eagle Securities Company Limited Fairbairn Private Bank Iom Ltd London Office Fairbairn Private Bank Iom Ltd Fairbairn Private Bank Ltd Fairfax I S Plc Fairfax Investment Management Limited Fairfield Greenwich Uk Limited Fairmount Stockbrokers Ltd Fairview Credit Union Limited Fairwind Securities S A Faisal Islamic Bank 2 Faisal Islamic Bank Of Bahrain Faisal Islamic Bank Faisal Private Bank Switzerland S A Falcinvest Asset Management B V Falcon Property Trust Falcon Securities Uk Ltd Familiar Saeca Family Bank Limited Family Equity Plan Limited Family Investment Management Limited Family Trust Corporation Fana Sparebank Far East Bank And Trust Co Foreign Currency Deposit Unit ... Far East National Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch Far East Securities Company Limited Far Eastern Bank Oao Far Eastern Commercial Bank Oao Far Eastern International Bank Far Eastern Securities Far Fame Securities Co Ltd Farbanca S P A Fares Bank Ltd Fares Insurance Company Services Ltd Farley And Thompson Farmers Commercial Bank Farmwise Limited Farranree Credit Union Limited Fas Credit Union Limited Fauchier Magnan Durant Des Aulnois Sa Fauchier Partners Limited Faughart Credit Union Limited Faurecia Favicon Faxtor Securities B V Fay Richwhite And Company Limited Faysal Bank Limited 2 Faysal Bank Limited Fbc Bank Ltd Formerly First Banking Corporation Limited Fbc Fidelity Bank Limited Fbme Bank Ltd Fbn Bank Uk Limited Fbn Bank Uk Ltd Fc Capital Ltd Fcb Firmen Credit Bank Gmbh Fce Bank Plc Fcf Fox Corporate Finance Gmbh Fcmb Uk Limited Fct Equities Uk Limited Fct Europe Limited Fct Group L L C Fdh Bank Limited Fearnley Fond A S Fearnoil Futures Ltd Feb Stock Brokers Inc Federal Bank For Innovation And Development Federal Bank Limited The 2 Federal Bank Limited The Federal Bank Of Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank Federal Bank Of Lebanon S A L Federal Exchange Federation De Caisses Populaires Desjardins De Montreal Federation Des Caisses Populaires Du Manitoba Fedlife Assurance Limited Fedsure Asset Management Co Pty Ltd Felce Management Company Limited Fenc Netherlands B V Fenchurch Trust Ltd Fenice Spa Fennoscandia Bank Ltd Ferbane And District Credit Union Limited Ferghana Partners Limited Fergus Credit Union Limited Fermoy Credit Union Limited Ferox Capital Management Limited Ferrazzi And Associates Limited Fersped Broker Ad Fethard And District Credit Union Limited Fexco Financial Services Malta Limited Fexco Stockbroking Limited Ff And P Advisory Limited Ff And P Asset Management Limited Ffa Private Bank S A L Ffo Securities Pty Ltd Ffsa Fonds Et Finances S A Fgbc Limited Fgh Bank Antillen N V Fia Bank Fiat Bank Gmbh Fibi Bank Switzerland Ltd Ficon Capital Management Ltd Fida Intermediazioni Sim Spa Fidelity Bank Plc Fidelity Commercial Bank Ltd Fidelity Investment Service Gmbh Fidelity Investments Australia Ltd Fidentiis Equities Sociedad De Valores Sa Fideuram Asset Management Ireland Ltd Fideuram Bank Suisse S A Fideuram Fondi Spa Fideuram Gestioni Patrimoniali Sim Spa Fiducian Portfolio Services Ltd Fiducie Desjardins Fidus Sal Groupe Societe Generale Fieret En Van Lynden B V Fil Investments International Fil Investments Japan Limited Fim Kapitalforvaltning Ab Finland Fima Bank J S C Prishtina Fimagro B V Fimbank Plc Fimedit Fondi Spa Fimex Capital O C P A S Fin Eco Banca Icq S P A Banca Fin Eco ... Fina Bank Limited Fina Bank Ltd Fina Bank S A Finabank N V Finaco Securities S A Finacom Investment House Limited Finan Corpindo Nusa Pt Finance Bank Malawi Ltd Finance Bank Zambia Limited Finance Bank Finance House P J S C Financecreditbank Kab Financial Bank Togo Formerly Societe Nationale D 039 Investissement Financial Brokerage Company Dv Invest Ltd Financial Currency Brokers S A Pty Ltd Financial House Clearing Center Financial Investment Bank Financial Models Company Inc Financial Partners Bank Limited Financial Planning Services Limited Financial Plus Investment Services Limited Financial Ppc Group Sweden Ab Financial Services Company Saog Financial Standard Cb Ooo Financial Union Bank Financiera De Credito Del Peru Financiera Peruana Financiere Agache Financiere De Champlain Sas Financorp Valores C A Finans Portfoey Yoenetimi A S Finansa Credit Ltd Finansa Securities Ltd Finansbank A S Finansbank Malta Ltd Finanscorp Finansman Yatirim Finansia Syrus Securities Public Co Ltd Finansovyj Kapital Finanza And Futuro Banca Societa 039 Per Azioni Finanza And Futuro Fondi Sprind Spa Finanzgesellschaft Mit B Lizenz Finanziaria Internazionale Alternative Investment Societa 039 Di Gestione Del Risparmio ... Finanziaria Milanese Sim Finanzierungsgesellschaft Viking Finarbit Ag Finba Menkul Degerler Finbank Finch Asset Management Limited Finco Treasury Management Limited Fincom Bank Of Malawi Limited Fincom Fincor Fincross Securities As Findlay And Co Stockbrokers Ltd Findomestic Banca S P A Findomestic Banka Ad Formerly Nova Banka Beograd Ad Fineco Sociedad De Valores S A Finemiro Banca S P A Finex Ag Finglas Credit Union Limited Finhill Finibanco S A Fininfor Et Associes Multigestion Finivalor Sociedade Gestora De Fundos Mobiliarios S A Finles Vermogensbeheer B V Finsettle Services Pty Ltd Finswitch Pty Ltd Fintauro Sim Finter Bank Zuerich Finvest Securities Co Inc Fio O C P A S Fio Sporitelne Druzstvo Organizacna Zlozka Zahranicnej Osoby First Active Plc First Alliance Bank First Arrow Investment Management Limited First Asia Securities Public Co Ltd First Associates Investments Inc First Bangkok City Finance And Securities Public Company Limited First Bank Of Nigeria Plc First Bank Of Toyama Ltd First Canada Securities Corporation First Capital Asset Managers B V First Capital Bank First Capital Treasuries Limited First Chicago Capital Markets Inc First Chicago Futures Inc First Citizens Asset Management Limited First Citizens Bank Limited First Citizens Merchant Bank Ltd First City Capital Inc First City Monument Bank First Commercial Bank Ho Chi Minh City Branch First Commercial Bank Tokyo Branch First Commercial Bank First Community Bank Limited First Consolidated Bank First Curacao International Bank N V First Czech Russian Bank Llc First E Banque D 039 Escompte First East Export Bank First Equity Emerging Markets Ltd First Equity Services Ltd First Euro Securities And Derivatives Trading B V First Financial Bank First Global Bank First Global Financial Services Limited First Gulf Bank First Gulf Financial Services First Gulf Libyan Bank First Inland Bank Plc First International Bank Liberia Limited First International Bank Of Israel Ltd The First International Bank Sl Limited First International Traders Dom Maklerski Sa First Interstate Merchant Bank Nigeria Ltd First Investment Bank First Investment Finance Ltd First Joint Stock Commercial Bank First L A Guarantee Bank Limited First London Securities Limited First Merchant Bank Ltd Malawi First Merchant Banking Corporation First National Bank Limited First National Bank Of Lesotho First National Bank Of Namibia Limited First National Bank Of Swaziland Limited First National Bank S A De C V First National Bank S A L First National Bank Zambia Limited First Nz Capital Equities Limited First Orient Securities Inc First Pacific Bancorp Llc First Pacific Trust Ltd First Peninsula Securities Corp First Ressources Management And Securities Corporation The First Securities Asa First Securities Brokerage Company S A K First Securities Co Ltd First State Investments Uk Limited First Ukrainian International Bank Firstbank Puerto Rico Firstcaribbean International Bank Bahamas Limited Turks And Caicos Firstcaribbean International Bank Cayman Ltd Curacao Branch Firstcaribbean International Bank Jamaica Limited Firstcaribbean International Bank T And T Ltd Firstcaribbean International Bank Firstcaribbean International Trust And Merchant Bank Jamaica Limited Firstcarribbean International Bank Curacao N V Firstenergy Capital Corp Firstrand Bank Ltd Head Office Incl Divisions First National Bank ... Fischer Francis Trees And Watts Fisher And Partners Fjaler Sparebank Fl Auto Fleming Jersey Limited Fleming Martin Ltd Fleming Unit Trust Management Ltd Floor Broker Network Inc Flora Moscow Oao Floreta Purwa Artha Pt Florint B V Floris Bank Limited Flow Traders B V Fluhalp Trading B V Fm Bank S A Fm Fondmarknaden Ab Uat Fondab Ab Fm Uab Suprema Fmi Uab Baltic Stockholm Sparkassa Fnb Mozambique Sa Fnbo Creditinvest Zao Fns Securities Limited Fnxcard Corporation Ltd Fnz Uk Ltd Foersakringsaktiebolaget Skandia Publ Fokus Bank Part Of Danske Bank Group 2 Fokus Bank Part Of Danske Bank Group Folksam Spar Aktiebolag Fomento De Construcciones Y Contratas Foncier Assurance Fondkompassen Ab Fondo De Garantia De Depositos En Establecimientosbancarios Fonds De Compensation De L 039 Avs Fononbank Cjsc Fonplata Fondo Financiero Para El Desarollo De La Cuenca Del ... Forbank Commercial Bank Oao Forbes And Walker Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Ford Bank Niederlassung Der Fce Bank Plc Foreign And Colonial Fund Management Limited Foreign And Colonial Management Ltd Foreign And Colonial Unit Management Ltd Foreign And Colonial Utm Foreign Economic Industrial Bank Forest Investment Management Uk Ltd Forester Investments Limited Forester Maclean Benefit Consultants Ltd Forester Maclean Limited Forex Bank Aktiebolag Forkbeard Capital Llp Forsakringsbolaget Alecta Omsesidigt Forsta Ap Fonden Forsyth Barr Ltd Fortis Bank A S Fortis Bank Curacao N V Formerly Meespierson Curacao N V Fortis Bank Global Clearing Nv Fortis Bank Malta Ltd Fortis Bank Nederland N V Frankfurt Branch Fortis Bank Polska S A 2 Fortis Bank Polska S A Fortis Bank S A Sucursal En Espana Fortis Bank Sa Bucharest Branch Fortis Bank Sa Nv Branch Sweden Fortis Bank Suc Portugal Ex Generale Bank Suc Portugal Fortis Bank Sydney Branch Fortis Bank Tokyo Branch Fortis Banque France Fortis Banque Luxembourg Sa Fortis Clearing Options Hong Kong Limited Fortis Clearing Sydney Pty Ltd Fortis Commercial Finance Sas Fortis Gsfg Uk Limited Fortis Investment Advisors Limited Fortis Investment Management Australia Limited Fortis Investment Management Netherlands N V Fortis Isle Of Man Limited Fortis Na N V Formerly Meespierson Nederlandse Antillen N V Fortis Prime Brokerage Limited Fortitude Capital Pty Limited Fortum Portfolio Services Ab Fortuna Bank Ltd Fortune Asset Management Limited Fortune International Banc Plc Fortune Securities Inc Forum Bank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Forum Capital International Limited Foster Stockbroking Pty Limited Four M Traders Pty Ltd Fox Davies Capital Limited Foxrock And District Credit Union Limited Foyer Patrimonium Sa Foyil Securities New Europe Zat Fp Asset Management Fpb Asia Limited Framlington Unit Management Limited France Active Garantie Fag S A Francis Thuo And Partners Limited Francisco Ortigas Securities Inc Frankfurt Securities Ltd Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft Ag Frankfurter Bodenkreditbank Ag Frankfurter Fondsbank Gmbh Frankfurter Service Kapitalanlage Gesellschaft Mbh Frankfurter Volksbank Eg Franklin Templeton Investment Management Limited Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited Franklin Templeton Management Limited Fransa Invest Bank Fransabank Sal Fransabank Syria Sa Fransad Private Banking N V Fraser Finance Limited Freeman Fox Ltd Freeworld Capital Holdings Pty Ltd Freud Lemos Limited Friedman Billings Ramsey International Ltd Friends 039 Provident Unit Trust Managers Limited Frontiers Capital Limited Frost Capital Europe Limited Fsp Equities Management Limited Ftc London Uk Limited Fuel And Marine Marketing Limited Fuerstlich Castell 039 Sche Bank Credit Casse Ag Fuji Bank Limited The Fuji Investment Management Company Europe Limited Fuji Lord Abbett International Ltd Fuji Securities Fukui Bank Ltd The Fukuoka Stock Exchange Fukuyama Securities Co Ltd Fulton Prebon Malaysia Sdn Bhd Fund Advisors Uk Limited Fund Management Group Asa Norge Filial Fundbpo Fundo De Garantia De Depositos Fundquest Mm Limited Furness Building Society Future Bank Future Mortgages Limited Future Value Consultants Limited Fw Holst And Co Pty Ltd Fx Africa Foreign Exchange Pty Ltd Fx Africa Fx Alliance Llc Fxa World Plc Fyshe Horton Finney Limited G D Tan And Co Inc G I F Grupul De Intermediere Financiara S A G K Goh Securities Philippines Inc G K Goh Securities Pte Ltd G M Invest S A G Steponkaus Kontora Fmuab G V C General De Valores Y Cambios S A ... Gabites Sinclair And Partners Gabler Saliter Bankgeschaft Kommanditgesellschaft Gadd And Co Ab Gaesco Bolsa Sociedad De Valores Y Bolsa Sa Gagarinsky Bank Zao Gaia Fx Limited Galata Securities Inc Galaxy Asset Management Limited Galeainvest 2000 Agencia De Valores Sociedad Anonima Galicia Y Buenos Aires Securities Uk Ltd Galileo Capital Limited Gall And Eke Limited Gallesio Partners As Gallinat Bank Aktiengesellschaft Gallo And Co Limited Gam Fund Management Limited Gam International Management Ltd Gam London Limited Gam Schweiz Ag Gamba Azzoni And Co Sim S P A Ganda Surya Sekuritas Pt Gann Management Limited Garant Invest Bank Garanti Bank Malta Branch Garanti Bank Moscow Zao Cb Garanti Menkul Degerler Garanti Portfoey Yoenetimi A S Garanti Yatirim Menkul Kiymetler Anonimsirketi Garantibank International N V Garantibank International Nv Garantum Fondkommission Aktiebolag Garban Equities Limited Garban Intercapital Metals Limited Garban International Garlick And Co Ltd Gartmore Capital Management Limited Gartmore Fund Managers International Limited Gartmore Global Partners Garudapara Invesindo Pt Gasbank Joint Stock Bank Ukraine Gass Capital Markets Gmbh Gawang Rejeki Pt Gazbank Zao Akb Gazelle Corporate Finance Limited Gazenergobank Oao Gazprombank Invest Lebanon Sal Gazprombank Joint Stock Commercial Bank Gazprombank Gbd Gorenjska Borznoposredniska Druzba D D Gbs Mutual Bank Gc Securities Limited Gcr Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Gdp Gestione Di Patrimoni Sim Spa Ge Artesia Bank Formerly Banque Artesia Nederland N V Ge Asset Management Limited Ge Bank Gmbh Ge Capital Equipement Finance Sas Ge Capital Financements Immobiliers D 039 Entreprise Sas Ge Capital Group Services Limited Ge Capital Limited Ge Commercial Distribution Finance Ge Corporate Banking Europe S A S Ge Corporate Finance Bank Ge Factofrance Ge Financement Pacifique Sas Ge Money Bank Ab Ge Money Bank Gmbh Ge Money Bank Inc A Savings Bank Ge Money Bank Nuf Ge Money Bank S A Ge Money Bank Ge Money Retail Bank Public Company Gedik Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S Gedik Yatirim Ortakli I A S Gefinor Finance S A Gefonsa Sa Agencia De Valores Gemini Capital Ltd Genbel Securities Ltd Genborsa Menkul Degerler Gencor Treasury General Accident Executor And Trustee Company Limited General Accident Investment Management Services General Accident Pep Managers Ltd General Brokerage Ltd General De Valores Y Cambio S A S V B General Electric Capital Bank S A General Electric Capital Bank Sa General Equity Building Society General Finance And Securities Co Ltd General Re Financial Securities Limited Generale De Banque De Mauritanie Pour L 039 Investissement Et ... Generali Investimenti Generalitat Valenciana Generics Asset Management Ltd Genesis Asset Managers International Ltd Genesis Investment Bank Genesis Investment Management Australia Ltd Genesis Securities Genobank Donauwald Eg Genobank Mainz Eg Genossenschaftsbank Muenchen Eg Genossenschaftsbank Suedliche Westpfalz Eg Gentapastado Abadi Pt Genuity Capital Markets Genus Capital Management Inc Geojit Bnp Paribas Financial Services Limited Georgia Pacific Securities Corporation Geox Spa Geraer Bank Eg Gesinca Inversiones Gesmadrid S A S G I I C Gestemar Securities S V B Gesticredit Spa Gestinvest Internacional Gestion D 039 Encours De Credits Immobiliers Geci Sas Gestion D 039 Equipements Touristiques Industriels Et Commerciaux Getic Sa Gestion Nv Gestione Finanza Spa Gestioni Internationali Spa Gestiono Fondi Investimento Spa Getco Europe Ltd Getin Bank Sa Gfc General Finans Menkul Degerler A S Gfi Brokers Limited Gfi Securities Ltd Gfinet Uk Limited Gfm International Advisors Limited Gfm International Investment Limited Gfm International Investors Limited Gft Global Markets Uk Limited Ghana International Bank Plc Ghc Capital Markets Ltd Ghl Mortgage Services Limited Giant Precision Limited Giant Strongbox Limited Gie Agirc Arrco Groupement D 039 Interet Economique Gie Axa France Gifu Bank Ltd The Gifu Shinkin Bank The Gildeskal Sparebank Giorgio Vincent Sim Gipuzkoa Donostia Kutxa Caja Gipuzkoa San Sebastian Giro Commercial Bank Ltd Giro Curacao N V Girobank International N V Gjensidige Bank Asa Gjerpen Og Solum Sparebank Gjerstad Sparebank Gladbacher Bank Ag Von 1922 Glanmire And District Credit Union Limited Glarner Kantonalbank Glasgow Investment Managers Limited Glasthule Dun Laoghaire District Credit Union Limited Glc Limited Glebe Asset Management Ltd Glenamaddy Credit Union Limited Glencore Ag Glencore Far East Ag Glencore Finance Ag Glencore International Ag Glendinning And Glendinning Glendower Capital Limited Glg Global Investment Management Ltd.Php Glg Partners Lp Glh Derivatives Ltd Global Advisors Limited Global Asset Management Global Bank Liberia Limited Member Bankphb Group Global Bank Limited Global Business Holdings Inc Global Collect Services B V Global Derivatives Trading Amsterdam B V Global Direct Dealing Limited Global Emerging Markets Europe Ltd Global Eurofund Management Limited Global Financial Investments S A O G Global Financial Services Co Global Financing Limited Global Fund Analysis Limited Global Invest Finansformedling Sverige Global Investment House Global Invetsment Advisors Ltd Global Menkul De Erler A S Global Overseas Bank A D Global Petro Commercial Joint Stock Bank Global Reach Securities Limited Global Securities Corporation Global Thai Finance And Securities Co Ltd Global Trade Aim Limited Global Trust Bank Uganda Global Valori Mobiliare S A Global Value Investors Limited Globalcapital Financial Management Limited Globalcapital Fund Advisors Limited Globalclear Building Society Limited Globalclear Limited Globalmediapro Limited Globlex Securities Co Ltd Globus Bank Gluskin Sheff And Associates Inc Gm Investment Trustees Limited Gmbc Financial Services Limited Gmg Securities Limited Gmo Australia Ltd Gmo Woolley Limited Gmp Securities Europe Llp Gmt Communications Partners Limited Gn Parkes And Company Ltd Gni Financial Products Limited Go Fx Asset Management Gobierno De Cantabria Gobierno De Navarra Gold Trust Bank Golden Broker Sociedade Corretora Sa Golden Capital Securities Ltd Golden Circle Securities Co Ltd Golden Dividend 531 Pty Ltd Golden Securities International Corp Goldenberg Hehmeyer And Co Goldenberg Hehmeyer Llp Golder Uk Limited Golding And Slabbert Pty Ltd Goldman Sachs Asia L L C Seoul Branch Goldman Sachs Asia Llc Goldman Sachs Asset Management International Goldman Sachs Asset Management Japan Ltd Goldman Sachs Australia Llc Goldman Sachs Bank Ag Goldman Sachs Canada Inc Goldman Sachs Europe Goldman Sachs India Securities Private Limited Goldman Sachs International Bank Seoul Branch Goldman Sachs International Bank Goldman Sachs International Filiale Italiana Goldman Sachs Japan Co Ltd Goldman Sachs Jbwere Capital Markets Limited Goldman Sachs Jbwere Financial Markets Pty Ltd Goldman Sachs Jbwere Pty Ltd Goldman Sachs Longevity Markets U K Goldman Sachs S I M Spa Goldring S A Goldstar Securities Inc Gollyhott Trading Limited Golomt Bank Of Mongolia Gonet Et Cie Good Morning Securities Europe Limited Goodbody Stockbrokers Goode S J Gooisch Effectenhuis B V Gordian Knot Limited Gordon Capital Corporation Gorenjska Banka D D Kranj Goresbridge Credit Union Limited Gorey Credit Union Limited Goris En Ladru Vermogensbeheer B V Gosmore Investments Gospodarczy Bank Spoldzielczy W Barlinku Gospodarczy Bank Wielkopolski S A Gottex Financial Products Ltd Goulandris Brothers Limited Gould Steele And Co Goverment Of St Kitts And Nevis Government Housing Bank Government Of Montserrat Government Of Saint Lucia Government Of St Vincent And The Grenadines Government Of The Republic Of Serbia Ministry Of Finance Government Pension Fund Government Savings Bank Govindbhai B Desai Goy Hauvette S A Gp Bullhound Advisory Limited Gp Bullhound Limited Gpqh Leasing Limited Gr Dawes And Co Limited Graaffs Trust Limited Gracechurch Investments Limited Gran Sparebank Grand Cathay Securities Corporation Grand China Wealth Management Co Ltd Grant Bank Granville Baird Agency Granville Baird Limited Graubuendner Kantonalbank Gre Asset Management Ltd Great Fortune Securities Co Ltd Great Pacific Management Co Ltd Great Trust Joint Stock Commercial Bank Great Wall Securities Co Ltd Green Line Investor Services Ltd Green T Asset Management Limited Greenaway K Greenhill And Co International Greenhills And District Credit Union Limited Greenline Investor Services Greenoak Capital Management Limited Greenpark Capital Limited Greenslades Ltd Greg Mitchell Grenadier Capital Limited Gresham Securities Pty Limited Grey Horse Corporation Greyhound Financial And Leasing Corporation Ag Greystones And District Credit Union Limited Gries And Heissel Bankiers Aktiengesellschaft Griffin Capital Management Uk Limited Griffin Trading Company Griffiths Mcburney And Partners Grifols S A Grindrod Bank Limited Groeivermogen N V Groenstate Vermogensadvies B V Grong Sparebank Gross Gerauer Volksbank Eg Grosvenor Investment Management Limited Groupe Financiere Centuria Sas Growth Investments Limited Grue Sparebank Gruenberg Investments B V Gruppo Assinvest Spa Gryphon Emerging Markets Limited Gsc Group Limited Gsd Yatirim Bankasi A S Gt Finance Gt Unit Trust Managers Ltd Guangdong Development Bank Macau Branch Guaranty Trust Bank Liberia Limited Guaranty Trust Bank Limited Guaranty Trust Bank Sl Ltd Guaranty Trust Bank Uk Limited Guardian Asset Management Jamaica Limited Guardian Asset Management Ltd Guardian Baillie Gifford Limited Guardian Bank Limited Guardian Corporate As Guardian Corporate Finance Limited Guardian Life Limted Guardian Unit Managers Ltd Gueven Menkul De Erler A S Guild Capital Asset Management Limited Guild Securities Inc Guildhall Investment Management Limited Gulf African Bank Ltd Gulf Bank Of Nigeria Plc Gulf Commercial Bank Gulf Custody Company Gulf International Bank B S C Riyadh Gulf International Bank B S C Gulf International Bank Uk Limited Gulf Investment Services Co S A O G Gulf Merchant Group Llp Gumhouria Bank 2 Gumhouria Bank Guney Menkul Degerler A S Gunma Bank Europe N V Gunma Bank Ltd The Gunnarson Mg Securities Limited Gunnarson Uk Limited Gunther And Wikberg Kapitalforvaltning Ab Guoco Securities Phils Inc Guy Butler Limited Guyon Capital Management Limited Gvb Capital Management B V H E Bennett Securities Inc H Lunden Kapitalforvaltning Aktiebolag H Und G Bank Heidelberg Kurpfalz Eg Ha Options And Financial Futures Habib African Bank Habib Bank Ag Zurich Habib Bank Limited 2 Habib Bank Limited 3 Habib Bank Limited Habib Bank Ltd Mauritius Habib Bank Ltd Habib Bank Oman Habib Canadian Bank Habib European Bank Limited Habib Overseas Bank Limited Habibsons Bank Limited Hachijuni Bank Ltd The Hacketstown And Tinahely Credit Union Limited Hagnauer Volksbank Eg Hai Pa Wang Securities Corp Hai Shan Securities Co Ltd Hak Menkul De Erler As Hak Securities Ltd Hakrinbank N V Halden Sparebank Haldensleber Bank Raiffeisenbank Eg Halifax Plc Halim Indonesia Bank Pt Halim Securities Sdn Bhd Halkbank Hall International Partners Bv Hallertauer Volksbank Eg Hallmark Bank Plc Halston Street Credit Union Limited Haltdalen Sparebank Halyk Bank Halyk Savings Bank Of Kazakstan Hambros Equities Ltd Hamburger Volksbank Eg Hamilton Hindin Greene Hampshire Savings And Loan Limited Han Yang Security Co Ltd Hana Bank Tokyo Branch Hana Bank Hana Daetoo Securities Co Ltd Handels Und Gewerbebank Augsburg Eg Alt Handelsbanken Hang Seng Bank Limited Macau Branch Hang Tsun Securities Phils Hangil Merchant Banking Corporation Hanil Securities Co Ltd Hanoi Building Commercial Joint Stock Bank Hansacombank Open Joint Stock Company Hanshin Securities Co Ltd Hanwha Investment Trust Management Hanwha Securities Seoul Hanzevast Capital N V Hapoalim Latin America S A Happy Securities Co Ltd Hardcastle Trading Ag Harinvest S A Harmony Vermogensbeheer B V Harold 039 S Cross And District Credit Union Limited Harpakencana Sekuritas Pt Harstad Sparebank Hartleys Limited Hartwig Ii B V Harumdana Sekuritas Pt Harvey Bayley And Co Hastings Funds Management Limited Hatori Marshall Company Limited Hatton National Bank Plc Haugesund Sparebank Hausbank Muenchen Eg Bank Fuer Haus Und Grundbesitz Haywood Securities Inc Hb Invest S A Hbf Banco Financiero Sa Hbk Europe Limited Hbk Europe Management Llp Hbos Investment Fund Managers Limited Hbrd Bank Hbz Bank Limited Hcf Bank Hdf Securities Pvt Ltd Hdfc Bank Limited 2 Hdfc Bank Limited Hdfc Securities Limited Hdi Securities Inc Hdm Futures Sdn Bhd Headland Capital Pty Ltd Headstart Advisers Ltd Healey And Baker Corporate Finance Limited Healey Baker Financial Services Ltd Health Services Staffs Credit Union Limited Hed Capital Ltd Heddon M J Hedef Menkul De Erler Hedelfinger Bank Eg Hedley And Co Heeder Volksbank Eg Hegnacher Bank Raiffeisen Eg Hegra Sparebank Heidelberger Volksbank Eg Heidenheimer Volksbank Eg Heinsberger Volksbank Helaba International Finance Plc Helal Iran Medical Devices Co Helgeland Sparebank Helix Associates Limited Helm Bank De Venezuela S A Banco Comercial Regional Helms Brown And Company Helvea Sa Henan Putihrai Pt Henderson Administration Limited Henry Cooke Lumsden Plc Heritage Building Society Limited Hermes Administration Services Limited Hermes Bolsa Avb S A Hermes Investment Management Limited Herschel Asset Management Limited Hess Trading Limited Het Haags Effektenkantoor B V Het Hollandsch Effectenkantoor B V Hewitt Associates Limited Hewitt Bacon And Woodrow Investment Consulting Limited Hewlett Packard Australia Pty Limited Hewlett Packard Canada Co Hewlett Packard Espanola S L Hewlett Packard International Bank Plc Hewlett Packard International Sarl Hewlett Packard Japan Ltd Hewlett Packard Korea Ltd Hewlett Packard Nederland B V Hewlett Packard Norge As Hf Verdbref Hfa Asset Management Hfc Bank Limited Hg Asia Investment Research Ltd Hg Asia Ltd Hg Pooled Management Limited Hi Asset Management Hibernian Investment Managers Limited Hieronymus Options B V Hifx Limited Hifx Plc Higashi Nippon Bank Limited The High Top Securities Co Ltd Highbridge Capital Management Uk Ltd Highland Securities Phils Inc Higo Bank Ltd The Hill Osborne And Co Hill Samuel Asset Management International Ltd Hills Independent Traders Limited Him Capital Limited Himalayan Bank Ltd Hinc Asset Management Ab Hinduja Bank Switzerland Ltd Hinode Securities Co Ltd Hipotekarna Banka Ad Hiraoka Securities Co Hiroshima Bank Europe N V Hiroshima Bank Ltd The Hjartdal Og Gransherad Sparebank Hjelmeland Sparebank Hlg Futures Sdn Bhd Hobart Capital Markets Limited Hoegh Capital Management Asa Hoegh Capital Partners Limited Hoenig And Co Hofmann Investment Management Uk Limited Hogg Capital Investments Limited Hokkaido Bank Ltd The Hokkoku Bank Ltd The Hokuetsu Bank Ltd The Hol Sparebank Holand Sparebank Holborn Bars Nominees Ltd Holdinvestbank Holla Og Lunde Sparebank Hollandsche Bank Unie International N V Hollandsche Bank Unie N V Holy Family Credit Union Limited Homburg Participaties B V Home Credit Bank Opened Joint Stock Company Home Credit Bank Home Savings Bank And Trust Co Hong Kong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The London Hong Leong Bank Berhad Hong Leong Bank Vietnam Limited Hong Leong Finance Berhad Hong Leong Islamic Bank Berhad Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The 2 Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The 3 Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited The Hongkong And Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd The Hoodless Brennan Plc Hopstaken Johannesma En Co B V Horizon Asset Ltd Horizon Investment Services Ltd Horizon Securities Corporation Hrs Horseman Capital Management Limited Hot Traders V O F House Construction Savings Bank Of Kazakhstan Housing Bank For Trade And Finance The Housing Bank Of Mekong Delta Mhb Head Office Housing Credit Bank Housing Development Commercial J S Bank Hcmc Housing Finance Bank Ltd Housing Finance Bank Howles And Company Limited Howson Tattersall Investment Counsel Howth Credit Union Limited Hq Bank Ab Hq Direct Ab Hranilnica Lon D D Hranilnica Vipava D D Hrs Insight Financial Intermediaries Pvt Ltd Hsb Bank Ab Publ Hsbc Amanah Malaysia Berhad Hsbc Bank A S 2 Hsbc Bank A S Hsbc Bank Australia Limited Hsbc Bank Canada Hsbc Bank International Limited Hsbc Bank Kazakhstan Hsbc Bank Malaysia Berhad Malaysia Hsbc Bank Malta P L C Hsbc Bank Middle East Limited Hsbc Bank Middle East Hsbc Bank Paraguay S A Hsbc Bank Peru Sa Hsbc Bank Plc Pobocka Zahranicnej Banky Hsbc Bank Plc Tel Aviv Hsbc Bank Plc Hsbc Bank Polska S A Hsbc Bank Rr Ooo Hsbc Bank Uruguay S A Formerly Republic National Bank Of ... Hsbc Bank Usa Panama Hsbc Bank Usa Toronto Branch Hsbc Bank Vietnam Ltd Hsbc Financial Services Middle East Limited Hsbc France Formerly Hsbc Ccf Hsbc France Hsbc Fund Management Malta Limited Hsbc Fund Services Korea Limited Hsbc Global Asset Management International Limited Hsbc Institutional Trust Services Ireland Limited Hsbc Intermediarios Espana A V S A Hsbc Investment Bank Plc Sucursal En Espana Hsbc Investment Services Malta Limited Hsbc Ireland Holdings Public Limited Company Hsbc Jersey St Brelade Hsbc Private Bank C I Limited Jersey Branch Formerly Hsbc ... Hsbc Private Bank France Hsbc Private Bank Suisse S A Formerly Hsbc Republic Bank ... Hsbc Private Bank Suisse Sa Hsbc Savings Bank Philipines Inc Hsbc Securities Canada Inc Hsbc Securities Indonesia Pt Hsbc Securities Kazakhstan Llp Hsbc Securities South Africa Pty Ltd Hsbc Securities Hsbc Stockbrokers Malta Limited Hsbc Trust Corporation Isle Of Man Limited Hsc Hsin Chu Science Park Securities Co Ltd Hti Valori Mobiliare S A Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd 2 Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd Hochiminh City Branch Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd Huemmlinger Volksbank Eg Huettenberger Bank Eg Hufkens Asset Management And Co Ltd Huizhou One Limited Huldt Investment Management Limited Hull Trading Humle Kapitalforvaltning Ab Hunter Hall Investment Management Limited Hunting Knightsbridge Holdings Ltd Hutchinson Lilley Investments Hutchinson Vecchini Asset Management Ltd Hvb Banca Pentru Locuinte S A Hvb Capital Asia Limited Tokyo Branch Hwangdbs Investment Bank Berhad Hybridan Llp Hydra Associates Financial Services Ltd Hydra Capital Management Ltd Hydro Quebec Pension Fund Hydro Quebec Hypo Alpe Adria Bank A D Beograd Hypo Alpe Adria Bank A D Podgorica Hypo Alpe Adria Bank D D Hypo Alpe Adria Bank Liechtenstein Ag Hypo Alpe Adria Bank S P A 2 Hypo Alpe Adria Bank S P A Hypo Investment Bank Liechtenstein Ag Hypo Public Finance Bank Hypo Real Estate Bank International Ag Hypobank Hyposwiss Private Bank Geneve Sa Sucural Em Portugal Hyposwiss Private Bank Geneve Sa Hythe Securities Limited Hyundai Securities Co Ltd Tokyo Branch Hyundai Securities Europe Ltd I Ackerman And Co Inc I And M Bank Ltd I B Gimenez Securities Inc I F E Banco Roberts S A Uruguay I F P Intermoney Financial Products Sa I Feng Securities Co Ltd I Puri Securities Pvt Limited I V Global Securities Public Company Limited Ia Pritchard Stockborkers Ltd Ia Pritchard Stockbrokers Ltd Iaf Securities Limited Iai International Ltd Iam Strategic S A Luxembourg Filial Iat International Algorithmic Trading Gmbh Iberagentes Bolsa S A Ibercaja Caja De Ahorros De Zaragoza Aragon Y Rioja Iberdrola S A Iberia Lineas Aereas De Espana S A Ibersecurities Sociedad De Valores S A U Ibf Investment Broker Fin Ibis International Fund Limited Ibj Capital Management Ltd Ibj Nomura Financial Products Plc Ibj Securities Ibl Bank S A L Formerly Intercontinental Bank Of Lebanon ... Ibl Istituto Bancario Del Lavoro S P A Ibm Deutschland Kreditbank Gesellschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Ibm France Financement Sa Ibm Ica Banken Ab Icap Electronic Broking Ltd Icap Energy As Icap Poland Sp Z O O Icap Securities Limited Icap Securities Ltd Icap Securities Usa Llc Icb Banco Internacional De Comercio S A R L Icbc London Limited Icbc Macau Ltd Formerly Known As Seng Heng Bank Ltd Iccrea Banca Firenze Branch Iccrea Banca Istituto Centrale Del Credito Cooperativo Iccrea Banca Milano Branch Iccrea Banca Padova Branch Ice Clear Europe Limited Ice Futures Canada Inc Ice Securities Limited Icebank Hf Icelandic Securities Ltd Icf Kursmakler Ag Ichiyoshi Alfa Securities Pt Ichiyoshi International H K Limited Ichiyoshi Securities Co Ltd Ici Chemicals And Polymers Limited Icici Bank Canada Icici Bank Eurasia Llc Icici Bank Limited 2 Icici Bank Limited Icici Bank Ltd Icici Bank Uk Plc Icici Securities Limited Icon Capital Limited Icso Private Equity Idb Swiss Bank Ltd Idbi Bank Limited 2 Idbi Bank Limited Idbi Bank Ltd Ide International Derivatives Enterprise B V Idea Bank Ltd Ideal Finance Corporation Limited Ideal Portfolio Services Co Ltd Idealing Com Limited Idemitsu International Europe Public Limited Company Idfc Advisors Limited Idia Idifine Sa Idj Ltd Idlyc Holdings Trust Idre Sogn Sparebank Ids International Limited Ieba Trust S A If Skadefoersakring Ab Publ Ifb Finwest S A Ifci Financial Services Limited Ifct Finance And Securities Public Company Ltd Ifdc Limited Ifg Capital Limited Ifibank Ific Bank Ltd Ifm Australian Super Buyback Portfolio Ifm Australian Super Passive Australian Equities Ifm Cbus Buyback Portfolio Ifm Cbus Passive Australian Equities Ifm Hesta Buyback Portfolio Ifm Hesta Passive Australian Equities Ifm Hostplus Buyback Portfolio Ifm Hostplus Passive Australian Equities Ifm Lef Pst Tax Exempt Option Ifm Lef Pst Taxed Option Ifn Finance B V Ifx Ltd Ig Markets Limited Igi Finex Securities Iimia Plc Iit Investrust Ltd Ik Investment Partners Limited Ikano Banken Ab Publ Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Ag London Branch Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Ag Milano Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Ag Ikb Deutsche Industriebank Aktiengesellschaft Ikos Partners Ikos Securities Ltd Iktisat Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S Il And Fs Investsmart Limited Il And Fs Investsmart Securities Limited Ilex Asset Management Uk Llp Ilirika D D Ljubljana Imagawa Misawaya Securities Co Ltd Imamura Securities Co Ltd Imara S P Reid Pty Ltd Imas Corporate Advisors Limited Imc B V Imc Securities B V London Branch Imc Trading Bv Imexbank Jscb Imi Capital Markets Uk Limited Imi Web Uk Ltd Imkb Takas Ve Saklama Bankasi A S Impax Asset Management Limited Impax Capital Limited Imperial Bank Limited Imperial De Guzman Abalos And Co Inc Imperial Securities Co Ltd Impivaara Securities Ltd Imprefin S P A Ims Institutional Management Services B V Ina Sim Fondo Ina Ina Sim Spa Inchcape France Finance Inchicore And District Credit Union Limited Incore Bank Ag Incorporated Securities Pty Ltd Indebank Limited Indecap Ab Independent Investment Bank Ltd Independent Investment Group Sweden Independent Securities Pty Ltd Index Financial Services Ag India Post Indian Bank 2 Indian Bank Indian Overseas Bank Formerly Bharat Overseas Bank Ltd Indian Overseas Bank Seoul Branch Indian Overseas Bank Indo Zambia Bank Indocam Japan Limited Indocitra Securities Pt Indofinancia Pratama Pt Indogroup Credit Union Limited Indonesia Eximbank Indosuez Capital Securities Japan Ltd Indosuez W I Carr Securities India Private Limited Indosuez W I Carr Securities Pakistan Private L Td Indosuez W I Carr Securities Philippines Inc Indover Sekuritas Co Pt Indoverse Securities Pt Indovest Securities Pt Indovina Bank Ltd Indsec Securities And Finance Limited Indsec Securities Ltd Indsec Share And Stock Broking Ltd Indusind Bank Limited 2 Indusind Bank Limited Industrial Alliance Securities Inc Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Limited Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Ltd Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Macau Limited Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Middle East Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Moscow Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Sydney Branch Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Tokyo Branch Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China Industrial Bank Of Korea Hochiminh Branch Industrial Bank Of Korea London Branch Industrial Bank Of Korea Tokyo Branch Industrial Bank Of Korea Industrial Bank Of Oman Saog Industrial Bank Of Taiwan Industrial Bank The Industrial Common Ownership Finance Limited Industrial Development Bank Limited Industrial Development Bank Industrial Development Corporation Of Zimbabwe Limited Industrial Energy Bank Cherepovets Branch Industrial Export Bank Jsc Industrifinans Aktiv Forvaltning Industry Funds Management Pty Limited Infinbank Infinity Capital Markets Limited Infinity Com Financial Securities Ltd Infinity Financial Services Pty Ltd Info Menkul De Erler A S Info Securities Inc Info Yatirim A S Infrastructure Development Bank Of Zimbabwe Ed Ing Asset Management B V Ing B Nv Sa Sucursal Em Portugal Formerly Bank Brussels ... Ing Bank Jersey Limited Ing Bank N V Bucharest Branch Ing Bank N V Curacao Main Office Ing Bank N V Pobocka Zahr Banky Ing Bank N V Private Banking Ing Bank N V Ing Bank Nv Dublin Branch Ing Bank Slaski Sa Ing Bank Switzerland Ltd Ing Belgium Nv Sa Brussels Geneva Branch Formerly Bbl Bruxelles ... Ing Belgium Nv Sa Formerly Bank Brussels Lambert Sa Breda ... Ing Belgium S A Sucursal En Espana Ing Direct Nv Succursale Italiana Ing Direct Nv Sucursal En Espana Ing European Financial Services Plc Formerly Oyak European Finance Plc Ing Investment Management Polska S A Ing London No 11 Limited Ing Middenbank Curacao N V Ing Securities Spowka Akcyjna W Warszawie Ing Sviluppo Fiduciaria Spa Ing Sviluppo Gestioni Spa 2 Ing Sviluppo Gestioni Spa Ing Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S A Ing Vysya Bank Ltd 2 Ing Vysya Bank Ltd Ing Ingenious Asset Management Limited Ingramm International N V Ini Private Ekonomisk Foerening Inishowen Credit Union Limited Inkakhran Nko Oao Inniskeen Credit Union Limited Innosabah Securities Bhd Innovation Squared Limited Inobiz Ab Insight Investment Management Limited Insinger De Beaufort Asset Management N V Inst De Gestao Da Tesouraria E Do Credito Publico Instantlink Instinet Australia Clearing Services Pty Ltd Instinet Canada Limited Instinet Japan Limited Institut D 039 Emission Departments Outre Mer Institut De Developpement Cooperatif Institute Of Electronics And Telecommunication Engineers Instituto De Credito Oficial Insular Life Savings And Trust Co Intan Artha Pt Integra Bourse Integral Development Asset Management Intelli Corporate Finance Limited Inter Pacific Securities Pt Inter Pacific Securities Sdn Bhd Interacciones Mercado De Capitales S A Interacor Ag Interactie Bank N V Interactive Brokers U K Ltd Interallianz Bank Ag Interasia Sekuritindo Pt Interbanco S A Interbanco Sa Interbank Jscb Interbanking Payment Center Ltd Interbolsa S G S L S C V M S ... Intercaixa Valores S A S V B Intercapital Cms Switzerland Ltd Intercapital Invest S A Intercard Ag Interchange Sa Intercommercial Bank Limited Intercommercial Trust And Merchant Bank Limited Intercontinental Bank Ltd Intercontinental Bank Uk Plc Intercontinental Finance Intercredit Zao Interdealer Capital Invest S A Interfin Merchant Bank Of Zimbabwe Limited Interfinbrok Corporation S A Interindo Danapraya Pt Interkraft Capital Management As Intermarket Building Society Intermarket Discount House Zambia Limited Intermarket Discount House Intermarket Securities Zambia Ltd Intermediarios Financieros S A A V B Intermoney Portugal Internation Joint Stock Garagum International Air Transport Association International Asset Management Limited International Assets Advisory Corporation Europe B V International Bank And Trust Corp International Bank For Economic Co Operation International Bank For Trade And Finance The International Bank Liberia Limited International Bank Of Azerbaijan Moscow International Bank Of Development International Bank Of Qatar Q S C International Bank Of Yemen Y S C International Business Bank Corporation Ltd International Capital Gestion Sa International Capital Market Association Ltd International Card Services B V International Clearing Associates London Limited International Clearing House International Commercial Bank Malawi International Commercial Bank Senegal International Commercial Bank Sl Limited International Commercial Bank Tanzania Limited International Commercial Bank Zambia Limited International Commercial Bank International Credit Bank Ltd International Credit Services Sas International Discovery Ltd International Financial Line Co International Financial Securities Co International Financial Services International Invest Bank International Investment And Underwriting International Investment Bank Mi Bank International Maritime Exchange Asa International Petroleum Investment Company International Trust Co Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee Aktiengesellschaft Internationales Immobilien Institut Gmbh Interpro Bank And Trust Company Intersoge Limited Interstate Clearing Bank Intertrade Finance Corporation Ltd Interunion Bank Antilles Intervalores Sociedade Corretora S A Intervalores Intervam S A Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Ireland Plc Intesa Sanpaolo Romania S A Intesa Sanpaolo S P A Former Sanpaolo Imi Amsterdam Branch ... Intesa Sanpaolo S P A Former Sanpaolo Imi Madrid Branch ... Intesa Sanpaolo S P A Frankfurt Intesa Sanpaolo S P A Munich Intesa Sanpaolo Spa London Formerly Banca Intesa S P A ... Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Tokyo Intesa Sanpaolo Spa Inti Fikasa Sekurindo Pt Inti Teladan Arthaswadata Pt Intisekuriti Investama Pt Intra Invest Securities Inc Invercaixa Valores S V B S A Invercapital Casa De Bolsa C A Inverness Bostadsfond Ab Inverseguros Sociedad De Valores Y Bolsa S A Inverunion Banco Comercial C A Inverunion S A Casa De Bolsa Invesco Australia Ltd Invesco Global Asset Management Limited Invesco Trimark Invest Ad Invest Banca Spa Invest Bank S A Invest Banka Montenegro Ad Podgorica Formaly Pljevaljska Banka Invest Trust S A Investa Securities Ltd Investbank Investbanka Ad Skopje Investec Bank Ltd Investec Bank Mauritius Limited Investec Securities Ltd Investerum Ab Investicna A Dochodkova Sprav Spol A S Investisseurs Dans L 039 Entreprise Sa Investitionsbank Berlin Investitionsbank Des Landes Brandenburg Investment Bank 039 Ysyk Kol 039 Investment Bank Of Iraq Investment Commercial Bank Development 039 Yarinterbank 039 Ooo Investment Fund Services Company Investment House Namibia Pty Ltd Investors 039 Trust Limited Investors Dom Maklerski S A Investors Securities Inc Investprivatbank S A Commercial Bank Investpro Securities Inc Investrust Bank Ltd Ionian Bank Ionian Corporate Finance Limited Ipar Kutxa Rural S C C Ipef Partners Ltd Ipm Informed Portfolio Management Ipo Capital Corp Ipopema Securities S A Ipoteka Bank Ips Capital Llp Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank Irfis Mediocredito Della Sicilia Spa Iride Mercato S P A Irish Dental Credit Union Limited Irish Life And Permanent Plc Formerly Irish Permanent Building Society Irish Nationwide Building Society Irish Progressive Services International Ltd Irrfc Irwin Jacobs Greene And Associates Pty Ltd Is Portfoey Yoenetimi A S Is Yatirim Menkul Degerler As Is Yatirim Ortakli I A S Isc Institutional Service Center Limited Ishwarlal Maganlal And Sons Isiklar Menkul Degerler A S Isis Capital Management Limited Isis Equity Partners Plc Isla Bank A Thrift Bank Inc Islamic Bank For Western Sudan Islamic Bank Of Britain Plc Islamic Bank Of Thailand Islamic Bank Of Yemen For Finance And Investment Islamic Co Operative Development Bank 2 Islamic Co Operative Development Bank Islamic Development Bank Islamic International Arab Bank Islamic Regional Cooperation Bank For Development And Investment S A Island Bank S A Islandsbanki Hf Islandsbanki Securities Islandspostur Hf Isle Of Man Bank Limited Isle Of Man Bank Islenskir Fjarfestar Hf Islington Options Limited Ism Capital Llp Isola D 039 Elba Banca Di Credito Cooperativo S C ... Israel Brokerage And Investment Limited Israel Credit Cards Ltd Israel Discount Bank Ltd Israel Postal Bank Issei Securities Co Ltd The Istanbul Menkul Kiymetler Borsasi Istituto Centrale Delle Banche Popolari Italiane Spa Istituto Centrale Delle Banche Popolari Italiane Istituto Di Moneta Elettronica Europeo S P A Istituto Nazionale Di Credito Agrario Spa Istituto Per Il Credito Sportivo Istituto Per Lo Sviluppo Economico Dell 039 Italia Meridionale S ... Istrobanka A S It Asset Management Sa Italbank International Inc Italbursatil Casa De Bolsa C A Italcambio C A Italfondiario S P A Italian Derivatives Exchange Market Italsim Itg Australia Limited Itg Canada Corp Itg Japan Ltd Ittihad International Investment L L C Iv Capital Limited Iveagh Trustees Ltd The Ivobank Limited Ivrea Sim Iwai Securities Ltd Iwbank Spa Ixis Corporate And Investment Bank Iyo Bank Ltd The Izola Bank Limited J And E Davy J And T Bank Schweiz Ag J And T Banka A S Pobocka Zahranicnej Banky J And T Finance Group A S J And T International Anstalt J And T Private Equity B V J D Mack Limited J De Demandolx Gestion Sa J Henry Schroder Wagg And Co Ltd J L Contreras Y Asociados S A A V B J M Barcelon And Co Inc J M Sassoon And Co Pte Ltd J M Sassoon Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd J P Morgan Ag J P Morgan Australia Limited J P Morgan Bank Dublin Plc J P Morgan Bank International 000 J P Morgan Bank Ireland Plc J P Morgan Chase Bank Berhad Kuala Lumpur J P Morgan Chase Bank Berhad J P Morgan India Private Limited J P Morgan International Bank Limited J P Morgan International Bank J P Morgan International Derivatives Ltd J P Morgan Securities Asia Ltd J P Morgan Securities Canada Inc J P Morgan Securities Far East Ltd J P Morgan Securities Indonesia Jakarta Pt J P Morgan Securities Limited Sucursal En Espana J P Morgan Securities Malaysia Sdn Bhd J P Morgan Securities Philippines Inc J P Morgan Securities Taiwan Limited J P Morgan Services Gmbh J P Morgan Suisse S A J P Morgan J Pasztor And Associates Inc Jacobson Fund Managers Limited Jade Absolute Fund Managers Limited Jafco Investment Uk Ltd Jaffe International Finance Company Limited Jaguar Financial Services Niederlassungen Der Fce Bank Plc Jakarta Negotiated Board Jalur Artha Wahana Pt Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited Jamaica Co Operative Credit Union League Limited Jamaica Money Market Brokers Ltd Jamaica National Building Society James 039 S St Credit Union Limited James Brearley And Sons Limited James Caird Asset Management James Capel Asia Limited James Capel Investment Management James Capel Jceo And Co Ltd James Capel Jcmm And Co Ltd James Capel S A James Finlay Corporation Limited James Sharp And Co Jameson Bank Jammal Trust Bank Sal Jammu And Kashmir Bank Ltd Janata Bank Jane Hurt Jane Street Financial Limited Jansen En Van Noort Vermogensbeheer B V Janus Capital International Limited Japan Bond Trading Co Ltd Japan Electronic Securities Co Ltd Japan Government Bond Clearing Corporation Japan Securities Depository Center Inc Jardine Fleming Australia Securities Ltd Jardine Fleming New Zealand Limited Jardine Fleming Pakistan Ltd Jardine Fleming Jarvis Investment Management Plc Jasa Jakarta Securities Pt Jasabanda Garta Pt Jasereh Utama Pt Jasmin Muhic Jason Informatique Jb Capital Markets S V S A Jb Drax Honore Sas Jb Drax Honore Jb Securities Sdn Bhd Jb Were And Son Nz Limited Jc Rathbone Associates Limited Jci Limited Jcl Finance Jdv Limited Jefferies International Ltd Jefferies Investment Management Jehangir Siddiqui And Co Limited Jeju Bank Jen Hsin Securities Co Ltd Jeng Jyi Securities Co Ltd Jenkins Nominees Ltd Jennings Capital Inc Jeonbuk Bank Ltd Jeou Diing Securities Co Ltd Jermyn Capital Partners Plc Jernbanepersonalets Sparebank Jesmond Mizzi Financial Services Limited Jesus J Mora Del Rio Jevington Associates Limited Jey Fong Securities Co Ltd Jf Apex Futures Sdn Bhd Jf Apex Securities Berhad Jf Apex Jfom Pty Limited Jih Feng Securities Co Ltd Jih Fu Securities Co Ltd Jih Sun International Bank Formerly Baodao Commercial Bank Jim Larkin Credit Union Limited Jivago Bank Jiway Exchange Ltd Jlt Benefit Solutions Limited Jlw Finance Limited Jm Asset Management Jm Financial Services Pvt Ltd Jmc International Marketmakers Combination Bv Jmfinn Capital Markets Limited Jn Fund Managers Limited Joh Berenberg Gossler Und Co Kg John A Lowes John Chapman John Deere Credit Sas John East And Partners Limited John Keells Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd John Morrell Advisory Services Limited John Siddall And Son Ltd John Woods And Associates Limited Johnson Fry Securities Ltd Johnson Matthey Plc Joint Stock Bank Clearing House Joint Stock Commercial Bank 039 Agrobank 039 Joint Stock Commercial Bank 039 Energbank 039 The Joint Stock Commercial Bank 039 Lesobank 039 Joint Stock Commercial Bank Agropromcredit Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam 2 Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank Future Open Joint Stock Company Joint Stock Commercial Bank Savdogar Joint Stock Commercial Bank Unibank Joint Stock Commercial Export Import Bank Joint Stock Commercial Victoriabank Joint Stock Company 039 State Savings Bank Of Ukraine 039 2 Joint Stock Company 039 State Savings Bank Of Ukraine 039 Joint Stock Ecobank Joklar Verdbref Hf Jones Gable And Company Limited Jones Lang Lasalle Corporate Finance Ltd Jonker And Co Jordan Ahli Bank Plc Jordan Commercial Bank Jordan Gulf Bank Jordan International Bank Plc Jordan Islamic Bank For Finance And Investment Jordan Kuwait Bank Jose Gregorio Juncos Martinez Joseph Palmer And Sons Joyo Bank Ltd The London Branch Joyo Bank Ltd The Jp Klein Investissement Sa Jp Morgan Equities Limited Jp Morgan Securities Thailand Limited Jp Morgan Sociedad De Valores Y Bolsa S A Jpmorgan Administration Pty Ltd Jpmorgan Asset Management France Jpmorgan Asset Management Japan Ltd Jpmorgan Bank Luxembourg S A Jpmorgan Chase Bank Johannesburg Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 2 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 3 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 4 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 5 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 6 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A 7 Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Bangkok Branch Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Frankfurt Branch Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Manila Branch Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Seoul Branch Jpmorgan Chase Bank N A Jpmorgan Europe Limited Olso Branch Jpmorgan Europe Limited Stockholm Filial Jpmorgan Securities Japan Co Ltd Jpmorgan Securities South Africa Jr Soederberg Asset Management Ab Js Bank Limited Js Global Capital Ltd Js Securities Uk Limited Jsb 039 Commercial Industrial Bank 039 Jsb Devon Credit Jsc 039 Bank Centercredit 039 2 Jsc 039 Bank Centercredit 039 Jsc 039 Bankpozitiv Kazakhstan 039 Jsc 039 International Merchant Bank 039 Jsc Ircol Jsc Latvian Post Jsc Latvijas Krajbanka Jsc M2M Private Bank Jsc Rb Securities Jscb 039 Benefit Bank 039 Jscb Ipotechniy Jse Limited Jsicb 039 Tatfondbank 039 Ju Ding Securities Inc Jubmes Banka A D Beograd Jugobanka Jugbanka A D Julius Baer International Limited Julius Baer Investment Management Inc Julius Baer Nordic Julius Bar Kapital Ag Jump Trading International Ltd Junta De Andalucia Junta De Comunidades De Castilla La Mancha Jupiter Asset Management Limited Jupiter Securities Sdn Bhd Jupiter Unit Trust Managers Limited Jwmp Uk Ltd Jyske Bank A S Hamburg Branch Jyske Bank A S Jyske Bank Schweiz Ag K And N Kenaga Sdn Bhd K J Polkinghorne And Co Pty Limited K R Choksey And Co K Rep Bank Limited Kaewsong 2548 Public Company Limited Kaf Astley And Pearce Sdn Bhd Kaf Investment Bank Berhad Kaf Refco Futures Sdn Bhd Kafolatbank Kagawa Bank Ltd The Kagiso Securities Limited Kagoshima Bank Ltd The Kailash H Biyani Kairos Asset Management B V Kairos Investment Management Ltd Kairos Partners Kaldenbach Derivatives Trading B V Kama Commercial Bank Kamal Exchange Co L L C Kamchatkomagroprombrank Oao Kamchatprombank Kamo Investments Limited Kamskiy Gorizont Kaneman Securities Co Ltd Kaneyama Securities Co Kankaku Europe Limited Kanto Securities Co Kanto Tsukuba Bank Limited The Kanturk Credit Union Limited Kao Sheng Securities Co Ltd Kapita Sekurindo Pt Kapital Banka Ad Skopje Kapital Menkul De Erler A S Kapitalbank Oakb Kapitalindo Utama Pt Kapitalo Srautal Uab Fm Kappa Financial Services Limited Karadha Company Ltd Karafarin Bank Karara Capital Ltd Karl Johan Fonds As Karlein Independent Investment Consultancy Cc Karnataka Bank Ltd 2 Karnataka Bank Ltd Karntner Sparkasse Ag Udine Karon Menkul Degerler A S Kartika Investindo Pt Kas Bank N V Kas Clearing Agent Kasc Limited Kas Clearing London Limited Kasb Bank Limited Kash Mart Financial Ltd Kash Mart Uk Ltd Kasikorn Asset Management Co Ltd Kasikornbank Public Company Limited 2 Kasikornbank Public Company Limited Kaskad Kaspi Bank Jsc Katalyst Net Acceleration Limited Katana Capital Limited Kauders Portfolio Management Kaupthing Bank Hf Kaupthing Bank Kaupthing Singer And Friedlander Ltd Kazakhstan Stock Exchange Kazakhstan Ziraat International Bank Kazimir Partners Uk Limited Kazincombank Kazinvestbank Jsc Kazkommertsbank Kyrgyzstan Kazkommertsbank Kazpochtabank Joint Stock Bank Kazpost Oao Kb 039 Informprogress 039 Ooo Kb Asset Management Kb Capital Markets Pvt Ltd Kbc Asset Management Ltd Kbc Bail France Sas Kbc Bail Immobilier France Kbc Bank Deutschland Ag Kbc Bank Ireland Plc Kbc Bank N V Kbc Bank Nv Dublin Branch Kbc Bank Nv London Kbc Bank Nv Paris Kbc Bank Nv Succursale Italiana Kbc Bank Nv Kbc Banka Ad Kbc Clearing Nv Kbc Financial Products Uk Limited Tokyo Branch Kbc Financial Products Uk Ltd Kbc Mortgage Bank Kbc Peel Hunt Ltd Kbc Peel Hunt Plc Kbc Securities N V Branch In Poland Kbc Securities Romania S S I F S A Kbc Securities Succursale Francaise Kbl Bank Ireland Kbl Epb Espana Kbl European Private Bankers S A Spolka Akcyjna Oddzial W ... Kbl France Gestion Kbl Investment Funds Limited Kbl Richelieu Banque Privee Kbl Switzerland Ltd Kbw Wesselius Effectenbank N V Kcb Bank Uganda Limited Kcb Rwanda Sa Kcb Sudan Ltd Kcm En Kcm Uk Kd Banka D D Kd Borznoposredniska Druzba D O O Kd Capital Management S A Kdb Asset Management Kdb Securities Co Ltd Ke Zan Securities Sdn Bhd Keb Australia Limited Keb International Limited Kedleston Stockbrokers Limited Kedr Bank Zao Kedrios S P A Keefe Bruyette And Woods Limited Keelung International Securities Co Ltd Keijser Capital N V Keith Bayley Rogers And Co Keith Bayley Rogers Co Limited Keiyo Bank Ltd The Kelbourne Securities Ltd Kelton International Limited Kempen And Co N V Kempen Capital Management Nv Kempen Capital Management Uk Limited Kemper Investment Management Limited Kempf Bfsc Ken Powell Financial Services Pty Ltd Kenanga Dmg Futures Sdn Bhd Kenmare Credit Union Limited Kennet Capital Limited Kenya Commercial Bank Limited Kenya Commercial Bank Tanzania Ltd Kenya Post Office Savings Bank Kenya Wide Securities Limited Keon Sueol Security Kepler Capital Markets Kepler Equities Amsterdam Branch Kepler Equities Milan Branch Kepler Equities Sucursal En Espana Kepler Equities Zurich Branch Keppel Bank Philippines Inc Keppel Securities Philippines Inc Keren Finance Sas Kerford Investments Uk Limited Kerr And Company Kerry Securities Uk Ltd Kes Sinarmas Securities Pt Kestrel Capital East Africa Ltd Kestrel Sekuritas Indonesia Pt Ketton Securities Limited Key Asset Management Uk Limited Key Investments O C P A S Key Securities Inc Keydata Investment Services Limited Kf Corporate Finance Limited Kg Capital Investment Service Limited Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari And Co Ltd Khakas Municipal Bank Khamkorbank Akb Khan Bank Of Mongolia Kharisma Mulatama Pt Khb Finanz Ag Khd Holding Ag Khorezm Interregion Commodity Exchange Khreschatyk Commercial Bank Ki Pacific Asset Management Inc Kibris Kredi Bankasi Ltd Kicap Management Limited Kidder Peabody International Corp Kidder Peabody Suisse S A Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock Bank Kilda Investments Limited Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank Ltd Kilkerrin And Clonberne Credit Union Limited Killik And Co Killorglin Credit Union Limited Killybegs Credit Union Limited Kilnamanagh Credit Union Limited Kiltimagh District Credit Union Limited Kim Eng Securities London Limited Kim Eng Securities P T Kim Eng Securities Philippines Inc Kimara Equities Sdn Bhd Kimura Securities Co Ltd Kin Khoon And Co Sdn Bhd Kinaden Sparkassa Ek For King 039 S International Securities Corp King Abdullah Petroleum Studies And Research Center King And Shaxson Asset Management Limited King And Shaxson Bond Brokers Ltd King And Shaxson Capital Ltd King And Shaxson Limited King Group Securities Co Ltd King Hoe Securities Co Ltd King Sturge Financial Services Limited Kingdom Merchant Bank Limited Kbm Kingfisher Property Partnerships Limited Kingston Securites Inc Kingtex Securities Co Ltd Kinmont Limited Kinnegad And District Credit Union Limited Kinsale And District Credit Union Limited Kinvara And District Credit Union Limited Kirke Securities Limited Kist Bank Limited Kiwibank Limited Kiyo Bank Ltd The Klaebu Sparebank Klang Securities Sdn Bhd Kleber Investissement Paris Kleinwort Benson Channel Islands Limited Formerly Kleinwort Benson Jersey Limited Kleinwort Benson Gilts Limited Kleinwort Benson Ltd Kleinwort Benson North America Inc Kleinwort Benson Private Bank Limited Kleinwort Benson Securities Limited Taiwan Branch Kleinwort Benson Unit Trusts Limited Kleline Gestion Sas Klepp Sparebank Klesch And Company Limited Klientsky Bank Klinkenberg Traders B V Klp Banken As Klp Forsikring Kmb Bank Kme Group S P A Kms Gestion S A Kng Securities Llp Knight Capital Europe Limited Knight Equity Markets International Knox D 039 Arcy Investment Management Limited Knoydart Investments Pty Ltd Koc Allianz Hayat Ve Emeklilik A S Koc Finansal Kiralama Anonim Sirketi Koc Portfoy Yonetimi A S Koc Yatirim Menkul De Erler A S Kocbank Nederland N V Koce International Kokusai Asset Management Co Ltd Kokusai Densin Denwa Co Ltd Kokusai Europe Ltd Koltso Urala Kb Ooo Komatsu Financial France Sas Komatsu Overseas Finance Plc Komercijalna Banka A D Beograd 2 Komercijalna Banka A D Beograd Komercijalna Banka A D Komercijalna Banka Ad Budva Komercni Banka Bratislava A S Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Kommuninvest I Sverige Ab Kompania Piwowarska S A Kong Cheng Securities Co Ltd Kongress Bank Koninklijke Philips Electronics N V Kontrast Bank Commercial Bank Limited Liability Company Kookmin Bank Auckland Branch Kookmin Bank International Ltd Kookmin Bank Tokyo Branch Kookmin Bank Kooperativa Krajaizdevu Sabiedriba 039 Dzelzcelnieks Ks 039 Kopvos En Partners B V Korda And Co Ltd Korea Development Bank London Branch Korea Development Bank The Korea Exchange Bank Amsterdam Branch Korea Exchange Bank Hanoi Branch Korea Exchange Bank Of Canada Korea Exchange Bank Schweiz Ag Korea Exchange Bank Korea Financial Telecommunications And Clearing Institute Korea First Investment Ltd Korea Investment And Securities Europe Ltd Korea Investment Trust Management Co Korea Long Term Bank Securities Korea Schroder Fund Management Ltd Korfez Yatirim Menkul Degerler A S Kosovsko Metohijska Banka A D Kotak Mahindra Uk Limited Kpam Limited Kragero Sparebank Krajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa S A Kir S A Kreditanstalt Grabs Kredito Bankas Kreditprombank Opened Joint Stock Company 2 Kreditprombank Opened Joint Stock Company Kredyt Bank S A Kreis Consulting Limited Kreis Und Stadtsparkasse Dinkelsbuehl Kreissparkasse Altoetting Burghausen Kreissparkasse Augsburg Kreissparkasse Bad Aibling Kreissparkasse Birkenfeld Birkenfelder Landesbank Kreissparkasse Grafschaft Diepholz Kreissparkasse Osterholz Kreissparkasse Rotenburg Bremervoerde Kreissparkasse Syke Kreissparkasse Verden Kreissparkasse Wesermuende Hadeln Kroll Talbot Hughes Limited Ktb Securities Limited Kuala Lumpur City Securities Sdn Bhd Kuang I Securities Co Ltd Kuban Bank Rappresentanza Italia Kumho Investment Bank Kung Cheng Securities Co Ltd Kuo Bao Securities Co Ltd Kuo Hua Securities Co Ltd Kuotong Securities Co Ltd Kurdistan International Bank Kurt Tofte Jensen Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia Pt Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bankasi A S Kuwait Finance House K S C Kuwait Finance House Malaysia Berhad Kuwait India International Exchange Company Kuwait Investment Projects Company Assets Management Closed Shareholding Company Kuwait Petroleum Corporation Kuwait Stock Exchange Kuznetsky Most Bank Kvaerner Pensions Investment Management Ltd Kvickman Ab Coop Bank Kvinesdal Sparebank Kvinnherad Sparebank Kwik Chandra Martoatmodjo Pt Kyivska Rus Jsb Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank The Kyrgyz Investment And Credit Bank Kyrgyzkredit Bank Kyte Broking Limited Kyte Capital Advisors Llp Kyte Capital Management Limited Kyte Group Limited Kyte Group Nominees Limited L 039 Auxiliaire Du Credit Foncier De France L B I Finance Jersey Ltd L J Carregosa La Banque Privee 1818 La Caixa Oddzial W Polsce La Caixa Succursale Maroc La Caixa Sucursala Romania La Compagnie Benjamin De Rothschild Sa La Compagnie De Banques Internationales De Paris Sa La Compagnie Financiere Ed De Rothschild Banque La Federation Continentale S A La Financiere Magellan Sas La Financiere Regionale De Credit Immobilier De Bretagne Sa La Financiere Responsable La Francaise Des Placements La France Mutualiste La Mondiale Groupe La Poste Tunisienne La Poste Laaken Asset Management N V Laboratorios Del Dr Esteve S A Labuan Securities Sdn Bhd Lacrosse Global Fund Services Uk Limited 2 Lacrosse Global Fund Services Uk Limited Lada Credit Bank Lafarge Investment Management Limited Lage Jonason Ab Lai Fwu Securities Co Ltd Laiki Bank Australia Limited Lakeview Securities Co Ltd Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited 2 Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited Lamganda Citra Securities Pt Lancelot Asset Management Aktiebolag Land And Houses Retail Bank Public Company Limited Land Bank Of Taiwan 2 Land Bank Of Taiwan Land Bank Of The Philippines Landbank Horlofftal Eg Landbouwbank N V Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg Seoul Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg Tokyo Landesbank Berlin Ag Landesbank Berlin Investment Gmbh Landesbank Hessen Thueringen Girozentrale Irish Branch Landesbank Hessen Thueringen Girozentrale Landesbank Hessen Thueringen International Landeskirchliche Kreditgenossenschaft Landessparkasse Zu Oldenburg Landkreditt Bank As Landolt Et Cie Banquiers Lands Kirwan Tong Stockbrokers Pty Ltd Landsbanki Islands Landsberg Ammersee Bank Eg Sitz Landsberg Lech Landsberg Ammersee Bank Eg Landshypotek Ab Lanesboro 039 Ballyleague Credit Union Limited Lanka Orix Finance Company Ltd Lanka Securities Pvt Limited Lanschot Bankiers Curacao Nv F Van Lanschot Bankiers Nv F Van Lansfoersakringar Bank Aktiebolag Lansforsakringar Bank Ab Lari Exchange Larkhill And District Credit Union Limited Larrgo Securities Co Inc Larsson And Nordqvist Asset Management Ab Larvikbanken Brunlanes Sparebank Lasalle Investment Management Securities B V Latgales Finansu Un Investiciju Kompanija As Latvian Business Bank Joint Stock Company Latvian Central Depository The Latvijas Pasta Banka Laurentian Bank Of Canada Laurentian Bank Securities Inc Lautandhana Securindo Pt Lawrence Millton And Howarth Laxey Laxmi Bank Limited Layang Mega Pt Lazard Asset Management Lb Swiss Privatbank Ag Lbbw Schweiz Ag Lbi E Lbl Finance Ireland Plc Lc Capital Lc Cbca Lcb Finance Sal Lcf Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management Limited Lcf Edmond De Rothschild Fund Manag Ement Ltd Lch Clearnet Limited Lcl Asset Management Ab Leadbank Plc Leader And Co Investments Leading Securities Co Ltd Leaseplan Corporation N V Lebanese Arab Bank France Sa Lebanese Canadian Bank S A L Lebanese Swiss Bank Sal Lebanon And Gulf Bank Sal Lebanon Invest S A L Lee Overlay Partners Ltd Leede Financial Markets Inc Leeds Building Society Leenen En Spencer Vermogensbeheer B V Lefika Securities Pty Ltd Legae Securities Pty Ltd Legal And General Finance Plc Legal And General Investment Management Limited Legbank Jscb Legg Mason Asset Management Australia Limited Legg Mason Ltd Spain Legg Mason Zarzadzanie Aktywami S A Legion Bank Llc Legprombank Commercial Bank Lehman Brother Glg Partners Lehman Brothers Australia Limited Lehman Brothers Australia Securities Pty Limited Lehman Brothers Bankhaus Ag Milan Branch Lehman Brothers Canada Inc Lehman Brothers Commodities Limited Lehman Brothers Europe Limited Lehman Brothers International Europe Lehman Brothers Japan Inc Lehman Brothers Menkul Degerler A S Lehman Brothers Money Brokers Limited Lehman Brothers Thailand Ltd Leighlin Credit Union Limited Leixlip And District Credit Union Limited Lek Securities Uk Limited Lemanik S A Lend Lease Real Estate Investments Limited Lendtech Ab Lenlyn Holdings Plc Lenstroymaterialy Brokerage Ao Lentjes En Drossaerts N V Leonardo Sgr S P A Leong And Co Sdn Bhd Leopark Options B V Les Docks Lyonnais Sa Les Fils Dreyfus Et Cie Sa Banquiers Letterkenny Credit Union Limited Leumi Latin America S A Level 2 Trading Ltd Levesque Beaubien Geoffrion Inc Levinson Le Voir Limited Levobank Vereinte Volksbanken Lebach Eppelborn Eg Lewis And Wayne Treasury Lewis Charles Securities Ltd Lexicon Partners Limited Lfg Holdings Pty Limited Lg Cns Co Ltd Lg Electronics European Shared Service Center B V Lg Electronics Inc Lg Securities International Ltd Lgs Moneybrokers Lgt Bank In Liechtenstein Ag Lgt Bank In Liechtenstein And Co Ohg Lgt Bank In Liechtenstein Ireland Limited Lgt Bank Schweiz Ag Lgt Financial Services Ltd Lgv Capital Limited Liberata Financial Services Limited Liberian Bank For Development And Investment The Liberian Trading And Development Bank The Libertas Capital Securities Limited Liberty Funds Europe Ltd Liberty International Asset Management Ltd Liberum Capital Limited Libra Bank S A Libra Capital Management Sdn Bhd Libra Options And Financial Futures Sdn Bhd Libyan Foreign Bank Liechtensteinische Landesbank Aktiengesellschaft Liechtensteinische Landesbank Schweiz Ag Lienviet Joint Stock Commercial Bank Lietuvos Centrin Kredito Unija Lietuvos Centrinis Vertybiniu Popieriu Depozitoriumas Ab Central Securities Depository Of ... Ligure Piemontese Sim Spa Lillesands Sparebank Lillestrom Sparebank Lima Bank Limited Limerick C I E Employees 039 Credit Union Limited Limited Liability Company 039 Bank Familny 039 Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd Lind Waldock And Company Lindener Volksbank Eg Link Securities Sociedad De Valores S A Linnco Europe Limited Linwar Securities Pty Limited Lion Securities Cc Lipworth Capital Limited Liquid Capital Management Llp Liquid Capital Markets Ltd Liquid Capital Securities Ltd Liquidity Finance Llp Liquidnet Australia Pty Ltd Liquidnet Canada Inc Liquidnet Japan Inc Lisbon Brokers Sociedade Corretora S A Lisduggan District Credit Union Limited Lismore And Cappoquin Credit Union Limited Lista.Txt Listar.Bat Litex Bank S A L Litonjua Securities Inc Liverpool Victoria Banking Services Limited Livingstone Guarantee Services Plc Ljubljana Stock Exchange Llc Credit Suisse Securities Moscow Llc Investment Brokerage Company 039 Maximus Capital Markets 039 Llc Unicombank Lloyds Bank Plc Lloyds Tsb Bank Iom Ltd Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc 2 Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc Jersey Branch Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc Tokyo Branch Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc Lloyds Tsb Offshore Limited Lloyds Tsb Offshore Ltd Lobe Bank Of Nigeria Lockie S J Locko Bank Lodestar Capital Partners Pty Limited Lodge Partners Pty Ltd Loeb Aron And Company Ltd Loewen Ondaatje Mccutcheon Lofoten Sparebank Loita Investment Bank Limited Lom Og Skjak Sparebank Lombard Asset Managers Limited Lombard Bank Malta Plc Lombard International Assurance Sa Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch And Cie Espana S V S ... Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch En Cie Nederland N V Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Jersey Limited Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Trust Japan Ltd Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Uk Limited Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Lomberg Pulford And Co Pty Ltd London And Mercantile Investments Limited London And Oxford Capital Markets Plc London Bond Brokers London Capital Group London Capital Trading Ltd London Clearing House Limited The London Development Capital Fund Investment The Long Term Credit Bank Longbow Finance Sa Lonsec Limited Lonworld Investments Ltd Lopez Locsin Ledesma And Co Inc Lordship Credit Union Limited Lotus Financial Investment Co Louis Capital Markets Uk Llp Louis Dreyfus Commodities Suisse S A Louis Dreyfus Energy Limited Louis Dreyfus Sas Loyal Bank Limited Loyalis Financial Services N V Lr Singleton And Co Ltcb Securities Company Limited Ltd Liability Company Commer Bank 039 Hellenic Bank 039 Lucan District Credit Union Limited Lucky Securities Co Ltd Lucky Securities Inc Ludgate Investments Limited Lukas Bank S A Lukas Bank Luke Securities Limited Lulu International Exchange Lumbini Bank Limited Lumbung Persada Khatulistiwa Pt Lusaka Stock Exchange Luse Central Shares Depository Limited Luso International Banking Ltd Luso Partners Sociedade Corretora S A Luster Sparebank Luy 039 S Securities Co Inc Luzon Development Bank Lviv Bank Lyceum Capital Founders Limited Lydian Asset Management Ltd Lynch Investments Limited Lynx Asset Management Ab Lyxor Black Diamond Arbitrage M A En J H Damste Beheer B V M Cousineau And Associes Inc M D Bondoc And Co Inc M D Trans Africa Bank M De Compiegne M G Gestao De Activos Financeiros Sociedade Gestora De Fundos ... M I G Investments S A M J Bail Maaf Assurances Sa Maaf Gestion Sa Maas En Van Lingen Vermogensbeheer B V Mabruk Oil Operation Mac Sharaf Securities Uae Llc Macarthur And Co Limited Macdougall Macdougall And Mactier Inc Macdougall Meyer Inc Macedonian Bank For Development Promotion Macedonian Stock Exchange Ad Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited Machlin Limited Mackenzie Financial Corporation Macquarie Bank Limited London Macquarie Bank Limited Macquarie Capital Securities Japan Limited Macquarie Capital Securities Limited Taiwan Branch Macquarie Capital Securities Malaysia Sdn Bhd Macquarie Capital Securities Philippines Inc Macquarie Equities Ltd Macquarie Equities New Zealand Ltd Macquarie First South Equities Pty Ltd Macquarie First South Securities Proprietary Limited Macquarie Investment Management Ltd Macquarie Private Broking Macquarie Securities Australia Limited Macquarie Securities India Pvt Ltd Macquarie Securities Korea Limited Macquarie Securities New Zealand Limited Macquarie Securities Thailand Limited Macroom Credit Union Limited Madah Pacific Pt Madison Tyler Europe Limited Maduro And Curiel 039 S Bank N V Maeda Securities Co Maeda Securities Ltd Maerki Baumann Und Co Ag Bank Maerkische Bank Eg Magennis And Co Magnate Premier Investment Bank Limited Magnate Premier Limited Magnate Premier Private Bank Limited Magnum International Securities Inc Magus Capital Management Ltd Maharashtra State Co Operative Bank Ltd The Mainfirst Bank Ag Maintrust Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Maison Placements Ca Inc Maison Placements Canada Inc Maitland Fund Services Pty Ltd Maize Board Majeed Adam Majendie Securities Ltd Mak Broker Ad Makaseb Islamic Financial Services Llc Makefin Pt Mako Capital Partners Ltd Maksurindo Pt Malabar Capital Ltd Malahide And District Credit Union Limited Malarenergi Forsaljning Ab Malawi Savings Bank Limited Malawi Stock Exchange Malayan Bank Savings And Mortgage Bank Malayan Banking Berhad Maybank Malayan Banking Berhad Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Bhd Maldives Monetary Authority Mallow Credit Union Limited Malo Asset Management Limited Malta Stock Exchange Malysa Anugrah Pt Man Aktiengesellschaft Man Corporate Services Ireland Limited Man Financial Limited Formerly Gni Ltd Management International Dublin Ltd Manas Bank Mandarin Securities Corp Mangal Keshav Securities Limited Mangold Fondkommission Ab Manifold Investment Bank Limited Manila Banking Corp Mannin International Bank Manny Bank Ltd Manorhamilton And District Credit Union Limited Mansour Bank For Investment Mantovabanca 1896 Credito Cooperativo Soc Coop Manufacturers Adviser Corporation Mape Admisi Securities Private Limited Maple Brown Abbott Ltd Maple Securities Cda Ltd Marathon Asset Management Australia Ltd Marburger Bank Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Eg Marcard Stein Und Co March Rich And Co Marche Interbancaire Des Devises M I D Marfin Bank A D Beograd Marfin Bank Romania S A Marfin Popular Bank Public Co Ltd Marian Securities Inc Marino Credit Union Limited Marino Olondriz Y Cia Maritime Bank Branch Of Kaliningrad Mark Alexander Investments Cc Mark Securities Corp Markant Finanz Ag Markedskraft Asa Markedskraft Sverige Filial Till Markedskraft Asa Norge Marker Sparebank Market Capital And Securities Inc Market Makers United B V Market Wizards B V Marleau Lemire Inc Marlin Partners Ltd Maroclear Sa Marriott Merchant Bank Limited Martin Currie Inc Martinez Gil Y Asociados Agencia Valores Bolsa Sa Marufuku Securities Co Maruhachi Securities Co Marusan Securities Co Ltd Marvin And Palmer Associates Inc Marwadi Shares And Finance Ltd Maryloone Mentari Pt Mashill Securities Pt Mashreq Bank Mashreq Securities Llc Mashreqbank Psc Masraf Al Rayan Mass Media Bank Massilia Bail 2 Sas Massraf Faysal Al Islami Senegal Mast Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Masterbank Mata Securities India Private Limited Matmut Vie Sa Matrix Asset Management B V Matsui Securities Co Matteus Fondkommission Matthew R Palmer Mauritanie Leasing Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd The Mauritius Commercial Bank Seychelles Limited The Mauritius Post And Cooperative Bank Ltd Mawarid Finance Pjsc Max Effect B V Max Matthiessen Vardepapper Ab Maxwell Bank Mayban Discount Berhad Mayban Futures Sdn Bhd Mayban Securities Sdn Bhd Maybank International L Ltd Maybank Philippines Inc Maybank Png Limited Port Moresby Mayberry Investments Limited Maynard En Keynes B V Mayorstone District Credit Union Limited Mazal Sa Mazda Bank Niederlassung Der Fce Bank Plc Mazowiecki Bank Regionalny Sa Mazowiecki Bank Spoldzielczy W Lomiankach Mazurski Bank Spoldzielczy W Gizycku Mb Bank A D Nis Mbea Brokerage Services U Limited Mbna Europe Bank Ltd Mbna International Bank Limited Mbna International Bank Ltd Mbo Advisory Partners Mbs Capital Advice Sa Mc Bbl Securities Ltd Mc Capital Europe Advisors Limited Mc Securities Limited Mc Securities Ltd Mcb Bank Limited 2 Mcb Bank Limited Mcb Bank Ltd Mcb Dom Bank Mcb Stockbrokers Limited Mccabe Van Der Woude Partnership The Mcdermid St Lawrence Chisholm Ltd Mcdonald Investments Inc Mchattie Investment Management Limited Mcinroy And Wood Limited Mcintosh And Company Limited Mckinsey Investment Office Europe Ltd Mco Limited Md Barnard And Co Ltd Mdt Corporate Limited Meab Sal Mecattaf S A L Mecm Limited Med Menkul Degerler Medi Capital Bank Plc Mediafinance Medibank Medicapital Bank Plc Succursale En France Medici Capital Management Ltd Medinvestbank Mediobanca Spa Mediocredito Italiano Spa Mediocredito Trentino Alto Adige Spa Mediocreval Spa Mediolanum Asset Management Limited Mediterranean Bank Plc Mediterranean Bank Mediterranee Investment Bank S A L Meditor Capital Management Limited Meeg Bank Ltd Meetoo Ab Meeus Vermogensbeheer B V Meezan Bank Limited Meff Renta Fija Meffclear Mega Euro Banka Mega International Commercial Bank Canada Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd 2 Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd Hongkong Branch Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd Mania Branch Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd Sydney Branch Mega International Commercial Bank Co Ltd Mega International Commercial Bank London Branch Mega International Commercial Bank Public Company Limited Mega Investa Pt Megabank Pjsc 2 Megabank Pjsc Meksa Menkul De Erler Ticaret As Meldal Sparebank Melhus Sparebank Mello Valores Sociedade Financeira De Corrretagem Sa Mellon Fund Administration Ltd Mellon Trust Of New England Uk Limited Melville Douglas Investment Management Pty Ltd Mendener Bank Eg Menka Menkul De Erler Ticareti As Menlough Skehana Credit Union Limited Mentari Securindo Pt Mercados Y Gestion De Valores A V B S A Mercantil Banco Universal C A Mercantil Bank Schweiz Ag Mercantile Bank Ltd Mercantile Banking And Financial Corporation Limited The Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd Mercantile Securities Corp Mercavalor Sociedad De Valores Sa Mercedes Benz Australia Pacific Pty Ltd Mercedes Benz Bank Rus Mercedes Benz Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd Mercedes Benz Financial Services New Zealand Ltd Mercedes Benz Financial Services Mercedes Benz Leasing Thailand Co Ltd Mercedes Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Thailand Limited Mercedes Benz New Zealand Ltd Mercedes Benz Thailand Limited Mercedes Benz Vietnam Ltd Merchant Bank Of Central Africa Ltd Merchant Capital Limited Merchant Partners Securities Public Company Limited Mercurius Dom Maklerski Sp Z O O Mercury Fund Managers Ltd Mercury Joint Stock Commercial Bank Meridian Securities Inc Meridian Securities International Inc Meridien Biao Bank Liberia Ltd Meridien Biao Zambia Ltd Merincorp Securindo Pt Merinvest Sociedad De Corretaje C A Meritum Bank Icb S A Meritum Securities Plc Meritz Investment Bank Meritz Securities Co Ltd Merkez Menkul De Erler As Merkur Bank Kgaa Merlin Biosciences Ltd Merrill Lynch And Company Inc Merrill Lynch Gilts Mlg Limited Merrill Lynch International Bank Limited Merrill Lynch International Seoul Office Merrill Lynch International Merrill Lynch New Zealand Ltd Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner And Smith Me S A L Merrill Lynch Portfolio Managers Channel Islands Merrill Lynch Securities Thailand Limited Merrill Lynch Securities Thailand Ltd Merrill Lynch South Africa Proprietary Limited Merrill Lynch Yatirim Bank As Merrillynch Capital Markets Plc Mert Menkul Degerler Mesirow Europe Ltd Metallurg Commercial Bank Ltd Metallurgical Commercial Bank Oao Metals Banka A D Methuselah Life Markets Limited Metier Regroupement De Credits Mrc Sa Metro Sukma Securities Pt Metrobank Metrocombank Metropol Bank Ltd Metropolitan Bank And Trust Co Metropolitan Bank Ltd Metropolitan Bank Of Zimbabwe Ltd Metropolitan Securinvest Pt Mettinger Bank Eg Metzler Nederland B V Mezhtopenergobank Mezhtorgbank Zao Mf And G Asset Management Limited Mf And G Trust And Finance Company Mf Global Securities Limited Mf Global Sify Securities India Private Limited Mf Global Uk Limited 2 Mf Global Uk Limited Mfex Mutual Funds Exchange Ab Mgm Unit Managers Ltd Mgsi Mhf Futures Limited Mi Casa Entidad De Ahorro Y Prestamo C A Miag C V Diemen Nl Branch Baar Mibanco Banco De La Micro Empresa S A Michael Grech Financial Investment Services Limited Michael Ostlund And Compay Fondkommission Ab Microbank De 039 La Caixa 039 Microcreditbank Midas Securities Midclear S A L Middle East Bank Kenya Ltd Middle East Brokerage Company Middle East Capital Group S A L Middle East Capital Group Middle East Financial Brokerage Company L L C Middlebury Capital Partners Uk Ltd Middlemarch Partners Limited Midhurst Asset Management Ltd Midpacific Bank N V Miedzygminny Bank Spoldzielczy W Zbuczynie Miedzypowiatowy Bank Spoldzielczy W Myszkowie Mifcor Sekuritas Pt Migros Bank Miillennium Bcp Gestao De Fundos De Investimento Sa Milaris Sa Milestone Capital Services Limited Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank Millennium Bank A S Millennium Dom Maklerski S A Minato Bank Ltd The Formerly The Hanshin Bank Ltd Minerva Capital Management Ltd Ministerio Del Pp Para La Economia Y Finanzas Ministry Of Energy Ministry Of Finance Of The Slovak Republic Ministry Of Finance Ministry Of Public Finance Minster Court Asset Management Uk Limited Mint Equities Limited Mirae Asset Global Investments Mirae Asset Investment Management Co Ltd Mirae Asset Maps Global Investments Misto Bank Ltd Mitra Duta Securitas Pt Mitra Tatadhana Pt Mitraconvest Pt Mitsubishi Corporation Uk Plc Mitsubishi Fuso Truck Thailand Co Ltd Mitsubishi Ufj Securities Co Ltd Mitsubishi Ufj Securities International Plc Mitsui Bussan Commodities Limited Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd Mizuho Bank Switzerland Ltd Mizuho Capital Markets Uk Ltd Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd Bangkok Branch Formerly The Dai Ichi ... Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd London Branch Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd Madrid Branch Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd Seoul Branch Formerly The Dai Ichi ... Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd Mizuho Corporate Bank Nederland N V Mizuho International Plc Mizuho Securities Usa Inc Mizuho Trust And Banking Luxembourg S A Mkb Mittelstandskreditbank Ag Mkb Romexterra Bank S A Mkombozi Commercial Bank Ltd Mlc Trust Management Company Limited Mls Bank Limited Mm And K Limited Mm And K Personal Financial Management Ltd Mm Securities Limited Mmc International Treasury Centre Limited Mmc Ventures Limited Mmd Corporate Finance Limited Mn Services Nv Investment Management Mnf Bank N V Mnopf Trustees Ltd Mnpa Limited Mobile Telecommunications Company K S C Mobilis Kapitalforvaltning Ab Modal Capital Partners Limited Modum Sparebank Moe Securities Asa Moja Delnica Bph D D Moldindconbank Momentum Life Assurers Ltd Momiji Bank Ltd Monabanq Mondiaen Capital Management N V Mondial Private Bank Monetar Pensionsforvaltning Ab Money Market And Short Term Securities Of The Rep Of ... Money Market Brokers O C P A S Moneymasters Limited Mongol Post Bank Montanaro And Company Limited Montanaro Fund Managers Limited Montanaro Investment Managers Limited Monte De Piedad Y Caja De Ahorros De Huelva Y ... Monte De Piedad Y Caja General De Ahorros De Badajoz ... Monte De Piedad Y Caja General De Ahorros De Badajoz Montepio Geral Caixa Economica Montpelier Asset Management Limited Montravia Investments Private Ltd Monument Asset Management Limited Monument Derivatives Ltd Moore Capital Management Moore Global Fixed Income Fund Limited Morgan Grenfell Asia Securities Uk Limited Morgan Grenfell Investment Morgan Grenfell Private Equity Ltd Morgan Grenfell Trade Finance Limited Morgan Grenfell Morgan Guaranty Trust Co Of New York Morgan Stanley And Co International Plc Seoul Branch Morgan Stanley Bank International Limited Seoul Branch Morgan Stanley India Company Pvt Ltd Morgan Stanley Menkul Degerler Anonim Sirketi Morning Star Securities Limited Mortgage And Land Bank Of Latvia Moscow Bank For Reconstruction And Development Moscow Bill Bank Moseley Capital Markets Limited France Moskommercbank Ooo Moskovska Banka Ad Beograd Mosul Bank Motilal Oswal Securities Limited Motor Bank Ojsc Mountrath And District Credit Union Limited Mourant And Co Limited Moventum S C A Moza Banco Sa Mp Bank Hf Mp Bph D D Mp Investment Bank Hf Mp Investment Bank Mpc Capital Privatbank Aktiengesellschaft Mpe Discretionary Management Partnership The Mpe Investment Managers Ltd Mpf Management Services Pty Ltd Mpfs Unit Trust Management Limited Mr R Peter W Millar Mr1 Futures B V Mrbs Capital Partners Ltd Msasa Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Mt Fund Management Limited Mti Partners Limited Mts France Sas Mts Portugal Sgmr Sa Mts Research Limited Muenchner Bank Eg Muintir Clanna Caoilte Credit Union Limited Muirfield Finance And Real Estate Limited Muirplace Securities Limited Multi Acces Banque Multi Credit Corporation Of Thailand Ltd Multicaja Caja Rural Aragonesa Y De Los Pirineos Sdad Coop ... Multinet Trust Exchange Mulvaney Capital Management Limited Mundelsheimer Bank Eg Munich London Investment Management Ltd Muntenia Global Invest S A Murad Kuran Menkul Degerler Murgtalbank Mitteltal Obertal Eg Murray Johnstone International Limited Murray Johnstone Limited Murray Johnstone Private Investors Ltd Murray Johnstone Unit Trust Management Limited Musashi Securities Company Limited Muscat Depository And Securities Registration Co Saoc Muscat Securities Market Mustafa Yilmaz Menkul De Erler As Mutant Technology Limited Mutual Trust Company The Muzinich And Co Ltd Mvm Limited Mvm Overseas Capital Ltd Mw Gestion S A Mw Joint Investors Ltd Myanma Economic Bank Myanma Foreign Trade Bank Myanma Investment And Commercial Bank Mybank Ltd Myrberg And Wiklund Fondkommission Ab N V Bank Voor De Bouwnijverheid N V De Indonesische Overzeese Bank The Indonesia Overseas Bank ... Naas Credit Union Limited Nabarro Wells And Co Limited Nabil Bank Limited Nacfca Itmc Nacional Financiera Snc Nadra Bank Nadro Investments Sa Nadwislanski Bank Spoldzielczy W Pulawach Nadwislanski Bank Spoldzielczy W Solcu Zdroju Nagano Bank Ltd Nagarmal Saraf Securities Private Limited Nagarmal Saraf Nagasaki Ken Rodo Kinko Bank Nagrasim Spa Naito Securities Co Nakahara Securities Co Nakaizumi Securities Co Ltd Nakhon Ratchasima Lending Office Nam A Commercial Joint Stock Bank Nam Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank Namalatu Ronesina Pt Namclear Pty Limited Namibia Equity Brokers Pty Ltd Namibian Stock Exchange Nan Tou Securities Co Ltd Nanto Bank Ltd The Naomh Breandain Credit Union Limited Naomh Padraig Credit Union Limited Naos Asset Management Limited Narodna Banka Slovenska National Bank Of Slovakia Narodna Banka Srbije National Bank Of Serbia Nbs Narodowy Bank Polski Narraghmore Parish Credit Union Limited Naruse Securities Co Nasdaq Dubai Limited Nasdaq Omx Vilnius Ab Naspa Dublin Nassauische Sparkasse Nat Wealth Securities Limited Natin Bank National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Nh Bank National Australia Bank Limited 2 National Australia Bank Limited National Bank Ag National Bank For Foreign Economic Activity Of The Republic Of ... National Bank Of Abu Dhabi 2 National Bank Of Abu Dhabi Khartoum Branch National Bank Of Abu Dhabi Oman Main Branch National Bank Of Abu Dhabi National Bank Of Bahrain National Bank Of Commerce The 2 National Bank Of Commerce The National Bank Of Commerce Uganda Ltd National Bank Of Iraq National Bank Of Kazakhstan National Bank Of Kenya Ltd 2 National Bank Of Kenya Ltd National Bank Of Kuwait Lebanon Sal National Bank Of Kuwait National Bank Of Liberia National Bank Of Malawi National Bank Of Moldova National Bank Of Oman National Bank Of Pakistan 2 National Bank Of Pakistan Bishkek Branch National Bank Of Pakistan Cjsc Sb National Bank Of Pakistan Frankfurt National Bank Of Pakistan Hong Kong National Bank Of Pakistan Seoul Branch Korea National Bank Of Pakistan National Bank Of Romania National Bank Of Rwanda National Bank Of Samoa Limited National Bank Of Somalia Limited National Bank Of Sudan National Bank Of Tajikistan National Bank Of The Kyrgyz Republic National Bank Of The Republic Of Macedonia National Bank Of Tuvalu National Bank Of Ukraine National Bank Of Vanuatu National Bank Of Yemen National Business Development Bank Open Joint Stock Company National Commercial Bank 2 National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited National Commercial Bank Svg Ltd National Commercial Bank The National Commercial Bank National Cooperative Development Bank Ltd National Depository For Securities National Depository Of Ukraine National Development Bank Plc National Discount House Limited National Export Import Bank Of Jamaica Limited National Export Import Bank National Finance Public Company Limited National Housing Authority National Investment And Securities Corp Niscorp National Investment Bank Of Mongolia National Investments Company K S C Closed National Investments Joint Stock Bank National Itmx Co Ltd National Microfinance Bank Limited National Nominees Limited National Online Trading Limited National Payment Card Ad National Reserve Bank Of Tonga National Resources Securities Limited National Savings And Credit Bank Of Zambia National Savings Bank National Securities Company Saog National Securities Company National Securities Depository Limited National Standard Ooo Kb National Stock Exchange Of India Ltd Nations Crt Japan Inc Nations Trust Bank Plc Natixis Bank Zao Natixis Branch In Hochiminh City Formerly Natexispopulaires Ho Chi Minh ... Natixis Dubai Natixis Financement Sa Natixis Formerly Natexis Banques Populaires 2 Natixis Formerly Natexis Banques Populaires Natixis S A Sucursal En Espana Natixis Zweigniederlassung Deutschland Natura Pacific Pt Natwest Offshore Jersey Natwest Offshore Limited Natwest Securities Limited Naugvilda Fmi Uab Nava Finance And Securities Co Ltd Nava S C Securities Far East Ltd Nava Sc Securities Research M Sdn Bhd Naventi Kapitalforvaltning Ab Navigare Securities Pty Ltd Navratan Capital And Securities Private Limited Nbad Private Bank Suisse S A Nbc Clearing Services Incorporated Nbc Financial Uk Limited Nbco Brinks Nbf International S A Nbf Securities Uk Nbg International Limited Nbgi Equities Nbi Hf Nbk Bank Nbk Banque Privee Suisse S A Nbk Investment Management Limited Nbs Bank Limited Ncb Capital Company Ncb Capital Markets Limited Ncb Corporate Finance Limited Ncb Insurance Company Limited Ncb Stockbrokers Limited Ncl 123 Limited Ncl Investments Limited Nco Dealer Sa Ndbs Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Near East Commercial Bank S A L Nebursa S A S V B Necklace Bank Ooo Nedbank Lesotho Limited Nedbank Limited Nedbank Ltd Nedbank Malawi Limited Nedbank Namibia Limited Nedbank Swaziland Limited Nederlands Centraal Instituut Voor Giraal Effectenverkeer Nederlandsche Bank De N V Nefteprombank Neillstown Credit Union Limited Neilson Management Limited Nektar Asset Management Ab For The Fund Nektar Nemadi Advisors Limited Nemea Bank Nenagh Credit Union Limited Neonet Securities Ab Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited Nepal Bank Limited Nepal Credit And Commerce Bank Ltd Nepal Industrial And Commercial Bank Ltd Nepal Investment Bank Ltd Nepal Rastra Bank Nepal Sbi Bank Ltd Kathmandu Nes Prestegjelds Sparebank Nesbitt Burns Inc Neste Oil Limited Nestle Business Services Aoa Inc Nestle S A Netbank Ag Netfonds Bank Asa Netherlands Caribbean Bank N V Networth Stock Broking Ltd Neubrandenburger Bank Eg Neue Aargauer Bank Ag Neue Bank Ag Nevis Island Administration New Bridge Street Consultants New Capital Bank Plc New Century Bank Ag New Generation Bank Ag New Generation Haldane Fund Management Limited New Hundred King Securities Co Ltd New Japan Securities Co Ltd New Republic Bank Ltd New Ross Credit Union Limited New World Securities Inc New Zealand Exchange Limited New Zealand Futures And Options Exchange New Zealand Stock Exchange Auckland New Zealand Superannuation Fund New Zealand Treasury Newbridge Credit Union Limited Newbridge International Ltd Newcastle Building Society Newchurch And Company Limited Newedge Canada Inc Newedge Financial Hong Kong Limited Seoul Branch Newedge Group Madrid Branch Formerly Known As Fimat International Banque ... Newedge Group Zurich Erp Office Formerly Known As Fimat Switzerland ... Newfinance Capital Partners Limited Newfoundland Capital Corporation Ltd Newmarket Credit Union Limited Newsec Corporate Finance Ab Newsmith Asset Management Llp Newton Capital Management Limited Newton Fund Managers C I Limited Newton Fund Managers Ltd Newton Investment Management Ltd Newton Securities Ltd Nexgen Capital Limited Nextam Partners Societa 039 Di Gestione Del Risparmios P A Nextra Investments Management Sgr S P A Nexus Corporate Finance Limited Nfb Financial Services Group Nfu Mutual Investment Services Ltd Nfu Mutual Unit Managers Ltd Nh Ca Asset Management Nh Securities Pvt Ltd Nhl Securities S A Niaga Securities Pt Nibc Bank N V Nichimen Corporation Nicholas Applegate Capital Management A Californialimited Partnership Nicholas Berwin And Co Limited Nicholson Barber And Co Nick England Trading Ltd Nieves Sanchez Inc Nigbel Merchant Bank Nig Ltd Nigel John Russell Nigeria Arab Bank Limited Nigeria International Bank Limited Nigeria Universal Bank Limited Nigeria Universal Bank Ltd Nigerian Bank For Commerce And Industry Nigerian Industrial Development Bank Ltd Nike Canada Ltd Nike New Zealand Limited Nike South Africa Pty Ltd Niki Asia Securindo Pt Nikko Advisory Services Malaysia Son Bhd Nikko Asset Management Co Ltd Nikko Asset Management Europe Ltd Nikko Capital Management Uk Limited Nikko Gilts Ltd Nikko Gilts Nomg Ltd Nikko Global Asset Management Uk Ltd Nikko Principal Investments Limited Nikko Securities Co Cda Ltd Nikko Securities Co Ltd Taipei Branch The Nikko Securities Indonesia Pt Nikko Securities Seoul Nile Bank Ltd Ninecastle Overseas Limited Nippon Credit International Ltd Nirpan Securities Private Limited Nissay Asset Management Corporation Nithipat Capital And Securities Co Ltd Nito Uk Asset Management Limited Nlb Banka A D Beograd Nlb Montenegrobanka A D Podgorica Nlb Prishtina Sh A Nlb Tutunska Banka Ad Nli Investments Europe Limited Nmb Bank Limited Nmb Bank Ltd Noah Financial Innovation Proprietary Limited Noble And Co Limited Noble And Company Noble And Lee Ltd Noble Asset Managers Ltd Noble Bank S A Noble Capital Limited Noble Fund Advisers Limited Noble Grossart Limited Noble Partnership Limited Nomos Bank Nomos Capital Partners Limited Nomura Asset Management Co Ltd Nomura Asset Management Uk Limited Nomura Bank International Plc Italian Branch Nomura Bank International Plc Nomura Bank Luxembourg S A Nomura Bank Switzerland Ltd Nomura Canada Inc Nomura Capital Markets Plc Nomura Code Securities Limited Nomura Financial Advisory And Securities India Pvt Ltd Nomura International Hong Kong Limited Seoul Branch Nomura International Hong Kong Limited Nomura International Plc Nomura Malaysia Sdn Bhd Nomura Mauritius Limited Nomura Securities Malaysia Sdn Bhd Noonday Capital Limited Noratlas Sim Nordea Bank Ab Publ Nordea Bank Finland Plc Latvia Branch Nordea Bank Finland Plc Lithuania Branch Nordea Bank Norge Asa Nordea Bank Polska S A Nordea Bank S A Luxemburg Zweigniederlassung Zuerich Norderstedt Bank Eg Nordest Banca Spa Nordic Equites Fondkommission Ab Nordic Equities Fondkommission Ab Nordic Growth Market Ngm Aktiebolag Nordisk Fondservice Ab Nordiska Fondkommission Ab Nordkapp Inversiones Sociedad De Valores S A Nordnet Bank Ab Nordthuehringer Volksbank Eg Norges Bank Noro Bank N V Norstar Securities International Inc North Africa Commercial Bank S A L North Africa International Bank North American Trust Co North Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank North Bank North Longford And Arva Credit Union Limited North Sligo Credit Union Limited North West Trust Co North William Street Parish Credit Union Limited Northcape Capital Pty Ltd Northern Rock Plc Northern Trust Canada Northern Trust Custodial Services Ireland Limited Northern Trust Custodial Services Ireland Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services Ireland Limited Norvik Bank Joint Stock Company Norvik Banka Jsc Norwich And Peterborough Building Society Nothing Ventured Co Uk Ltd Nottingham Building Society Notz Stucki London Limited Noumea Credit Nouvobanq Nova Capital Management Limited Nova Invest S A Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor D D Nova Ljubljanska Banka D D Novalis Asset Management Ltd Novasim Spa Novatel Sdn Bhd Novikombank Novum Securities Limited Agency Novum Securities Limited Market Making Novus Capital Markets Limited Npb Neue Privat Bank Ag Npi Investment Managers Npj Asset Management Nsb Fund Management Company Limited Nsc Securities Europe Limited Nucleus Financial Services Nuevo Banco Comercial S A Nufringer Bank Raiffeisen Eg Numis Securities Limited Nuovi Investimenti Societa 039 Di Intermediazione Mobiliare S P A Nurbank Joint Stock Company Nurol Investment Bank Inc Nurol Yatirim Bankasi A S Nurol Menkul Kiymetler A S Nusa Sim Nv Bank Nederlandse Gemeenten Nvest Securities Pty Ltd Nvm Private Equity Limited Nyfix International Limited Nyi Kaupthing Banki Hf Nylon Capital Llp Nzij Stockbrokers Ltd Oak Capital Group Ab Oakbelt Limited Oakes Lyman And Co Limited Oakland Investment Management Limited Oaktree Capital Management Limited Oakwood Capital Markets Llp Oao 039 Baykalbank 039 Oao Credit Moscow Bank Oao Dnb Nor Monchebank Oao Kb 039 Eurocitybank 039 Oao Kb Globus Oao Swedbank Oasis Asset Management Limited Oasis Crescent Capital Difc Limited Oasis Crescent Capital Pty Ltd Oasis Europe Limited Oasis Global Management Company Ireland Limited Oberbank Ag Linz Zweigniederlassung Bayern Oberbank Ag Oberhaardter Raiffeisenbank Eg Obernheimer Bank Eg Oberon Asset Management Limited Obi Bau Und Heimwerkermaerkte Gmbh Und Co Franchise Obwaldner Kantonalbank Ocbc Al Amin Bank Berhad Ocbc Bank Malaysia Berhad Ocbc Securities Melaka Sdn Bhd Ocbc Securities Philippines Inc Ocbc Sikap Securities Pt Ocean Commercial Joint Stock Bank Ocean Equities Limited Oceanic Bank International Nigeria Limited 2 Oceanic Bank International Nigeria Limited Oceanic Bank Sao Tome E Principe Oceanic Bank Uk Ltd Oceor Lease Noumea Oceor Lease Reunion Och Ziff Management Europe Limited Ocm Capital Markets Limited Octagon Capital Corporation Octo Finances Sa Octopus Asset Management Ltd Octopus Ventures Limited Odal Sparebank Odb Equities Oddo Corporate Finance Sca Oddo Et Cie Entreprise D 039 Investissement Oddo Et Cie Oddo Pinatton Corporate Oddo Sv Sociedad De Valores Odey Holdings Limited Odin Forvaltning As Odl Bestconnect Odl Securities Limited Odl Securities Ltd Odlum Brown Limited Odyssee Venture Sas Oechsle International Advisors Ltd Oenceki Ismi Stok Menkul De Erler A S Oencue Menkul De Erler A S Oener Menkul De Erler As Ofek Securities And Investments Limited Offenbacher Volksbank Eg Office For Securities Brokerage Services Offshore Capital Reserve Finance Company Limited Ofoten Sparebank Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd The Ogres Komercbanka Ohra Bank N V Ohridska Banka A D Ohrid Ohv Oil Brokerage Limited Oita Bank Ltd The Ojsc Cb 039 Active Bank 039 Ojsc Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan Ojsc Jscb 039 International Financial Club 039 Ojsc Microcreditbank Ojsc Temirbank Ok2Deal Sociedade Corretora S A Okachi Securities Co Ltd Okasan International Europe Ltd Okasan Online Securities Co Ltd Okasan Securities Co Ltd Okazaki Shinkin Bank The Okinawa Kaiho Bank Old Montier Limited Old Mutual Asset Managers Uk Limited Old Mutual Fund Managers Limited Old Mutual Investment Group Sa Pty Ltd Old Mutual Portfolio Managers Limited Old Mutual Securities Limited Old Mutual Old Park Lane Capital Plc Oldcastle Credit Union Limited Oldfield Partners Llp Olim Limited Olivetree Securities Limited Oltenia Grup Invest S A Olympia Capital Management Limited Olympus Capital Management Limited Om Broker Services Ab 2 Om Broker Services Ab Om Gruppen Ab Oman And Emirates Investment Holding Co Saog Oman And Uae Exchange Centre Co Llc Oman Arab Bank Saoc Oman Banking Corp Oman Exchange Co Wll Oman International Bank S A O G Oman International Bank Oman International Development And Investment Company Saog Oman Investments Services Saoc Oman Security Portfolio Co Saog Oman United Exchange Co Llc Omdurman National Bank Omega Securities Sdn Bhd Omfs Ggp Limited Omi Clear Sociedade De Compensacao De Mercados De Energia S ... Omlx The London Securities And Derivatives Exchange Limited Omni Capital Inc Omnia Asset Management Ltd Omnia Sim Spa Omnicom Finance Ltd On Line Sim Societa 039 Per Azioni Di Intermediazionemobiliare Onafhankelijk Vermogensbeheer 039 S Gravenhage B V Onder Menkul Degerler Ong Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd Online Securities Limited Onstmettinger Bank Eg Ontario Teachers 039 Pension Plan Board Onvista Bank Gmbh Oolders Heijning En Voogelaar B V Ooo Atoh Ooo Cbi 039 Sudkombank 039 Ooo Goldman Sachs Bank Ooo Kb 039 Almaz Invest Bank 039 Ooo Kb 039 Altaykapitalbank 039 Ooo Kb 039 Ergobank 039 Ooo Mib 039 Dalena 039 Open Bank Santander Consumer S A Open Joint Stock Company 039 Raiffeisen Bank Aval 039 2 Open Joint Stock Company 039 Raiffeisen Bank Aval 039 Opera Dom Maklerski Spowka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia Opera Kwiatkowski I Wspolnicy Spolka Komandytowoakcyjna Opes Prime Stockbroking Limited Opis Capital Limited Oppdalsbanken Oppenheimer International Ltd Opportunity Banka A D Novi Sad Opportunity Banka Opportunity International Bank Of Malawi Opt Mobile Limited Optima Options B V Optimix Vermogensbeheer N V Optimum Asset Management Ltd Optimum Registars Optimum Securities Corp Options Clearing House Pty Limited Optionsxpress Europe B V Optiver Trading Uk Optiver Vof Optra V O F Optrix V O F Orange Bnp Paribas Services Oranjeveste B V Orbis Equity Partners Limited Orbis Equity Partners Orbis Financial Corporation Ltd Orbis Investment Advisory Ltd Orbit Securites Co Ltd Orbitex Investments Limted Orchard Funds Management Limited Orco Bank N V Ord Minnett Group Ltd Wellington Ord Minnett Limited Ord Minnett Ltd Inc In Uk Ord Minnett Ltd Orebi Futures Ltd Orefici S P A Orey Valores Sociedade Corretora S A Oriel Securities Limited Oriel Securities Nominees Limited Orienbank Open Joint Stock Company Orient Bank Limited Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank Orient Express Bank Orient Securities Co Ltd Oriental And African Strategic Investment Serviceslimited Oriental Bank Of Commerce 2 Oriental Bank Of Commerce Oriental Commercial Bank Ltd Oriental Securities Corp Oriental Union Securities Co Ltd Orientrade Securities Inc Orion Analyse As Orion Asset Management Limited Orion Capital Managers Uk Limited Orion Securities As Orix Corporate Finance Ltd Orix Securities Corporation Orkdal Sparebank Orkla Finans Kapitalforvaltning As Orkla Securities Uk Limited Orland Sparebank Orn Capital Services Limited Orskog Sparebank Orthogonal Capital Management Uk Ltd Orzesko Knurowski Bank Spoldzielczy Z Siedziba W Knurowie Osaka City Shinkin Bank The Osaka Mercantile Exchange Osaka Seni Torihikijo Textile Exchange Osaka Shoken Daiko Co Lt Osawa Securities Co Osborne Clarke Nominees Limited Oseo Financement Osk And Partners Sdn Bhd Osk Futures And Options Sdn Bhd Osk Investment Bank Berhad Oslo Bors Asa Ostfriesische Volksbank Eg Ostharzer Volksbank Eg Ostseesparkasse Rostock Osuna Y Marco S A A V B Otkritie Securities Limited Otp Bank Romania S A Otp Banka Slovensko A S Otp Banka Srbija A D Novi Sad Otto Rautenschlein Gmbh Oudart Gestion Sa Oudhof Effecten N V Oughterard Credit Union Limited Our Lady Crowned Credit Union Limited Ourinvest Capital Inc Oversea Chinese Banking Coporation Limited Seoul Branch Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Bangkok Branch Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited London Branch Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Taipei Branch Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Tokyo Branch Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Overseas Credit And Securities Incorporated Overseas Credit Union Scandinavia Ekonomiska Foerening Overseas Trust Bank Ltd Overseas Union Bank Limited Manila Branch Overseas Union Bank Limited Seoul Branch Overseas Union Bank Ltd Oxford Seedcorn Capital Limited Oxford Technology Management Limited Oyak Menkul Degereler A S Oyak Yatirim Yatirim Menkul Deg A S Oyens And Van Eeghen Wholesale Brokerage B V Oystre Slidre Sparebank Ozco Limited P And P Private Bank Ag P C Hansen And Co P M Capital Limited P T A Clearing House Pab Unit Trust Management Berhad Paba Finance Ltd Pacific Alliance Investment Management Limited Pacific Basin Sec Co Inc Pacific Capital Group Limited Pacific Capital Partners Limited Pacific International Trust Co Ltd Pacific Mediterranean Investment Limited Pactual Capital Corporation Uk Lt D Padella Ag Padmakant Devidas Securities Limited Paerel Trading Partners B V Pai Partners Sas Paierie Generale Du Tresor Paine Webber International Japan Inc Painewebber International Inc Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company Private Limited Paklibya Holding Company Private Limited Palamon Capital Partners L P Palco Brokers O C P A S Palestine Establishment For Exchange Palestine International Bank Palestine Investment Bank Palestine Islamic Bank Palestine Monetary Authority Palestine Securities Exchange Palestinian Islamic Bank Pali International Limited Palladium Finance Palladyne Asset Management B V Palmerstown Credit Union Limited Pan Asia Banking Corporation Plc Pan Asia Securities Corporation Pan Associates Ltd Pan Capital Aktiebolag Pan Caribbean Bank Limited Pan Caribbean Financial Services Ltd Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank Ltd Panafrican Bank Limited Panagora Asset Management Ltd Panasonic Corporation Panasonic Financial Centre Malaysia Sdn Bhd Panasonic Global Treasury Center B V Panasonic Treasury Centre Thailand Co Ltd Pangaea Emi Securities Limited Pao Shun Securities Co Ltd Paositra Malagasy Papa Securities Corp Paradice Investment Management Pty Ltd Paradigm Capital Inc Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Limited Parag Parikh Securities Limited Paragon Securities Ltd Paramount Universal Bank Limited Parel Pareto Bank Asa Pareto Fonds A S Pareto Ppn As Parex Bank Stockholm Branch Parex Bank Paribas Asia Equity P T Paribas Asia Equity Uk Ltd Paribas Derives Garantis Snc Paribas Futures Ltd Paribas Limited Paribas Paricomi Societe Anonyme Parifergie Societe Anonyme Parilease Sas Parin Sim S P A Parish Of Darver Credit Union Limited Park Raymond James Securities Park Yatirim Bankasi A S Parkmead Energy Investment Managers Limited Parmentier Arthur Corporate Finance Limited Parnassienne De Credit Sa Parsian Bank 2 Parsian Bank Partner Bank Ag Parunion Societe Civile Paterson And Co Pvt Ltd Paterson Ord Minnett Ltd Patron Capital Limited Paul Clarke And Associates Cc Paulo Lopes And Lopes Lda Pavilion Asset Management Ltd Pax Bank Eg Paxton And Associates Limited Pay Menkul De Erler A S Payment Clearing House Close Corporation The Paysystems Corporation Pb Futures Sdn Bhd Pbi Fund Managers Ltd Pbi Securities B V Pce Investors Limited Pcm International Inc Tokyo Pdk Financial Services Limited Peak Europe Ltd Pearse Credit Union Limited Peel Hunt And Company Ltd Pegasus Asset Management Limited Pelagoniska Banka Ad Pelham Partners Limited Pembroke Management Ltd Pendragon Capital Management Ltd Pennygold Trading Supplies Pensioenfonds Openbaar Vervoer Penson Financial Services Canada Inc Penson Financial Services Canada Penta Capital Partners Limited Pentor A V B S A People 039 S Bank Of Zanzibar The People 039 S Bank People 039 S Merchant Bank Limited People 039 S Own Savings Bank Peregrine Capital Australia Pty Limited Peregrine Capital India Private Limited Peregrine Equities Pty Limited Peregrine Securities Phils Inc Perennial Investment Partners Peresvet Bank Performance Advisors Ltd Perminvestbank Oao Permodalan Bsn Berhad Permodalan Nasional Berhad Perpetual Investments Perpetual Portfolio Management Limited Perpetual Utm Perry Capital Ltd Pershing Securities International Ltd Persia International Bank Plc Difc Branch Dubai Personal Pension Management Personal Trust Ltd Perspektiva Bpd D D Persson And Partners Limited Pesaka Jardine Fleming Sdn Bhd Pesterbanka Peter Berry Trust Services Pty Ltd Peter Cadbury And Co Limited Petercam Banque Privee Suisse Sa Petercam Capital U K Limited Petercam Nederland N V Peters And Co Limited Petersburg 039 S Citybank Petrie Parkman And Co Inc Petrolimex Group Commercial Joint Stock Bank Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Petrus Wealth Management B V Pettigo Credit Union Limited Pexsettle Pfizer International Bank Europe Pfizer Service Company Ireland Pfortner Pfp Finance Ltd Pggm Pgms Glasgow Limited Phatra Securities Public Company Limited Phibro Limited Phibsboro And District Credit Union Limited Phileo Allied Securities Uk Ltd Philippe Didier S A Philippine Bank Of Communications Philippine Depository Trust Corp Philippine Equity Partners Inc Philippine National Bank Europe Plc Philippine National Bank Tokyo Branch Philippine Savings Bank Philippine Veterans Bank Philippines Asia Equity Sec Inc Philippus De Witt Emds Bpk Philippus De Witt Pty Ltd Philipse En Co B V Phillip Alexander Securities And Futures Ltd Phillip Futures Sdn Bhd Phillip Securities Thailand Public Co Ltd Phillip Securities Uk Limited Philtrust Bank Philippine Trust Company Phoenix Asset Management Partners Limited Phoenix Futures Limited Phoenix Securities Ltd Phoenix Soft Corp Ltd Phoenix Software Corporation Ltd Phz Privat Und Handelsbank Ag Pi Financial Corp Piano International Corp Pica M Corporation Sdn Bhd Pictet And Cie Europe S A Sucursal En Espana Pictet And Cie Europe S A Pictet And Cie Pictet Asset Management Japan Ltd Pictet Asset Management Limited Pictet Canada L P Pictet Investment Company Ltd Pictet Overseas Inc Pictet Securities Ag Pierce Interlink Sec Inc Piercestown And District Credit Union Limited Pilgrim Unit Trust Management Ltd Pilkington Pension Services Ltd Pilling And Company Manchester Limited Piltown Credit Union Limited Pimco Australia Pty Limited Pimco Europe Ltd Pinder Fry And Benjamin Ltd Pinemont Securities Limited Pinner Options Limited Pioneer Global Asset Management Spa Pioneer Investment Management S G R P A Pioneer Investments Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Pipeline Financial Group Limited Piper Capital Management Ltd Piper Jaffray Ltd Piper Private Equity Ltd Piraeus Bank Ad Beograd Piraeus Bank Icb Jsc Piraeus Bank Romania Piraeus Bank Sa Piramit Menkul Degerler Pirelli International Limited Pirelli Re Credit Servicing Pirotska Banka A D Piyush Arun Vora Securities Private Limited Pjsc 039 Volksbank 039 Pjsc Aktabank Pjsc Alfa Bank Pkb Privatbank Ag Placements La Laurentienne Inc Plain Capital Asset Management Ab Plan B Plan Invest Group Ltd Planters Development Bank Platina Bank Platinium Asset Management Platinum Capital Management Limited Platinum Global Limited Platinum One Limited Platinum Securities Inc Platinumhabib Bank Plc Plato Investment Management Limited Platypus Asset Management Pty Ltd Pm Securities Sdn Bhd Pmb Capital Services Ltd Pnb Asset Management Company Limited Pnb Securities Inc Pnc Global Investment Servicing Europe Limited Po Hon Securities Co Ltd Poalim Sahar Ltd Podgoricka Banka Societe Generale Group Pohjola Bank Plc Latvian Branch Pohjola Bank Plc Lithuanian Branch Pointon York Securities Ltd Polar Capital Partners Limited Polen Menkul De Erler A S Police Mutual Investment Services Ltd Poljoprivredno Investiciona Banka Pollitt And Co Inc Polti Spa Polunin Capital Partners Limited Polygon Investment Partners Llp Pommersche Voba Eg Ponce Federal Bank Pond Venture Partners Limited Poonpipat Finance And Securities Co Ltd Pope And Company Popular Banca Privada Porsche Bank Romania Sa Portfin O C P A S Portfolio Advisers Limited Portfolio Fund Management Ltd Portfolio Partners Limited Portumna And District Credit Union Limited Postal Savings Bank Jsc Postbank Groen N V Postbank N V Subsidiary Of Ing Bank N V Postbank Uganda Limited Poste Italiane S P A Posten Fondkommission Ab Postern Fund Management Ltd Postna Banka Slovenije D D Postova Banka A S Postspaarbank N V Poten And Partners Uk Ltd Potentialbank Ltd Poteza D D Potter Warburg And Company Ltd Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski Sa 2 Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski Sa Poyry Capital Limited Prabhudas Lilladher Private Limited Prader Bank S P A Pradera Am Plc Prado Bank Pramerica Investment Management Limited Pranav Securities Private Limited Prebon Yamane Canada Limited Precious Shipping Public Company Limited Prema Capital Limited Premier Banking Corporation Ltd Premier Finance Group Ltd Prescient Securities Pty Ltd President Securities Corporation Prevadies Harmonie Mutuelles Previnet Spa Pricoa Capital Group Limited Pricoa Capital Management Limited Prim Menkul De Erler A S Prima Sgr Spa Primary Capital Limited Primasia Securities Company Limited Prime Asset Custody Transfers Limited Prime Asset Management Ltd Prime Bank Ltd Prime Broking Company India Limited Prime Commercial Bank Ltd Prime Emirates L L C Prime Transaction S A Primorski Financni Center Interfin D O O Principal Global Investors Europe Limited Prior And Nilsson Fond Och Prisco Capital Bank Zao Privat Bank S A Privatbank Bellerive Ag Privatbank Ihag Zuerich Ag Privatbank Ihag Zuerich Privatbanka A S Privatbanken Asa Private Finance B V Privredna Banka Ad Pancevo Privredna Banka Beograd Dd Beograd Pro Asset Management B V Pro Capital Limited Pro Equity Pty Ltd Pro Genesis Securities Inc Probank Probanka D D Maribor Probusinessbank Procredit Bank A D Belgrade Procredit Bank Kosovo Formerly Micro Enterprise Bank Pristina Kosovo Procredit Bank Macedonia Formerly Pro Business Bank A D Skopje Procredit Bank Sierra Leone Limited Procredit Bank Ukraine Formerly Micro Finance Bank Of Ukraine Procreditbank S A Professione E Finanze Sim Profile Asset Management Uk Ltd Project Financing Bank Js Project Resources And Acquisitions Pty Ltd Prolific International Management Ireland Limited Prolific Objective Asset Management Ltd Prominvestraschet Bank Promsberbank Prospur Portfolio Managers Pty Ltd Protea Insurance Co Ltd Protime Securities Co Ltd Proventus B V Providence Capital N V Provident Mutual Plan Manager Ltd Provincial Banco De Inversion S A Provincial De Valores Casa De Bolsa C A Prudent Siam Securities Company Limited Prudential Bache Capital Prudential Bache Securities Uk Inc Prudential Bank Limited Prudential Nominees Limited Prudential Personal Equity Plans Limited Prudential Portfolio Managers Sa Pty Ltd Prudential Securities Inc Prudential Securities Prva Banka Crne Gore Ad Prva Stavebna Sporitelna A S Psam Limited Psd Bank Berlin Brandenburg Eg Psd Bank Braunschweig Eg Psd Bank Bremen Psd Bank Frankfurt Psd Rhein Ruhr Eg Psigma Investments Limited Psigma Unit Trust Managers Limited Pt Antaboga Delta Sekuritas Indonesia Pt Bank Agroniaga Tbk Pt Bank Bumi Arta Tbk Pt Bank Pembangunan Daerah Bali Pt Bank Permata Tbk Pt Bank Uob Buana Public Bank Berhad Public Bank L Ltd Public Finance Berhad Public Islamic Bank Berhad Public Joint Stock Company 039 Joint Stock Commercialbank 039 Basis ... Public Joint Stock Company 039 Metabank 039 Public Joint Stock Company Otp Bank Public Joint Stock Company Pacific Commercial Regional Bank For Foreign ... Public Mutual Berhad Publikum Borzno Posredovanje D D Puma Securities Limited Punjab National Bank International Ltd Punjab National Bank Putnam Investments Limited Putnam Lovell Securities Inc Pvm Oil Associates Limited Pvm Oil Futures Ltd Pyremet Brokers Ltd Pyrford International Limited Pyrrho Management Limited Qatar Central Bank Qatar Development Bank Qatar First Investment Bank Qatar Foundation Qatar International Islamic Bank Qatar Investment Authority Qatar Islamic Bank Qatar National Bank Qnb Qatar National Bank S A Q Qatar National Bank Saq Qatar National Bank Qatar Securities Company Qatar Telecom Qtel Q S C Qbe Insurance Qbe Management Services Pty Ltd Qed Capital Pty Ltd Qes Investment Limited Qic Limited Qinvest Llc Qnb Banque Privee Suisse Sa Qnb Quaestor Investment Management Ltd Quality Capital Management Limited Quality Investment And Securities Corp Quant Asset Management Quant Broking Private Limited Quantics Limited Quantrust Vermogensbeheer B V Quantum Securities P Ltd Quartz Capital Partners Ltd Quartz Capital Partners Quayle Munro Limited Quds Bank Queen City Development Bank Queen Of Peace Credit Union Limited Quelle Bauspar Aktiengesellschaft Quesada Kapitalforvaltning Ab Quest Stockbrokers Hk Limited Quester Venture Managers Limited Questes Quick And Reilly Ltd Quilter And Co Channel Islands Quilter And Co Limited Quilter And Co Ltd Quilter Fund Management Ltd Quilvest Banque Privee Societe Anonyme Quilvest Copagest Finance Sa Quilvest Copagest Finance Quilvest Et Associes Gestion D 039 Actifs Quilvest Gestion Privee Sa Quilvest Switzerland Ltd Quirin Bank Ag Quoniam Asset Management Gmbh Qv Management B V Qvt Financial Llp R And D Heslop Holdings Pty Ltd R J Beatty Financial Corp R James R L Stott R M Story And Co R N Shah R Nubla Securities Inc R Raphael Sons Plc R S Lim And Co Inc Ra Asset Management Ltd Rab Capital Plc Rabo Australia Limited Rabo Invest O O O Rabobank Australia Branch Rabobank Australia Limited Formerly Piba Rabobank Curacao N V Rabobank International London Branch Rabobank International Madrid Branch Rabobank International Rabobank Ireland Plc Rabobank Nederland 2 Rabobank Nederland Tokyo Branch Rabobank Nederland Rabobank New Zealand Branch Rabobank Polska Spolka Akcyjna Rabobank Succursale De Paris Rabodirect A Registered Business Name In Ireland Of Cooperatieve Centrale ... Racuni Prihoda I Rashoda Nbs Raet Bv Raffeisenbank Obernbreit Und Umgebung Eg Rafidain Bank Raheny And District Credit Union Limited Rahn Und Bodmer Co Raiffeisen Banca Pentru Locuinte S A Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo Raiffeisen Bank Liechtenstein Ag Raiffeisen Bank Polska S A Raiffeisen Bank S A Raiffeisen Banka A D Raiffeisen Banka D D Raiffeisen Capital And Investment S A Raiffeisen Malta Bank Plc Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft Raiffeisenbank Zao Raiffeisenkasse Algund Cassa Raiffeisen Di Lagundo Raiffeisenkasse Andrian Cassa Raiffeisen Di Andriano Raiffeisenkasse Bozen Cassa Rurale Di Bolzano Raiffeisenkasse Branzoll Auer Cassa Raiffeisen Di Bronzolo Ora Raiffeisenkasse Bruneck Cassa Raiffeisen Di Brunico Raiffeisenkasse Deutschnofen Aldein Cassa Raiff Di N Ponente Aldino Raiffeisenkasse Eisacktal Cassa Raiffeisen Della Valle Isarco Raiffeisenkasse Gadertal Cassa Raiffeisen Val Badia Raiffeisenkasse Hochpustertal Cassa Raiffeisen Alta Pusteria Raiffeisenkasse Kastelruth Cassa Raffeisen Castelrotto Raiffeisenkasse Laas Cassa Raiffeisen Di Lasa Raiffeisenkasse Schlern Rosengarten Cassa Raiff Schlern Rosengarten Raiffeisenkasse Untereisacktal Cassa Raiffeisen Bassa Vall 039 Isarco Rakb 039 Donhlebbank 039 Oao Rakyat Merchant Bankers Berhad Ramayana Artha Perkasa Pt Ramsey Crookall And Co Ltd Rand Registrars Ranelagh And District Credit Union Limited Raphael Asset Management Ltd Rare Infrastructure Limited Ras Private Bank Suisse Sa Raschetno Kreditny Bank Rasdaq Rasfin Societa 039 Di Intermediazione Mobiliare Spa Rasgas Company Limited Rasheed Bank Rashid And Zaki Derivatives Sdn Bhd Rashid Hussain Securities Pt Rashid Hussain Securities Rashind Hussain Securities Philippines Inc Rasini And C Limited Rasmala Investments Ltd Rastriya Banijya Bank Rathangan And District Credit Union Limited Rathbone Bros And Co Limited Rathbone Investment Management Ltd Rathbone Lawrence Keen Ltd Rathbone Neilson Cobbold Limited Rathdowney Credit Union Limited Rathfarnham And District Credit Union Limited Rathkeale And District Credit Union Limited Rathmore And District Credit Union Limited Ratio Asset Management Llp Ravindo Securitama Pt Ravnaq Bank Raymond James And Associates Inc Raymond James Financial International Limited Raymond James International Sas Raymond James Investment Services Ltd Raymond James Ltd Raymond James Stewart Pty Ltd Rb Boesingen Eg Rb Enzberg Eg Rb Fronhofen Eg Rb Heddesheim Eg Rb Heidesheim Eg Rb Heilbronn Neckargartach Eg Rb Igersheim Eg Rb Landau Pilsting Eg Rb Mockstadt Eg Rb Rheingau Taunus Eg Rb Rockenhausen Eg Rb Schefflenz Seckach Eg Rb Suedl Schwarzwald Eg Rbc Asset Management Uk Limited Rbc Asset Management Rbc Capital Markets Corporation Rbc Capital Markets Japan Ltd Tokyo Rbc Capital Markets Rbc Dexia Investor Services Bank France Rbc Dexia Investor Services Bank S A Rbc Dexia Investor Services Espana Rbc Dexia Investor Services Ireland Rbc Dexia Investor Services Netherlands Nv Rbc Dexia Investor Services Rbc Dexia Is Bank Sa Milan Branch Rbc Dominion Securities Capital Markets Rbc Dominion Securities Inc Rbef Limited Rbs Asia Limited Seoul Branch Rbs Asia Limited Taipei Branch Rbs Asia Securities Inc Rbs Bank Polska S A Rbs Bank Romania S A Rbs Coutts Bank Ag Rbs Coutts Bank Manx Ltd Rbs Deutschland Ag Rbs Equities Australia Limited Rbs Equities India Limited Rbs Factor Sa Rbs Financial Products Plc Rbs Group Australia Pty Limited Rbs Hoare Govett Limited Rbs New Zealand Limited Rbs Securities Japan Limited Tokyo Branch Rbs Securities Romania S A Rbs Sempra Metals Limited Rbs Rbtt Bank Caribbean Limited Rbtt Bank Carribean Limited Rbtt Bank Jamaica Limited Rbtt Bank Limited Rbtt Bank N V Rbtt Bank Skn Limited Rbtt Bank St Maarten N V Rbtt Bank Suriname N V Rbtt Merchant Bank Limited Rbtt Securities Jamaica Limited Rcbc Capital Corporation Rcg Gain Limited Rcibanque S A Rcm Capital Management Limited Rea Brothers Ltd Reabourne Technology Investment Management Limited Readybank Ag Real Bank Joint Stock Commercial Real Estate Bank The Real Estate Bank Real Estate Commercial Bank Reali E Associati Societa 039 Di Intermediazione Mobiliare Sim Spa Reassurance Et Finances S A Reafin Red Gates Bank Zao Red Liquid Finance Redburn Partners Llp Redeye Ab Redialindo Mandiri Pt Redmayne Bentley Reestr A Plus Refco S A Reflexion Capital Inc Regan And Co Regency Capital International Ltd Regent Associates Limited Regent Partners International Limited Regiments Securities Limited Regina Capital Development Corp Regio Bank N V Regiobank Maennedorf Ag Regiobank Zao Region Bank Joint Stock Commercial Regional Bank Region Bank Region Finance And Security Limited Regional Bank For Development Regional Development Bank Regionala Investiciju Banka Regionfinancebank Regioninvestbank Ooo Registro Nacional De Derechos Da Emission De Gei Renade Regnum Bank Reichmuth And Co Privatbankiers Reisebank Aktiengesellschaft Rejonowy Bank Spoldzielczy W Bychawie Rekaprima Sekuritas Pt Reliable Securities Limited Reliance Equities International Private Limited Reliance Securities Limited Religare Capital Markets Ltd Religare Hichens Harrison Plc Religare Securities Ltd Remium Ab Renaissance Broker Limited Renaissance Capital Asset Management Company Renaissance Capital Bank Renaissance Capital Commercial Bank Ooo Renaissance Capital Kenya Limited Renaissance Capital Ltd Renaissance Capital Zao Renaissance Merchant Bank Ltd Renaissance Securities Nigeria Limited Renaissance Securities Private Limited Renault Bank Niederlassung Der Renault Credit International S A Banque Renault Credit International S A Renault Finance S A Renchtalbank Eg Oppenau Vb Rene Aballea Finance Sa Rensburg Fund Management Limited Rensburg Sheppards Investment Management Limited Renta 4 Sociedad De Valores S A Rentcaixa S A De Seguros Y Reaseguros Repsol Ypf S A Republic Bank Limited Republic Credit Alliance Commercial Bank Republic Finance And Merchant Bank Limited Republic New York U K Ltd Republic Securities Limited Resba Gmbh Research Capital Corporation Reserve Bank Of India Reserve Bank Of Malawi Reserve Bank Of New Zealand Reserve Bank Of Vanuatu Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Resolution Capital Inc Resolution Capital Limited Resona Bank Ltd Tokyo Respublikansky Bank Resurs Bank Aktiebolag Retail Plus General Partner Limited Returnplus Ab Reuschel Und Co Kg Rexiter Capital Management Limited Reykjavik Capital Hf Reyl Et Cie S A Reynolds And Co Pty Ltd Rezco Pty Ltd Rfa Bank Rfc Bank Rfm Capital Limited Rfml Investment Fund Limited Rfml Partners Limited Rfsc International Limited Rgm Trading Europe Limited Rhb Bank Berhad Rhb Bank L Ltd Rhb Excel Sdn Bhd Rhb Futures Sdn Bhd Rhb Investment Bank Berhad Rhb Islamic Bank Berhad Rhein Oel Ltd Rheingauer Volksbank Eg Rheinhyp Rheinische Hypothekenbank A G Rheinhyp Rheinische Hypothenkenbank Ag Rheinische Westfaelische Boerse Zu Duesseldorf Rheinland Pfalz Bank Trading As Landesbank Baden Wuerttemberg Rhenus Assets Und Services Gmbh Und Co Kg Rhine Re Financial Uk Ltd Rhine Securities Ltd Rhoen Rennsteig Sparkasse Rhyme Systems Limited Ria Bank Rial Credit Rialto Credit Union Limited Ricardo Dorich Rich Soon Securities Co Ltd Richardson Greenshields Of Canada Ltd Richardson Greenshields Of Canada Richardson Salmon Limited Richemont International Sa Riches Securities Co Ltd Richmond Capital Ltd Richmond Fund Advisers Limited Richmount Management Ltd Rickitt Mitchell And Partners Limited Ridge Clearing And Outsourcing Solutions Limited Ridge Futures Limited Ridgewood Capital Asset Management Inc Riesenbecker Volksbank Eg Rietumu Banka Riga Stock Exchange Riggs And Company International Ltd Rikb 039 Rinvestbank 039 Ooo Rindal Sparebank Ringerikes Sparebank Ringsend And District Credit Union Limited Rink Bank Joint Stock Bank Rio Tinto Pension Investments Ltd Ris Consultancy Services Riscura Solutions Pty Ltd Risk Profiles Limited Rita Wijaya Kencana Pt Ritterschaftliches Kreditinstitut River And Mercantile Investment Managment Ltd Rivington Street Corporate Finance Limited Rivoli Conserv Fund Riyad Bank Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Rizzo Farrugia And Co Stockbrokers Limited Rlam Nominees Limited Rm S Market O C P A S Rm Walkden And Co Limited Rmb Asset Management Pty Ltd Rmb Securities Pty Limited Rmb Stockbroking Pty Ltd Rn Mckean And Co Robeco Institutional Asset Management Bv Funds Robeco Institutional Asset Management Uk Ltd Robert Caldwell Capital Corp Robert Cowen Investments Pty Ltd Robert Fleming And Co Limited Robert Fleming Securities Ltd Robert Fleming Stock Lending Ltd Robert Fleming Switzerland Ltd Robert W Baird Limited Robson Cotterell Limited Rock Trading Europe Rockspring P I M Regulated Limited Rodovid Bank Rogge Global Partners Plc Roinvest Bucovina S A Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone Ltd Rolf Brauburger Kursmakler Gmbh Romanian Commercial Bank Chisinau Branch Romanian International Bank Sa Rombell Securities S A Romcapital S A Rometsch And Moor Ltd Romexterra Finance S A Romsdals Fellesbank Asa Ronin Capital Uk Limited Roongta Capital Markets Private Limited Rorento N V Rorosbanken Roros Sparebank Rosbacher Raiffeisenbank Eg Rose A M Rose Square Capital Limited Rosevrobank Jscb Rossie House Investment Management Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank Rossmoyne Capital Advisors Ltd Rostocker Volks Und Raiffeisenbank Eg Rosy Blue Securities Private Limited Rotherfield Securities Limited Rothschild And Cie Banque Rothschild Fund Management Ltd Rothschild Private Fund Management Ltd Rothschild Private Management Limited Rottaler Raiffeisenbank Eg Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Eg Sitz Eggenfelden Rottaler Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Eg Rourke Capital Management Ltd Rouws En Ceulen Bureau Voor Vermogensbeheer Rovigobanca Credito Cooperativo Soc Coop 2 Rovigobanca Credito Cooperativo Soc Coop Rowan And Company Financial Services Limited Rowan Dartington And Co Limited Rowe And Pitman Moneybroking Ltd Rowlagh Credit Union Limited Royal Asset Management Pty Ltd Royal Bank Action Direct Inc Royal Bank De Puerto Rico Royal Bank Of Canada Royal Bank Of Scotland International Limited The Royal Bank Of Scotland Isle Of Man Plc Royal Bank Of Scotland Jersey St Helier Plc Royal Bank Of Scotland Nb Uzbekistan Cjsc Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc Frankfurt Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc Sucursal Em Portugal Royal Bank Of Scotland Plc Royal Bank Of Scotland Zao Royal Capital Pjsc Royal Savings And Loan Ef Royal Skandia Treasury Rp Martin Stockholm Ab Rpm Risk And Portfolio Management Ab Rreef Investment Gmbh Rreef Limited Rreef Spezial Invest Gmbh Rs Platou Markets As Rs Platou Securities Rsb Retail And Service Bank Gmbh Prev Sabu Schuh And ... Rsi Bank Rsk Bank Rsle Holding Labuan Corporation Rsle Holdings Corporation Pty Limited Rtg And Co Inc Rtr Reuters Realtime Daten Rtz Pension Investments Rubicon Asset Management Limited Rublev Bank Ruby Iso Nominees Limited Ruegg And Co Ltd Ruesselsheimer Volksbank Eg Ruffer Investment Management Limited Ruffer Llp Rupali Bank Limited Rusregionbank Russell Investments Limited Russell Wood Limited Russian Bread Bank Ltd Khlebobank Russian Commercial And Industrial Bank Russian Commercial Bank Ltd Russian National Commercial Bank Russian Regional Development Bank Russian Standard Bank Russisch Deutsche Handelsbank Ag Russita Bank International Commercial Investment Bank Russky Slaviansky Bank Russobank Rusyugbank Oao Rutland Corporate Finance Ltd Rutland Fund Management Ltd Rv Bank Eg Rv Bank Rhein Haardt6 Eg Rv Capital B V Rwanda Development Bank Rwc Partners Limited Rwe Trading Services Gmbh Rwe Trading Uk Limited Ryan Anderson And Co Pty Ltd Rygge Vaaler Sparebank Ryoko Securities International Ltd S C F Finance And Securities Pcl S F T Bank N V Formerly Citco Bank Antilles ... S S I F Fortius Finance S A S S I F Orizont Vest S A S S I F Piraeus Securities Romania S A S S I F Romintrade S A S S I F Vienna Investment Trust S A Sa Optigestion Saadgroup Bank Europe Limited Saalesparkasse Saambou Bank Ltd Saarlandische Investitionskreditbank Aktiengesellschaft Saarlb France Saba Islamic Bank Sabah Development Bank Bhd Sabmiller Holdings Limited Sabmiller Plc Sabre Corporate Finance Limited Sacd Patrimoine Sci Sachsische Aufbaubank Foerderbank Sacombank Securities Company Sade Intermediazione Sim Saen Options Bv Saen Trading B V Saened B V Safindo Mediadana Pt Safmarine Container Lines Safra International Bank And Trust Ltd Saga Capital Fjarfestingarbanki Hf Sage Selection Cc Sagep Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited Sagit Stockbrokers Private Limited Saham Sabah Berhad Sahara Bank Sahem Trading And Investment Company Sai Asset Management Societa 039 Di Gestione Del Risparmio S ... Sai Gon Securities Incorporation Saigon Bank For Industry And Trade The Saigon Commercial Bank Saikyo Bank Ltd The Saint Martin Sarl Saint Petersburg Currency Exchange Zao Saintoin Roulet Saitama Resona Bank Limited Saka Carry Securities Pt Sakha Diamond Bank Ao Sakses Brokers Inc Sakura Bank Canada Sakura Securities Co Ltd Sakura Securities Sal Oppenheim Jr And Cie Securities Uk Ltd Sal Oppenheim Jr Et Cie Kgaa Salahsun Hekimoglu Menkul Degerler Salling Bank A S Salman Partners Inc Salomon Brothers Inc Salomon Smith Barney Sa Salvatore Giardina Salve Investments O C P A S Salzburg Muenchen Bank Aktiengesellschaft Filiale Salzburg Salzburg Muenchen Bank Aktiengesellschaft Salzburg Muenchen Wertpapierfonds Kapitalanlage Salzburger Kreditgarantie Salzburger Landes Hypothekenbank Ag Salzburger Sparkasse Bank Ag Salzlandsparkasse Saman Bank Corporation 2 Saman Bank Corporation Samara Currency Interbank Exchange Oao Samba Bank Limited Samba Financial Group Samba Tadawol Misr Brokerage Samoa Commercial Bank Limited Samoborska Banka D D Sampath Bank Plc Company No Pq 144 Sampath Surakum Limited Sampo Securities Co Ltd Samsung China Investment Co Ltd 2 Samsung China Investment Co Ltd Samsung Elec Holding Gmbh Samsung Elec Hungarian Czech Samsung Electronica Da Amazonia Ltda Samsung Electronica De Columbia Samsung Electronica Portugal Samsung Electronics Argentina S A Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd Samsung Electronics Austria Gmbh Samsung Electronics Baltics Samsung Electronics Benelux Belgium Samsung Electronics Chile Limitada Ltda Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Samsung Electronics Display M Sdn Bhd Samsung Electronics Kz And Central Asia Samsung Electronics Lcd Slovakia S R O Samsung Electronics Philippines Corp Samsung Electronics Poland Co Samsung Electronics Rus Company Samsung Electronics Ukraine Company Samsung Gulf Electronics Co Ltd Samsung India Electronics Private Ltd Samsung Mexicana S A De C V Samsung Securities Co Ltd San Menkul De Erler A S San Paolo Imi Asset Management Sgr Sanchung Securities Co Ltd Sanders Wealth Management Group Ltd Sandhurst Trustees Limited Sanef Construction Sanei Securities Co Sanho Securities Co Ltd Sanlam Capital Markets Sanlam Investment Management Sanlam Multi Manager International Limited Sanlam Securities Pty Ltd Sanpaolo Bail Sanpaolo Invest Societa 039 Di Intermediazione Mobiliare S P A Sanpaolo Mur Snc Santander Asset Management Sociedade Gestora De Fundos De Investimento Mobiliario ... Santander Asset Management Uk Limited Santander Bank And Trust Ltd Santander Benelux Sa Santander Brasil S A Ctvm Santander Consumer Bank Aktiengesellschaft Santander Consumer Bank Jsc Santander Consumer Bank Spa Santander Consumer Bank Santander Direkt Bank Ag Santander Investment S A Corredores De Bolsa Santander Portfolio Management Uk Limited Santander Private Banking S P A Santander Serfin Santander Unit Trust Managers Uk Limited Santanter Investment Bank Ltd Sanwa Asset Management Uk Plc Sanwa Bank Canada Sanyo Primarindo Securities Pt Sap Ag Sapar Sa Sapphire Securities Inc Sar Securities Ltd Sarana Efekindo Pt Sarasin Asset Management Limited Saraswat Co Operative Bank Ltd The 2 Saraswat Co Operative Bank Ltd The Saratov Regional Commercial Bank For Social Sphereconto Sares Invest B V Sarf A S Sark Master Fund Sas Parvim Sas Prets Et Services Sasfin Bank Limited Sassoon Securities Japan Ltd Sassoon Securities Limited Pt Satf Bank Saturne Capital Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Saudi Aramco Saudi British Bank The Saudi Egyption Co For Securities Brokerage Saudi Hollandi Bank Saudi Hollandi Capital Saudi Lebanese Bank Sal Saudi National Commercial Bank Beirut Saudi National Commercial Bank Obu Saudi Sudanese Bank Save Comeuro Sim Savile Asset Management Savings And Credit Bank Savings And Finance Commercial Bank Ltd Savings And Investment Trust Savings And Social Development Bank Savings Bank Mongolia Savings Bank Of Turkmenistan Saxo Bank A S Sayilgan Menkul De Erler Ticareti As Sb Capital Partners Sb Equities Incorporated Sb Sberbank Jsc Sbb Unit Trust Management B Erhad Sbc Warburg Asia Ltd Sbc Warburg Sbci Securities Sbcm Derivative Products Ltd Sberbank Baikalsky Head Office Sberbank Dalnevostochny Head Office Sberbank Severo Zapadny Head Office Sberbank Srednerussky Head Office Sberbank Sbi Commercial And International Bank Ltd Sbi Custodial Services Private Ltd Sbi E Trade Securities Co Ltd Sbi International Mauritius Ltd Sbi Sumishin Net Bank Ltd Sbicap Securities Limited Sbj Benefit Consultants Limited Sbs Sociedad De Bolsa S A Sc Immobiliere Natio Vie Sc Parex Bank Berlin Branch Scania Finance France Sas Scarborough Building Society Scb Metallinvestbank Schahin Ccvm S A Scharnhauser Bank Eg Schelcher Prince Finance Schelcher Prince Patrimoine Et Investissements Schelcher Prince Schiffshypothekenbank Zu Luebeck Aktiengesellschaft Schnigge Wertpapierhandelsbank Ag Schoellerbank Ag Schretlen And Co N V Schretlen En Co N V Schroder And Co Bank Ag Schroder And Co Limited Schroder Cayman Bank And Trust Co Ltd Schroder Middle East Ltd Schroder Property Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Schroder Securities Scse Limited Schroders Bermuda Limited Schroders France Sa Schroders Securities Ltd Ssl Schwaebische Bank Aktiengesellschaft Schwyzer Kantonalbank Skb Sci Clichy Barbusse Sci Promuta Scl Securities Limited Scm Administration Biens Agents Immob Scm Automobile Cycle Motocycle Somera Scm Centre Atlantique Negociants Cereale Scm Des Specialistes Phox Scor Global Investments Se Scor Global P Et C Scor Se Scotfin Limited Scotia Capital Europe Ltd Scotia Capital Inc Scotia Capital Markets Scotia Dbg Investments Limited Scotia Dbg Investments Ltd Scotia Dbg Merchant Bank Limited Scotia Mcleod Inc Scotiabank And Trust Cayman Ltd Scotiabank Anguilla Ltd Scotiabank Bahamas Ltd Scotiabank British Virgin Islands Ltd Scotiabank De Costa Rica Scotiabank De Puerto Rico Scotiabank Europe Plc Scotiabank Inverlat S A Scotiabank Peru S A A Scotiabank Sud Americano Scotiabank Trinidad And Tobago Ltd Scotiabank Turks And Caicos Ltd Scotiatrust And Merchant Bank Trinidad And Tobago Limited Scott Foster And Partners Scottish Amicable Unit Trust Managers Ltd Scottish Equitable Plc Scottish Equity Partners Limited Scottish Mutual Pep And Isa Managers Limited Scottish Provident Institution Scrocca Option Trading B V Scs Capital Management Ltd Scstock Sct Bankers Scudder Investments Japan Inc Sdm Bank Oao Sdr Ouest Sa Seaforth International Limited Seagroatt And Campbell Sdn Bhd Seamico Marlin Securities Uk Ltd Seamico Securities Public Company Limited Seb Ag 2 Seb Ag Seb Bank 2 Seb Bank Formerly Aggio Bank Seb Bank Formerly Petroenergobank Seb Bank Seb Banka Seb Privatbanken Asa Seb Private Bank Geneva Sebbco Capital Markets Ltd Seccom Ltd Secfinex Ltd Securities And Exchange Board Of India Securities And Investment Co B S C Securities Depository Center Securities Specialists Inc Security Bank Corporation Security Kapitalanlage Ag Secus Asset Management Sa Secvaloris Sa Sedec Finance Sas Sedev Societe Europ De Dev Du Financement Sedicibanca S P A Seefield Investments Limited Seera Investment Bank B S C Closed Sefia Sas Segespar Cnca Segespar Finance Sa Sei Investments Europe Limited Seilern Investment Management Ltd Sekerbank T A S Sekurindo Pratama Pt Sekuritas Indo Pasifik Investasi Pt Sekuritas Indopasific Inv Pt Selaco Bail Select Asset Management Limited Selectibail Selftrade Seligman International Uk Ltd Sellier Suchet Gadala Selyanskyi Commercial Bank Dnister Joint Stock Semesta Indovest Pt Sempra Oil Trading Uk Ltd Semyrhamis Senagat Bank Jscb Sentinel Financial Group Pty Ltd Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company Sequoia Capital Llp Serica Bank Aktiengesellschaft Service Bank Services En Assurance Reassurance Et Prevoyance Sarp Sas Services Et Prets Immobiliers Servicio De Pagos Interbancarios S A Servis Rezerv Jscb Ses Co Ltd Ses Company Limited Setatborsa Menkul Degerler Settlement Chamber Rts Settlement Depository Company Seven Investment Management Limited Severgazbank Severnaya Kazna Severny Investicionny Bank Severny Narodny Bank Sevisbrokers Finance O C P A S Sevzapinvestprombank Oao Seylan Bank Asset Management Ltd Seylan Bank Plc Sfc Investment Management Limited Sfs International Securities London Ltd Sfsb Services Melaka Sdn Bhd Sg Asia Securities India Private Limited Sg Asset Management Emerging Markets Ltd Sg Asset Management Sg Capital Europe Limited Sg Euro C T Sa Sg Hambros Bank And Trust Ltd Sg Hambros Bank Channel Islands Sg Hambros Bank Limited Sg Hambros Trust Company Limited Sg Investment Management Ltd Sg Option Europe Sa Sg Private Banking Belgium Sg Private Banking Lugano Svizzera Sa Sg Securities Admin Serv Sg Securities Hk Ltd Seoul Branch Sg Securities Paris Sg Securities Philippines Inc Sg Securities Singapore Custodial Services Pte Ltd Sg Warburg Futures And Options Ltd Sgam Banque Formerly Barep Banque Sgb Finance Sa Sgd Equities Sge Delahaye Sgf Chase Futures And Options Sgst Investment Advisers Ltd Shah Munge And Partners Ltd Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited 2 Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited Shailesh Merchant Stock Brokers Private Limited Shajalal Bank Shamil Bank Of Bahrain E C Shamil Bank Of Yemen And Bahrain Shandong Guangrao Rural Cooperative Bank Shandong Longkou Rural Cooperative Bank Shandong Shouguang Rural Commercial Bank Co Ltd Shanghai A J Finance Corporation Shanghai Commercial And Savings Bank Ltd The Shanghai Commercial Bank Limited Shenzhen Branch Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd Shanghai Investment And Trust Corp Sharad Agarwal Broking Services Pvt Ltd Share Centre Ltd The Sharefunds Limited Sharelink Newl Ltd Sharelink Securities And Financial Services Ltd Sharja Islamic Financial Services Sharjah Islamic Bank Sharp International Finance U K Plc Sharp Stockvision Securities Pvt Ltd Shaw And Co Limited Shaw And Co Shearson American Express International Limited Shearwater Securities Limited Shell Asset Management Company B V Shell Capital Services Limited Shell Sheppards Shpd Sherpa Asset Management Limited Shijiazhuang City Commercial Bank Shimoda Capital Advisors Uk Ltd Shinan Bnp Paribas Asset Management Co Ltd Shinhan Aitas Co Ltd Shinhan Bank China Ltd Shinhan Bank Europe Gmbh Shinhan Bank Kazakhstan Shinhan Bank London Branch Shinhan Bank Shinhan Khmer Bank Shinsei Bank Ltd Shinsei International Limited Shizuoka Bank Europe S A Shore Capital And Corporate Limited Short Deposits Malaysia Berhad Shree Stockvision Securities Ltd Shuaa Capital P S C Shuaa Capital Psc Shubha Traders Pvt Ltd Si Investments And Broking Private Limited Siab Oao Siam City Bank Public Company Limited Siam City Credit Finance And Securities Public Company Limited Siam City Securities Company Limited Siam Commercial Bank Pcl The Siauliu Bankas Ab Sibbrok Sibeka Societe D 039 Entreprise Et D 039 Investissements Sa Siberian Business Development Bank Siberian Economic Bank Siberian Stock Exchange Sibir Bank Sibirskiy Kupecheskiy Bank Sibs Sociedade Interbancaria De Servicos S A Sibsocbank Sicavonline Sa Sico Investment Bank Sicomi Rhone Alpes Sicopierre Societe Imobiliere Pour Le Commerce Et L 039 Industrie ... Sicosnay Sid Slovene Export And Development Bank Inc Ljubljana Sid Slovenska Izvozna In Razvojna Banka D D Ljubljana Siddhartha Bank Limited Siemens Ag Siemens Financial Services Sas Siemens Kapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Ltd Sigma Securities Brokerage Sigma Terme Snc Signal Iduna Bauspar Ag Siic De Paris 8 Eme Sa Siic De Paris S A Siic De Paris Silk Finance Silkbank Limited Silverfleet Capital Limited Simbirsk Sime Bank Berhad Simmons And Company International Limited Simonis Storm Securities Pty Ltd Sinclair Henderson Fund Administration Limited Singapore Banking Corporation Ltd Singer And Friedlander Asset Management Limited Singer And Friedlander Capital Management Limited Singer And Friedlander Capital Mark Ets Ltd Singer And Friedlander Investment Funds Ltd Singer And Friedlander Investment Management Singer And Friedlander Unit Trust Management Ltd Singer Capital Markets Limited Sinopac Securities Corporation Sinopec Finance Co Ltd Sinopia Asset Management Sinopia Financial Services Sa Sinopia Societe De Gestion Sirius International Insurance Corp Sis Sega Intersettle Ltd Sis X Clear Ltd Sistema Commercial Bank Six Sis Ag Sj Securities Sdn Bhd Ska Bank Oao Skaelskoer Bank A S Skandia Invest Skandia Investment Management Limited Skandia Kapitalforvaltring Ab Skandia Lebensversicherung Ag Skandia Lebensversicherungs Ag Skandia Life Skandia Link Sociedad Anonima De Seguros Y Reaseguros Skandinavisk Data Center A S Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken A S Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab Publ Shanghai Branch Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab Publ Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Ab Spolka Akcyjna Oddzial W Polsce Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken London Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Paris Branch Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Skb Bad Krozingen Eg Skb Bank Skb Banka D D Skb Daxlanden Eg Skg Bank Gmbh Skipton Building Society Skjern Bank Skoda Bank Skwb Schoellerbank Invest Skye Bank Plc Skye Bank Sl Ltd Slate T S Slater Investments Limited Slatinska Banka Dd Slavia Bank Slavia Capital A S O C P Slaviansky Bank Zao Slavyanbank Slavyanski Credit Bank Slc Asset Management Ltd Slibailautos Slibailenergie Slibailmurs Slibial Immobilier Slk Global Markets Sloane Robinson Investment Services Limited Sloane Robinson Llp Slovenska Sporitelna A S Slovenska Zarucna A Rozvojova Banka A S Slp Management Limited Sltm Limited Slw Corretora De Valores E Cambio Ltda Sma Gestion Small Industries Development Bank Of India Small Industry Finance Corporation Small World Financial Services Group Limited Smar Smart Exchange Smartshares Limited Smartstream Technologies Ltd Smbc Capital Markets Limited Smbc Derivative Products Limited Smbc Dubai Sme Bank Ltd Smedvig Capital Limited Smf Superoptions Proprietary Limited Smifs Securities Ltd Smith And Pinching Portfolio Management Ltd Smith And Williamson Corporate Finance Limited Smith And Williamson Fund Administration Limited Smith And Williamson Investment Management Limited Smith And Williamson Trust Corporation Ltd Smith And Williamson Unit Trust Managers Ltd Smith New Court Securities Plc Smolensky Bank Ooo Moscow Branch Smp Bank Sncb Securities Limited Sncf Habitat Sacicap Snezhinskiy Bank Jsc Sns Property Finance B V Sobhag Stockbroking Ltd Sobial Sobinbank Socama Bics Socamab Assurances Sa Soccom Bank Ltd Socfim Participations Immobilieres Sociedad De Gestion De Los Sistemas De Registro Compensacion Y ... 2 Sociedad De Gestion De Los Sistemas De Registro Compensacion Y ... Sociedad Espanola De Sistemas De Pago S A Sociedad Financiera Consolidada Sociedad Financiera De Occidente Sociedad Financiera De Venezuela Ca Sociedad Financiera Valinvenca Societa Gestora Do Fundo De Pensoes Societa Per Il Mercato Dei Titoli Di Stato Spa Mts ... Societate De Investitii Financiare Broker S A Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque 2 Societe Arabe Internationale De Banque Societe Des Postes Du Togo Societe Financiere Du Liban Sal Societe Financiere Et De Gestion Texaf Sa Societe Financiere Et Fonciere Societe Financiere G P Philippson Et Co Sa Societe Financiere Mirelis Sa Societe Financiere Pour Le Developpement De La Reunion Societe General Investment Management Channel Is Lands Limited Societe Generale 2 Societe Generale Algerie Societe Generale Banka Srbija Ad Beograd Societe Generale Caledonienne De Banque S G C B Societe Generale China Limited Societe Generale Cyprus Limited Societe Generale De Banque Au Liban S A L Societe Generale De Banque Aux Antilles Societe Generale De Banque Jordanie Societe Generale De Banques Au Benin Societe Generale De Banques Au Burkina 039 Sgbb 039 Societe Generale De Banques Au Cameroun Societe Generale De Banques Au Senegal Societe Generale European Emerging Markets Ltd Societe Generale Expressbank Societe Generale Investment Funds Limited Societe Generale London Branch Societe Generale Marocaine De Banques Societe Generale Mauritanie Societe Generale S A Societe Generale Securities Services Spa Societe Generale Splitska Banka Dd Societe Generale Spolka Akcyjna Oddzial W Polsce Societe Generale Strauss Turnball Societe Generale Tanger Offshore Societe Generale Tchadienne De Banque Societe Generale The French And International Bank Societe Generale Societe Inter Africaine De Banque Sa Societe Inter Africaine De Banque Societe Martiniquaise De Fint Somafi Societe Mauritanienne De Banque Societe Nigerienne De Banque Societe Nouvelle De La Banque De Syrie Et Du Liban ... Societe Reunionnaise De Fint Sorefi Societe Tunisienne De Banque Societe Tunisienne Interprofessionnelle Pour La Compensation Et Le Depot Des ... Socopa Sociedade Corretora Paulista S A Socram Banque Socredpar Societe De Credits Aux Particuliers Socrepar Ste De Credits Aux Particuliers Sodelem Sa Sodermur Soditic And Co Ltd Soditic Limited Soeby Skader Halling Sparekasse Soenderhaa Hoersted Sparekasse Sofax Banque Sofemo Soferbail Societe Financiere Energie Equip Pub Env Sofiag Soficarte Sas Soficredito Sofiholding Sa Sofimerca Casa De Bolsa C A Sofimurs Sofinauto Sofinco Sa Sofinedis S A Sofingest Societe Financiere D 039 Investissement Et De Gestion Sofiproteol Sofirif Cooperative Financiere De La Region Ile De France Sa Sofiscop Societe Anonyme Cooperative A Capital Variable Sofiscop Sud Est Sa Sofracem Sa Sofrafi Sa Sogafi Societe De Garantie Financiere Sogama Credit Associatif Sa Sogecap Societe Anonyme Sogefimur Societe Anonyme Sogefinancement Sas Sogelease France Sa Sogessur Societe Anonyme Sogeval Societe Anonyme Sohibcorbank Solar Securities Inc Solendi Expansion Sa Solid Investment Securities Ltd Solidaire Banque Internationale Sbi Sarl Solidarite Economie Solidec Solidarnost Oao Kb Solvay Cicc S A Solybail Solycredit Sa Sombelbank Somerset Smith Partners Somerville Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd Sonabanque Sonali Bank Limited 2 Sonali Bank Limited Sonali Bank Uk Ltd Sonali Bank Sonatrach Activite Commercialisation Sonauto Financement Soneri Bank Limited Soparfil Sas Sophia Bail Sa Sophia Mur Sophia S A Soprofinance Soria Finance Sa Sorinet Comercial Trust Soros Funds Limited Sotsinvestbank Soulie Tellier S A South African Bank Of Athens Limited The South African Housing Trust Limited South African International Money Brokers Pty Ltd South African Mutual Life Assurance Society South African Reserve Bank South China Securities Uk Limited South Financial Corporation South Indian Bank Ltd The 2 South Indian Bank Ltd The South Johor Securities Sdn Bhd Southcoast Capital Corporation Southern Commercial Joint Stock Bank Southern Credit Banking Corporation Ltd Southern Cross Equities Limited Southern Investment Bank Berhad Sovereign Capital Limited Soyuz Oao Spadaka Arnsberg Oeventrop Eg Sparbanken Finn Sparbanken Gripen Ab Sparda Bank Ag Sparda Bank Linz Registrierte Genossenschaft Mit Beschrankter Haftung Sparebank 1 Hallingdal Sparebanken Flora Bremanger Sparebanken Soer Sparekassen Balling Sparekassen Bredebro Sparekassen Den Lille Bikube Sparekassen Faaborg Sparekassen Farsoe Sparekassen For Arts Herred Sparekassen For Noerre Nebel Og Omegn Sparekassen Kronjylland Sparekassen Logumkloster Sparekassen Midt Vest Sparekassen Midtfjord Sparekassen Nordmors Sparekassen Spar Mors Sparekassen Vendsyssel Sparisjoour Myrasyslu Sparisjoourinn I Keflavik Spark Capital Advisors India Private Ltd Spark Investors Limited Spark Venture Management Limited Sparkassa Ekonomisk Forening Ltee Sparkasse Allgaeu Sparkasse Bad Ischl Ag Sparkasse Baden Sparkasse Bank Dd Sparkasse Bank Malta Plc Sparkasse Bregenz Bank Aktiengesellschaft Sparkasse Der Gemeinde Egg Sparkasse Der Stadt Amstetten Sparkasse Der Stadt Feldkirch Sparkasse Der Stadt Horn Privatstiftung Sparkasse Feldkirchen Sparkasse Frankenmarkt Ag Sparkasse Haugsdorf Sparkasse Herzogenburg Neulengbach Sparkasse Muehlviertel West Bank Ag Spartak Bank Special Settlement And Custody System Selic Specinvestbank Specstroybank Spectra Capital Ltd Spectron Commodities Ltd Spectron Futures Limited Spectrum Capital Ltd Spef Technology Speirs And Jeffrey Limited Spencer Churchill Miller Private Llp Spencer House Capital Management Llp Spetssetstroybank Ltd Spf Promotio Sim Spgp Assurance Sarl Sph Spinelli S A Corretora De Valores Mobiliarios E Cambio Spinnaker Capital Limited Spire Europe Limited Splitsko Dalmatinska Banka D D Spoldzielczy Bank Ogrodniczy W Warszawie Spoldzielczy Bank Powiatowy W Piaskach Spoldzielczy Bank Rzemiosla I Rolnictwa Sporting Index Limited Sportinvestbank Spowdzielczy Bank Ludowy W Elblagu Spread Co Limited Spreadzero Limited Spreewaldbank Eg Spring Bank Plc Spron Verdbref Hf Spurt Akb Oao Spyke Equity Limited Sredisnja Depozitarna Agencija Srpska Banka A D Ss And C Ssangyong Securities Europe Ltd Sse Infonet Ltd Ssi Systems Standards Incorporated Ssif Mobinvest S A Ssif Stk Trading S A Ssy Futures Ltd St Agnes Credit Union Limited St Ailbes Credit Union Limited St Anthony 039 S And Claddagh Credit Union Limited St Bernadette 039 S Credit Union Limerick Limited St Bernard 039 S Credit Union Limited St Brendan 039 S Ballygar Credit Union Limited St Brigid 039 S Credit Union Limited St Canice 039 S Kilkenny Credit Union Limited St Colman 039 S Claremorris Credit Union Limited St Colmcille 039 S Kells Credit Union Limited St Columba 039 S Credit Union Limited St Declan 039 S Ashbourne Credit Union Limited St Dominic Credit Union Limited St Finbarr 039 S South Credit Union Limited St Francis 039 Credit Union Limited St Galler Kantonalbank Deutschland Ag St Galler Kantonalbank St Helen 039 S Capital Plc St James 039 S Place Unit Trust Group Limited St James 039 S Securities Limited St Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank St Paul 039 S Square Stockbrokers Ltd St Paul Investment Services Ltd St Petersburg Stock Exchange Zao St Quintin Property Finance Ltd Stadt Und Kreissparkasse Erlangen Stadt Und Kreissparkasse Lindau Stadt Und Kreissparkasse Moosburg Stadt Und Kreissparkasse Rothenburg Tauber Stadtsparkasse Aichach Stadtsparkasse Augsburg Stadtsparkasse Cuxhaven Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf Stadtsparkasse Emden Stadtsparkasse Neuburg Rain Stadtsparkasse Schrobenhausen Stadtsparkasse Traiskirchen Ag Staedtische Sparkasse Bremerhaven Staedtische Sparkasse Schweinfurt Stanbic Bank Botswana Limited Stanbic Bank Congo S A R L Stanbic Bank Tanzania Ltd Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited Stanbic Bank Zambia Ltd Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited Stanbic Ibtc Bank Plc Standard Bank Argentina S A Standard Bank Investment Corp Standard Bank Isle Of Man Limited Standard Bank Jersey Ltd Standard Bank Limited Malawi Standard Bank Limited Standard Bank Mauritius Limited Standard Bank Namibia Limited Standard Bank Of South Africa Ltd Isle Of Man Branch Standard Bank Sarl Standard Bank Stockbrokers C I Ltd Standard Bank Stockbrokers Iom Ltd Standard Bank Swaziland Ltd Standard Chartered Bank 2 Standard Chartered Bank 3 Standard Chartered Bank 4 Standard Chartered Bank Australia Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Ltd 2 Standard Chartered Bank Botswana Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Cameroon S A Standard Chartered Bank China Limited 2 Standard Chartered Bank China Limited Standard Chartered Bank Ci Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Limited Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan Limited Standard Chartered Bank Sal Standard Chartered Bank Sierra Leone Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Taipei Branch Standard Chartered Bank Taiwan Limited Standard Chartered Bank Tanzania Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Thai Pcl Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Limited Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam Limited Standard Chartered Bank Zambia Ltd Standard Chartered Bank Zimbabwe Limited Standard Chartered Bank Standard Chartered First Bank Korea Limited Standard Chartered Latin America B V Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad Standard Chartered Securities Korea Co Ltd Standard Chartered Securities Ltd Standard Chartered Stci Capital Markets Limited Standard Chartered Trust Co Standard Finance Isle Of Man Ltd Standard For Securities Standard Investment Bank Ltd Standard Lesotho Bank Ltd Standard Securities Corporation Standard Uenlue Menkul De Erler Anonim Sirketi Stanford Bank S A Stanlib Asset Management Star Lease Sa Starauto Comercio De Veiculos Ltda Starbank Starexport Trading S A Stargate Capital Management Limited Starokievsky Bank State Bank For Foreign Economic Affairs Of Turkmenistan State Bank Of India 2 State Bank Of India 3 State Bank Of India Canada State Bank Of India Muscat Oman State Bank Of India Nassau Obu State Bank Of India Obu State Bank Of India Paris Branch State Bank Of India State Bank Of Mauritius Ltd State Bank Of Pakistan State Bank Of Vietnam State Commercial Bank 039 Garashsyzlyk 039 State Commercial People Bank Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan State General Reserve Fund Ministry Of Finance State Joint Stock Commercial Bank Asaka State Oil Fund Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan State Steet Bank And Trust Company Korea Branch State Street Bank And Trust Company Canada Branch State Street Bank And Trust Company Sydney Branch State Street Bank And Trust Company State Street Bank Europe Ltd State Street Bank Gmbh Austria Branch State Street Banque Sa State Street Cayman Trust Company Ltd State Street Global Advisors France Sa State Treasury Agency Stater Banka A D Kumanovo Statetrust Bank And Trust Ltd Statna Pokladnica Stavropolpromstrojbank Stb Swiss Trust Bank Ltd Ste Fire De La Nef Ste Fire Des S D R Finansder Ste Fire Du Porte Monnaie Electr Interba Ste Fire Hr Ste Gestion Fonds Garantie Outre Mer Stedbanka D D Steffen Ronn Fondsmaeglerselskab A S Steiermaerkische Bank Und Sparkassen Ag Sterling Asset Management Ltd Sterling Bank Of Asia Inc Sterling Bank Plc Stet Sas Steyler Bank Stifel Nicolaus Limited Stock Exchange Of Mauritius Ltd The Stock Exchange Prague Co Ltd The Stock S A Cor De Cam E Val Stockbrokers Malawi Limited Stocks And Securities Limited Stolytsya Bank Stomarli Holdings Limited Stonehage Trust Holdings Jersey Limited Stopanska Banka A D Stopanska Banka Ad Bitola Stora Finacial Services Brussels Stratege Finance Strategie Finance Strategie Financiere Sarl Strategy Bank Strategy Securities Group Straumur Burdaras Fjarfestingarbanki Hf Stredisko Cennych Papiru Strenuus Capital Ltd Strojvestbank Stromcombank Stroykredit Bank Oao Stroylesbank Commercial Bank Society With Limited Liability Sts Finance Sc Stusid Bank Succursale Credit Foncier De France Sucden Uk Ltd Sudameris Bank S A E C A Sudan Commercial Bank Sudanese Egyptian Bank Sudanese French Bank Sudanese International Bank Sudanese Islamic Bank Sudostroitelnyj Bank Sued West Kreditbank Finanzierung Gmbh Sueddeutsche Aktienbank Ag Suedka Suedkapitalanlagegesellschaft Mbh Suedoststeirische Sparkasse Ag Suedtiroler Sparkasse Suedwestbank Ag Suez Canal Bank 2 Suez Canal Bank Suez Sa Suhyup Bank Formerly National Federation Of Fisheries Cooperatives Suisse De Reassurances France Sully Am Sultan Ghulam Husein Dattoo Brokers Sumer Commercial Bank Sumitomo Corporation Global Commodities Ltd Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management London Limited Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Beijing Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Guangzhou Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Hangzhou Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Suzhou Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Tianjin Branch Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation China Limited Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Sumitomo Trust And Banking Co Ltd The Shanghai Branch Sumitomo Trust And Banking Co Ltd The Summa Asesories Summa International Bank Ltd Summit Securities Inc Sun Alliance Investment Management Sun Capital Services Limited Sun Hung Kai Securities Phils Inc Sun Hung Kai Securities U K Limited Sun Life Global Management Limited Sun Life Investment Management Services Sun Life Of Canada Unit Managers Ltd Sun Trading International Limited Suncorp Metway Limited Sunder Iyer Sundt And Company Limited Sungard Global Execution Services Limited Sunidhi Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd Sunrise Bank Limited Suntra Investment Bank Ltd Suomen Pankki Finlands Bank Super Gold Invest S A Superfund Asset Management Suprema As Suprema Securities S A Suravenir Societe Anonyme Surgut Central Combank Surgutneftegasbank Surichange Bank N V Surinaamse Postspaarbank Surinaamse Volkscredietbank Sushil Financial Service Pvt Ltd Sussex Futures Ltd Sussex Place Ventures Limited Suvalor Sv International Sa Sva Cb Jsc Sva Ltd Svendborg Sparekasse Svenska Handelbanken Ab Sucursal En Espana Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Publ Niederlassung Frankfurt Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Shanghai Branch Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Spolka Akcyjna Oddzial W Polsce Svenska Handelsbanken Ab Svenska Handelsbanken London Branch Svenska Handelsbanken Publ Ab Svenska Handelsbanken Publ Estonian Branch Svenska Handelsbanken Sa Luxembourg Swiss Branc H Svenska Handelsbanken Sverdlovsk Regional Bank 039 Gubernskiy 039 Ltd Svg Investment Managers Sviaz Bank Oao 2 Sviaz Bank Oao Svm Asset Management Limited Svs Securities Plc Sw No 6 Limited Swan Capital Management Sa Swap Zrt Swardgreen Limited Swaziland Development And Savings Bank Swaziland Stockbrokers Ltd Swedbank Ab Swedbank As Formerly A S Hansabanka Swedbank As Formerly As Hansapank Swedbank As Swedbank Formerly Tas Kommerzbank Jscb Swedbank Ltd Swedbank Swift Customer Service Centre United States Swift Headquarters 2 Swift Headquarters Swip Fund Management Limited Swiss Euro Clearing Bank Gmbh Swiss Finance Corporation Limited Swiss Financial Services Uk Ltd Swiss Investment Corporation Ltd Swiss Life Asset Management France Sa Swiss Post Postfinance Swiss Re Capital Markets Ltd Swiss Re Denmark Reinsurance A S Swiss Re Life And Health Germany Swiss Reinsurance Company Uk Limited Swiss Reinsurance Company Swisscanto Funds Centre Limited Swisslife Banque Swisslife Gestion Privee Switap Swithen Ltd Sycomore Asset Management Sa Sycomore Gestion Privee Sgp Sa Sydbank A S 2 Sydbank A S Sydinvest Administration A S Sydmor Finance Uk Limited Sygma Banque Sa Sygma Finance Snc Sylter Bank Eg Sympatia Financie O C P A S Synalgest Sa Syndicat National Personnels Ministere Agriculture Syndicate Administration Ltd Syndicate Bank 2 Syndicate Bank Synergie Finance Gestion Synergon Asset Management Jsc Syria Gulf Bank S A