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Below you can browse through all available bank swift codes in ARMENIA (AM BIC Codes).

These swift codes will help you identify the bank and branch swift code you need to use in order to send or receive money via a bank wire transfer.

Bank swift codes are sometimes referenced as "bank bic codes" but in essence the represent the same thing. These SWIFT codes will appear as an 8 to 11 character string (unique identifier) that relays information such as the country and bank of origin.

This page contains a list of international swift codes for banking messages and sepa, direct debit and credit funds transfers. The unique bank swift codes page helps offshore an homeland companies do euro and dollar business payments and bank transfers using the swift library.

Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Main article: Single Euro Payments Area The IBAN designation scheme was chosen as the foundation for electronic straight-through processing in the European Economic Area. Nedbank is a primarily South African bank, with its head office in Johannesburg. Businesses that plan to enter into transactions with clients located in other countries should take note of the bank swift code to enable smooth international transactions. The Bank Swift Code provides information about the bank and branch where an amount of money should be transferred between banks.


Organization Head:Hakob Andreasyan
Address:Arami str. building No 82-84, territory No 87,89,99,100, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 565 858, Fax: 54-34-85 E-mail: acba@acba.am, SWIFT: TPIN: 02520007

"Ameriabank" CJSC
Organization Head:Artak Hanesyan
Address:Grigor Lusavorich str.9, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 58-99-06, 56-11-11, 56-43-19 Fax: 56-59-58 E-mail: info@bank.am, SWIFT: ARMIAM22, TPIN: 02502212

"Anelik Bank" CJCS
Organization Head:
Address:Vardanants str. 13, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 593 300, 593 301 TELEX: ANELSU Fax: 22-65-81 E-mail: anelik@anelik.am, SWIFT: ANIKAM22, TPIN: 00005409

Organization Head:Ashot Osipyan
Address:Pushkini str. 19, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 547 895 Fax: (37439) 07033 E-mail: araratbank@araratbank.am; SWIFT: ARMCAM22, TPIN: 02500518

"Ardshinbank" CJSC
Organization Head:Mher Grigoryan
Address:G.Lusavorchi 13, G.Lusavorchi 13/1, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 52-85-13 TELEX: 243-286 LALA AM Fax: 567486 E-mail: office@ashib.am, SWIFT: ASHBAM22, TPIN: 02566492

Organization Head:Arsen Mikaelyan
Address:Nalbandyan str. 48, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 592 010, 592 015 TELEX: 243-134 Fax: 54-58-35 E-mail: ibank@dolphin.am, SWIFT: ARMNAM 22, TPIN: 01500362

Organization Head:Aram Khachatryan
Address:Amiryan str. 23/1,Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 563 332, 510 910 TELEX: 684-243-274 Fax: 53-89-04, 53-05-06 E-mail: bank@aeb.am,SWIFT: ARECAM22, TPIN: 02201405

"ArmSwissBank" CJSC
Organization Head:George Machanyan
Address:Vazgen Sargsyan str.10 Yerevan
Contact:Phone:(37410) 584 419, Fax: (37410) 540 675 E-mail: info@armswissbank.am, SWIFT: ARSGAM22, TPIN: 02574955

"ArtsakhBank" CJSC
Organization Head:Artak Balayan
Address:Charents str. 1b, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: (+374 60) 747 769, 747 779 TELEX: (684) 243385 BANK AM Fax: (+374 60) 747 739 E-mail: info@artsakhbank.am, TPIN: 90001386

"Byblos Bank Armenia" CJSC
Organization Head:Hayk Stepanyan
Address:Amiryan str.18/3, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 53-03-62 Fax: 53-52-96 E-mail: infoarm@byblosbank.com, SWIFT:BYBAAM22, TPIN: 01505323

"Converse Bank Corp"
Organization Head:Arthur Hakobyan
Address:V.Sargisyan str. 26/1, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 511200, 511205, 511211 TELEX: 6462 28 49 CONV.RU Fax: 54 09 20 E-mail: post@conversebank.am, SWIFT: COVBAM22, TPIN: 00000291

"HSBC Bank Armenia" CJSC
Organization Head:Paul Edgar
Address:Teryan str. 66,Yerevan
Contact:Phone: (3741) 515000, 515000 TELEX: Fax: (3741)515001, E-mail: hsbc.armenia@hsbc.com, SWIFT: MIDLAM22, TPIN: 02514855

"InecoBank" CJSC
Organization Head:
Address:Tumanyan str. 17, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 510 510 TELEX: Fax: (3741) 510 573 E-mail: SWIFT: INJSAM22, TPIN: 02518512

"Mellat Bank" CJSC
Organization Head:Seyedgholamreza Moussavi
Address:Tumanyan 5a, No 45, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 58-17-91, 58-15-23 TELEX: Fax: 54-08-85 E-mail: mellat@mellatbank.am, SWIFT: BKMTAM22, TPIN: 26501718

Organization Head:Emil Soghomonyan
Address:Hanrapetutian str.44/2, Yerevan,
Contact:Phone: 56-20-36, 52-17-05, 58-29-77 Fax: (3741) 54-57-19 E-mail: info@prometeybank.am, SWIFT: PRMLAM22, TPIN: 00001182

"Russian Agricultural Bank" JSC Representation in RA
Organization Head:Arthur Shekyan
Address:V. Sargsyan 26/1, Yerevan

"UniBank" OJSC
Organization Head:Vardan Atayan
Address:Charents str. building12, No 1-5, No 53, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: 592 259 TELEX: 243313 UNI AM Fax: 555 140 E-mail: unibank@unibank.am, SWIFT: UNIJAM22, TPIN: 02559077

"VTB Bank Armenia" CJSC
Organization Head:Yuri Gusyev
Address:Nalbandyan str. 46, Yerevan
Contact:Phone: (+37410) 513 749 Fax: (+37410) 56-55-78 E-mail: headoffice@vtb.am, SWIFT: ARMJAM22, TPIN: 00400222
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